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Tenshi: Greetings and welcome to my story!

Aki: ::ahem::

Tenshi: Since we all know I'm such a wonderful and talented author..

Aki: OUR story!!!

Tenshi: -- Whatever.

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Tenshi: But we don't really care! Just read and like it, or I will make you my mind slave (just like Aki!) with my amazing SENNEN ANKH!

Aki: #1: It's Millenium, and #2: you just stole that from your brother's 7th grade Egypt project.

Tenshi: Well they didn't need to know that!

Aki: ::pushes away:: Well here's the story! Read it!

Tenshi: ::shoves her off the couch:: And Review!

Greetings from another planet! We're not sure which one exactly but we're pretty sure it's not Earth. This is not our first fic together, but the first on We should introduce ourselves. Briefly. Before you get bored and leave, or throw your computer at a wall and body-slam it.

This is an experiment by Aki and Tenshi, the two most beautiful, smart, sexy, wonderful, humorous, conceited girls on whatever planet this is. (Oh we're not bragging, this is just "confidence building".) Uh. We're cousins. (See bio --- Shut up Aki!) (You shut up you stupid hikari, Tenshi!) (MIND SLAVE!)

Several hours later....

::coughs:: Anywho, this experiment is being conducted in the innocent little town of Domino, Japan. Don't ask how the authoresses manage to understand what everyone is saying since they're American. It's just another government conspiracy. Or something.

It's quite a quiet city -

"Darn you Kaiba!"

Or not.

Jounouchi was chasing Seto Kaiba around for - what else - insulting him. Of course Seto was in his limo, so Jou was pretty much just making a fool of himself. Again.

"Jou, come on, it's not worth it. " admonished Anzu from across the street.

"Anyway you're blocking traffic.", pointed out Honda from next to her and Yugi.

"Oh. Heh, heh.", the blonde grinned slightly and jumped out of the road. A passing driver sent a rude hand gesture in his direction, coupled with something his mother would be shocked to hear him say. Of course his mother was in the car with him, and didn't seem to care, but whatever.

"Same to you!", Jou shouted back, sauntering over to his friends.

"Come on, Jou. We're supposed to meet Bakura at the arcade in...", Yugi looked at his watch. "-seven minutes ago."

Honda grabbed his arm and they were off, not noticing two quite suspicious shadows following them.

One of the shadows tripped over the black cardboard cutout of a human shadow they were holding in front of themselves with a squeak.

The Yugi-tachi turned around to see a teenage girl stamping her foot on the cutout, shrieking: "Screw you cutout! I will rule you one day! Hear me? RULE YOU!!!" They stared bemusedly.

The other shadow dropped her cutout to grab the other girl and drag her bodily into an alley.

"Uh.... is it me, or was that just plain freaky?", Yugi asked no one in particular.

"This coming from the guy who thinks he's the reincarnation of an Egyptian pharaoh?" Anzu raised an eyebrow.

"Good point."

The friends continued walking towards the arcade, ignoring the sounds of a girl-fight somewhere behind them, coupled with cries of "Mind slave!", "Idiotic hikari!", and "I'm gonna sic Ronik on you!"

Once at their destination, they found Ryou being poked by a number of little Girl Scouts who seemed to be trying to sell him cookies. Yugi marched over to chase them away, but as he was the same height as them, Yugi wasn't quite as imposing as he'd like to be. In fact, one particularly violent Girl Scout actually tackled him like a professional football player. He looked up at his friends to help him, but Honda, Jou, and Anzu were laughing too hard, and Ryou merely told him: "I've had to deal with that for the past seven minutes."

"Here, Yugi." giggled Anzu, reaching down a hand to help him up. Jou distracted the girls by pointing in a random direction and going: "Oh my gosh! Is that Orlando Bloom?!"

They all stood there for a moment then walked inside, Jou and Honda fighting over a new shooting game.

Meanwhile, Yugi walked around beating all of the high scores on every game that he could reach, while Anzu watched and Ryou nervously avoided assorted fangirls (and at least one fanboy).

Two akward characters entered the arcade, no one paying them any attention except Yugi, surprisingly, as they were dressed very strangely. Both were wearing medium-length beige coats, gloves, and carrying jeweled canes. The one with lighter hair also had a feathered hat, silver pants, and a vest embroidered with gold thread. The dark-haired person had a top hat, running shoes, and a pinstriped suit. They both skulked over behind the game that Yugi was currently dominating, peering over it surreptitiously. Or, rather, jumping up and down so that they could see over the game console.

When Yugi finally won the the the best high score on the game, he turned around and was suprised to find the two strangely dressed girls directly behind him, Anzu and Ryou having been shoved out of the way. At closer inspection he saw the light haired one was wearing a monocle and the dark haired female was sporting a pair of thick rimmed plastic glasses with a fake nose and mustache attached. They were grinning broadly at him.

He looked around, wondering -or, hoping, rather- that they were looking for someone else. "Can I help you?"

The dark-haired girl twitched. "What plans for world domination?!", the other girl elbowed her. "I mean... Hi!"

He blinked.

She was pushed away by the other girl. "What my associate is saying is: Hi! Would you participate in a completely random survey? I'm Aki. My dark-haired cous- er, associate is Tenshi."

Yugi hesitated, wondering if this was one of his enemies' many plots to steal his Puzzle.

"And don't worry.", Tenshi piped up. "We're not trying to steal your Sennen Puzzle."

Aki smacked her. "Way to make him suspicious! Besides, most of the readers know it as the Millenium Puzzle."

"It's the same thing! Besides, 'Sennen' is easier to type.", she looked at Yugi again. "And we're not trying to take the God Cards either. Although, we'll gladly take them off your hands if you suddenly decide to sell them on eBay...", she trailed off hopefully.

"So about that survey...?" the obviously more sensible of the two continued. ((Tenshi: Hey!!))

Yugi stared at them, and finally decided that although slightly insane, the two girls were probably harmless. "Um. Okay."

"Walk this way!" Tenshi told him, taking large exaggerated steps toward a dark, mysterious corner of the arcade that no one was paying any attention to. The short game king stared at it apprehensively as Aki grabbed his arm and proceeded to drag him over. Once there, Yugi was set on his feet, and Aki pulled a clipboard (which was unnecessarily holding a notebook) and a stopwatch from somewhere in her coat. Tenshi also managed to procure a notebook from someplace.

"So, uh. What's this survey about?", he asked.

"Well, like we said-", started Aki.

"This is a completely random survey!", Tenshi finished. "So we ask you completely random questions!"

He blinked yet again. "I thought it meant that I was selected completely randomly."

Tenshi burst out laughing. "Heck, no! We chose you on pur-", Aki shoved her. "I mean, yeah! That too...", she smacked Aki on the back of the head.

The light haired girl held up her clipboard and opened the notebook placed unnecessarily on it. "So... What is your name?"

"Yugi Mutou."

"What is your quest?"

"Uh... To ensure justice and peace in the world, and beat the current high score on Death Storm!" Yami cleared his throat in his soul room. "Oh, and help my other self find his lost memories..."

Tenshi wrote all of this down. "Lastly, what is your favorite color?"

"Red, no... Blue! No... uh..."

Aki wrote this in her notebook. "Good enough! And now for the REAL reason we're here!" Tenshi laughed evilly in the background. Everyone stared at her.

"What? It sets the mood..."

Yugi watched the two warily. Then blinked, yet again, as the two began poking him. They did this for several moments until he fell over.

Aki scribbled madly on a blank page. "Ooh, the unexpected developments!"

"The scientific progress!"

"Oh, the humanity!" They stared at Ryou who had walked over and said this. "What?" he walked away.

They looked back down at Yugi - or rather, Yami, the other Yugi, spirit of the Puzzle, revered Pharaoh, idiot Pharaoh, darn Pharaoh, Atemu, Mou hitori no Yugi, Yami no Yugi, aka Santa Claus, but we're not getting into that right now - got up and brushed himself off.

He cleared his throat impressively. "Now I demand to know why you insisted on poking my hikari until he fell over."

Aki rolled her eyes. "For scientific research, duh!", she nodded at her companion. "Go ahead, Tenshi."

Tenshi held up her jeweled cane and immediately began poking him repeatedly with it.

"Ow - what?- Hey!", he protested. Then an eye began to glow upon his forehead. "You have trespassed in my soul! Now we must play a shadow game!"

"Run for it Tenshi!", yelled Aki. Tenshi dropped her cane and they ran out like someone had just challenged them to a game that they could never win, and would therefore lose what sanity they had left and/or their soul and/or their life.

The rest of the Yugi-tachi filed over as Yugi resumed control of his body.

"So, anything interesting happen while I was conveniently paying no attention to you whatsoever?", asked Jou.

Yugi looked at him. "Ah... nothing new.", he looked at the time. "Aw... fruit! I was supposed to be home seven minutes ago! And I didn't even get to beat the high score on Death Storm!"

"Maybe tomorrow, Yugi.", Anzu told him.

"Soo... Do you think your grandpa would feed us dinner?", asked Jou.

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