Tenshi:bows repeatedly: We are sorry for our long absence!

Aki: But we're back! Not that's necessarily a good thing!

Tenshi: Yes. School got in the way (:kills school:) But the good news is, I get to bother Aki EVERY SINGLE DAY now!

Aki: If you say so... We are the Art Room crowd, after all...

Tenshi: No one knows what we're talking about...

Aki: Basically we're the people who hang in the art room before class. Tenshi and me, and a few of Tenshi's friends and a lot of my friends...

Tenshi: And we're all one big, happy, Art Room family!

Aki : Anyway. Here's the next chapter. It's shorter than the last one.

Tenshi: We're doing a J.K. Rowling!

Aki: We hope it's still funny! I got to write a lot of it this-

Tenshi: Which is the complete opposite of how things usually are.

Aki:clears throat: Let's just let 'em read...


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Out in the middle of some ocean somewhere... Well technically not the middle and technically not the ocean, but some large body of water so...Out somewhere in a large body of water there was a boat...well technically a yacht...

Out somewhere in a large body of water there was a yacht.

And it was floating there. In the water. And that's about all it was doing.

But somewhere else in this large body of water there were two girls jet-skiing. They were heading as quickly as they could towards the yacht.

One of them, whose hair was lighter than her companion's, turned suddenly and shouted, "Hey, Tenshi!"

"What!" the darker haired one answered.
"Who in their right mind would give us jet skis!"

"I don't know! Maybe they're just a figment of our imagina-" she was cut off as the jet skis suddenly disappeared and they plunged into the watery depths.

They spluttered and forced their way to the surface, only to be drenched with more water as a random guy fell out of the sky above them.

He surfaced. "Whoa. Skittles. Taste the rainbow."

"O...kay..." they quickly swam away in the wrong direction, realized this, then turned and swam towards the yacht.

After about seven seconds Tenshi stopped dramatically. "I can go no further!" she announced to the other girl, Aki.

She stared. "What?"

"I said, I can go no further!"

"Yeah you can."

"No! Go on without me! SAVE YOURSELF!", Tenshi cried melodramatically.

"For the love of Draco Malfoy... Save myself from what exactly!"

"Well... you know... IT!"

Aki rolled her eyes and grabbed her arm, preparing to drag her forwards. She was stopped by the yacht in front of her.

"Oh. We're here already." Aki looked up at the boat. It bore the name 'The Black Pearl' on its side.

"Why does that sound familiar..."

"Who cares? Let's go!"

Aki and Tenshi reached down to their previously nonexistant Bat-utility belts. They pulled out the Bat-grappling hooks and aimed them at the yacht's railing. Predictably, they latched on perfectly the first time, and the two girls climbed up and jumped impressively over the side.

They stood there, wearing pirate outfits that they did not have on several seconds before.

"We are commandeering this ship!", Aki announced to the crew who were sitting around reading newspapers, watching paint dry, throwing playing cards at each other (an essential part of the classic card game Go Pick Up and Slap 52 Fish Named Jack), and all-around doing nothing.

"Commandeer. Nautical term," one of them mentioned to another.

"Aye, AVAST!" yelled Tenshi in agreement.

Aki rolled her eyes as everyone proceeded to laugh uproariously at her. While they were laughing uproariously, the two snuck past them, treaded through the wet paint on the deck. Tenshi looked down.

"Who in the world would paint a yacht's deck neon pink and green?"

"And in stripes nonetheless!" Aki added, disgustedly. "Preppy, much?"

"That would be ME!" came a loud voice.

They spun- err stared straight forward as Malik Ishtar strode around impressively through the wet paint.

"What's the matter with you!" they yelled.

"I can't help it if I'm colorblind!"

"You're colorblind!"

"No that's just my excuse for having no color sense whatsoever!", he laughed.

"You're still hot, though." Tenshi pointed out.

"This is true."

"Very true...", Aki sighed.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" asked Malik worriedly.

"So sexy..." drooled Tenshi.

"I want it..." added Aki. By this time Malik had run away, far away.

"Aw, crap. We've lost him and now we cannot find him..."

"Then let's go find him, then," said Aki testily. She stormed off in a random direction.

After about half a minute, they had scoured the entire deck.

"I don't see him!" said Tenshi.

"Let's go below deck, then."

They looked for another thirty seconds for a trapdoor. (What? It wouldn't be in plain sight!)

"I don't see a door!" Tenshi said.

Aki was exasperated. "Do you see anything!"

"Yes! A seagull! And a crewmember! And another crewmember! And another seagull! Seagulls are cool! Now the crewmembers are staring at me... and so are you... STOP LOOKING AT ME!"

Aki put her head in her hands. "Why did I let her have the potato chips...?"

"Because they're salty and goo-", she was cut off as the trapdoor opened beneath her feet, effectively knocking her over. A random crewmember emerged, glanced at her, and walked on.

"There's the door!" yelled Aki, pointing unnecessarily.

"No dip...", but Tenshi jumped in after her nonetheless.

They ended up in a large opulent ballroom, which contained what seemed to be a small swimming pool right in the middle of the floor.

"Yeah...This makes sense...", Tenshi said, raising her eyebrows.

"Why do you need a swimming pool in a yacht that's in the middle of the ocean! Like you need anymore water!" Aki exclaimed exasperately.

"Why do you need a ballroom?" Tenshi added.

"Because!" someone answered, "It adds character!"

"Malik!" they turned eagerly, then drooped in disappointment.

"Aw...Marik..." Tenshi scoffed.

"The annoying, ugly one that everyone wants to go away..." Aki said.

"Hey!" he looked offended - or at least as offended as one can look with a stretchy head. "Still within hearing distance, y'know!"

"Should we poke him now, or find Malik, poke him, then find Marik again and then poke him?"

"Uhh...I don't know...What do you want to do?" Tenshi answered.

"I don't know what do you want to do?"

"I said, I don't know, what do you want to do?"



"Um..." interupted Marik, unsure, "Do you want something?"

"Well..." prompted Aki grinning mischeviously.

"Do you want to participate in a scientific experiment?" asked Tenshi.

"What kind of experiment?" pondered Marik in deep thought.

"A scientific one, duh!"

"Okay." agreed Marik. Tenshi approached him while Aki pulled out her notebook from a pocket in her utility belt and then a Bat-pen.

"Ready Tenshi?"

"Am I ever?"

"I don't know.'

"It was rhetorical!"

"Then why did you ask?"

"Be quiet, I'm experimenting!" Then predictably Tenshi started poking Marik repeatedly.

"What are you doing?" Marik asked menacingly.

"What are you doing?" replied Aki in a sing-song vioce, "Hey Chad pick up the cord...less." At this Tenshi stopped poking Marik and stared at Aki.

"What was that?" asked Tenshi.

"It's a television commercial," replied Aki embarrassedly and then hid behind her notebook. Tenshi returned to poking Marik. Marik was getting pissed, fast. In order to stop Tenshi, he grabbed the Bat-pen out of Aki's scribbling hand.

"Hey, I was using that!" exclaimed Aki. Marik tried to - what is the right word for it- stab Tenshi with the Bat-pen, but she easily dodged because one of the authoress is not just going to get stabbed. The two girls ran away, laughing maniacally, in a random direction. When Marik tried to chase after them he fell into the pool placed conviniently in the middle of the ballroom floor. The authoress heard Marik screeching, 'I'm melting, I'm melting..."

"Now to find Malik..." Aki prompted.

"What is that?"

"I said, now-"

"No," interrupted Tenshi, "Listen..." They listened. Somewhere nearby yet in the distance they heard someone singing 'All Star' by Smash Mouth, in tune, a capella - quite well.

"It that who I think it is?" asked Aki

"Only one way to find out," answered Tenshi mischievously. They followed their noses, I mean ears to find from where the song was being sung from.They came upon a door, but it was tightly shut. Tenshi kicked open the door. Inside was none other than Malik, singing and dancing very exuberantly. One had to give it to him, he was in tune. Tenshi and Aki started snickering under their breath. He had not heard the door being kicked open over his loud vioce, but, when he was doing a turn, he saw the two fan-girls and stopped dead.

"What are you doing here again?" he asked shaking in rage for being discovered.

"What are you doing here?" Tenshi countered cheerfully.

"This is my yacht."

"That would make sense," agreed Tenshi.

Aki rolled her eyes, "Okay Malik.We'll make you a deal. If you participate in a scientific experiment, we'll leave as soon as it is complete."

"What kind of experiment?"

"A scientific one, duh!" Tenshi said.

Malik glared at her, "Okay, but only 'cause I want you people to leave."

"Ready Aki?" asked Tenshi.

"No, Marik stole my Bat-pen," pouted Aki.

It was Tenshi's turn to roll her eyes, "Here, use mine."

Aki took it reluctantly, "It is just not the same." Tenshi started poking Malik again and again and again and again and again and...

"STOP POKING ME!" Malik screamed in a rage. Tenshi giggled at his anger as Aki took notes. When Malik figured out that Tenshi was not going to stop he pulled out his Rod, no not that rod.! AN- Aki: bad me, I am a horrible person! Tenshi: Laughing in the background Malik pulled out his Millenium Rod and attempted but failed to send Tenshi to the shadow realm and, for the second time that day, the two girls ran away laughing.

The got to the ballroom/pool where coincidentally Marik was still melting. The two girls conjured a ladder from their utility belts and climbed up to the trap door. As they opened it they heard a loud thump.

"Ow, I think I have broken my leg," came a vaguely Indian-sounding voice. The girls climbed out to see a crewman on the ground who had tripped over the door as they opened it. He struggled to his feet and stood hesitantly on his left leg. "Yes! It is broken!"

Tenshi looked around, "If anyone asks, we didn't do it," she said to no one in particular.

"Yeah, let's just get out of here..."

They pulled out miniature brooms from their utility belts, and everyone on deck stared as the brooms poofed to normal size. Aki and Tenshi hopped on the brooms and flew off in a random direction.

One of the crewpeople suddenly snapped his fingers. "Oh my!" he cried "They've done a Weasley!"

"Oh yeah," the others agreed, and went back to doing nothing.

Somewhere, not too far away, the two girls suddenly looked at each other.

"You know, Tenshi..." Aki began, "What if these brooms aren't real? What if they're just a figment of our imagina-"


They groaned as the brooms disappeared and they plummeted down to the watery depths.

"You had to say it!" yelled Tenshi as they fell.

Skittles. See the rainbow. Taste the rainbow.


Tenshi: I act like such an idiot!

Aki: That's because you are. Actually, we're both like, straight-A students and Tenshi scored, like in the 97 percentile on the PSAT.

Tenshi: And she has a 4.0 GPA... which I COULD have if I felt like caring about -certain- subjects at school :cough: Gym and Chemistry :cough:

Both: Please excuse our arrogance.

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