Jade narrowed her eyes and balled her fingers into a fist. An orb of blue electric energy appeared around it and started to flicker a bit.

She raised her arm and aimed directly for Yami's chest.

The orb launched, but Yami jumped out of the way just in time. The orb landed on the ground and exploded on impact.

Jada peeked out from behind Marik and 'ah'ed.

"If you had that kind of blastin' power, why didn't you tell me! You could have blown away that ugly harpy, Samantha! She's my worst enemy, you know!" Jada said, making Marik look back at her and frown.

Jade smirked at Jada. Suddenly, a blast of energy hit Jade in the chest, sending her sprawling to the ground.

Jade's jackal form turned back into human form and she groaned in pain, spitting up blood. She still had on the Ancient Egyptian female battle uniform, though.

"And I thought the dragon's blasts hurt." Jade mumbled, trying to get up, shakily.

Jade, finally, stood, though she didn't think she would be able to hold herself up for very much longer.

"Alania, stop this madness!" Yami yelled, stepping in front of Marik and Jada.

"I will never stop! Not as long as you are still standing!" Jade screeched, taking deep, ragged, and strained breaths.

"You are, slowly, being drained of power!" Yami stated. "This has to stop now, Alania!"

"It will never be over, Pharaoh!" Jade said, loudly, her knees buckling.

"That's where you are wrong!" Yami said and he put his hand up. "Mind Crush!"

Jade's color inverted and shattered, leaving her body to fall to the ground.

"Is she gone?" Jada whispered from behind Marik.

"Yeah, she's gone! And she'll never come back!" Marik said, a very evil frown crossing his features.

"I wouldn't be so sure, Marik." Yami said, looking down at Jade's lifeless body.

"Why? I thought she wouldn't be able to come back after being 'mind crushed'." Jada said and Yami turned to her.

"There are a lot of ways to come back from the Shadow Realm. You just have to be desperate enough to find out what they are." Yami stated and Jada nodded and got out from behind Marik as the shadows receeded.

After the shadows were gone, Jada found the box the Millennium Amulet was sent in and put it back in it.

"For safe keeping." Jada said as she set the box on the entertainment center.

Later in the year, Ryou Bakura asked Jada out and she accepted. They've dated since. They noticed that they had one thing, for sure, in common, they both had insane yamis.

Little did they know, Jade was sitting on a short pedastal in the middle of a fire pit in the deepest parts Shadow Realm.

She sat with her legs folded Indian-style and she had her fingers together, as she meditated.

Suddenly, Jade's eyes popped open. They were completely blood-red, except for her small pupil.

A maniacal laughter rang through the warm, still air.