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Chapter One

Jenna's Birthday

Elizabeth Meyers stood in the doorway of her daughter's room. It was dark out; just past midnight on the 16th of June. Jenna was tucked snuggly in her soft, warm bed and hadn't realized that it was her birthday yet. But Elizabeth remembered. She quietly sung the tune that she used to sing to her daughter to get her to sleep, under her breath.

Hush-a-by. Don't you cry.

Go to sleepy, little baby.

When you wake, you shall have

All the pretty little horses...

Jenna stirred under the blankets and Elizabeth stopped. Not wanting to wake her, she slipped carefully out of the room and into her own.

The large, empty bed stood menacingly in the cramped, master bedroom of their little flat in London. Elizabeth stared at the bed. It shouldn't be empty. I shouldn't have to spend my nights alone.

Elizabeth felt tears form in her eyes. If only he hadn't lied to me. If I only knew I could trust him. She sighed. The tears subsided. As she climbed into bed she thought to herself: Maybe I should've told him about Jenna.

The last thing she though before drifting off to sleep was that lullaby.

Hush-a-by. Don't you cry.

Go to sleepy, little baby.

When you wake, you shall have

All the pretty little horses...

Blacks and bays, dappled grays,

Coach and six white horses.

Hush-a-by. Don't you cry.

Go to sleepy, little baby.

"Morning Mum!" A girl with wavy brown hair and bright green eyes entered the sunny kitchen.

Those eyes... Elizabeth shook the thought out of her head and smiled at her daughter.

"Good morning Jenna. How did the Birthday Girl sleep?"

"Fine, Mum...Did you make them?" Jenna scanned the kitchen counters, finally spotting her prey. Her face lit up as she grabbed her breakfast.

"Chocolate chip pancakes!"

"Like always, love."

They sat there in silence as the younger Meyers girl inhaled her breakfast. The elder on sat staring at her daughter as she pensively sipped her coffee.

Jenna looked up from her plate and her mouth dropped. Elizabeth raised an eyebrow.

"What's the matter, love?"

"There's an owl outside the window, and it has a letter in its claws."


The coffee cup went smashing to the floor as Elizabeth whipped around in her chair. It can't be. She whispered.

"Can't be what, Mum?"

It all came rushing back to her. Those things he said. The owls. Eleventh birthdays. That warthog school.

While she was thinking, Jenna had gone over to the window and opened it. The owl fluttered in and landed on the kitchen table, then held out his leg for the letter to be untied.

The rustle of feathers had woken Elizabeth from her thoughts.

"Jenna! You brought it in?"

" has my name on it." Jenna stared at the letter with a confused expression plastered onto her face. Elizabeth took the letter and with shaking hands and shaking voice, read the address aloud.

Miss Jenna Meyers

329 Baker Street, London

The Kitchen

"Mum? What's going on?" Elizabeth looked up from the letter and sighed.

"Jenna, we need to talk."

The owl was now resting on the counter top, picking at the remainder of the chocolate chip pancakes. Elizabeth was staring at her now cold coffee with interest. Jenna, however, was staring at her mother. Elizabeth took a deep breath and started.

"Jenna, your father..." Jenna perked up at the mention of her father. Her mother never talked about him...ever.

"Your father was a-a-a wizard." Elizabeth finally looked up at her daughter, expecting to see horror, anguish, confusion...but not this. She was smiling.

'You must be joking, Mum. This is just a big birthday prank...right?" Jenna looked at her mother. There were no smiles. No twinkling in her eyes. There was something else there. Fear?

"Mum?" The smile had vanished. Her left eye started to twitch.

"Your father was a wizard...and so are you. Well, not exactly a wizard. More of a ...I guess you'd be a witch...I'm not sure. He didn't tell me much. That's why we divorced. That lying git never told me he was a wizard!"

Elizabeth stood up and began pacing the kitchen. Jenna's eye twitched more violently.

"Married to him for three years! All those 'business trips' he took. HA! Going out and trying to get his neck severed by one of those wands!"

"MUM!" Elizabeth stopped pacing. She looked frazzled. Her hair was sticking out of its usually neat braid. Her robe had come undone and was showing silky blue pajamas underneath. Her face was pale, her breathing ragged. This was not her mother.

"I'm sorry, love. I just got a little carried away." She sat down and picked up the letter again. She carefully opened the envelope and took out two pieces of paper in the same thick, yellow parchment that the envelope was made of.

She glanced at the first piece of paper. In dark green ink was a letter, congratulating Jenna on being accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and naming the time and date that they were to be meeting the train. She moved on.

The second sheet of paper had a list of books and supplies, as well as direction on how to get into Diagon Ally.

I still can't believe this...Elizabeth whispered. She looked up at Jenna, only to realize the she was right behind her looking over her shoulder.

"What do they mean, Platform 9 ¾?"