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Chapter 28

Wedding Crasher

"Jenna! Hurry up in there!"

Rhea's impatient voice lingered through the closed bathroom door and although Jenna heard her loud and clear, she couldn't care one bit because right now she was wearing her new dress with the hairdo Hermione had concocted. Jenna's wavy brown hair had magically transformed into millions of perfect ringlets and she was having the best time shaking her head and watching them dance in the mirror as her dress twinkled merrily at her.

The magic was broken by a new voice and a persistent hammering.

"Jenna?" It was Desirée. "Jenna, if you don't come out I will get my uncles to send in Dungbombs!" Jenna could hear giggling.

"All right, all right. I'm coming!" Jenna sighed dramatically. She gazed at her reflection one more time before swirling around in a mess of curls and shimmery pink dress robes.

Jenna emerged to a long line of Weasleys all tapping their feet impatiently and glaring at Jenna as though she had committed a heinous crime.

"Well finally! We thought you had drowned yourself in the sink!" Rhea clutched at her heart dramatically and grimaced. "You could have been dead!"

"Rhea, you're a real character sometimes."

"Uncle Bill says that to me all the time!"

"That's because it's true. Now let's finish up. You still need to find your shoe."

Jenna just smiled at the two twins as she was pushed out of the way by Desirée in a robe and some odd green paste on her face; her silvery-red hair in a sloppy pony-tail.

It was gloriously sunny day at the Burrow. The back yard had been cleared up and decorated with so many flowers and glowing fairies that it was barely recognizable. Jenna, not being a part of the immediate family, sat between Percy's wife, Penelope, and Headmistress McGonagall for the ceremony which Jenna paid hardly any attention to because one of the fairies had landed on the head of the woman in front of her and was doing odd things to her hair.

Once the ceremony had ended, the chairs magically disappeared and were replaced by a sea of little round tables with little place cards at each seat.

"Jenna! Over here!" She recognized Addy's voice over the crowd of people and made her way towards the twins. She found them at the children's table, which was situated by the back door of the Burrow.

"Merlin, I'm starved. Jenna, pass the rolls?" Jenna silently handed her the rolls while Addy went through a play-by play of the ceremony for Jenna, who hadn't had the best view.

"Ginny looked so happy. I can't wait for my own wedding. I'm going to have…" but Jenna had stopped listening.

Jenna's attention was focused solely on a couple on the dance floor. Behind George doing an enthusiastic tango with a member of the groom's family and just to the left of Desirée begrudgingly dancing with her little brother was a man in very nice formal robes and a familiar set of eyes.

Harry Potter was stumbling through a waltz with an old woman Jenna didn't know. Her green eyes followed him as he and his partner moved in awkward circles and made idle chatter.

Suddenly his bright green eyes were staring into hers like he was trying to see into her head. Jenna gasped and blushed crimson before turning away.

"What's wrong?" Both twins asked at the same time.

"Huh? Oh nothing," Jenna replied hastily and shoved a large spoonful of mashed potatoes into her mouth to avoid further questioning. But no sooner had she began chewing that Rhea brought up a question that made her choke on her food.

"Why's Harry staring at you, Jenna?" Jenna turned around sharply and glanced at Harry. He gave her a sad smile and removed his gaze from Jenna's face and relocated it to somewhere over their heads, where his eyes widened in shock and his face grew visibly pale, noticeable even from a distance.

"What's wrong with Harry? He looks sick!" Addy whispered.

"I don't know. I think he just saw something that scared him. Maybe a ghost?"

"Harry Potter wouldn't be afraid of ghosts!" Rhea stood up and glanced in the direct of Harry's stare. "Bloody hell! This can't be happening!"

"What?" Addy and Jenna chimed in.

"See for yourself, why don't you."

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