BY Dragonfang33

Synapese: My take on the Kim Possible Movie with a Silent Mobius style touch, basically, Kim's dark side is unleashed by a powerful Demon Sorcerer, and the only person Ron can turn to is a nameless Swordsman.

Cast of Characters


"Slayer"- a nameless swordsman, of the legendary Order of the Dragon, haunted by a past he never knew, and considered by all to be the single most dangerous human on the face of the earth

Ron Stoppable- "Slayer"'s young apprentice, friends with Kim Possible, who has succumbed to the darkness within herself.

Rufus- Ron's pet naked mole rat


Dracul- A powerful Demon Sorcerer, among the last of his breed around, armed with a scepter that can awaken the darkness with in a person's soul.

Black Dragon- once known as Kim Possible, famous teen hero and cheer squad captain, the name given to Kim Possible's dark side, and currently Dracul's apprentice.



Countless centuries ago, the world was in flames. Powerful Demon Sorcerers roamed the lands, robbing and killing at will, and ruling their domains with an iron fist. Freedom and peace were memories, as the people struggled to survive in a dark wasteland and death and misery. But not all hope had died with the coming of the Demon Sorcerers, an order of brave knights and samurai, armed with enchanted blades, and an amazing knowledge of Magic charged forth to oppose the enemy.

But alas the war between the Demons and the Order of the Dragon ended in utter defeat for the Dragons, their ranks were shrunken to almost nothing, and the Order was in danger of becoming extinct.

Yet hope once again rose, for in a village on the North American continent, a young boy was found, alone, his parents slaughtered by Orcs summoned by the Demons, and a Red Dragon of Fire bounded to his right hand in the form of a great red tattoo The Order took this child in, trained him in the arts of the Japanese Sword, the talent to summon the Fire Dragon bound to his right hand, and the Arcane Arts of Magic. It wasn't long Nameless had mastered all.

At the age of 10 the boy killed the Demon Sorcerer Razagar, thus avenging his parents, but it wasn't enough, that day the boy vowed to rid the world of the Demons, and this he did with out remorse.

Word soon spread as the boy grew older, that Demon Sorcerers were falling one by one to one man. It was said that everywhere Nameless went the river and road would run red with the blood of Demons and Demon servants, for to him his revenge wasn't complete with the death of his parents murderer, it wouldn't be complete until the earth was free. Overtime the Demons and the people he freed gave him names, including Death Dealer, Freer of the Oppressed, Death Incarnate, Demon Destroyer, Vampire of the Humans, and the name he chose to take for himself, "Slayer."

With the death of what was believed to be the last Demon Sorcerer "Slayer" simply vanished, only to resurface in a time of great need, and then vanish again.

Three years had passed since the Lucifer Hawk War ended, and the dark warrior known as "Slayer" stood atop the gothic cathedral in the center of the town of Middleton, the dragon in his hand blazing through his glove. He could feel it, a Demon Sorcerer of unparallel evil and malice had once again returned.

Stay tuned for Chapter I: Kim's Dark Side: Black Dragon