Rain – An essay

The clouds burst, and it begins to rain. Across the street, children playing in their yards shriek and run for the cover of their homes, giggling. I, however, remain on the porch, letting the rain wet my hair and stream down my face. I am being cleansed. The droplets smack against the sidewalk I am resting my feet on, darkening the concrete. Tilting my head back, I stick my tongue out, tasting the rain as if I am a child. It hasn't rained for a while, and I wish to enjoy every second of it, because the rain renews the earth.

Indeed, the yard seems to already be springing back to life. The rain slides off the leaves of the bushes to my right and left, the delicate droplets being caught in the equally fragile spider webs woven between the foliage. In front of me lies a flowerbed, the soil darkening from the wetness. I can hear the flowers; I can feel their excitement as their roots drink up the moisture. They're laughing.

It's not just a Youko-thing, to be able to hear and feel the plants, really. You just have to stop and listen. Humans have trouble doing that, I think.

Across the street, a neighbor stands in his yard, frowning. I hear him say something about a picnic. Apparently the rain has ruined his plans. However, he doesn't realize just how the vital the rain truly is.

Rain means rejuvenation for the earth and all that inhabit it. The rain gives us life, and washes away the dirt on our skin. It cleanses us, leaving us fresh. I get up and bound down the sidewalk, stopping halfway, throwing out my arms and letting the downpour soak me. The rain reminds me that the pain and the sins of yesterday can be washed away.

The heavy shower begins to slow, and the children across the street hesitantly leave the comfort of their homes and porches, eager to play again. The rain finally slows to a stop and I breathe deeply, enjoying the fleeting scent of the earth after it rains. I am clean.


Closing notes: Eh-heh. So that's my weird little vignette. Like I said in the summary, it's actually an essay for my English class, but I realized it sounds rather like Kurama, so I tweaked it a bit and here it is!

On the rubric my teacher gave us, he said it is to be 'spatially developed', meaning I need 'to the left is blahblahblah' and such... I think I need more of that, so any suggestions anyone has would be very, very mucho appreciated.

In other news I'm having this chat with my friend that is getting to be all kinds of weird... (blink) It's like... It's like there's a deeper meaning behind what's actually being said... Freakyish.