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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Though you don't have to have seen the Totally Spies episodes Zooney World and First Brat to enjoy this fic, both episodes contain information and backstory about Normy and Madison that will allow you to enjoy this fic at least twice as much. So if you haven't seen those episodes already, try to watch them the next time they come on. Also, the president in Totally Spies isn't Dubya. I don't even know what political PARTY the president in Totally Spies is (though from the way he talks/acts in the show, I think he's a Republican... ).


It was a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon in Beverly Hills, and Clover, Alex, and Sam were lounging on the couch in Clover's bedroom, glancing through the pages of the latest fashion magazine.

"That's what I'm going to wear to prom this year," Clover said, her finger pointed squarely at a beautiful red satin dress with sequins stitched down the sides. "With that dress, I'll be prom queen for sure!"

"Clover, they vote for prom queen BEFORE the prom now, remember?" Sam asked, glaring at Clover. "Besides, it's three months until prom anyway."

"Never too early to start planning... right, Alex?" Clover replied, turning to her brunette friend with a smile on her face. Alex was entranced in another page, which displayed a picture of a model wearing a light blue skirt with lacy frills extending down from the bottom.

"Yeah, yeah, sure," Alex said, only half-listening to what Clover had to say as she continued staring at the beautiful skirt.

"Alex, yoo-hoo, are you even listening to me?" Clover said, a hint of annoyance in her voice. "I'm trying to get you to agree with me!"

"Clover," Alex replied, looking down at the skirt, then fixing her gaze on Clover's face, "I was just looking at this-"

Before Alex could finish, the door to Clover's room opened, and a woman who looked almost exactly like Clover, albeit aged about 25 years, stepped into the room. A short boy, about 9 or 10 years old, was standing beside her. His hair was blonde, almost exactly the same color as Clover's, and he wore a green and blue striped t-shirt, with red shorts. All three girls gasped when they saw the boy, knowing exactly who he was.

"IT'S NORMY!" the three girls shouted in unison, standing up and recoiling away from the door.

"Aunty, why are they scared of me?" Normy whined, trying to sound much more hurt than he actually was.

"We're not scared of you, we're repulsed by-" Clover began before Alex and Sam both covered her mouth at the same time.

"Quiet, Clover!" Alex whispered. "Remember what happened the last time Normy was here!"

"Yeah, you don't want to get grounded again, do you?" Sam whispered. Clover groaned, and the two girls removed their hands from Clover's mouth. All three girls' expressions immediately changed to friendly and happy, concealing their severe annoyance with Clover's young cousin.

"We'd love to spend time with Normy today!" Clover said, offering a big, fake smile. "I just love playing with my little cousin!"

"Oh, Normy's not here to play," said Clover's mom.

"That's right," Normy said. "I have to do a report on one of this year's presidential candidates, and it's due tomorrow!"

"And since you have a computer, Clover, Normy wants to know if you'll help him do research," said Clover's mom, turning to Normy. "I'm sure she'll be glad to help! Right, Clover?"

"Um..." Clover began, her fake smile starting to disappear.

"We'd love to!" Sam interposed, stepping in front of Clover. "Right this way, Normy!"

"Thank you all so much!" Normy said, as kindly as he could. He walked across the room to Clover and gave her a big hug, causing her to wince. "Especially you, cousin Clover!"

"I'll be back to check on you girls in an hour, okay?" said Clover's mom, closing the door to Clover's room. "Have fun!"

As soon as the door was closed, Normy's friendly smile disappeared. He abruptly stopped hugging Clover and stepped back from the three girls, with a wicked grin on his face.

"Guess what you three are doing to do for me?" Normy asked, holding up several pieces of paper and a number two pencil. He plunked the supplies down on a table, jumped up onto the couch, and kicked his feet up. "You three are going to write my entire report!"

"Oh no, uh uh, not gonna happen!" Clover shouted indignantly. "You're gonna do that report! All we have to do is help you research! That means find one or two websites and that's it, mister!"

Normy's lip began to wobble, and his eyes began tearing up. Alex and Sam sighed. They both knew Normy was an excellent actor, and was about to put on another Oscar-winning performance of Get Clover In Really Big Trouble.

"I'll just tell your mom that you don't wanna help me..." Normy said, again doing his best to sound hurt.

"Wait, wait, wait, kid, Clover was just kidding!" Alex said through clenched teeth. Of the three girls, she was the nicest, but even she wasn't too happy about doing a lazy, bratty kid's homework. "Of course we'll do your report... anything you say... right, guys?"

"Right," Sam replied, also trying to contain her anger.

"We just have to, um... go to the bathroom," Clover said, grabbing Alex and Sam by the backs of their shirts and starting to drag them out of the room. "Conference time, girls..."


"I say let's just duct tape the kid to the wall and shoot Nerf balls at him for a couple of hours!" Clover shouted, angrily pounding her fists onto the bathroom sink.

"And face the wrath of a furious mom? Clover, I thought even you were smarter than that..." Sam said.

"We're just gonna have to swallow our pride and do this kid's homework," Alex said. "I mean, it's not like we've got anything better to dooooooooooooooooooo-!"

As Alex said 'do', the bathroom floor opened up beneath the three girls, and they fell down a long tunnel into WOOHP headquarters.

"This is a terrible time to get WOOHP-ed!" Sam shouted as she and her friends descended down the tunnel. "Normy's gonna tell your mom, and she's gonna kill us!"

"I can't believe Jerry put a tunnel to WOOHP in my bathroom!" Clover squealed. "I wonder if the plumber knows about this?"

The three spies finally exited the tunnel in the large, technology-filled room in WOOHP headquarters where Jerry frequently briefed the three girls on new assignments. As usual, he was right in front of the spot where the three girls left the tunnel, a casual smile on his face.

"Yo, Jer... next time you decide to put tunnels in people's houses, ask first!" Clover shouted, standing up and brushing herself off.

"I don't quite think that's possible," replied Jerry. "I don't think any of you would say 'yes'."

"I'd say yes," Alex said, eliciting angry glares from the other two girls. "What? I would!"

"Well, anyway..." Jerry began, taking out a remote and pointing it at the giant screen behind his desk, pressing a button and causing a picture of a crowded picnic to appear on the screen. "As you all know, today is the picnic for the president's re-election campaign."

"I didn't know that," said Alex and Clover at the same time. Sam just smirked.

"The president was so happy with the great job you girls did of protecting his daughter Madison last time that he's decided to let the three of you work bodyguard duty at today's picnic," said Jerry.

"Wait a minute... we didn't do a very good job at all," replied Clover.

"Yeah... Madison got kidnapped, remember?" Alex said. "She nearly became fish food!"

"Well, she's not, and that's what matters. Besides, Madison really likes you three, and she wouldn't accept the help of any of the president's other bodyguards. So that means you're all going."

"Wait a minute, Jer... my cousin is over today, and if I don't help him with his report, my mom is gonna ground me until I'm your age," said Clover.

"Well, that doesn't seem so bad..." Jerry replied, smiling. The three spies responded with annoyed glares, and Jerry shot them a glare back. "Quite."

"Wait a minute, Clover... that report is supposed to be about one of the presidential candidates, right?" Alex said. "Maybe we can take Normy along! It'll be great research!"

"No way," Sam said, shaking her head back and forth. "We can't let Normy know we're in WOOHP! That's supposed to be a total secret to our friends and family!"

"Maybe we don't have to let him know we're in WOOHP..." Clover said slyly. "I've got an idea. Jerry, is it all right if Normy comes along? If he finds out our secret, you can just wipe his memory or something."

"Well, yes, but... from what you've told me about your mother, I'm not sure she would like that very-"

"She'd never find out if Normy's memory got wiped," said Clover. "Hmm... maybe I should have you wipe his memory of not liking us very much... then he wouldn't make us do his stupid report!"

"Let's just try to make sure Normy doesn't find out," said Sam.

"That would probably be best," Jerry said, pressing another button on his remote. "Here are the gadget you'll be using today. You already know about the Jetpack Backpacks and laser lipstick. You also have sound amplifying helmets, WOOHP Standard Issue Multi-Purpose Hairbrushes, which contain a lockpick, a very handy wall-climbing grappling hook, and, if you press this little button on the back and set the hairbrush down, in about five seconds it releases a very large cloud of highly-effective sleeping gas.

"Neat!" Alex said happily.

"You also have these MOTHS," said Jerry, holding out three small insect-like devices on his palm.

"Ewww, like, bugs!" Clover shouted, recoiling with a scream. "Creepy much!"

"Multi-Orbital Tracking Handheld Satellites," said Jerry. "You can set these to follow any person, and you can use this GPS-enabled watch I'm putting on each of your wrists to track them. It looks and acts just like a bug, making it extremely difficult to detect. You can set one of these to follow Madison, so if something happens to her, you'll always know where she is."

"That's really cool, Jerry," said Sam, picking up one of the MOTHS and carefully holding it in her hand. "This will come in real handy."

"We sure could've used one of these things last time," said Clover. "The kidnapper ditched the tracking device we put on her. A bug would've been way harder to spot."

"It's very new technology, and very expensive," Jerry said. "So don't let anything happen to it. Anyway, the picnic is taking place in Beverly Park, so it's just a short walk away from your home, Clover."

"Good," Clover said. "It'd be really hard to explain the WOOHP helicopter to that little brat." "Speaking of Normy, we'd better get back home and explain to him what's going on," said Sam. "I hope that little spore hasn't ratted us out to mom yet," Clover replied.

"We've been gone for more than ten minutes, I bet he's getting suspicious by now..." Alex said. "Let's hurry."


"And... and... and Clover's not gonna come out!" Normy cried, leading Clover's mom up to the bathroom with tears streaming down his face. "They went to the bathroom so they wouldn't have to help me!"

"Clover, you open this door up right now!" shouted Clover's mom, pounding the door with her fist. "My sister wants you to help Normy with his report, and you're not getting out of it, little missy!"

"Mom?" said Clover, standing behind her mom and Normy, with Alex and Sam flanking her. The three girls were wearing their normal clothes, however, they had been specially modified to conceal their spy gadgets within. "What's up?"

"You know exactly what's up, Clover!" Clover's mom said angrily. "Just where have you girls been? Normy's crying because you girls refuse to help him!"

"Actually, we were just back at my house, picking up our passes for today's presidential picnic," said Sam, holding up four laminated cards on lanyards. "I won an essay contest a while back, and the grand prize was passes to today's picnic for me and any three people who I wanted to come with me."

"Huh?" Normy said, a puzzled look on his face.

"I just remembered after Normy came upstairs, and I figured what better way to do research on a presidential candidate than to meet the president himself, in person!" Sam said, in as friendly a voice as she could.

"That's a wonderful idea!" said Clover's mom before a stunned Normy could protest. "Normy, Clover's friend is giving you one of her passes to meet the president! It's the opportunity of a lifetime, isn't it?"

"Um... sure... um... thanks!" Normy said.

"What do you say, Normy?" Clover asked, leaning down to speak to her cousin.

"Uh... thanks, Sam," Normy said, trying his best to conceal a scowl.

"Great! Then let's hurry there before the picnic starts!" said Alex.


A few minutes later, the three spies, along with Normy, were headed down the street to Beverly Park.

"I'm sure the president will let you ask him a few questions, Normy," Clover said. "So all you have to do is write down the answers, and then write your report!"

"Yeah, write your report," Alex added, smiling at Normy. "But isn't this wonderful?"

"It's the most wonderful day of my whole life!" Normy said, not even trying to conceal his sarcasm. "I get to meet the president! I get to talk to a boring old guy for ten minutes... yay..."

The girls, along with Normy, arrived at the entrance to the park, where two Secret Service agents were there to greet them. The agents immediately recognized the three girls from the last time they had been at the White House, and smiled as soon as they saw the girls' faces.

"Welcome to the president's official picnic, girls," said the first agent, reaching out to shake their hands. "The president and his daughter are at the buffet table just a few hundred yards away."

"And who's this little guy?" asked the second agent, looking down at Normy.

"He's my friend's cousin," said Sam, shooting the agent a quick wink. "He's one of my guests."

Sam winked at the agent again, and the two agents began to whisper amongst themselves.

"The kid must not know the other three are those WOOHP spies," whispered the first agent.

"Better keep their identities on the down-low," whispered the second agent. "We'll have to tell that to the president too."

"What are they saying?" Normy said, turning to the three spies. "And why are they being so nice? The TV says that Secret Service agents are supposed to be all mean and stuff."

"Oh, well, um... I guess they're hiring nicer ones now!" Sam said, beginning to blush. "If he finds out we know the president already, the cat's out of the bag..."

"You four can go on in," said the first agent. "Have a great time!"

As the three spies and Normy walked into the park, one of the agents began speaking into his walkie-talkie, informing the president about the spies' young guest. Normy followed the three girls past several buffet tables, until they reached a small area near a makeshift stage. In front of the stage, the president, a grey-haired, bespectacled man in a well-pressed black suit, was talking to several important looking businesspeople. As Normy glanced over the small crowd in front of the president, he spotted a young, purple-haired girl, wearing a white and purple schoolgirl outfit and skirt that almost perfectly matched her hair. She looked extremely bored, as if she'd gone to so many of her father's picnics in the past that she could no longer stand to waste anymore of her time watching her famous father talk to person after person, with none of her own friends to talk to.

"That must be the president's daughter..." Normy thought to himself. "I think I heard about her on the news before or something..."

The president saw the three spies and immediately stopped his conversation, smiling and walking over to the girls with his hand extended.

"Well, hello there!" said the president in an overly-friendly tone. "It's so great to see you a-"

Suddenly, the president's walkie-talkie began to make noise. He unhooked it from his belt and began to listen to it. After several seconds, he put his walkie-talkie back on his belt and extended his hand toward Sam.

"It's wonderful to meet such a gifted young person like yourself, young lady," said the president, shaking Sam's hand. "What's your name?"

"Um... Samantha," said Sam, feigning shyness at 'meeting' the president. "It's so wonderful to actually meet you, Mr. President! These are my friends, Clover and Alex... and this is Clover's cousin, Norman."

"That's Normy," Normy replied, an annoyed scowl on his face. The purple-haired girl looked up at him, and immediately smiled.

"Finally," Madison thought, her eyes lighting up. "Someone my age... I wish he wasn't a boy, though."

Normy noticed Madison staring at him, and quickly turned to her, his own eyes lighting up as well.

"Hey," Normy croaked out, weakly waving to her. "She's so pretty in person... ugh, am I really thinking that? Girls are supposed to have cooties, aren't they?"

Madison giggled, and Normy quickly turned back to his cousin and her friends.

"Normy," Clover said, smiling. "The president says that if you want to interview him for your report, that you can ask him as many questions as you like. He'll be glad to help you out any way he can."

"Meanwhile, we're going to be spending time with the president's daughter," said Alex.

"He thinks I'd be a good role model for her, and that I should spend as much time with her while I'm here as I possibly can," Sam replied. She covertly released one of the MOTHS from her hand, which began floating and fluttering around Madison, tracking her every move.

"Thanks, guys," Normy groaned, walking over to the president with a dejected look on his face. The president smiled, and offered Normy his hand to shake.

"It's nice to meet you!" the president said, holding his hand out to Normy. "I'm as happy as a crawdad in a fish pond!"

"Uh... great to meet you too, sir!" Normy said, again feigning friendliness. "Thanks for helping me out!"

"Well, it's nice to see one of America's young citizens taking such an interest in the democratic process!" said the president, pulling up a chair at a small table and offering Normy a seat across from him.

"I don't understand a word this guy is saying," said Normy, sitting down across from the president and taking out a notepad and a pencil. "Stupid Sam and her stupid smart essay contest winning thingy... stupid Clover, stupid Alex... stupid stupid stupid!"


Meanwhile, the three 'stupid' spies were at a buffet table with Madison, far away from the president and Clover's cousin. Madison was scooping up several chocolate chip cookies onto the paper plate she was holding, while the three girls dutifully stood next to her, doing their best to protect her from being kidnapped again.

"So, Madison..." said Sam, watching her as she scooped cookie after cookie onto her plate, "how have you been holding up since, you know, the whole kidnapping thing?"

"Oh, you know... I've been doing great, but daddy's still kinda worried about me," said Madison, an annoyed tone starting to surface in her voice. "I know he's protective of me and all, but... sometimes it gets really bothersome, you know?"

"Well, aren't you worried about something happening to you again?" Alex asked. "I mean, that must've been pretty scary to-"

"I told you, I'm fine," Madison replied.

"You still, uh... we're still cool, right?" Clover asked. "I mean, you're not gonna pull any tricks on us like last time, are you?"

"Of course not!" Madison said, a smile on her face. "You girls saved my life... I can't be mean to you after that, can I?"

"Well, that's good to know," said Alex.

"Yeah, at least you're not like my cousin Normy," said Clover. "He's a little brat who hates me and everything else that's good in this world!"

"You mean that blonde-haired kid that was with you guys?" Madison asked. "I dunno, he seems pretty friendly to me..."

"Pssh... you don't know Normy the way we do," said Alex. "Trust me, spend a day or two with him, and you'll agree with us."

"I dunno, I haven't seen him do anything to you guys," Madison replied. "Are you sure he's-"

"Trust me, you do not want to get on Normy's bad side. Or his good side. Or any of his sides," Clover said. "Take our advice, he is bad news, sister!"


Normy finished his interview with the president, but stayed at the small table to compile his notes as the president got up to talk to more businesspeople.

"Well, I guess all I have to do is write the report, now that I've got all this information... but I hate writing reports!" Normy groaned. "This really stinks."

"Hey, Normy, how ya doin'?" said Clover, walking up to her cousin with Alex and Sam. Madison was trailing behind them. "Didja get everything you need?"

"What's it to you, Clover?" Normy shouted.

"Hey, buddy, I did you a favor!" Clover replied, poking Normy's chest. "You got to talk to the president, I thought that meant something!"

"Madison, Normy was trying to make us do his report for him," said Alex. "Isn't that right, Normy?"

Madison gasped.

"See, Madison, I told you he was terrible," said Clover. Normy simply looked back at his cousin, his glare becoming angrier and angrier. Suddenly, three Secret Service agents walked up to Clover, Alex, and Sam, and began whispering something so that Normy and Madison couldn't hear.

"We saw someone trying to sneak into the perimeter," said one of the agents. "There's a mysterious van parked outside the park, and we think you three should check it out."

"We'd check it out ourselves, but we've gotta keep a tight perimeter around the park, so could you three check it for us?" asked the second agent.

"What about our bodyguard duty on Madison?" Clover whispered back.

"I put one of the MOTHS on her a little while back... if something happens, we'll know," Sam replied.

"We'd better hurry," said Alex. The three girls turned back to Normy and Madison.

"We've gotta go, uh... meet the other contest winners," Sam said. "But we'll be right back."

"You two play nice while we're gone, okay?" Clover asked. "Normy, you should probably start on that report."

The three girls ran off, with the Secret Service agents following close behind them. Madison sat down at the table across from Normy and watched him scribble notes for several seconds before finally beginning to speak.

"So, um... why are you so mean to them, anyway?" Madison asked. Normy looked up.

"They started it... all three of them, they're terrible! Especially Clover," Normy replied. "When I was really little, Clover stuffed me in the clothes hamper and left me there for hours! I couldn't get out, and I was really scared, and-"

"How horrible!" Madison replied, a shocked look appearing on her face. "What were you, four, five?"

"Two," said Normy. "I cried and cried for hours.... Clover was so mean, she just kept laughing at me!"

"Clover doesn't seem like the kind of person that would do something like that," Madison said.

"How do you know?" Normy asked. "You've never even met her before..."

Unlike her father and the Secret Service agents, Madison didn't know that Normy didn't know Clover's secret spy life, and, naively, she didn't realize that it was supposed to be kept a secret anyway.

"Of course I have," Madison said. "Clover saved my life."

"Huh?" Normy asked, a puzzled look on his face. "What do you mean by-"

"One time, when I was kidnapped by these terrorists, Clover and her friends rescued me... they're secret agents, don't you know that?" Madison asked.

"You... you're kidding... right?" Normy stammered, clearly stunned. "You... you've gotta be kidding me. Clover told you that to get me to-"

"I'll prove it," said Madison, digging into the pocket of her skirt and pulling out a picture. There, standing in the Oval Office with Madison and her father, were Clover, Alex, and Sam, in their spy outfits. All of them were smiling. "See?"

"...no way... Clover's a super spy person and she didn't even tell me?" Normy said, standing up from the table and shaking his head.

"Maybe, um... maybe you weren't supposed to know," Madison said, finally realizing that telling Normy about Clover's spy identity might have been a mistake. "But you can't tell anyone! Not your mom, or Clover's mom, or any of her friends, or-"

"I can't believe Clover wouldn't tell me she was a spy!" Normy shouted, angrily pacing back and forth. "I... I've gotta get back at her..."

"Wait, what?" Madison said, walking over to Normy and putting her hand on his shoulder.

"Madison, Clover lied to me," said Normy. "She's been lying to me for a long time, and I can't believe she wouldn't tell me about being a spy!"

"Well, I can't believe she would stuff a two-year-old boy in a clothes hamper..." said Madison skeptically. "Are you sure-"

"Madison, could you... could you help me play a trick on Clover and her friends? Just one little trick, to get revenge on her for lying to me?"

"Well... I dunno... she kinda... you know, saved my life and all. I can't do that to her!" Madison said, looking back and forth. "Besides, I don't think my daddy would like it..."

"C'mon, Madison... just one little prank... when I saw you, you looked really bored. This'll be really, really funny! C'mon, please?"

"Well... this picnic is really boring..." said Madison, looking back and forth. "But you've gotta promise no one will get hurt!"

"I don't wanna hurt Clover, I just wanna embarrass her... this'll be really great!" said Normy, taking Madison's hand. "Follow me!"


As Normy led Madison to the buffet table, the three spies were just returning from their excursion to the van, which when they got there, they discovered was completely normal. No bad guys in sight. Annoyed by the false alarm, the girls were already in a bad mood.

"I can't believe that van was empty," Clover whined. "Aren't those Secret Service guys supposed to be the best?"

"Even the Secret Service makes mistakes, Clover," Sam replied. "But we should still keep our guard up. The guy who tried to sneak in could be anywhere."

Suddenly, Normy ran up to the girls. A frantic look was on his face.

"Normy?" Alex said as Normy ran toward the girls.

"He looks like he's seen a ghost!" Sam shouted. "Normy, what's wrong?"

"It's Madison..." Normy said, quietly enough so that only the three spies could hear. "She's been kidnapped!"

"What?" Clover shrieked.

"Some guy just came outta nowhere and grabbed her... he was so fast, I tried to stop him, but-"

"And why are you telling us?" Alex asked. "Why don't you tell any of the Secret Service guys?"

"Well... um... Madison sorta told me you girls were spies, and-"

"She WHAT?" Clover shouted, her hands flying to her head. An extremely distressed look was on her face. "Oh geez... oh man..."

"We've got no time for that now," said Sam, looking down at the GPS device on her wrist. "This says Madison is still somewhere nearby... you guys, we have to hurry!"

"Shouldn't we tell the Secret Service about-" Normy began before Clover interrupted him.

"We can't let the president find out we screwed up again! We've just gotta get Madison back on our own!" shouted Clover. "Besides, this says she's only about 100 feet away... let's hurry!"

The three spies ran off toward the small dot on their radar that indicated Madison's current location. Within seconds, they found out where she was. Madison's dot was blinking at the exact location of a small green port-a-potty near a grove of trees.

"Normy, she's just using the bathroom," said Clover. "How could you try to trick us like-"

"Guys, the president and his daughter each have their own SPECIAL portable bathrooms," said Sam. "There's no way she'd be in there unless something was wrong."

"But... why would a kidnapper want to stash Madison inside a port-a-potty?" asked Alex. "Doesn't that seem kinda... crude to you?"

"It's probably a trap... but we've gotta check it out anyway," said Clover. The three spies snuck up to the port-a-potty, with Normy following close behind them. "Normy, this is REALLY dangerous... you shouldn't be here!"

"But... but Madison's my friend... I wanna make sure she's safe!" Normy said.

"Look, if there's a bomb in here or something, you could be in real danger by being here!" Sam shouted. "You need to go, right-"

But it was too late. Alex had already kicked in the door to the port-a-potty. Expecting to see Madison in some form of mortal danger, the spies were completely stunned to see the purple-haired girl, standing on top of the port-a-potty and holding two large, well-shook cans of whipped cream, pointed straight at them.

"Hello, girls!" Madison shouted, blasting the spies with both cans at once. As the spies were sprayed with whipped cream, they turned around to see Normy standing behind them, holding two cans of spray cheese.

"Say cheese!" Normy yelled, spraying the spies with the cheese until both cans were completely empty. By the time Madison and Normy had finished spraying them, the girls were a mess, completely covered in whipped cream and spray cheese. Madison and Normy were laughing hysterically.

"That was great!" Madison shrieked, holding her stomach as she giggled insanely. "I didn't think this would be very much fun, but... wow, pranking you guys is great!"

Alex and Sam were angry. Clover was furious, and now unable to contain her intense rage.

"YOU... YOU LITTLE BRATS!" Clover screamed, whipped cream and spray cheese dripping from her hair and chin. "YOU HAD ME WORRIED SICK! YOU LIED TO ME!"

"You lied to me!" Normy shouted. "You never told me you were a spy!"

"Well, duh..." said Alex, frowning. "You'd probably blab to all your friends... there's only a few people who know that we're spies!"

"Hey now, what's going on over here?" asked the president, hastily walking over to the spies, Normy, and Madison. "Did something happen?"

"Well, um... we were um... we were having a whipped cream fight, daddy!" Madison said, smiling and pointing the can at her dad. "You wanna play?"

"Now sweetheart, I know you're bored, but you can't be making a mess of things, okay? This is a very important picnic for daddy's presidential campaign..."

The president turned to Clover, Alex, and Sam, and began to frown.

"And you three should probably know that," said the president. "Now, I can't have you three here if you're messier than a pig in a mud marathon. You're gonna have to clean up, you hear?"

"Yes, sir..." said Clover, bowing her head while still clenching her fists. "If that little brat wasn't the president's daughter, I'd make her sorry!"

"Know where we can clean off?" said Sam, her face red with embarrassment.

"There's a shower in the trailer just outside the park," said the president. "Go there and clean off, then come back here."

The president then turned to Normy and Madison.

"And you two had best behave, okay?" said the president, his smile returning. "Kids these days..."

As the president walked away, Madison and Normy strolled back to the table in front of the stage, still laughing. They sat down at the table and put down the cans of cream and cheese they were holding.

"That was so awesome..." Normy said, chuckling slightly to himself. "Clover was so mad..."

"Now I remember why it was so fun to mess with them," Madison replied, smiling devilishly. "Thank you, Normy..."

Suddenly, Madison let out a loud scream and stood up from the table.

"EEEK! Normy, kill it!" Madison shrieked.

"Kill what?" Normy replied.

"There's a bug on my arm! Get it, get it, get it!!!"

Normy immediately leapt up and slapped his hand down on Madison's arm, squashing the bug. What he didn't know was that the 'bug' was actually the MOTH that Sam had programmed to track Madison.

"Ow..." Madison said, looking down at her arm.

"Sorry..." Normy said, starting to blush. "The bug's dead now, right?"

"Mm-hmm," Madison said, nodding. "Thank you so much, Normy!"

Madison leapt up and gave Normy a hug.

"Ew..." Normy thought, starting to pull away. "A girl's hugging me... hey, this isn't so bad..."


About thirty minutes later, in the trailer, the spies had finished their showers. Their clothes were still extremely dirty, so they had changed into their standard spy outfits, Clover's in red, Alex's in yellow, and Sam's in green.

"Now that Normy knows who we are, there's no need to disguise ourselves anymore," Sam said.

"I can't BELIEVE Madison told him we were spies!" Alex replied.

"I can't believe he tricked us like that! And Madison did too!" said Clover. "I feel so... so... so betrayed! Isn't saving someone's life GOOD for anything anymore? That little spore Normy has poisoned her mind!"

Clover picked up a hairbrush and began brushing her hair, which still had traces of spray cheese caked into it.

"I mean, she was so nice... we worked our butts off to save her... how could she turn on us like that? So quickly? I'll tell you how. It's Normy! Normy Normy Normy Normy Normy! Gawd, I hate that little brat!"

Clover slammed the hairbrush down on a small table in the trailer and continued her rant.

"We've gotta get back at him. I don't care about getting grounded anymore. We've got to put a stop to that little brat, but good!"

"I agree, Clover," replied Alex. "But not here... we're already on probation for-"

Suddenly, the spies could hear a faint beeping. They turned toward the table, and gasped.

"Clover... did you accidentally use one of Jerry's 'special' hairbrushes to brush your hair?" Sam asked. "And did you accidentally press the button on the back of the brush?"

"Boy, do I feel stupid," said Clover, yawning. "Nighty-night, girls..."

Within seconds, the sleeping gas had taken effect, and all three spies were sound asleep on the floor. They didn't see the mysterious figure, opening the door and walking into the trailer to see the three now-sleeping spies.

"Looks like you girls did all my work for me..." said a soft, evil-sounding voice. "And with you spies out of the way, the president and his daughter will soon be mine! Mwahahaha! Mwahahaha!!!"


Uh oh... what vile villainy is at hand at the picnic? And with the three spies incapacitated, can anyone protect Madison and her dad from certain disaster? And will Normy ever get his just desserts? Find out next time in the incredible conclusion!