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When the spies awoke from their slumber, they were still inside the trailer, and still wearing their usual spy outfits. However, all three of them were now bound hand and foot to chairs in the center of the room.

"Oh no..." said Clover, trying to wriggle free from her bonds. "We've been captured again!"

"But who could've attacked us in here?" asked Alex.

"Maybe it was that suspicious guy that some of the Secret Service agents saw a while ago," replied Sam. "He must've found us while we were asleep and tied us up!"

"I bet I know exactly who it was," Clover said, an annoyed look on her face. "It was those little brats, Normy and Madison! They know we're in here, and when they showed up to pull another prank on us and found us asleep, they just tied us up so they could come back when we were awake!"

"I don't think it was your little cousin, Clover," replied Sam.

"I wouldn't put it past him," Alex said, trying to get free from the ropes on her wrists.

"Whoever it was, we've got to escape and warn the President that there's someone here out to get him!" Sam said. "With us out of the way, there's no telling what could happen!"

But as the three spies began to work at the ropes, the door to the trailer opened. All three spies gasped, only to breathe a sigh of relief when a Secret Service agent walked through the door. It was the same agent who had tipped the spies off to a suspicious person before, and the three girls were extremely glad to see him.

"Thank goodness you're here!" Alex said, using her head to indicate that she and her friends were tied up. "Somebody caught us off-guard and tied us to these chairs... we think the president might be in danger!"

"That's terrible," said the man, walking over to Alex and inspecting her bonds. "Did you find out who did it?"

"No, we were asleep..." said Sam, glaring at Clover. "Clover here dropped one of our spy combs and released sleeping gas all over the room."

"Yeah, well, I was still mad about Normy and Madison, gimme a break!" Clover shouted. She then turned her head toward the Secret Service agent. "Hey, buddy, are you gonna stare at us for a half-hour, or are you gonna help us out?"

The agent stopped for a second, then walked over to Clover's chair. A sinister smile appeared on his face.

"I'd love to untie all of you, but... then my brilliant plan would be thrown right out the window, and I can't be having that."

Two more agents entered the room, wearing the same evil grins as the first agent. A puzzled look appeared on the spies' faces.

"What... what plan?" Alex asked. After a few seconds of silence, Sam let out a loud gasp.

"The person that's threatening the president... it's you, isn't it!" shouted Sam. The lead agent smiled and walked up to Sam, looking down at her and still grinning.

"Genius girl here gets a point!" said the agent, letting out a chuckle.

"But... why?" asked Alex. "You're in the Secret Service, why would you want to hurt the president?"

"Yeah, jerk, your country trusts you with the president's life!" Clover shouted furiously. "Treason much?"

"And I don't get the respect I deserve!" shouted the agent. "All of the other Secret Service agents get to guard the president at big, important events, like the World Series, and the Super Bowl! But all that me and my two friends here get to do is go with him to piddly little picnics and fundraisers! It gets BORING going to these dumb picnics every single weekend! Well, I'm going to show the president that he can't push me around anymore!"

"So... um... what are you gonna do with us?" asked Alex meekly.

"Funny you should ask that," said the lead agent. "Right now, this trailer is perched precariously over the edge of a lake, with only a single rope keeping it from plummeting into the water. After I leave the trailer, I'm going to set the rope on fire and let it slowly burn away until you three spies plummet to your doom!"

"Why don't you just cut the rope? It's a lot faster," said Clover.

"Clover!" Sam shouted at her friend, hoping that she didn't just give the bad guy any ideas.

"I would cut the rope, but I left my Swiss Army Knife at home," said the lead agent. "Still, you three have absolutely no chance to escape! My associates and I have already confiscated your gadgets... we've put them where you'll never find them, even if you do escape! You're helpless to stop our master plan!"

"And just what would that be?" asked Clover.

"We're going to hypnotize the president and his daughter and force them to do our bidding!" shouted the lead agent. "I've already taken hypnosis classes, and I'm quite good. But for now, you three spies have an appointment with the bottom of Beverly Lake. But first, one more precaution..."

The lead agent took a roll of tape out of his pocket and handed it to one of the other agents, who ripped off three pieces of tape from the roll and pressed one over the mouth of each of the three spies.

"Now that the three of you are silenced, you won't be able to help each other escape... something I know the three of you are very, very good at," said the lead agent, opening the door of the trailer. "Goodbye, spies!"

As the three agents walked out, Clover and Alex screamed angrily behind the tape, their muffled cries of discontent echoing throughout the trailer. Sam simply began working on her bonds, knowing that the three girls' only chance of salvation would be for one of them to escape, because no one was going to find them.


"I'm bored," Madison groaned, resting her head on the elbows and staring across the table at Normy. The two children were still at the table in front of the stage, neither of them having said very much to the other since playing that terrible prank on the three spies.

"Me too," Normy replied. "Maybe I should start working on my report. I wonder where those dumb girls are?"

"Probably still washing off in the trailer," said Madison glumly. "Hey... I'm feeling kinda bad about what we did to them back there..."

"Why's that?" Normy asked. "I mean, I know they saved your life and all, but-"

"I feel like I've betrayed them or something," said Madison, standing up from the table. "I'm gonna go apologize."

"What do you mean, Madison?" asked Normy. "We can't apologize... they didn't apologize for not telling me they were spies, so why should we apologize for-"

"They couldn't tell you they were spies, Normy!" Madison shouted, walking over to him and trying to pull him up from the table. "You and I both know you'd have told everyone. Boys can't keep a secret, especially one that belongs to a girl!"

"Hey..." Normy said, grabbing onto the table with both hands and holding on as tight as he could. "That's not true!"

"Oh, just come on!" Madison shouted, pulling Normy from the table and dragging him toward the trailer by the bottom of his shirt.

"But I don't wanna go!" Normy whined as Madison dragged him along.

"Well now, look at that... those two are tighter than a barnacle on the side of a boat!" said the President, happily observing Normy and Madison from his position near the stage.

Suddenly, a Secret Service agent approached the president. It was the leader of the three agents who'd left Clover, Alex, and Sam back in the trailer, and he had a spring in his step as he walked toward his boss, knowing that the three spies were about to be at the bottom of the lake.

"Mr. President," said the lead agent, "isn't it about time for you to be giving your speech?"

"You're right, it is time," the president said, checking his watch. "Now where the heck are those three girls? They're supposed to be protecting my daughter..."

"Sir, if it's not too much trouble, perhaps I could go look for-"

"Nah, that's alright, Agent Smitty. You just stay here and watch me give my speech," said the president as he walked up to the stage. "I'm sure they'll come back here eventually. Madison and that boy are probably going to look for them right now, the crazy kids."

"Soon, I shall have my revenge..." thought Agent Smitty (the lead agent), merging with the crowd and watching the president as he prepared to give his speech. "And the president's mind will be mine!"


Meanwhile, Madison had dragged Normy all the way back to the trailer... or at least where the trailer used to be.

"Hey, look... the trailer's supposed to be here, isn't it?" Madison asked, releasing Normy's shirt and looking around the clearing where the trailer had been parked.

"Yeah, I know... it's completely gone!" Normy said. "Well, I guess this means we don't have to apologize. Let's just go back to the picnic and-

"Look!" Madison said, pointing down at the ground to a long series of wheel tracks. "These tracks go all the way back into the woods... toward Beverly Lake!"

"...So what?" Normy said, starting back toward the picnic. "Maybe my sister and her friends took it back there to fish or something."

"Girls don't fish," said Madison, following the tracks. "Come on!"

The two children followed the tracks until they found a large stake in the ground. A rope was tied around the stake, and a small fire was burning in the center of the rope, which had burned away almost to the breaking point.

"Hey, why's this rope on fire?" Normy asked, stomping the small flame out with his shoe.

"It's almost like somebody wanted to put this trailer in the lake," replied Madison.

"I bet it's part of a trick Clover got her friends to play on me!" shouted Normy. "She knew that you'd probably have me come back here to apologize, so we'd follow the tracks to the trailer, and when the rope burned away, the trailer would fall into the lake and she and her friends would use their spy skills to get us out! And then since Clover saved my life, I'd have to be grateful to her just like you do!"

"Wow... you really think that?" asked Madison, starting to believe what Normy was saying.

"I don't think it, I know it," replied Normy. "But being the master of tricks, I'm wise to their little games. Well, they're going to get a big surprise! I'm gonna hide in the trailer and scare the living crud out of them when they open it up! So... are you gonna help me, or not?"

Madison didn't reply for several seconds, pondering whether or not to help Normy.

"That would be a pretty underhanded thing for Clover and her friends to do," thought Madison. "Maybe Normy's right... I'm gonna help him!"

"Alright then, let's do it!" Madison said, a devious smile appearing on her face.

"Great!" said Normy, walking up to the door of the trailer. "This is gonna be so cool..."

But when he opened the door, he was shocked to see not an empty trailer, but three bound, gagged, and very scared-looking spies staring back at him.

"What the... oh man, Madison, check this out!" shouted Normy, smiling after the initial shock of the spies' predicament had worn off.

"What is it?" asked Madison, running up to the door of the trailer. When she saw the spies, she gasped. "Oh my gosh!"

"I know, it's totally cool!" shouted Normy, running behind Clover's chair to inspect her bonds. "Whoever did this was a total expert!"

"Oh great," Clover thought, groaning through the piece of tape. "Normy and Madison are here, and we can't do anything to stop them from playing all sorts of pranks on us!"

"Do they even know the danger they're in?" Sam thought desperately. "Mmmph! Mmph!"

"Hold your horses, I'm just saving this moment for posterity..." said Normy, stepping back to glance at the three girls. "Hey Madison, you think we should let 'em go, or just leave 'em here?"

"Of course we should let them go!" Madison shouted. "The reason somebody wanted the trailer to fall into the lake was because Clover, Alex, and Sam were in here! This was done by a bad guy, a real bad guy!"

"...a real bad guy?" Normy stammered, looking over at Clover.

"Mmmph hmph mmph!" Clover shouted. "That's right, you little twerp, so if you don't untie us right now, you're gonna be in big trouble!"

With a heavy sigh, Normy began to work on the knots binding Clover to her chair, while Madison began to work on Alex's bonds. Just as he was starting to untie Clover, he stopped briefly and looked over at Madison.

"Do you have like a cameraphone or something so I can-"

Mustering as much strength as she could, Clover lifted up one of her legs (which were also tied to the chair) and stomped down on Normy's foot, hard. That quickly got him back to work.

"Alright, alright, geez..." Normy said, gritting his teeth in pain. "That really hurt, Clover. It's not like you girls are gonna fall or anything, I already put out the-"

But before Normy could finish his sentence, a loud creaking noise could be heard from outside. Then, a loud snap, as the thin twine left at the center of the rope that had burned mostly away broke, sending the trailer sliding precariously into the lake. Water began to seep into the trailer.

"That's not good!" Madison said, working on Alex's knots at breakneck speed. "Hurry, Normy!"

As the water level in the trailer began to rise, Normy and Madison got Clover and Alex untied. Then, all four of them started to untie Sam.

"You were really pushing it there a few minutes ago, Normy..." Clover said as she untied Sam from the chair.

"Oh, cram it, Clover," Normy snapped, pressing the piece of tape back over his cousin's mouth. "I think you'd be a lot more popular if you stayed like that!"

Clover angrily ripped off the tape and pressed it to Normy's hair, then ripped it away, taking several strands of his blond hair with it. With a loud yelp, Normy grabbed his head and bit his lip.

"Guys, quit playing around!" said Alex, removing the piece of tape that had been on Sam's lips. By now, the water in the trailer was already up to the spies' waists, and Normy and Madison's chests. "You can fight later, but right now we've gotta get out of here!"

"Alex is right!" said Sam, slipping off the last of her bonds and running toward the door of the trailer. As she pushed, desperately trying to open the door, the pressure from the water on the outside caused the door to remain firmly stuck closed. "The pressure's too high! Guys, help me push!"

Clover and Alex rushed over to the door and began pushing on it as hard as they could, their combined strength doing nothing to extricate it from its current position. By now, the water was up to Normy and Madison's necks, and if the spies couldn't get the door quickly, the children would soon drown, followed closely after by the spies themselves.

"Normy, Madison, get over here and push!" Clover shrieked. Without a second thought, the two children waded over to the door and pushed along with the spies, giving it everything they had in a desperate attempt to save their own lives. Finally, after several seconds of pushing, the door gave way, and the spies, Normy, and Madison spilled out into the lake, gasping and sputtering for breath. They quickly swam to shore and watched the trailer float away.

"That was... pretty good... you guys..." said Alex, looking over at Normy and Madison. "We couldn't have gotten that door open without you!"

"Thanks, Alex," said Madison, smiling sweetly.

"And thanks for saving us too," Sam said. "Both of you. Without you, we'd have been goners."

"Eh, don't thank me," said Normy, pointing at Madison. "She's the one who wanted to apologize to you guys for that prank we pulled."

"Yeah, you'd better apologize!" Clover shouted, angrily grabbing Normy and giving him a noogie. "And what's with taking so long to untie us, huh? We could've been killed, you big jerk!"

"Clover, let him go," Alex said, gently placing her hand on her friend's shoulder. "Right now, we've gotta find our gadgets and get back to that picnic."

"Who put you guys in there, anyway?" Madison asked, trying to wring some of the water out of her skirt.

"It was some of your dad's Secret Service agents," said Sam. "They want to hypnotize you both and take control of the country."

"That's horrible!" Madison gasped. "We've gotta stop them..."

"He-llo, our gadgets are like, totally MIA," said Clover. "We've got karate moves and junk, but I'm sure that those agents have some pretty mad skills too."

"Yeah, how are we supposed to find our stuff?" Alex asked. "It could be anywhere..."

"I bet I know where to find it," said Normy, smiling and rubbing his hands together. "I've hid stuff from Clover all the time. I know all sorts of great hiding places!"

"Really?" Madison asked, curiously looking at Normy.

"Sure," said Normy, walking back toward the woods. "If you girls wanna find your stuff, follow me!"

As Normy started to run through the woods, Madison, Alex, and then Sam all followed him.

"Hey, wait a minute... we're actually gonna follow this kid?" Clover whined.

"It's the only thing we've got to go on right now," Sam shouted back. "C'mon, Clover...."

Clover sighed, placing her hand to her forehead and running into the woods.

"I swear, if that kid is right, I'm so never gonna treat him badly again," Clover said to herself. "Wait, what am I saying? I'm gonna treat him worse!"

Normy ran for about a minute before finally stopping in front of a large oak tree with a big hole in the middle of the trunk. Madison, Clover, Alex, and Sam all stopped and stared at Normy for several seconds, until he began to speak.

"Now, when Clover was 12, I took her favorite Huggle Bear doll and hid it until she paid me five dollars to give it back to her," said Normy.

"I remember when you did that..." Clover growled through clenched teeth.

"She paid you five bucks?" Madison said. "Cool!"

"You think stealing is cool?" Clover shouted, resisting the urge to give Madison a noogie like the one she'd given to Norman earlier. "Grrr..."

"Continue," Sam said, patiently listening to Clover's cousin.

"Anyway, I hid her bear inside a tree, where I knew she would be too dumb to look," said Normy. Madison giggled, while Clover just got even more angry. "So if some bad guys took your stuff, it's probably gonna be in here," said Normy. He reached inside the tree and pulled out two small hairbrushes.

"Those are our Multi-Purpose Hairbrushes!" said Clover. "Well, two of them, anyway..."

Normy then pulled out two Jetpack Backpacks, and two cases of lipstick.

"Jerry gave us three of everything... so why is there only two of it here?" asked Alex.

"Because I bet that agent stole one of each of our gadgets," said Sam.

"Hey... there's a bug in here," said Normy, looking down into the very bottom of the tree. "But it's not moving... is it dead?"

"That must be one of our MOTHS," said Sam, looking down into the hollow tree trunk and pulling it out. "We set the other one to track Madison-"

"Which I squished," said Normy, starting to blush. "Uh..."

"That's okay, Normy, you thought it was a bug... we both did," said Madison. "And besides, you guys didn't need it, because I didn't get kidnapped this time!"

"Yeah, well... I'm thankful for that," said Alex. "But we've still got to warn the president that some of his agents are bad guys..."

"Hey!" shouted a loud, deep-sounding voice. "How'd you three escape?"

The spies quickly turned around to see two Secret Service agents running towards them.

"Ah, that solves the mystery of where two of you are," said Clover, brandishing her laser lipstick in one hand and her hairbrush in the other.

"You guys take the gadgets, I can fight them myself!" shouted Alex, running at the agents and leaping at them with a powerful roundhouse kick. Alex's leg slammed into both agents' faces, knocking them to the ground. However, they quickly recovered, and one of them looped his arms around Alex's, holding her in place as the other agent got ready to pummel her.

"Alex!" shouted Sam, turning toward the agents and her friend.

"Guys, help!" Alex shrieked, struggling to free herself from the agent's grasp. She broke free and ducked just in time for the agent's fist to slam into his partner's face, knocking the man down and causing the other agent to recoil in shock.

"Great job, Alex!" Sam said, high-fiving Alex. Alex smiled and glanced over at the two agents, who were quickly regaining their bearings. They ran at Alex and Sam and began trading punches and kicks with the two spy girls, their blows effectively countered by the highly skilled spies. Clover quickly leapt into the fray, punching both agents at the same time and knocking them back into a tree.

"Yay! Go spies!" Madison yelled, cheering from the sidelines.

"Geez... Clover's good," Normy said quietly. "I've gotta remember not to make her mad again..."

The three spies advanced on the weary agents, who looked as if they were resigned to their fate.

"That's right, you just got beaten up by girls!" Clover said, pumping her fists victoriously. "So, how does it feel? You embarrassed? Huh? Huh? Huh?"

Suddenly, the agents pulled out tazer-like devices, firing bolts of electricity at the three spies and quickly sending them to their knees.

"I can't... can't move!" Alex shouted, paralyzing by the powerful voltage.

"What in the world?" Sam said, in the same predicament as Alex. "This... isn't... good..."

"You big... cheating... jerks!" Clover shouted as she struggled to get to her feet. The lipstick and hairbrush dropped from her hands, falling to the ground beside her. "No!"

"They're in trouble!" Madison shouted. "We've gotta help them!"

"Do we have to?" Normy replied. "We've already saved their butts once today..."

"Come on!" Madison shouted.

Normy and Madison got up and began looking for anything they could use to assist the spies. Normy noticed Clover's hairbrush gadget on the ground, and ran over to pick it up, his hand inadvertently pressing the button on the handle.

"Hey, you!" Normy shouted, walking up to one of the agents and swinging the hairbrush at his head. "Take this!"

The agent reached out and roughly grabbed Normy by the wrist. He yanked the brush out of the boy's hands and tossed him aside.

"Ow!" Normy shouted, flying back into Madison's arms and almost sending them both toppling to the ground.

"Well, you tried..." Madison sighed. Suddenly, the brush began to release sleeping gas, a cloud that quickly washed over the two agents and rendered them both unconscious. The paralysis from the tazer dissipated, and Clover, Alex, and Sam darted away from the cloud of sleeping gas as quickly as they could, with Normy and Madison not very far behind. Once they'd reached a safe distance, the spies were able to catch their breath. Then, they turned to Normy and Madison.

"You guys... totally saved us again," said Alex, looking back and forth between the two children.

"Yeah, I never thought you'd be brave enough to do something like that, Normy..." said Sam, smiling at Clover's cousin. "You really surprised me today."

"He got lucky, that's all," said Clover, brushing herself off. "Right now we've gotta get back to the picnic and stop the other Secret Service guy!"

"And thanks to his kleptomania, we know exactly where he is," said Alex, looking down at the MOTH tracking device on her wrist. "Let's hurry!"


Back at the picnic, the president was just about to finish his speech at the podium, and Agent Smitty was waiting patiently for the perfect chance to strike.

"And that's why fiscal solvency will be a key issue at this year's election," said the president as he spoke to the large crowd of his campaign supporters. "Furthermore, the budget is an important part of every American's-"

Agent Smitty made his way to the front of the crowd, inconspicously pulling a small coin on a string from the inside of his jacket and holding it up for the president to see. He began swaying the coin quickly back and forth, and as the bright light from the sun shined down on it, the gleam on its surface caught the president's eye. As soon as he looked at the coin, he was transfixed. His eyes glazed over, and he began to drool.

"Guh..." said the president, standing at the podium with a blank stare on his face. Agent Smitty ran up to the podium, placing the coin back in his jacket. He dashed up to the president and waved his hand back and forth in front of his face.

"Mr. President, are you alright?" asked Agent Smitty. "Can you hear me, Mr. President?"

Then, with a whisper, he said-

"You are under my power. You will do everything I say."

"No, he won't!" shouted Clover, flying up to the stage wearing a Jetpack Backpack on her back and one of WOOHP's sound-amplifying helmets on her head, enabling her to hear perfectly what Smitty had whispered. "Your butt is toast!"

"What are you talking about?" shouted Agent Smitty. "I'm trying to help the President!"

"More like hypnotize him!" shouted Sam, also flying up to the stage wearing a Jetpack Backpack. "And now, you're going down!"

By now, the crowd had begun to panic, and several of the Secret Service agents had started to rush the stage. Smitty threw down the hairbrush he'd stolen from WOOHP, sending up a cloud of sleeping gas that quickly incapacitated the agents, as well as the rest of the crowd, save for Normy and Madison, who were just emerging from the nearby woods.

"Looks like the party's already started..." said Normy disappointedly, watching as Clover and Sam flew up to the stage. "I just hope your dad's okay, Madison..."

"Thanks," Madison replied, reaching over and taking Normy's hand without even knowing what she was doing. "I hope he's okay, too..."

Normy started to jump as Madison took his hand, but stopped when he realized that she was just worried about her dad, and needed someone to be there for her. Fortunately for Normy, he was that someone.

"Change of plans," said Smitty, grabbing the President and flinging him over his shoulder. "New plan! I'll just take the President hostage instead!"

"Somebody already tried that!" Alex said, leaping onto the stage and striking a fighting pose. "And we kicked his butt too!"

With a shout of anger, Smitty whipped out the laser lipstick he'd stolen and began firing wildly at Alex. The laser blasts missed her, but hit the stage and threw up large explosions that quickly set the wooden stage aflame. Alex screamed, jumping off of the stage and watching helplessly as it burned.

"Eeeek! That's no good..." Alex said in dismay as she watched Smitty use a Jetpack Backpack to launch himself skyward. "I sure wish I still had my gadgets..."

"Don't worry, Alex, we do!" said Sam, able to hear Alex with her own sound-amplifying helmet. "And we're taking this guy down!"

Smitty, not wanting to get himself into a fight with two spies at once, especially while holding the President over his shoulders, launched himself even higher into the air, as Madison watched in horror from the ground below.

"Oh no... what if he drops daddy?" Madison shouted, the sun blinding her as she tried to watch what was happening from the ground.

"That's easy," said Normy, a proud smile on his face. "My cousin will catch him. Kick that guy's butt, Clover!"

"Oh, didja hear that?" Clover said, looking at Smitty and smiling as she intensified the flame of her Jetpack Backpack. "Even my annoying little cousin wants me to beat you! And you know what that means!"

Clover quickly flew up to Smitty, who couldn't fly up high enough to evade his pursuer anymore. The two stared each other down for several seconds before Smitty began to speak.

"You move, and I drop the president!" shouted Smitty, holding the now unconscious man high above his head. "I'm just crazy enough to do it!"

"Oh, really?" Clover said, an arrogant smile on her face. "Go ahead. I dare you."

Before Smitty could even flinch, Clover kicked him hard in the face. With a cry of pain, Smitty quickly pressed his hands over his nose, sending the president plummeting toward the ground.

"What do you have to say now, huh?" Clover taunted.

"Clover, the president!" Sam yelled.

"Oh... right!" Clover said, reaching around for her WOOHP hairbrush, which she knew had a grappling hook feature. "Now where did I put that stupid... oh no, I must've left it back in the woods!"

Back on the ground, Madison could now clearly see her father, plummeting toward the ground.

"DADDY!" Madison shouted, tightening her grip on Normy's hand.

But suddenly, just split-seconds before the president would've hit the ground, the grappling hook from Sam's hairbrush caught him just in time, holding him up by his underwear and saving him from certain death.

"Um... way to go, Sammy!" Clover cheered, floating down and smiling as her friend saved the president's life. Clover was holding the now unconscious Smitty in her arms.

"Alright!" Alex cheered, watching the action from the ground.

"Yay! Daddy!" Madison shouted, releasing Normy's hand and running over to her father. Normy began to run alongside her. Upon hearing the sound of Madison's voice, the president awoke, and quickly noticed a very painful feeling just below his waist.

"Well, hi, Madi.... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh!" shouted the president, and Sam quickly gasped, realizing that she still held the grappling hook that kept the president suspended by his underwear just off the ground.

"Now that is one serious wedgie," said Normy.

"Daddy... are you... okay?" Madison said, her hand flying to her mouth to stifle a giggle.

"Get me down... from here... right now!" shouted the president.


A few minutes later, the president was safely back on the ground, while the crowd and the other Secret Service agents were just starting to awaken. WOOHP had arrived to apprehend Smitty and his two cronies, while the president was personally thanking Clover, Alex, and Sam for saving his life.

"Well, I don't know how you girls did it, but you've saved me again, and I'm very grateful," said the president, rubbing his behind to alleviate some of the pain from the wedgie he'd sustained.

"It's the least we can do, Mr. President... your daughter did save our lives, after all," said Sam.

"Twice!" Alex chimed in.

"Hey, aren't you guys forgetting someone?" said Normy indignantly, staring angrily at the three girls.

"Oh yeah, we did forget someone..." said Clover, turning to Jerry. "Hey, Jer... when are you gonna have that memory wipe arranged for Normy?"

"Clover!" shouted Alex and Sam.

"What?" Clover replied.

"Normy won't tell anyone about you girls being spies," said Madison, turning to Normy and taking his hand. "Will he?"

"Um... um..." Normy stammered, his face beginning to turn red. "Of course... not..."

"That's good, because we wouldn't want our little buckaroo here forgetting about his new friend!" said the President, smiling at Normy and Madison. "Any time you wanna come to the White House to pal around with my daughter Madison, you're certainly welcome!"

"That's right, Normy... and I'll give you my e-mail address so we can talk even when you're not in Washington, okay?" said Madison, scribbling something down on a scrap of paper and handing it to Normy.

"Ugh, what in the world does she see in that little brat, anyway?" grumbled Clover. "I mean, really..."

"Well, Madison doesn't normally get to hang out with anyone, being the President's daughter and all... I'm sure any new friend is nice for her," Sam replied.

"And besides," whispered Alex, smiling and pointing to Normy and Madison, "don't they look cute together? It's puppy love, I just know it!"

"WHAT?" Clover said, her jaw hanging open as she thought of the prospect of Normy and Madison being a couple. "Well, I guess in a few years, maybe..."

Meanwhile, Smitty was just being loaded into a WOOHP detainment vehicle. He'd somehow managed to get one of WOOHP's hairbrushes into his hand, and had used the lockpick to escape from his handcuffs. As he was starting to be pushed in, he charged forward, knocking several of the agents away, and began running toward the woods.

"He's getting away!" shouted Jerry. "After him!"

"So long, losers!" Smitty shouted, running as quickly as he could toward a grove of trees. Suddenly, Madison leapt in front of him, with two more cans of whipped cream, one in each hand.

"Reach for the sky!" Madison shouted. When Smitty turned around, Normy stood in his path, holding a can of spray cheese in each hand.

"Freeze!" Normy shouted. "Or should I say... cheese?"

Before Smitty could run, he was sprayed with cream and cheese, sending the very messy rogue agent tumbling to the ground, his hands over his head.

"No more!" Smitty shouted. "Please, no more!"

"We'll take it from here, kids," said Jerry, re-cuffing Smitty and dragging him back toward the WOOHP detainment vehicle. "But thanks for your help!"

As Jerry loaded Smitty into the van and slammed the doors shut behind him, he turned to Clover and her friends and smiled.

"You know, your cousin would make a pretty good WOOHP agent. With just a little bit of training-"

"No, uh-uh, no way, not gonna happen!" shouted Clover. She looked back to Sam and Alex, who quickly nodded in agreement.

"Well, I'll talk to him in a few years," said Jerry, hopping into a WOOHP helicopter and flying off. "Ta-ta, ladies!"

As Jerry flew off, Normy and Madison walked up to the three spies.

"Clover, what was that guy talking about?" Normy asked. "Was he saying something about me?"

"He said you're a rude little brat that needs to get working on his report for school," said Clover.

"Actually, you girls are going to do my report," said Normy, looking over at Madison. "That's the price for saving your butts twice, right, Madison?"

"Yep!" said Madison, nodding her head. "Daddy's taking me and Normy out for ice cream."

"So you girls have fun!" said Normy, smiling as he and Madison walked off. Clover clenched her fists and began growling, again barely able to contain her rage.

"Who... does that little brat... think... he is... anyway?" Clover fumed.

"C'mon, Clover," said Alex, walking toward the park entrance.

"Yeah," said Sam, walking next to Alex. "We've got a report on the president to do."

"When I get my hands on him, he's so dead...." Clover said, walking with Alex and Sam toward the park entrance. "You did well today, Normy... and even though you are a rude, conniving little brat, I owe you my life. Thanks, kiddo."


All's well that ends well in Beverly Hills! Well, thanks to Normy and Madison, anyway. Thanks for reading, everyone!