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Inuyasha breathed a sigh of relief once his feet landed on the other side of the well, back into the feudal times. One glance at the young miko in his arms confirmed that she had slept through the entire time shift. He shook his head and allowed himself a snort. She must have been exhausted.

Bending slightly at his knees, he wrapped his arms tighter around Kagome and leapt up out of the well, landing lightly on the rim. He lifted his head and sniffled delicately at the air, seeking out any possible danger. Satisfied when he found none, Inuyasha then turned towards the village in the distance and found none of the tell-tale smoke trails that signified the villagers were awake.

He snorted once again. Kaede-baba must have fallen straight asleep after their departure, not knowing what else she could do about the talisman. He'd return to the village in the morning and destroy it, he promised himself. But for now….he bent at the knees and leapt off the well, speeding into the trees. There was a little matter he had to settle with Kagome…..after she awoke, that is.

The last thing he wanted was for her to fall asleep in the middle of his lesson.

He bounded off throughout the forest, taking a secret thrill each time he soared through the air in between leaps. It had been a long time since he could run freely like this. That damn youkai had caused so much trouble for them. He growled and cursed Taka for not allowing him kill the bastard once they had figured out if they could separate the youkai from the girl underneath.

Keh, he thought to himself. He'd check in every one in a while and see if the twerp was doing his job and trying to seal the damn youkai away. If not, he growled happily and cracked his knuckles, he'd just take care of it for them and force the youkai to drop his hold on the girl.

Then he'd fucking kill the bastard for daring to hurt his mate.

A soft sigh caught his attention and he glanced down at Kagome, watching her curl tighter against him and lean her cheek into his chest. An indescribable emotion swamped his entire being with a slight shiver and he shook his head lightly, already used to the familiar feeling. Wimpy humans would probably call it love, but he'd kill anyone who'd dare try and point it out.

No, Kagome was his. His mate. That was it.

So what if that particular feeling swept over him occasionally whenever he glanced at her face? He didn't have to acknowledge it by giving it a name. And besides, he thought to himself, it felt….nice. That was all.

Nope, not love. Just a nice feeling.


'Moron,' his human side snorted.

His youkai side snarled inside his head.

"Both of you shut up," Inuyasha growled out loud as he landed in a clearing, surrounded by a dense tree line. Lifting his head, he sniffed at the air, searching for danger once more. Finding none, he gently placed Kagome down into a seating position as he knelt next to her, wrestling with his haori to get it off. It proved to be difficult, however, as he only had one free hand to get it off, while the other was gently supporting Kagome's back.

"Damn it," he grunted as the haori finally slid free. "Fucking pain in the ass…." He muttered out loud and spread the haori on the forest floor before gently lowering Kagome on top of it.

Once settled, he rocked back on his heels and brushed a stray clump of hair away from her face. Sighing, he allowed tense muscles to relax slightly, relieved that they were home again, in this time.

A small snap of a twig caught his attention and he whipped his head around to face the noise, his body crouching defensively in front of his mate. A quick scuttle came from a bush not too far away, and Inuyasha watched warily as a small rabbit hopped quickly away.

Snorting to himself, he relaxed somewhat and turned around to face the sleeping Kagome. Falling a little heavier on his bottom than he would have liked, Inuyasha grunted lightly as he arranged his legs into a comfortable seating position.

A slight sigh caught his attention, and his ears perked at the noise. He leaned over the girl and watched with amused eyes as Kagome yawned and sleepily tried to rub at her face, waking up from her short nap.

"Oi," he called out softly to her, "You're supposed to be sleeping."

"And you're not supposed tobe hovering over me," Kagome replied grumpily and turned over on her side, stretching lightly.

"I was making sure you were alright!" He protested lightly, crossing his arms into his haori sleeves.

"M'fine," she insisted, lifting her head and plopping it down on his leg. Snuggling into her newfound pillow, she sighed again and closed her eyes. "You haven't gotten any sleep either, remember?" Kagome barely stifled a yawn.

"So?" He scoffed, wincing as she snuggled a bit too hard into his thigh. "I'm a hanyou, remember?"

"Mmhm," She nodded noncommittally, then blinked her eyes open with a frown as a sudden thought occurred to her. "Where are we?" She demanded, lifting her head slightly and taking a look around.

"In a forest," Inuyasha shrugged.

"Oh, well, thanks for clearing that up," Kagome replied sarcastically and narrowed her eyes at the hanyou before lifting herself up into an upright sitting position.

"Whatever," he shrugged again and darted his eyes elsewhere.

"What's going on?" Kagome narrowed her eyes and asked him, not feeling particularly comforted by his averting eyes.

"Nothing," He replied gruffly, crossing his arms tighter against his chest. He had this all planned out in his mind a few minutes ago, but now….he lowered his eyes to the ground. Sure they had been intimate before, when they were back in her room, but…..what if she'd changed her mind? What if he did start to initiate their mating and she pulled away from him? A sharp jab in the vicinity of his heart caused him to wince. He didn't think he could take that.

"What's wrong?" Kagome was immediately by his side, her hand gently gripping his shoulder. A slight clog appeared in his throat and he tried to push it down.

"Nothing," he heard himself say and was horrified to hear the anguished emotion behind it. No, he shouted to himself mentally, I'm not going to do it, I'm not!

His body, however, had a nasty habit of not listening to his mind. Leaning forward, his arms came around her small frame and pulled her closer to him as he buried his face in the crook of her neck with a soft whine.

Kagome blinked, confused for a moment. "Inu," Anther soft whine cut her off. Feeling her heart soften, Kagome leaned her head against his and drew her arms up around his neck. Nuzzling the top of his head, she sighed contentedly and wished that they could stay here for a while. After all, it was rarely that Inuyasha bothered to show such affection and vulnerability….hell, she had only seen him like this twice since the whole mess started.

Feeling his hot tongue sweep across the skin on her neck, she emitted a surprised yelp at the sudden action and tried to lean her head back. His arms held fast, and she was forced to stay where she was as he began lapping softly at her skin, right where her mark was. Shivering involuntarily, Kagome cleared her throat.

"Inuyasha?" She whispered, knowing he could hear her with his sensitive hearing. His ear perked and moved to face her direction, showing her that he was listening. "Can we….stay like this for a bit?" She felt her face heat as the words tumbled out of her mouth.

He dragged his mouth away from her skin long enough to answer her. "Aa," he replied, his voice gruff. "Kagome," he sighed and lifted his head, quickly finding her lips and descending upon them, lapping gently.

"Inu," Kagome breathed and chuckled a bit as she began to realize that using her voice anytime soon was pointless. Smiling as he lovingly lapped at her mouth, she leaned in closer to kiss him fully, playfully teasing him with her tongue.

Growling, Inuyasha nipped at her tongue before soothing it over with his own. Leaning back, he stared into her eyes and softly reached up to move a clump of bangs away from her forehead.

Neither of them knew what to say, but that was all right. Words were not needed between them now. Kisses and nuzzles were exchanged over the next couple hours- and well into dawn. They returned to the village in the morning, where Inuyasha had personally destroyed the talisman. Kagome wasn't one hundred percent certain, but she could have swore that she heard a sigh of relief coming from the talisman as the spirit was released into the afterlife.

Sango and Miroku returned that same day, not noticing the difference between their two friends. It would come out eventually, both Inuyasha and Kagome knew….but for now, it was best to not mention it, and to continue their journey towards finding all of the jewel shards and destroying Naraku, now that this chapter had been put to an end.

Maybe….perhaps after the defeat of the evil hanyou, would Inuyasha and Kagome allow themselves to announce their mated status to all of their friends. But for now they kept their warmth and affection to themselves, stealing away in the bushes for moments at a time, or volunteering to look for firewood for hours on end.

Eventually, Sango and Miroku would both start to wonder why Shippo was receiving so many treats from Kagome…and why the hanyou had stopped hitting him so much.

To his credit, Shippo would just smile knowingly, and come to love the term 'blackmail'.

The End.

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