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The basic jist of the story is this is a spin off of meet joe black with the inuyasha characters its not exactly like the movie.



Death's Door Step

(Grandpa Higurashi is a well-liked member of society, he is an active member of the senior community he is 74 years young. He was the head priest at the local shrine, which brought much business to the area. The Higurashi family has been the shrine caretakers for centuries; the family has raised a young daughter Kagome, age 23 and a young son Souta, age 17. Kagome recently graduated from the local university majoring in elementary education. She was going to make a fabulous teacher. Souta on the other hand is about to graduate high school and go off to study in America before he takes over the family shrine as head priest.)

Grandpa Higurashi was sweeping the shrine steps in between the bombardment of tourists. The next shrine tour was to begin in a little over an hour. I wonder when Kagome is going to return with my medication. I sent her to the store an hour ago. Hopefully my heart will hold out until my pills get here.

Without finishing his thought, a sharp pain wracked his elderly chest and a commanding voice was heard. "Old man are you ready to die yet? I don't have all day" said the voice. The panic-stricken man replied, "Who are you! What is going on! My granddaughter will be back any minute with my pills!" "Keh! Trying to delay the inevitable old man? You can never escape me. I am sure you have heard of me I go by many names" the voice bantered. "You can't take me now I have to prepare my family!" the old man was panicking, he was not ready to die and he had so much more to do before then. His granddaughter was not married and his grandson was not ready to take command of the shrine.

"Wait! Can I make a deal with you? Is there anything that you could possibly want? I will give you anything, please let me prepare my family for my death" cried the old man. "Make a deal with me? How clever old man, but I must say it is original. I have always wanted to know what it was like to have a family. I will live with you like a family member until I tire, and at that point, you will leave with me. Do we have a deal old man?" the voice was laced with an arrogant smirk. The old man knew he had no choice, God only knew what this monstrosity looked like. "Fine! Just please let this pain stop my granddaughter is coming up the steps and I don't want her to see me like this." "Fine I will see you later tonight and do not disappoint me."

"Grandpa! Grandpa! I am sorry I took so long the line was so long!" The young maiden bounced up the steps to see her grandfather sitting casually on the steps catching his breath. With sorrow-filled eyes "It is no trouble my child thank you. Now go inside the next tour group should be here soon!" the man sat contemplating his decision.

Unbeknownst to all the voice watched in admiration of the man and with intrigue of the fair maiden.