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Hospital Stay

Kagome rushed out only to find her elderly grandfather laying on the ground in what seemed unconsciousness. "Oh my god" screamed the girl as she ran full speed towards the man. Inuyasha and Miroku stood in quasi shock looking at the surreal series of events.

Had the old man been that upset he would even dare to end his own existence in order to rid himself of his granddaughter's potential suitor? Was Inuyasha such a bad person, well demon that is?

Miroku was wakened from is daze when he heard Kagome shout, "Miroku stop standing there and call a damn ambulance!" Shocked and confused Miroku ran towards the house with a speed he did not know he even possessed to call 911. However, Inuyasha remained outside witnessing the scene before him, praying to whatever god that was willing to hear his pleas for this old man to live. Had the life he led prior to his demise been that horrible? Kagome's sobs did not lessen as the screeching sounds of the ambulance's sirens reached their ears. As the sounds intensified, the reality of the situation set in fully forcing the young man to move is comatose limbs and make his way toward the girl.

Kagome's life was crashing down around her. She knew her grandfather was old but the fact that he might die never really crossed her mind, it did but it always seemed surreal. It was hard losing her father, but now to lose her grandfather. He was the person who stepped up and took the place of her father in her times of need. He attended the father daughter dances and was there when she scrapped her knees telling her it would be all right. Granted he was a little off kilter with his stories, but he was her grandfather and she loved him dearly. In the middle of her revelry, she felt someone wrap a pair of arms around her in a soothing manner. Leaning back into the embrace, she looked up to find two saddened golden eyes looking at her. Sadness and an emotion she could not quite identify radiated off the young man.

As he looked into her heartbroken eyes, he vowed at that moment that no matter the outcome he had lived. He was willing to give her up knowing that she would marry and start a family without him. How could he possibly deny this girl anything, it would be a mortal sin to even take this girl when her time was due let alone before she had the chance to fully bloom. The two were broken up as a loud EMT interrupted, "Aiko we are almost there."

As the EMTs arrived they said, "Which one of you is family?" Kagome weakly raised her hand before the EMT began speaking again. "Ok, good you will come with us as we take your grandfather to the hospital." Kagome tore herself from Inuyasha's grip who was soon grabbed by Miroku who quickly dragged him towards his automobile so that they might follow the ambulance to the hospital.

The ride to the hospital was rather non-eventful for Kagome. The EMTs told her that everything would be fine and was another family member that they could contact once they arrived at the hospital. The young girl remained silent despite the questions she was being asked.

What was she going to tell her mother? Would she regale her with the story of how she was arguing with Inuyasha and then heard her grandfather hit the ground? Perhaps better yet would she tell her mother how she let her elderly grandfather sweep the shrine while she gallivanted with two men? Why did she not realize sooner that her grandfather was too old to do any of the shrine chores? All were questions for another day.

The arrival at the hospital was a hurried and hectic event. She was rushed to the secretary's desk to fill out mounds of paperwork so that the hospital was ensured payment while her grandfather was ushered into the ER.

Minutes later the doors flung open revealing a very pissed off hanyou and a scared monk. "Kagome how is your grandfather? Did the doctors talk to you yet?" asked Miroku. Kagome just shook her head indicating a negative. "Is there anyway that I could be of service perhaps? You could always make an honest man out of me and I could help your family financially?" crooned Miroku. Unfortunately a very pissed off demon began growling at him.

"Fuck Miroku can't you see her grandfather is in the hospital and all you can think about is getting laid you pervert." burst Inuyasha.

Inuyasha's sudden outburst brought a hint of laughter to her face. The men moved to sit on either side of her stationing themselves as if to nullify any information from the doctors.

Some time had passed before the click of heels and a woman in a white coat appeared before the group, as she opened her clip board she spoke, "Hello are you Miss Higurashi?"

"Yes" replied Kagome as she sat up to look at the woman before her.

"Your grandfather is in a private room right now and if you wish to see him you may." recited the doctor.

"Do you know what is wrong with him? I mean I have been here for quite some time." urgently asked Kagome.

"We honestly do not know what is wrong with him. I ran some tests on him and I am awaiting the results before I can give a definitive answer. Overall his vitals are good, but it appears there might be an underlying problem that has yet to be detected."

Kagome breathed a small sigh of relief, but the worst has yet to come from the looks of the situation.

"Would you like to see him now?"

"Yes I would doctor. Could you please show me where his room is located," requested Kagome. "Miroku can you please go back to the shrine and let my mother know what happened and that I will be here for a while."

"Sure anything that I can do to be of service Kagome." Miroku walked out of the hospital leaving a confused Inuyasha. Did she wish for him to remain at the hospital with her or go with Miroku?

"As for you Inuyasha you can stay if you wish or you can leave it's your choice," announced the young girl as she followed quickly behind the doctor. Inuyasha was brought from his daze and followed behind Kagome like a little puppy.

It was his fault after all that Kagome's grandfather was in the hospital. If he hadn't sought an interest in the girl none of this would have happened. He would still be claiming souls and Kagome would be morning the death of her grandfather. What had ever possessed him to become corporal anyway?

He had a good "life" he had no one to complain at him or question his whereabouts. It was a rather boring life actually with nothing really to look forward to. What did he have now though? A young woman who had an interest in him until he opened his stupid mouth, again and a perverted monk who wants nothing more than to get laid by pretty girls. Were these people his friends or enemies? Kagome's mother treated him like her very own almost like her own son. He longed to have a family a wife and kids hell even a damn cat and he hates cats. Well instead of a cat, he could just get a dog or something.

Kagome entered the dimly lit room to look upon the old man who laid in the bed before her a mere shell of the man she knew. His skin looked pale and his eyes sunken in. The hospital had filled him like a pincushion with IV drips of one form or another. A solitary chair donned the area beside the bed where a small table with water and some other amenities was located. Kagome sat down in the chair and silently prayed to all of the gods that her grandfather would be all right.

Inuyasha watched the little scene with a breaking heart. He knew at that moment he loved Kagome, but was he willing to bring her to his life or step out of hers. Would the wretched old man renege on their deal? Was he that selfish or was Inuyasha just that selfish? Leaning his back against the wall, he slid down to the floor watching and waiting for Kagome to need any form of comfort.

I know it has been like forever. But I am trying my best. So what do you think will happen?