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Chapter 1: Nightmares

The fire demon was cloaked in his usual black attire as he lay on an oak tree. Its bark was surprisingly smooth and comfortable. An earthy smell resembling a garden elevated into Hiei's nostrils, calming the nonchalant demon. Of all the trees he saw and touched, the oaks were most pleasurable.

The oak tree was a symbol in human culture. At least, as far as Hiei knew. The sturdy trunk was stable and strong, known for balance. Not to mention, in human history, witches were hung on their branches. In many ways, those pathetic humans thought that a spirit was locked within its veins and punished those who did evil, as if trying to return balance to the witches' lives.

"How absurd," he chuckled in thought. It was because of these 'spirits' that Hiei adored the oak tree out of all the others. Though being a demon himself, the idea of a spirit forged from the mind's of humans disgusted him, and he doubted the spirits' existence as rebellion from the human idiocy. His wicked demonic self rested on their bark dozens of times without consequence. The rebellious nature within him always searched for the most difficult and dangerous course for spite. To prove to everyone else that he was top dog and feared no mortal, or immortal for that matter. No pathetic sturdy tree could harm his fiery hide. Nothing could harm him.

The thought of his infinite power which originated from his dragon created a sly smile on Hiei's face. Especially now, here in demon world, no low class demon could overthrow him.

His red eyes flew back and forth on the horizon, gazing at the sunrise. Time was endless since he last saw the sun in his own home. The world around him no longer reeked of human stench. The air was pure for his tastes and now freedom was in his possession. The power of it blew across his fingertips. Now he could spend the rest of his life in the way he chose. All the time in the universe to accomplish what he desired. No more idiotic missions with Yusuke and the others. No more Kuwabara.

The only person he was indebted to, despite denying the fact in public, was Koenma. After the dark tournament, the bumbling toddler finally agreed to free Hiei. Of course, there was help from fire demon's harsh glares, and Kurama's encouragement. But, all in all, it was Koenma who stamped the papers with his stubby fingers.

Now, with all this spare time, what was the fire demon to do? The answer was quite simple and almost pathetic. Yukina. He would watch after her, just like he did in human world. However this time, the fire demon was capable of physically existing at his sister's side. Without her knowledge, of course.

His sister was so beautiful, so happy... and so naïve. The loyalty which he dedicated to her was so natural, despite the hatred he possessed concerning the demons related to ice. Yukina was oblivious to all of the pain, and Hiei would ensure her sister would remain so.

The fire demon was considering chasing after his sister's location, when a low feminine voice resonated from below.

"Hiei, Hiei, Hiei," the voice sighed. "Don't you think it's odd that you are resting on a human world tree while looking at demon world's sky? You are even more oblivious than your sister." The tone responded in a way that sounded as though the speaker read Hiei's thoughts. A weak laugh echoed in the demon's ears as Hiei leaped to the ground, encountering this voice in person.

"You? But you're--"

"You can't go around assuming the unknown, now can you?"

"What do you want, Phen." He retorted, disgusted to see the fire demoness.

"Oh come on, it is Phennix! Phennix, Phennix, Phennix. You know, the phoenix? What is wrong with your memory?" She smiled weakly at Hiei's eyes, allowing her pitch black eyes to gaze at the fire demon's face.

"What do you want?"

"Your charm always precedes your ability to say hello."

The phoenix shook her head, allowing her crimson locks to sway in a pendulum motion. Her amusement glowed through her orangey-tanned face. The white glisten on her teeth and silver crest, resting over her black, feathered cloak, reflected off her abyss-full eyes.

"I was going to do something important."

"Important, eh? Watching your sister like a hawk, only to disappear from her view? She deserves better, Hiei."

His anger was emblazoned in his eyes, and the harshness in his tone grew tenser and more infuriated by each passing word. "Just because you were my partner in thievery for that one crime, you think that you ca---"

"You and your technicalities. 'You think you can blah, blah, blah.' Face it Hiei, you can't hide your secret forever, and running away from your unknown past is not going to help anything."

"What are you talking about? Unknown past? I know everything there is to know and don't condescend me as if you know more about it than me!" He grabbed Phennix by her cloak, only to realize the soft texture was her folded wings.

A wicked laugh echoed from her mouth as the white in her eyes transformed into a bloody red, allowing her black eyes to grow in a malicious manner. Fire spread from the silver crest across her body. It leaped on her wings and Phennix stretched them to intimidate Hiei.

"You know nothing. She needs you more than ever. Don't be rash," her voice intensified in a deep, fiery fashion. Smoke seeped out her mouth as she soared backwards, leaving Hiei in the dust.

"What are you talking about!?" He shrieked, chasing after her body, which quickly transformed into a phoenix.

"Find her in person. Speak to her. She needs you..." The sunrise in the background expanded into a fire that enveloped around Hiei.

"Phennix!" He screeched, as a suffocating heat swirled around him. Her spirit energy was different than his and was not necessarily hot, but intoxicating.

Her body disintegrated into the atmosphere, leaving her black ominous eyes. Her voice boomed in the fire demon's ears, "She needs you!"

Hiei awoke to find himself sweating uncontrollably. The pure stickiness from his clothing disgusted the demon. He rubbed his black hair and came across the white band tied around his forehead. The pain in his skull pulsed, suffocating his brain as it stretched his band.

He was lying on the earth of the park, next to an oak tree. Instead of returning to its branches, he blindly began to walk forward. His thoughts were scattered and nervous.

The dream, no nightmare, was so real, taunting. He could smell, see, and touch, even taste, the world around him. He tasted his freedom but was then quickly stolen. He loathed those thoughts, tormenting him like a rabbit in front of a dangling carrot. Especially since he was thankful to Koenma. How utterly disgusting for Hiei to fool himself into thinking that moron would help.

Not to mention, Phennix's appearance. She tortured him as much in real life, all those years ago, as much as in his nightmares. However, her presence frightened the seemingly fearless demon. He had not seen her physically for almost decades and imagined that she was dead. However, her phoenix eyes were seen in his worst of nightmares always.

Whenever, an event of immense importance was soon to commence, he would receive a visit from her. However, he never saw or spoke to her in those nightmarish coincidences. He merely felt her revengeful presence and seeking eyes. However, the fact remained, whenever her presence was near, trouble ensued.

She needs you...

He rubbed his head, walking unconsciously. What if his sister did need him? The panic raced through his head, surging and elevating his previous pain. However, he paused, calming his thoughts. This was a mere dream.

"I am not afraid of some idiotic fortune," he remarked.

"Huh? What you talking about Hiei?" replied a low, all too familiar voice.

"Go away Kuwabara," he flatly retorted.

"What are you talking about? You're standing in front of my house. You should be leaving!" The red-haired boy demanded, attempting to sound intelligent.

However, Hiei was extremely confused. He remembered walking blindly, but it was an impossible coincidence to wind up in front of Yukina's love's house. The thought of his sister adoring this buffoon disgusted the demon, making him want to throw up. Only the risk of destroying his sister's happiness prevented him from punching Kuwabara where he stood.

"Uh, hey listen, Hiei. I got school and I really have to go if I want to keep my grades up and..."

"Speed it up moron."

"I think Yukina might be in trouble. Could you check up on her? You know with your Jagan eye?"

Hiei longed to see Yukina with his Jagan but feared it was useless.

Find her in person.

Was it possible that whatever he saw with his eye was not the truth? Or what if she was already dead? Could he really gaze upon her distantly with his mind if that was the case? Phennix was right; he needed to find her in person.

I think Yukina might be in trouble...

Find her in person. Speak to her. She needs you...

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