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A new beginning

"I cannot find a way to describe it

It's there inside, all I do is hide

I wish that it would just go away

What would you do, you do, if you knew

What would you do

All the pain I thought I knew

All the thoughts lead back to you

Back to what was never said

Back and forth inside my head-"

There was a loud crack that sounded over the sound of the band. Emma Potter looked up at the ceiling. She could hear footsteps.

"Damn! Mum's here! Hide!" She said. Emma Potter had long dark red hair that fell beyond her shoulders. Her eyes were a glittering emerald colour. She turned her beautiful face to a girl sitting at a keyboard, Emma's best friend Rhia. She had darkish blond hair, it was unmistakably blonde but darker then the hair of the girl at the microphone. Rhia Black had dark eyes and a rather downcast face. Emma knew that she wasn't in any mood to rehearse. Rhia was really a fairly pretty girl, not remarkably pretty but nicer looking then most girls. Rhia usually had a happiness around her that just seemed to irradiate but since last June...

Emma turned to the girl at the microphone, knowing that Rhia probably wasn't going to do anything. This girl was Kara Banks, Emma's other best friend. Kara was the typical English beauty, light blond hair, sparkling light blue eyes. She was looking at Emma.

"Orion, cover up the drum kit!" Kara said as she hurried to get underneath a table. A young boy, at least a year younger then them quickly jumped off the drum stool and picked up big piece of material that they used to cover up and protect the drum kit when it wasn't being used. Orion had messy black hair and cheeky brown eyes. He was Rhia's little brother but, unlike Rhia, he still held the cheekiness and happiness in his eyes that Rhia used to have. Emma slid her guitar under a covered table before getting under herself. Orion pulled the piece of material over himself as well.

"Rhia!" Kara said. Rhia looked at Kara and simply put her hands on the keyboard. The door opened and Kara hid underneath another table. Emma's mum, Lily Potter, looked into the room.

"Rhia? What are you doing here?" She asked, coming into the room. Rhia shrugged.

"I don't know." Rhia muttered.

"Where you just rehearsing by any chance?" Lily asked, "Because you know what I've said about your band rehearsing while no one is around."

"No, I'm here on my own. Harry let me in." Rhia said. "I forgot to take my keyboard home last night." Rhia said. Lily nodded sadly. She looked like Emma, dark red hair, emerald eyes that had lost their glitter, only a death could do that. Rhia suddenly started sobbing and Lily went over to her with a sympathetic look.

"Rhia, don't cry." Lily said. Lily sat next to Rhia on the piano stool and Rhia put her head into Lily's shoulder.

"I saw him fall through! I was right behind Lestrange and I could have stopped her!" Rhia said. Lily gently touched Rhia's hair. Lily was Rhia's godmother and Rhia probably spent more time at Lily's house then at her own house.

"Oh, hush now. We already have Harry torn up about this, we don't need you to but upset as well." Lily said.

"But-" Rhia started to say but Lily hushed her.

"Rhia, what happened wasn't your fault or Harry's, ok? We can't help it when people..." Lily took a sharp breath then forced a smile on her face. "Rhia, you just carry on with your piano practice. I just came by to get something for Jenny. She's not taking it very well." Lily said.

"Well it was uncle Remus that went through." Rhia muttered. Lily wiped Rhia's face and kissed her forehead.

"Rhia, go and rest for a while. I think Emma's trying to wear you out. Go home for a while or go and talk to Harry, god knows he needs someone to talk to with the Weasleys at Grimmauld place and Hermione unable to leave her house." Lily said. Rhia nodded. That was a good idea...a very good idea.

"Thanks." She said with a slight smile. Lily smiled and stood up.

"If you see Emma, tell her no rehearsal until James gets back." Lily said. Rhia saw Lily glance at the table Emma hid under quickly before leaving the basement. She closed the door and went upstairs. Emma suddenly emerged.

"Phew, that was close." Emma said. "Are you sure you're ok?" Emma asked Rhia. Rhia got up and left the room. It wasn't that bad an idea to go and see Harry. Emma looked over to Kara, who was taking her place again. Rhia was the only one of them who had gone with Harry and the others to the Ministry. Kara didn't meet Emma's gaze and switched off the mic.

"I think that's enough for today." Kara said quietly. Emma nodded and turned to look at Orion, who still hadn't emerged from under the drum kit. Instead there was a sob. Emma and Kara looked at each other then went to the covered drum kit. Emma lifted up the cover and found Orion with his forehead against his knees.

"Orion." Emma said sympathetically. She reached for Orion to help him out. He pulled his arm away and pulled the material back down.

"Um, I'll see you later Emma" Kara said uncertainly.

"Ok." Emma said. She followed Kara to the door and gave her a hug then went upstairs while Kara left the house to go home.

Harry hugged his knees as he glared at the wall. He'd given up on the staring competition with it, after all a wall had no eyes so he just settled on glaring at it. He killed Remus, it was his fault. He'd rushed to the Ministry after that stupid vision. If only he'd learned occlumency like his parents and Dumbledore has wanted then maybe this wouldn't have happened. Harry closed his eyes and tried to block the memory of Remus going through the veil. His dad holding him back at first then trying to go to Remus' side. The others had all been fighting the Death Eaters, his mum and Jenny had gone through the Department of mysteries to look for Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Luna. April, Moody and Tonks had fought next to James, Sirius and Remus. Harry rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hands.

Sirius had gone down, so had Tonks. April was trying to keep Rhia and Neville safe and succeeded at it but no matter what everyone had done Remus had gone through, Bellatrix Lestrange had almost forced Remus through. Harry would never forget Jenny's face when she found out. Harry felt hot tears coming to his eyes. It was his fault, but everyone told him it wasn't. Harry didn't hear the knock at the door or the door open.

"Harry." Rhia said softly. Harry looked up.

"What?" Harry snapped, not meaning to be so cruel.

"Um, I was wondering if you wanted to talk." Rhia said. Harry looked at her for a moment. He shook his head.

"No I don't. Shouldn't you be having those...rehearsals or whatever?" Harry asked. Rhia closed the door and let out a patient breath.

"Harry, your mum-"

"You came up because mum asked you to come?" Harry asked getting off the bed. "I don't need to talk to anyone. I'm perfectly fine." He said opening the door. Rhia had a little staring contest with him until Harry looked away.

"No you're not fine Harry. It's as much my fault as yours. Do you remember how close Bellatrix Lestrange was? I was almost right behind her, I could have stopped her."

"No you couldn't. She's too powerful." Harry said, "I have to write a letter to Hermione, could you leave me alone?" Harry said. Rhia gave him an annoyed look before leaving the room and heading to Emma's room. Rhia effectively lived in this house. Harry loved her, more then his own sister because him and Rhia were just so close but sometimes her company was too much. Harry went to his desk. He should be going to Grimmauld place in a few days time. He hadn't bothered unpacking his trunk really so everything was ready to take. His firebolt was still at school after Umbridge had confiscated it. Harry went to his desk, there was a letter from Ron, just seeing how he was. Ron was stuck at Grimmauld Place with Ginny and their mum. They weren't allowed to return to the Burrow for fear of their safety. Hermione was stuck at her own house. James had gone to fetch her to bring her to Godric's Hollow then they'd all go to Grimmauld place together. Harry admired his dad, though he didn't see James Potter very often. His dad was very high up in the auror ranks, Rank II Harry thought. There could only be one Rank I auror, and that was the head auror. Harry sighed and picked up a letter from Hermione. Harry had lied when he said he needed to write a letter. He just didn't want to talk to anyone. He hadn't been able to face Jenny or Bo Lupin at all during the summer.

Jenny hadn't actually seen anyone but April Black and Lily Potter and of course, her son, Bo. Jenny was a Chinese woman who had gone to school with Harry's parents. She used to be called Jenny Chang but had married Remus, against her parents' wishes after she'd had Bo. Bo was Cho Chang's cousin. Which meant that Harry couldn't really avoid Cho either! Harry's life was screwed up, that's how he could sum it up! Harry was about to go back to his bed to sulk when there was a shout from downstairs.

"Harry! Hermione's here!" James shouted. Harry's heart leapt slightly and he opened his bedroom door and peered over the banister. He saw a head of bushy hair below him.

"Thank-you Mr. Potter" Hermione said.

"No problem Hermione, call me James. Harry should be upstairs, we'll be going to Grimmauld place tomorrow." Harry heard his dad say.

"Ok Mr-James" Hermione said. Hermione turned and looked up. She saw Harry and gave him a soft smile before heading up the stairs. Harry decided to wait for Hermione to come up the stairs before going into his room. Hermione followed him in and closed the door behind her.

"How are you feeling?" Hermione asked as she sat down next to Harry. Harry shrugged. He hadn't been able to say much recently, he didn't really like to talk about what happened to Remus.

"I don't know." Harry said. He hugged his knees again as he sat on the bed, deciding to glare at the duvet instead of the wall.

"You must feel something Harry. Emma wrote to me." Hermione said.

"I hate having a sister" Harry muttered.

"She's concerned about you. Apparently you aren't talking to anyone." Hermione said with a sigh.

"I talk to Rhia." Harry muttered, though he couldn't honestly say he did talk to Rhia. Hermione tensed slightly and looked around the room.

"Have you found out anything from the order yet?" Hermione asked.

"No" Harry said, "But dad's been gone a lot and mum's always at Jenny's." Hermione looked at Harry.

"How is she?" Hermione asked. "I heard she wasn't holding up very well" Harry sighed and looked at the bit where the wall joined the ceiling.

"She isn't. Mum's had to stop Jenny from killing herself a few times this summer" Hermione gasped in shock.

"Oh my god, that's awful!" Hermione said quietly.

"I know. I feel so bad that I let it happen." Harry said, "It's my fault! I don't care what people say it is my fault!" Harry found himself on his feet when he'd stopped speaking. Hermione looked at him.

"It's not your fault Harry. How many times do we have to tell you that?"

"We?" Harry asked.

"Everyone!" Hermione said.

"No you see, that's where you're wrong. Not everyone thinks it's not my fault. If I'd just learnt to do Occlumency properly, if I'd done what Snape had said then I wouldn't have gone to the ministry!" In frustration Harry picked up one of his old football trophies and threw it across the room. Hermione let out a small scream of surprise and quickly got off the bed. "If I had just learned Occlumency! And not been such an idiot!" Harry kicked his desk so hard he broke one of the legs and it toppled over.

"Harry, calm down!" Hermione said pulling Harry away from the desk and into the middle of the room. Away from anything he could pick up and throw. Harry was breathing heavily and quickly. It was clear he was angry with himself. "Harry look at me!" Hermione said sternly. Harry avoided her gaze for a few moments before raising his eyes to meet hers. Hermione looked into his eyes and didn't say anything for a while. Harry began to calm down slightly.

"It's my fault Remus is dead." Harry said closing his eyes and trying to stop tears from falling down his cheek. It didn't work. He didn't usually cry. He refused to cry but he'd effectively killed Remus. One of his closest friend's father. Hermione frowned slightly and raised a hand hesitantly to wipe away the tear. As she did Harry opened his eyes and looked at Hermione. She gave him a strained smile.

"It's not your fault," She said, "Harry you have to stop beating yourself up like this. It's the kind of thing Voldemort wants you to do, he'll be able to get into your mind easier." Harry sighed, he knew Hermione was just saying it, "And I don't want him to get into your mind." Hermione said in a gentler tone. Again Harry looked at Hermione. He gave her a slight smile and put his hand over Hermione's.

"I'll be alright for a while but I don't know how I'm going to be able to face Bo when we get back to school" Harry said, taking Hermione's hand off his face.

"Do what you did after the...our adventure in June." Hermione said. Harry sat back down on his bed.

"I don't know." Harry said, "Before the holidays it didn't seem real but since...since I met Jenny again, it's just been so-" Harry frowned, "It doesn't help that there wasn't anyone around to talk to either." He said in a defeated voice.

"Well talk to me now, Harry. That's why I'm your friend, and it's what girls are good at." Hermione said, sitting on Harry's bed cross-legged. Harry looked at her.

"I don't know Hermione." Harry said uncertainly. Hermione looked slightly annoyed.

"You had no problem last year coming to me for help with Cho." Hermione said

"Cho was slightly different" Harry said uncomfortably.

"I'm sure she was, but she is also related to Bo. Like Remus is related to him." Hermione said.

"What's that got to do with anything?" Harry asked. Hermione shrugged.

"I have no idea" Hermione said, causing Harry to smile. "See, made you smile anyway. Harry, please just tell me. You used to tell me almost everything." Hermione said. Harry looked at her carefully for a while.

"Everyone is blaming me though" Harry said. "And I've been having nightmares about it." Harry said. He looked away from Hermione. She frowned and put a hand on his cheek and made him look at her.

"Firstly, Harry, no one blames you! It wasn't your fault you were concerned about your dad. I would have wanted to go if I were you, and secondly, Have you told your parents about the nightmares. Your mum is a healer, maybe she can give you-"

"My parents are hardly ever around" Harry said cutting Hermione off. He glared at the spot of wall behind Hermione. "They're always busy."

"So who looks after you guys then?" Hermione asked.

"I have to look after everyone but no one listens." Harry said. "Except maybe Rhia...and Jessie." Hermione tensed again at Rhia's name. She knew that Harry and Rhia were close but sometimes Hermione couldn't help but feel jealous about it.

"Well Rhia would listen to you wouldn't she? She worships the ground you walk on." Hermione said bitterly. Harry smiled slightly.

"No she doesn't." Harry said, "She's just better behaved then my sister or Kara."

"I'm sure she is." Hermione said, looking away and dropping her hand from Harry's face. Harry looked at Hermione.

"Why? Are you jealous of her or something?" Harry asked. Hermione gave a quick, nervous laugh.

"What? Me jealous of her? No, why should I be?" Hermione asked. Harry smirked slightly. "What are you smiling at?" Hermione asked.

"You." Harry said. Hermione frowned. "It's sweet." He said. Hermione looked at Harry curiously at the comment. Harry looked slightly nervous but he leant forwards and Hermione closed her eyes as she felt Harry's lips against hers.

Hermione's breath caught in her throat, she'd realised exactly how much she liked Harry once he started going out with Cho. She'd been jealous of Cho and then Rhia, for being so close to Harry. But now...She wanted to scream with joy!

Harry shifted slightly so that he wasn't in too awkward a position to kiss Hermione. He couldn't believe he was kissing Hermione! He tried to make the kiss slightly more urgent. Hermione put a hand on his chest and moved onto her knees. They broke apart and looked at each other. Hermione gave Harry a smile and pulled Harry closer.

Two eleven year old girls shot out of the fireplace in the Potter's living room. They both had sooty blond hair and cheeky brown eyes. They looked exactly the same in physical appearance. They weren't wearing the same thing though, and they both had a necklace one, one with a J and one had a K on it. This was simply so their dad could tell them apart. The one with a K around her neck looked at the other girl.

"What?" She asked. She looked into her sister's eyes. "Oh, yeah, find Rhia. Where do you think she'll be?" She looked at her sister again. "Oh yeah, Harry's room. Don't you think she'll be with Emma?" The other girl shook her head. "Alright, but can we check Emma's room first?" The other girl rolled her eyes. "Come on Jessie!" The girl grabbed the silent girl's hand and pulled her up the stairs. They trekked up the stairs and to a room with a large poster on it. The poster had a picture of some American person called Michael Jackson, who had a wide brimmed black hat that was pulled over slightly. He was very pale and he always scared Kaylee. Jessie knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" Emma called.

"Guess." Kaylee replied. The door opened and Emma looked at the two.

"What to you two want?" Rhia asked from inside the room. Kaylee grinned and Jessie ran in.

"Dad said to stay with you." Kaylee said. She ran into the room and jumped onto the bed that Rhia sat on. Emma looked at the twins slightly annoyed.

"Um, you're all sooty though." Emma said. Jessie shrugged and inspected Emma's guitar that was in its guitar stand.

"Can't you go and bug Harry?" Rhia asked.

"We could, but that won't be much fun. Harry doesn't get annoyed like you." Kaylee said sweetly. Jessie cleared her throat and Kaylee looked at her. "Oh yeah, and Jessie said because it's fun to tease you about Harry." Rhia pushed her sister off her lap.

"Get lost." Rhia said. Emma smirked slightly.

"Oh." Kaylee said. Jessie pouted.

"Harry's in his room. Hermione should be here as well." Jessie and Kaylee turned to grin at each other.

"She's just as good." Kaylee said.

"Why?" Emma asked. Kaylee and Jessie looked at each other for a moment.

"No reason." Kaylee said. Rhia glared at them as Kaylee and Jessie ran out of the room.

"Don't they have anything better to do?" Emma muttered as she closed the door. Jessie put her hand on the door handle.

"Jessie wait!" Kaylee said. Jessie looked at Kaylee. Kaylee knocked on the door very quietly. So quietly that no one could hear it, not even Jessie. "Ok, now open the door." She said with a smile. "It's rude not to knock" Jessie gave Kaylee a long look and opened the door. As soon as Jessie and Kaylee turned to look in the room their smiles disappeared.

"AH!!" Kaylee screamed, "HARRY'S TRYING TO EAT HERMIONE!" She screamed

"What?" Harry said, rolling off Hermione and looking at them. Hermione shook her head slightly and looked at the door. "Don't you two believe in knocking?" Harry asked. He stood up and glared at the twins. They both had their mouths open.

"What?" Hermione asked the twins.

"You're alive!" Kaylee said. The twins ran to the bed and jumped on it. Both of them threw themselves at Hermione and hugged her tightly, knocking her back down on the bed. Hermione looked at Harry hesitantly. Harry pulled off Jessie, who looked at Harry with a glare. Rhia and Emma ran to the room to see what Jessie and Kaylee had been screaming about. A few minutes later Orion was on the landing.

"What's happened!" Emma asked. Kaylee and Jessie glared at Harry.

"Harry was trying to eat Hermione."

"No he wasn't. Get off Kaylee!" Hermione said trying to push the eleven year old off. Hermione was going bright red while Harry had gone a slightly paler shade of red.

"What were you two doing then?" Jessie burst out saying. Hermione looked at Jessie with surprise.

"I-we..." Hermione looked at Harry. Rhia crossed her arms and looked at Harry.

"What were you doing?" She asked.

"Um, we were only kissing. Nothing really." Emma's face broke into a grin and Rhia's expression turned to one of shock. Orion was looking at Hermione then to Harry then to Rhia.

"About time!" Emma said. Hermione blushed again while Kaylee and Jessie burst out laughing. They fell onto the bed and looked at Harry and Hermione.

"You two knew, didn't you!" Harry snapped at the twins.

"Your face was so funny!" Kaylee laughed. Orion started laughing and Emma giggled. Hermione and Harry didn't look amused in the slightest. Hermione got up and straightened her top before leaving the room.

"I'm getting my stuff." Hermione said. She ignored Orion's small jeer. Harry glared at his sister and his god-siblings.

"Get out of my room." Harry said, correcting his glasses and trying to flatten his hair.

"With pleasure." Emma said with a smirk, "So you can have your precious Hermione up here all on your own." She said like she was talking to a baby. "After all, you are seeing Ron tomorrow."

"Get out Emma, Kaylee, Jessie!" Harry snapped.

"Hey, what about me?" Orion asked.

"You to Orion." Harry said tiredly. Orion grinned and grabbed his younger two sisters and pulled them out of the room.

"Come on, I think I saw a copy of Star Wars!" Orion said.

"Yeah!" Kaylee and Jessie both shouted as they jumped down the stairs with Orion. Emma shook her head leaving Rhia in the doorway. Rhia and Harry looked at each other for a moment. Harry had to think for a while why Rhia looked so hurt. She shouldn't feel hurt, she'd always encouraged his feelings for Hermione, hadn't she? Well she hadn't approved of him going out with Cho. Rhia frowned and ran from the room before Harry could even say anything. There was the sound of Emma's door slamming shut, causing Harry to scowl. He went out on the landing and looked at Emma's door. What was up with Rhia? Harry shrugged it off and decided to find Hermione and help her bring her things up. He smiled at the thought of Hermione. The past ten minutes had been great! The best thing that had happened so far this summer. Harry started down the stairs and found Hermione in the hall.

"Hey." Harry said with a slight smile. Hermione looked at Harry and returned his smile.

"That was embarrassing." Hermione said going to Harry. Harry's smile grew slightly. Hermione laughed slightly, causing Harry to laugh. It was the first time he'd laughed this summer. Hermione pressed her face against his shoulder.

"We have to learn to control those two." Hermione said

"They're coming to Hogwarts this year." Harry said thoughtfully. Hermione looked at Harry.

"Oh, they're not going to be in Gryffindor are they?" Hermione asked.

"Probably." Harry said. "Um, are you hungry?" Harry asked Hermione.

"Starving." She said with a smile. Harry grinned and led the way to the kitchen

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