The Showdown

James and April stopped at the gates of Hogwarts. There were Death Eaters running away from the gates and running to a spot further in Hogsmeade. The two adults looked at each other curiously.

"You get Dumbledore, I'll do some snooping, send Padfoot." James said. He turned into a stag before April could protest to his orders. She rolled her eyes and started at a jog back to the castle while James ran out into the wilderness around Hogsmeade. He was able to walk silently and swiftly over the grass until he got to where the Death Eaters seemed thickest. He tried to see over the Death Eaters but they were too tall. He looked around for a while trying to find a way of getting closer. He searched the surrounding area until a huge black dog came bounding up to him.

What's happening? Padfoot asked.

I'm not sure, listen for me will you? Prongs asked. Padfoot sat back on his haunches and moved his ears forwards like Prongs.

"So you chose to meet earlier did you Potter?" Came Voldemort's voice.

"No, I was out scouting, I wasn't intending to meet you but now that I have we can end this once and for all." Harry said. Voldemort started laughing.

"Ah, Potter, you make me laugh. You people there, stand apart." Came Voldemort's voice. The sea of Death Eaters moved apart so that Padfoot and Prongs found themselves looking straight at Voldemort, Harry, Hermione and Ron.

"Ah, James Potter and Sirius Black. Care to watch?" Voldemort asked. James and Sirius turned back into their human forms.

"Voldemort." James said casually.

"You're stupid to say his name out loud." A Death Eater hissed at him. James pointed his wand at the Death Eater, who shrank back immediately.

"You might want to find some braver followers." Sirius quipped. He was suddenly pushed forwards from behind. Sirius stumbled forwards with James. He turned around to see Bellatrix and her husband behind them.

"Cousin." Sirius said with a solemn nod. "How have you been?" He asked.

"So, can we be expecting anyone else?" Voldemort asked with a sneer. "Your wives for example."

"No. No one." James said confidently. James looked at Harry, who was looking at his dad uncertainly. "It's just us and it looks like you caught us." Voldemort laughed, he obviously didn't believe him.

"If that's the way you want to play it." Voldemort told him. "Hold them down and tie them up. I want them to witness the death of Harry Potter." He said to the Death Eaters. The Death Eaters flooded around James and Sirius.

"DAD!" Harry shouted in alarm.

"Got any ideas?" Sirius asked James.

"Wait for the others." James said.

"And how are we going to do that?" Sirius muttered. James got his wand out with a simple flick of the wrist.

"Protego!" He shouted. He spell struck a Death Eater in the chest. Sirius followed his example and the two of them fought off as many Death Eaters as possible in the small, enclosed space but they were soon overcome. James felt his wand being taken away from him as a Death Eater rammed into him from behind. He turned to see that Sirius had already been bound.

Harry stared wide eyed as his dad fought. He got out his own wand and started throwing spells all over the place. He knew that his wand wouldn't fight against Voldemort's wand so he tried to avoid Voldemort. There were too many Death Eaters. Voldemort just stood laughing as the three teens stood and tried to fend off Death Eaters that were trying to get to James and Sirius.

"Harry, there's too many." Ron shouted.

"Just keep trying!" Harry shouted. Hermione knocked out a Death Eater that tried to send a killing curse at Harry. The spell just missed Harry and landed a few centimetres away from Ron's foot. As they continued to fight, Voldemort continued to laugh until there was the sound of a whip that sounded over the top of the fighting. About fifteen Death Eaters at the edge of the fray went down. Again there was the sound and more Death Eaters went down. There was a gap in the Death Eaters now and they could see April standing on the right hand side of Dumbledore. On Dumbledore's other side stood Hagrid holding his crossbow in one hand and Fang's collar in the other. The end of April's wand was glowing green as a long green line of light seemed to retract back into her wand.

"Dumbledore!" Voldemort hissed.

"Tom." Dumbledore said calmly. The three adults walked towards where James and Sirius were tied. Bellatrix Lestrange, Lucius Malfoy and another hooded figure stepped in front of them.

"Move out of the way." April said.

"No." Lucius smirked. "We still have a fight to complete." April looked at Dumbledore.

"Now is not the time April." Dumbledore told her. April nodded and just settled for glaring at her enemies. She gave Sirius an anxious look, though, as he remained bound.

"Great plan." Sirius muttered to James.

"I never said it was flawless." James said, struggling against the restraints. In the sudden lull of the fight Harry, Ron and Hermione had huddled together without being noticed. Voldemort turned to them and snarled. He got out his wand and sent some curses at them. Hermione went flying in one direction, Ron in another and Harry in the opposite direction, like Voldemort didn't want them to be together. Harry groaned as he got up, his left arm was throbbing with pain. He got up and looked towards Dumbledore. Dumbledore gave the slightest of nods then he got out his wand. Dumbledore sent a ball of fire through the crowds of Death Eaters, causing the fighting to break out again. Harry got to his feet and turned to look at Voldemort.

"So, this is how it's going to be Potter." Voldemort said. He held his wand tightly and glared at his enemy. Harry took a few deep breaths, knowing that this may be the end. Voldemort pointed his wand in the air. A green light shot up then a huge Dark Mark formed in the air above them. Voldemort turned his red eyes on Harry.

"Will save time later." He said with a smirk.

"Don't count your chicks before they hatch Voldemort." Harry said. He lased out his wand. "Expelliarmus!"

Emma jerked awake at a loud crashing noise.

"What the hell was that!" She heard one of her room mates ask. Emma stumbled out of bed to see that Rhia and the girl who had just spoken had already gotten up. They ran to the windows and looked out. The girl started whimpering, Rhia gasped and Emma's heart seemed to skip a beat as they looked at the giant Dark Mark.

"Oh god." Emma said. She looked at Rhia.

"Harry!" Rhia said. Emma and Rhia ran out of their room and down to the common room. There were some students already there staring out of the windows. The two ran up to Harry's dorm room. Neville Longbottom gawped at them.

"Harry and Ron are missing!" He said.

"Oh no." Rhia muttered.

"What?" Emma asked.

"He may have gone to Hogsmeade. I told him earlier that Voldemort wanted to fight him near his birthday then he just went strange."

"They did go to bed a little earlier then usual." Dean told them.

"What's happening though?" Seamus asked.

"Look out of the window." Emma told them. The three boys went to the window.

"That is the biggest Dark Mark I've ever seen!" Neville said, shaking and clutching his toad tightly in his hands.

"That's the dark mark?" Dean asked. Emma and Rhia looked at each other.

"We have to go and help them." Emma said.

"Emma, that could mean our death." Rhia said.

"Yes but Harry's my brother! I can't let him fight on his own." Emma said. "I thought you loved him!"

"I do, I just think that maybe this is a battle that we shouldn't interfere with." Rhia said. Emma looked at Rhia before changing her clothes with her wand. Rhia rolled her eyes and copied Emma's actions. She made her way towards the common room behind Emma. They met Orion on the way down, who was looking rather excited. The Gryffindor Common room was bustling with activity now. Emma and Rhia had a suspicion it would be the same with the other houses. They managed to make their way to the portrait hole where Ginny met them fully clothed.

"You don't think I'm going to let them have all the fun do you?" Ginny asked.

"Is Hermione here?" Emma asked.

"No, I just went to have a look, she's not there." Ginny said.

"Right." Emma said.

"Neither is Jessie." Ginny said.

"What!" Rhia asked just as Kaylee came and fixed herself around Rhia's waist.

"My twin is gone!" She cried.

"Don't worry, we'll find out where she is." Rhia said "Calm down." Rhia said touching Kaylee's head. The Portrait hole opened and Lily walked in with Jessie clutching her hand. Jessie ran straight to Rhia when she saw her. Lily frowned at the chaos of the Gryffindor Common room.

"Just like the others." She muttered to herself. She pointed her wand into the air and let off a loud bang like noise that got everyone to be quiet. Lily looked incredibly pale and worried.

"Everyone be quiet!" She shouted. The common room went silent.

"Mum, what's happening?" Emma asked. Lily glanced at her and took a deep breath./

"Everyone back to their rooms. Your windows have been covered up and you are to ignore any noises that you may hear."

"But what's happening!" Someone demanded from further in the common room. Lily took a deep breath.

"Three students have snuck into Hogsmeade and as a result a battle has occurred. Please return to your beds and calm down. You will receive more information as soon as I get more information."

"It's ok, we're safe as long as Dumbledore is here!" Cried a first year.

"Go to bed. If you need anything please send a seventh year prefect to Professor McGonagall or myself and we will see to your needs. Try and get as much sleep as possible and try not to send your prefects out too many times. The castle is as safe as Hogsmeade is right now."

"What?" Bo asked, pushing his way through the crowd, "Lily, what's happened?" Lily looked at the children in front of her and closed her eyes.

"I can't tell you, I'm sorry. Just get some sleep." She said. Lily looked at Emma and Rhia in particular. "And stay here. If I find that you've left the common room I don't know what I'd do." Lily said. She turned and left the common room. Everyone turned to Jessie curiously.

"What were you doing?" Rhia asked her. Jessie gave an uncertain chuckle before making a motion to tell them that her lips were sealed but she looked like she wanted to tell. The students slowly started filtering out of the common room.

"They went to Hogsmeade to fight Voldemort. Dumbledore, mum, dad, Uncle James and Snape have all gone to fight them off, Snape's gone to the order to tell Aunty Jenny, Hagrid and Fang have gone, Aunty Lily and McGonagall are in charge and we're to stay here because we don't know if Harry, Hermione and Ron as still alive." Jessie suddenly burst out saying.

"What!" asked the teens who surrounded her. Jessie gave them a nervous smile.

"Don't do anything please-" But it was too late. Jessie watched the backs of Ginny, Rhia, Emma and Bo disappearing through the portrait hole.

"Where are they going?" asked Orion from behind.

"Um…nowhere." Kaylee said uncertainly.

Harry picked himself out of the dirt again. He wiped his sleeve across his forehead before getting to his feet and facing Voldemort. This really wasn't going very well. Thought he numbers of Death Eaters had almost half, more kept apparated in to fight. The Order members had apparated to fight about two minutes ago and the numbers were pretty much equal. Ron and Hermione were still on their feet fighting but the three of them had been separated. Harry had only fought Voldemort so far. He had the feeling that Voldemort was playing with him or testing what Harry could do though in all honestly, Harry had tried to make it seem like he was a lot weaker then he really was. Harry glanced around Hogsmeade to look at the people around him. His dad and Sirius had been freed and now fought next to Jenny. April looked very badly injured but she was still fighting but Harry couldn't see Dumbledore.

"Don't worry for your precious friends, Potter, give up your life and I'll spare yours." Voldemort sneered at him as he took some steps towards him.

"You lie." Harry said, "You've never once kept your word, why should I trust you now." Harry said, he sent a spell at Voldemort but Voldemort merely stepped out of the way. Harry was feeling the effects of too many nights spent worrying and the stress of his exams catch up on his body. He glanced around again and had to do a double take as he saw a blonde haired girl standing next to two red haired girls. Rhia, Emma and Ginny! What were they doing there? How had they gotten there? Voldemort followed his gaze and laughed evilly.

"Ah, so the rest of the back up arrives. I've noticed that your mother has still failed to come." Voldemort said. "The woman who set up my demise, gave you your protection, where is she now Harry?" Voldemort asked.

"You wouldn't understand even if you knew!" Harry growled at him. He was looking Voldemort in the eyes now.

"Oh wouldn't I?" He asked. Harry sent a curse at Voldemort, it struck him in the chest and made him stumble backwards. His skin started to crack like it was drying up slowly. Voldemort looked at Harry in surprise and shock. Harry was taken aback by his look. Voldemort pointed his wand across the field of battles and shouted a curse that Harry couldn't hear over a sudden explosion somewhere. He watched the curse, however, as it shot it's way over the heads of Death Eaters and Order members. He saw Emma look up in time to see the spell aiming for Rhia.

"EMMA! RHIA!" Harry shouted. She pushed Rhia out of the way and the curse struck her instead. Emma fell to the floor instantly.

"No!" Harry roared. He forgot about his wand and just ran at Voldemort. They both tumbled to the floor in a pile of robes and limbs. Harry raised his fist and slammed it straight into Voldemort's face. It hurt Harry but it was for his sister. She had fallen but Harry didn't know if it had been a killing curse or not, he knew it wasn't Avada Kedavra because it the curse wasn't green but it didn't matter to Harry. He hit Voldemrot again before he was suddenly pushed off Voldemort with a sudden force that pushed him into the air. Harry landed roughly on the ground five feet away from Voldemort. He had lost his wand in the process. Harry got to his feet. He didn't know what he was going to do but he had to do something. He felt a probing feeling in his mind, similar to when April tried to get into his mind in his Occlumency lessons. Harry shut his eyes and tried to force out the feeling.

Don't fight. Said a voice in Harry's head. Let him in, don't fight it Harry recognised the voice as Dumbledore's.

What? But last time…

You weren't ready then, you are now, let him in. Harry felt confused but he let down his barriers. Pain exploded in his head as his scar gave a sudden huge burst of pain. Harry roared in pain and fell to his knees.

"Harry!" He heard someone call from the distance. He felt Voldemort's influence in his mind. Voldemort was probing his mind like when he'd faced Dumbledore in the Ministry of Magic last year.


Think of what you want to protect. That's how I always survived, He heard the memory of April's voice from a lesson.

But ultimately, no one can tell you how to defeat Voldemort, that's just up to you Harry Came a memory of Dumbledore's voice. Harry felt tears prick at his eyes as the pain in his mind increased.

"Harry!" came his name again. It was Hermione's voice. He felt the pain subside slightly but it came back as Harry forgot about Hermione. He focused on Hermione, he thought he could almost feel Voldemort flinch.

With the death of his mother, the only person who ever truly loved him died

Harry thought about Ron, again he felt Voldemort flinching. This was it, he'd figured it out. He couldn't fight Voldemort with his wand but they had a psychic connection of some kind, hadn't the dreams proved that? The dreams, the time when Voldemort had entered his mind last year, now? If Voldemort could make use of it couldn't Harry?

Harry pumped his memories of Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Bo at Harry, people he loved but not the people he loved most. The first time he'd met Hermione, the first time he'd met Ron, when Bo had helped Harry plot to get Emma and Rhia stuck in a hole they'd dug together. Ron proposing to Hermione, the joy that not only that Harry had felt but what he imagined Ron and Hermione must have felt. He felt Voldemort loosen his grip on Harry's mind. Harry then moved on to love for April, Sirius, Dumbledore, Jenny, his God brother, Orion, and god sisters Jessie and Kaylee. Voldemort had withdrawn from his mind completely but Harry tried to maintain the connection between them. Surprisingly it worked. Both were now standing, the pain in his head had subsided, his scar was silent.

"What are you doing?" He heard Voldemort saying in his mind.

"Showing you what you're missing!" Harry shouted. He sent memories of his parents at Harry. Lily hugging and kissing Harry when he was young, his dad teaching how to fly, birthdays, Christmases, the number of times his parents had been there to look after him, The aftermath of Harry's first encounter with Voldemort, how his mum had smelled, how his dad had held him carefully. Voldemort shouted with pain. Love was something he couldn't understand. He had removed his soul and with it his ability to love. He had killed his mother and the only person who truly loved him unconditionally. Harry moved onto the stronger memories of him and Emma. When they'd played Quidditch together, their sibling fights, the time when they'd managed to lodge Dudley's head up a sheep's arse, times when they'd tricked their parents, tricks they'd played on their friends, the times when Harry had comforted her after falling off a broom or out of a tree. He heard a high pitched shrieking in his ears but he knew he had to continue. Harry felt his energy draining from him quickly. He forced himself to continue. He could feel Voldemort trying to force his mind out.

"No." Harry said between gritted teeth. He managed to bring up an image of Rhia's face in the forefront of his mind and that seemed to be enough. The connection suddenly broke. Harry fell to his knees breathing deeply like he'd just been hit in the chest with a sledgehammer. He looked up to look at Voldemort. He was rigid with his face pointed at the sky. A red light seemed to be coming from him like someone was shining a torch out of his eyes and mouth. The light shone a little from his fingers as he held them outstretched.

"NO!" Voldemort howled as the light suddenly disappeared. He fell to the floor in a pile and the moment his body hit the ground it seemed to crumble, the effects of Harry's spell earlier had completely dried Voldemort's body of fluids. It was a spell that his mum used on patients with swollen limbs, it drained away some of the fluid but you were supposed to stop if after a few seconds. Voldemort's body crumbled into dust as dry as white sand on a hot day. Harry didn't have time to see what else had happened as his body gave way to exhaustion.

Silence fell upon the battle field. Death Eaters and Order members alike. They had heard Voldemort and Harry screaming and shouting at each other continuously throughout the battle but had taken no real notice of it, except James, who had wanted to help Harry. Voldemort had fallen but so had Harry. The Death Eaters stared up at the sky where the Dark Mark started to fade then blinked out of existence. It took a while for the reality of it to dawn on them. The professional Aurors and James came round first, trying to bind as many Death Eaters as possible. April and Dumbledore helped but many started apparating out of Hogsmeade. A cheer arose from the few people who had emerged from the houses of Hogsmeade to join in the fight.

Rhia stood over Emma touching her cheek. Emma had gone deathly pale but her pulse was still strong and she was still breathing.

"Emma, wake up." Rhia said, tears falling down her cheek. She felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up to see Bo, he had several cuts across his cheek.

"I'll look after her, go to Harry." Bo said. Rhia looked at him confused then looked down the hill to where Hermione and Ron ran to Harry's side. "Go Rhia." Bo ordered her. Rhia got to her feet and started running at full speed down the hill.

"Harry, wake up," She heard Ron say as he shook Harry by the shoulders. Harry was just limp in his arms.

"Ron, no, that's not good for him." Hermione scolded. Rhia skid to a stop as she fell to her knees.

"Harry!" She said in alarm. Her heart was racing, her mind was a blur. What was happening? Harry couldn't be dead! She touched his face, his body was warm, his chest was rising up and down.

"He'll be alright." They heard Dumbledore say. Hermione, Ron and Rhia turned to look at Dumbledore through tear filled eyes.

"Professor?" Ron asked uncertainly.

"He's just tired, he just needs some sleep." Dumbeldore said with a soft smile. He put a hand on Ron and Rhia's shoulders. "It was you that saved him." He said to the three of them. "You three and your families. Voldemort is dead and we can finally fix the mess that he has caused. Take him back to the school and we'll be back when we've cleaned up Hogsmeade." Dumbledore said. They nodded and Hermione got out her wand. She put a charm on Harry which lifted his body into the air. As Rhia followed Hermione and Ron she stepped on something. She looked down to see two wands. She knew one was Harry's so she picked it up. She looked at the other. She didn't recognise it but she knew it was Voldemort's. She picked that one up too and followed Hermione and Ron. Back to the castle.

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