Title: Virtually Perfect

Author: Wintersslayer

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Seto/Yami

Spoilers: None that I know of.

Warnings: Some language maybe

Disclaimer: I do not own Yugioh.

Summary: AU- Seto Kaiba's the greatest duelist ever- no one comes even close to besting him. So, Mokuba creates a hologram to challenge his big brother. However, no one ever expected the hologram to develop feelings...or for Seto to return those feelings.

Status: 1/?

A/N: Yeah, this idea popped into my head while I was watching the movie "Pixel Perfect". I have not developed this thing at all, and don't even have an ending planned. This is more of an experiment for now. See if you guys like the idea or not.

Oh, and I'm sorry, but I only watch the American anime, so I'm going to be using the American names. Hope this doesn't annoy too many people. :)

Chapter 1

"Blue Eyes White Dragon, finish him off with White Lightning!"

A tremendous roar thundered as the duel arena was filled with a blinding white light, causing almost everyone present to shield their eyes against the blast. When it finally faded away, another, more triumphant roar was heard from the beast.

"Damn it, I lost AGAIN!" Joey Wheeler watched in dismay as his life points fell to zero. He glared at his smirking opponent.

Said opponent easily returned the glare. "Well, that was a complete waste of my time." He turned towards the black-haired boy standing a few feet off to the side. "Let's go, Mokuba. I have some work to do." Not even bothering to give his irate opponent one last glare or taunt, the tall duelist started towards the awaiting limo, his long silvery trench coat flowing behind him.

Mokuba gave Joey a small shrug of his shoulders. "You should really stop challenging my big brother, Joey. It's getting rather ridiculous how badly he beats you each time." He nodded towards the small group always accompanying Joey: short, spiky-haired Yugi Mutou, the rather idiotic Tristan Taylor, and the friendship-prattling Tea Gardner. "See ya later!" With a small wave, he turned and hurried after his brother.

Once Mokuba was inside and the door was shut, the elder Kaiba nodded to the driver, then put up the privacy glass. With a sigh, he closed his eyes and leaned back against the leather seats, allowing himself a few moments of rest before he started on his work.

"Hey Seto?"

Ocean-blue eyes opened to look at his little brother, who was currently sitting across from him and giving him the oddest look. "Yes? Is something wrong?"

"Well, it's just that...you don't seem yourself today. I mean, in your duel, you barely taunted Joey at all. Are you feeling okay?"

Mokuba was now looking at him with concern. He smiled a little to ease his brother's worries. "I'm fine, Mokuba. Just a little tired...and bored."

The boy cocked his head to one side. "Bored? Because Joey keeps challenging you and losing horribly? I thought you enjoyed pummeling him each time."

Seto sighed. "I did, at first. But now...it's becoming quite tedious. There is absolutely no challenge in dueling that mutt." He frowned. "There's really no challenge for me at all. I've beaten everyone there is to beat in Duel Monsters, more than once even. No one comes even close to my skill or knowledge of the game, not even the creator." He paused briefly, contemplating. "If there is no longer a challenge, then what's the point in dueling any more?"

Mokuba couldn't answer his question. True, he was the best duelist in the world, ranked number one for years now. Every challenge that had come his way, he'd beaten handily. There wasn't anyone on the entire planet who could best his brother. Not a single person in the world...

Suddenly, an idea hit him, and his eyes lit up with glee. Yes, yes, that could work! Oh, wouldn't his big brother be surprised! He grinned to himself. He'd start working on his idea right away.

For the next several weeks, as his brother sat in his office working, Mokuba sat typing furiously at his own computer. He inputted data file after data file, using all the information on dueling skills, tactics, techniques, combos, strategies that he could find. Any knowledge of Duel Monsters he could find, every aspect of the game, he inputted it into the system. From the last tournament that KaibaCorp had sponsored, he found all the profiles of all the great duelists in the world, including the creator of the game, Maximillion Pegasus. All of their skills and strategies, he inputted those into the system as well. All, that is, except for his brother's. He didn't want his brother dueling against himself, after all.

Okay, skills and knowledge of the game, check. Now, what should his creation look like? A thought came to Mokuba, causing him to smile a bit. Typing quickly, he watched with satisfaction as his creation began to appear on the computer's screen. He made him taller than his "inspiration", but not nearly as tall as his brother. He changed the eyes from the innocent-purple of his inspiration to more narrowed, striking deep red ones. For the hair, he added more blonde streaks into the black, red-tipped points. For the outfit, he got rid of the dorky school uniform, and clad his creation in black leather instead, adding an assortment of buckles and belts for fun. He wanted him to look as intimidating as possible, to match his attitude and skill-level.

Lastly, he added one of his brother's duel disks to complete the image. Mokuba smiled to himself at the completed figure on the screen moved and took his duelist's stance, ready for a duel.

Now, he just needed to make him come to life in this world...

Seto was working intently in his home office, when his little brother walked in. He glanced up immediately. "Something you need, Mokuba?"

"There's a duelist waiting for you at the front door. I let him through security."

The CEO frowned. "Mokuba, you know I don't like it when you let strangers onto the property. It's not safe."

"But he's not a stranger, big brother. I met him earlier today...at the park." The young boy smiled a bit nervously.

The duelist raised an eyebrow. His story seemed...a bit forced. What was his scheming little brother up to now? Still, he was never one to back down from a challenge. He'll figure out his brother's plans after the duel then. "Fine then. I'll go get my duel disk and deck. Take the challenger to the arena. I'll meet you there." He had transformed one of the larger rooms of his mansion into a private dueling arena, where he could practice his skills and new combinations against a computer opponent.

The small boy nodded enthusiastically and bounded off. Seto frowned a little, becoming even more suspicious of this duel. His brother definitely seemed a bit too excited for this particular duel. He shook his head as he headed out of the office, adjusting the duel disk on his arm. Something didn't feel right...

When he entered his private arena, he came to a sudden halt. His would-be challenger's back was facing him, and from here, it looked to be Yugi Mutou, but taller and not wearing the blue school uniform that he usually saw him wearing. Instead, he was wearing a rather tight black leather outfit. He stood there blinking confusedly for a few seconds.

Mokuba noticed his brother's arrival. "Oh, there you are Seto. This is Yami, your new challenger."

The boy, Yami, turned to face him, and Seto felt his eyes widen just a tiny bit. There was a definite resemblance to Yugi, but also distinct differences. Particularly in the garnet eyes that were staring so confidently at him. The number one-ranked duelist in the world quickly regained his composure. "Yami, is it? So what makes you think you've got what it takes to best me?"

The boy's lips curved up into a small smirk. "Why don't you let me just show you?" His voice was rich and smooth, full of confidence. He easily and coolly matched Seto's sharp gaze.

Seto raised a surprised eyebrow. No one ever dared to match his gaze. How intriguing. The duelist felt his own lips curve into a slight smirk. "So be it then. Let's duel!" He had a feeling this duel would prove to be interesting indeed...

"Dark Magician, attack his weakened dragon! Dark Magic Attack!"

Seto's mouth fell open as he watched his beloved blue eyes white dragon, weakened by a surprisingly sound strategy of traps and magic cards, fall. His life points dropped to zero. He...he LOST?!?! Blue eyes widened in realization of his first ever loss. They turned, still stunned, to the smirking duelist across from him. Said duelist was standing with his arms crossed over his chest, head held high, and grinning smugly. For awhile, neither spoke, instead holding each other's gaze.

Mokuba looked worriedly from his brother to the other. He hadn't exactly anticipated this particular outcome. He had no idea how his brother would react.

Finally, the shorter duelist broke the silence. "You dueled admirably, Seto Kaiba. I greatly look forward to our next duel." Nodding his head slightly towards the still-stunned duelist, he turned towards the younger Kaiba. "Mokuba, I thank you for inviting me over. Your brother proved quite the challenge."

"S-sure, Yami," Mokuba stammered, still a bit shocked from the outcome of the duel, and not really sure on what to do next. "No problem."

The boy smiled, then started to leave the room.

"Yami, wait."

Said duelist stopped, turning to see Seto striding up towards him. The taller boy stopped right in front of him. Yami inclined his head upwards a bit to meet the dark blue gaze.

Seto paused, took a breath to calm himself. "So it seems that at last I have found a worthy opponent. One that actually bested me. But rest assured this won't happen again."

Once again, the CEO found a cool gaze to match his own. "We'll just see about that."

"We will indeed." Seto reached down to grasp the other's hand, intending to shake the hand of his seemingly only worthy opponent in the world. However, to his utter surprise, his hand passed right through that of the other's. With a gasp, he took a few steps backwards, his eyes widening considerably. "What the hell..." he uttered out.

Mokuba came up to the two of them, smiling ridiculously. "Big brother, meet the newest in hologram technology: Yami."

Okay, guess I should explain some things.

First, I know Seto seems rather out-of-character, considering the guy absolutely hates to lose. The anime portrays him as ridiculously obsessed with winning. However, in this universe, he's been winning for years now. So, I think that would change his personality a bit. He's so tired of winning constantly, I think that he would welcome a new challenge, and would be more surprised that he lost than angered. At least...at first anyways. He might've gotten angry later on, and become obsessed with beating Yami. However, Yami not being an ordinary duelist kinda changes that...

Second, I know squat about technology. Seriously, I am horrible with computers and junk. So, I'll be either making up how Mokuba "created" Yami, or leaving out most of the intricate details.

Guess that's it. I hope this idea sounds interesting at least, and that you guys like it. I have a few things planned, but I really need to work out everything, organize and such. I am open to any suggestions though.

Thanks so much for reading! I appreciate any comments!