Title: Fire Soul Love

Disclaimer: I don't own Rei-chan or Minako-chan.

Summary: Rei writes a poem to Minako following Act 47, PGSM live action based

Pairings: Rei/Minako shoujo ai

Rei's POV


I cry out your name as I fall to the cold ground, my face now drenched in tears,

No matter how much we fought,

When I look back into the short time we've known each other,

the short time we shared, no matter how stubborn you were,

I failed to see that shine of light that belonged to you, the light

of courage and determination, no matter how ill you were, you kept fighting

to protect our princess. Even though you wanted to fulfill the past life's mission,

and I believed to leave what's in the past in the past, we both shared the same mission,

which is to protect our princess. Why did you leave us? You were our leader. Why does our fate

have to be so cruel? The cross that we must bear as soldiers? I didn't realize until they had

taken your life from us, how much your very presence meant to me, I failed to acknowledge you as

our true leader until the very end, you were our true leader, our guide. If I could, I

would give anything to just share another moment with you, to tell you how much you mean to me.

When I first accepted my fate as a soldier, I had thought it would be better to be working

alone, I was scared to have friends and loved ones, ever since my mother had died,

that's what it had seemed like to me all of the ones I truly love were taken from me.

That's why I can't understand I didn't realize how much you meant to me until the very end,

my heart bleeds, I don't want to lose anyone important to me anymore, please come back to us

Minako-chan, we need you, I need you.

End of Rei's POV


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