Title: Fire Soul Love

Author: Kyouryoku Senshi

Disclaimer: I don't own Rei-chan or Minako-chan.

Summary: Rei writes a poem to Minako following Act 47, PGSM live action based

Pairings: Rei/Minako shoujo ai

Chapter Two: I decided to add another chapter for Minako's POV, takes place shortly after the final act and what she feels.

Minako's POV

Mars, somehow I knew you'd be mad

Even though my time had ended, I worried about the ones I left behind,

Gomen ne, Mars, you had reasons

Even though I was the first soldier, you had awakened before me

I still won't admit that I changed my mind about the surgery because you had said so,

It was a descision I made as Aino Minako not as Sailor Venus,

The moment I shared with the rest of you, was the moment I became myself,

I wanted to live, As Aino Minako.

Thank you for protecting the princess in my absence, I believed in everyone,

In the end I'm glad the world was saved, I am so happy to be able to see everyone agian

I'm glad, the past life's mission was fufilled, the past will not repeat itself.

To be back with everyone, this is the best gift I've gotten, to get another chance

I am finally able to be myself, without the burden of the past life, we can all live freely.

Thank you everyone.

End of Minako's POV


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