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Chapter 20: Surrounded

I started running towards the direction the X-Men left. Water seemed to be dripping much more now and that meant I had to get out of here much sooner.

I sped faster when I saw the exit of the hallway and soon when I reached it I entered the same room that had all the computers and pipes running around in it, only something happened to it.

The whole room lay dead bodies of those soldiers and the computers were ruined and the pipes seemed to have claw marks all over it spilled with blood. Everywhere was just a bloody mess. I thought that the X-Men did all this and I never knew they would be so violent, except for Wolverine, I knew he would just love to do these things. Or perhaps I really misunderstood him.

I snapped out of my deep thoughts and I looked over at the other side of the room to see this huge door open revealing passageways to wherever.

I started to run towards it not knowing where it was going to lead me. I turned to a different side of the passage and it revealed a long hallway with a few doors at its side. I continued to run not even caring which way I turned or went, I just had to leave this place but not before I find the X-Men.

I suddenly stopped. I felt this sudden noise all around the hallway and this pain in my head that started to grow much worse. I shrieked back a scream of agony not knowing what was happening only that I was tired of these things happening to me. But this was different from the others. This was something that felt as if my head was going to explode into thousand of pieces and I heard nothing but this alarm like noise in my head and it felt as if my ear was pressed against a high volume music buzzing in my ear.

I screamed in pain and fell to the ground clutching at my head so tightly but I didn't feel my nails pressing on my skin for that my head felt so numb. I saw dots across my eyes and things started to turn red. I continued to scream a high pitch noise but the pain only worsened.

I closed my eyes tightly but I told myself to stay awake and don't black out now, but I couldn't seem to focus on anything until the pain stopped. I slowly opened my eyes to see that my cheeks were wet from me crying and I wiped it off with my hand. I sat up slowly rubbing my head gently not even feeling the slightest bit of pain.

I sighed from relief that it was finally over and I wanted to smile but knew I now had little time from finding the X-Men and getting out of here.

With shaky legs, I stood up trying not to lose my balance and looked ahead to see only a continuing path of the hallway. I steadied my legs and took off running once more. This time I ran a bit slowly and I heard noises up ahead. I took my chance that it was probably the X-Men and ran towards the noise.

I continued to follow those shouts until I saw a few figures running down the hallway revealing the X-Men. I ran faster towards them and I saw Xavior being held by Storm and Kurt along with Scott holing on to Jean.

I wanted to shout at them and say that I was back to my old self until the floor collapsed beneath me. This surprised me and I had no idea the floor was to weak to hold my weight but when I looked up, there happened to be a circular door that was purposely put there for someone to fall. Did Stryker make trap doors or what? I thought. When I looked down, it looked like this slide made like a tunnel and it seemed to take forever for it to end.

I started to yell at the top of my lungs so the X-Men could hear, but I was going down so fast and I was too far down for them to hear me.

I shut my eyes tightly waiting for this to end. I was just annoyed that every time I recovered from something, something new would happen to me next.

I seemed to fall down forever until I felt myself land on my bottom hard on a concrete floor.

I opened my eyes to see that I was in a very hot room where there was nothing but huge pipes running all over the place. Some of them were leaking with water, but I looked around for a door so I can get through and it happened to be so small, I didn't believe I could fit through it.

I got up rubbing my bottom at how hard I fell on it and looked over at that door. I jogged over to it and pushed it to one side, but it didn't even budge. I tried again but it didn't work. I tried at least ten times until I gave in and punched at the door from frustration.

I leaned against a wall realizing there was no way that I could get out of here alive. Time was running out and the dam was going to break in soon.

I just closed my eyes waiting until the whole place just rushed in with water until I had an idea. I could always use my claws.

I unleashed my claws and started to hit it at the door trying to make it open somehow until I saw a lock on it that was a bit too small.

I hit my claws on the lock and it broke into two pieces and the door seemed to open by itself. I didn't stop to think about anything, I just squeezed through the door as fast as I could and in about thirty seconds, I came through just entering in another room.

I sighed from tiredness at how many rooms there were in this base that I had to get through, but I just took off running opening each door that was in my way.

I ran and when I reached a green metal door, I pushed it open and stepped outside in the open. I was finally out of that stupid base!

I felt the cold breeze brush against my face. I seemed to miss that cold breeze and the snow from being away from it for so long. I was just so happy to be out of there I practically jumped up and down but I caught myself in time to just focus and find the X-Men before I start getting too happy.

I started running towards the forest not really knowing where the jet was just that I had to get out of here for that maybe the X-Men left without me.

I was so close to the forest until I heard the sound of speeding water behind me. I ran faster and looked behind me to see water rushing towards me that broke through the dam.

My eyes opened wide and I realized this was my end. The water was too close for me to escape in time. Even if I could be faster than others, I couldn't get away.

I ran anyway until the water was right behind me. I shed a tear one last time knowing that less than a second I would be dead, but I didn't feel the water collapse on me.

I stopped running and looked up to see a circle of water around me and a jet. A jet? Where did that—Then I knew it was the X-Men's plane. I recognized it from its color and the style. No other jet looked like that.

I stared at confusion thinking that maybe one of the X-Men was trying to save me from the water killing me. But I was wrong. I looked over to my side and saw Jean with a hand raised towards the water and the other hand raised to the jet and I knew she was doing all this.

She seemed to be having trouble on keeping the water from crushing on her and the jet, but I mostly wondered why her other hand was pointed to the jet. I then knew why. I didn't feel any power running in the jet. It was as if the power ran out, and Jean was trying to make it fly off to safety. But the new feeling I had, it never happened to me before, maybe I was possessing new things with my powers.

I ignored my new discovery and looked back at Jean and she seemed to be tiring out easily by trying to lift the jet off the ground when I decided to help her. I concentrated on the jet trying to make some power run through it until I felt the engine roar to life. I continued to concentrate and when I looked over to Jean, she was staring at me with surprise but she knew I was just trying to help her. I looked back at the jet and saw some of the X-Men looking at me with shock across their faces but I just continued to concentrate and Jean lifted the jet off the ground with me electricity in the controls so the X-Men could fly off safely.

I continued putting in power in the controls until think I put enough energy in the jet that they could reach back at the school safely so I stopped putting more in for that I was also tiring out. I stopped concentrating and looked up at the jet to see they were high up the ground. I looked at Jean and back at the jet to see it fly off without us. I also thought that if I tried getting in the jet to survive, it would take a little long and that would tire Jean out.

I looked over at Jean and I smiled back at her and she smiled back knowing we were both going to die at the same place. I didn't know why we were smiling, maybe just a little goodbye perhaps. Then Jean turned her head to look at the wall of water surrounding us and I saw flame protrude around her. Jean lowered her hand and the entire water surrounding us collapsed on me with such force, I blacked out feeling no pain and that came to be my sad end.

The End

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