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Chapter One

Raven's Science Notes

Monday, 1/12/2004

-Today, we have a guest speaker from someplace or other named Sandy. She's going be here for a week and teach us how and why to be environmentally friendly.

-She says that pizza is an ecosystem. Hmn. Because of bacteria. Never thought of it that way.

-Sandy has an accent. From where, I can't quite place. Hmm. Texas? Not quite, I think. Maybe...

-We're working with partners in an exercise. Great. I sit next to, and thus, will work with Beast Boy. sometimes I just want to hit him over the head with a 2x4. He never answers me. Ticks me off.

-Exercise: pile up cars that answer each question. Some questions may not have answers. How do I do it with Beast Boy if we have different answers?

-Sandy seems ok.

-Starfire is getting cards for both our pairs? Hm. Fine by me. Oh hey look! Beast Boy went up. where is he?

-Oh there he is. He's got the stuff. Wait, only 2 out of three things, he forgot something. Some white thing with writing on it. It says "Energy card Sorter" hn.

-That's a lot of cards. What the world does this card mean?

-What is that in the picture? It looks really gross. Hm.

-Oh. Ew. The card picture was of damaged lungs, extracted and being held by hands using wires.

-In a generator, there are copper wires and a gray circular thing which is a magnet. Magnet spins across the copper wire, thus, electricity.

-Sandy is amusing.

-I thought windmills were good. Apparently they are, but the catch is that it takes up land, and that birds don't like them, which isn't that bad excepting they keep flying into them.

-Windmills are environmentally friendly but still impact the environment.

-Egh. The the lungs in the picture were human and damaged by coal. And they were non-smokers- a smoker's lungs damaged by coal would have been even worse.

-Coal, in the US is the most damaging and deadly source of energy. But we that live near water usually use dams, so that's good.

-Can use the sun and uranium to make electricity, as well as natural geysers- they do that in Iceland I think.

-Hydrogen cells to make electricity. What is that? I should look it up.

-Hey, I was right about the clothing thing- save electricity by wearing warmer clothes instead of using the heater. Cool.

-We have to shuffle the cards- "don't make it easy for the next class"

-Okay... Beast Boy is actually funny for once. ("I'm a waiter") –snort-

-"We are almost there" we're almost where? Hmm. Am I supposed to know that?

-I think that I am not retaining all the information being given because of these notes. I should stop. But it is amusing.

-We have to dig through our garbage to answer a question on worksheet # 1 for homework. Won't that be fun.

-Ok, stopping now.

-Oh! Robin has the white material in his hair known as the "dandruff" I believe?

-Starfire, why are you writing in my notes?


-Hmn. Well, homework is to do both sides of the green worksheet. That's all for now.

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