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Chapter 2

Raven's science notes

Tuesday, 1/13/2004

-Sandy is back again. She is looking for the sleepiest person to answer "what is an ecosystem?" she is amusing.

-She picked Robin to answer the question. Robin probably only looks sleepy because he's staring at Starfire. It's either that or he's planning out his next insult to Slade.

-An ecosystem is living and nonliving things working together to form a unique environment.

-I think sandy is from Texas from her accent.

-Sandy is analyzing things she sees- Robin's shirt, Starfire's calculator (Star's beaming, and Robin is looking all pleased. Probably because Starfire is beaming and over the calculator he got her. Can they be any more obvious? It's embarrassing), Cy's shoes (he looks embarrassed)

-We should recycle paper, compost organics-

-....oooooookay. pictures of overfull garbage cans, carted to landfills, colossal amounts of garbage, and millions of seagulls.

-"leechate" (sp?)- oozy stuff that gets collected from garbage by pipes under the landfill. Do we need to know that?

-Robin looks weird without his mask (they were worried it would "impair his vision")

-Yes, he does look weird. Just noticed.

-Why did I bring my mirror to class? You are distracting me.

-You wanted to monitor us. Wouldn't want us to get out of hand with Beast Boy sitting next to you now would you...

-Shut up? where is he anyways?

-In the bathroom, I think. Hey, you should visit tonight.

-Beast Boy? why would I want to visit him?

-Not Beast Boy! US!!! (makes faces)

-I know. I was being sarcastic because you know that I meditate regularly. What would happen if I did visit him though?

-He'd die from shock. Murderer!!!

-Huh. Maybe I will then.

-It takes 14 sq feet of cotton (in the field) to make a single T-shirt.

-New activity- "my favorite thing"

-Beast Boy and Cyborg are bickering.

-Cyborg just wrote "cy was here" all over BB's worksheet

-BB: dude!! How am I supposed to turn it in now??!! stop!! (scribbles over the 'cy was here' 's)

-He better not write on mine.

-Cy: (steals BB's pencil) ha!

-BB: DUDE!!!! I need that!!!!

-Cy: I'll give it back to you later. (takes my calculator)

-That was not cool. And not a smart move. Me: (death glare)

-Cy: (nervously gives it back)

-BB: not fair!!! give it baaaaack!!!

-Cy and BB: continue their pointless arguing

-Sandy is going to use my board as an example for the next class.

-You're pleased, aren't you? Admit it.

-didn't I mention shut up?

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