This grew out of a discussion I had with Prof. Wayzegoose (yes, him) on Stupid Things Megatron Has Done To Get Energy. It's fun explaining the transformers to him, since he's the only one I can have a natter about Tf technology with (even if he does go all technological-man on me, it's still fun. And I can confuse him with the differences between Coneheads and Seekers. ;) ) He listed off different natural energy sources to me, and I sat there going "Yep. Yep. Done that. Kindof did that..." etc., until he came up with this crazy idea which, strangely enough, I agreed could work (once he'd explained it to me...) So, kudos and thanks to my collaborator and culprit-in-cheif, the Prof. This bunny probably won't be updated as regularly as Meetings, cos the other one's on the homeward stretch now believe it or not, but here's the little intro.

And yes, I may stretch the evidence from the 'toon, but i can't stand Spike anyway. ;)


Chapter 1: Bromeliad

Cosmos spun cheerily out of Earth's orbit. Bored, bored, boring... all he'd been doing for the past few weeks was the odd half-hearted sweep through the lower atmosphere. There had been no Decepticon activity up here for months, all the 'Cons having been raiding various human facilities now and again, and he was sick of being stuck planetside. The chirpy shuttle may not be as temperamental as the other fliers, but he was built for deep space and wide, open skies. After a while the blue stretch of Earthen sky just didn't feel big enough anymore, so he'd asked for some leave and dove up into the night sky as soon as it'd been granted.

Now this is more like it, he thought to himself. The Earth may be pretty, but nothing beats the view from out here.

Humming happily to himself, an Earthman habit he'd picked up and unintentionally but intensely annoyed Prime with over the past few weeks, he skimmed cheerily out of Earth's gravity and turned his sensors to admire the scenery.

"Wow, Cosmos," came a voice. "That's some view, huh?"

"That's just what I was thinking, Spike" the ship replied. "You've sure got a pretty planet."

"Yeah," the human murmured, crossing his arms and looking out of a nearby porthole. "It's a shame Bumblebee didn't wanna come." The boy absently wondered why, when he'd enthusiastically mentioned the spaceflight with Cosmos, Bumblebee had looked first hurt, then uncomfortable, then finally muttered something about having something else he 'had to do.' Only for a moment, then Spike forgot about it - rather like the mountain-top drive he had promised to go on with Bumblebee and promptly forgotten about the moment he'd heard Cosmos was going into space that day.

Blithely ignorant of his friend's hurt feelings and fears of being dropped for a more 'cool' model, Spike stared out into the serene beauty of eternal night and gazed at the graceful unfurling of golden dawn across the flower of the solar system's lonely garden.

" 'S nice, huh Cosmos?"


The pair gazed in silence for a moment, admiring the worldwide sunrise, until a sharp blip jumped onto Cosmos' sensors and disrupted the wide-eyed wondering.

"Hey, what's that?" Spike asked, running the short distance over to Cosmos' sensor panel to stare at the flashing warning light.

"I'm picking up an unusually high concentration of infra-red over there..."

Cosmos concentrated. "Wow. Make that a really high concentration - it's almost like a laser beam it's so strong..."

"Ah, it's probably a satellite or something. You weren't picking up anything before, were you?"

"Well, no, that's the unusual part. Satellites don't use infra-red..." As Cosmos twirled off towards the anomaly, helpfully giving Spike an expert's detailed, intricate explanation of just why using infra-red for a satellite project was a bad idea and how they actually worked, the human slouched in a chair and moodily wished Bumblebee was here so he didn't feel quite so stupid on his own. Bumblebee always made him look better.

(Unknown to Spike, like many things, this was because the Autobots were collectively either too kind -like Optimus - or too patronising to tell the boy when he was stating the obvious or just generally being a nuisance and getting in the way. Bumblebee, who genuinely liked the little twerp, hung around and took the brunt of any mishaps Spike made to keep him out of trouble and/or danger when he ran into Decepticon traps through overconfidence or sheer naivety. To the constant surprise of many Autobots, this setup seemed to work and resulted in Spike somehow actually helping the Autobot cause by some bizarre twist of fate. Sadly, this often meant Bumblebee sacrificing either his safety or his dignity, and had resulted in Spike getting a rather swollen head and becoming irritable when the yellow 'beetle regained some of his battered credibility. It also resulted in the more snide members of the Autobots calling the human 'Bumblebee's science project.')

Blissfully unaware of this, Spike paid no attention to the happy little spacecraft as they weaved across the heavens towards the beam. When they got closer, Cosmos finished the calculations he'd been working through as he chatted at Spike, and sailed towards where he'd determined the source was coming from.

Cosmos had expected the beam to be coming from deep space, so he headed towards the streak of infra-red on a calculated incline that took him far out of the immediate vicinity of Earth. To his surprise, the beam stopped only a short distance from the outer reaches of the planet's upper atmosphere - he overshot it completely and turned round to try and work out what exactly was going on.

There, revealed before him, lay a space station - with a sickeningly familiar symbol stamped proudly on the side.

"Decepticons!" Spike yelped, coming out of his strop so fast it was almost comical. "Cosmos, we gotta do something!"

"Right!" The spaceship cruised carefully towards the station. He saw a strange box that looked like some sort of receiver attached to the back, and just had enough time to briefly wonder what, exactly, it could be receiving, before a barrage of laser blasts came flying at him from the station's defences.

With a yowl of protest Cosmos hurtled into a steep dive before throwing himself forward and right, ducking the explosions but accidentally zooming under the station's belly and coming out right in front of it. If Cosmos had had the leisure or presence of mind, he would have noticed the projector at the nose of the station and realised that it was receiving an image of space from the box behind them and projecting it forward, masking the entire contraption. Right now, though, he was a little too frazzled to be impressed. Weaving like an amateur boxer he dodged flares of violet from the mounted guns, and realised with dismay that most of the station's weaponry pointed Earthward. Including some nasty-looking cannons.

"Hang on Spike!" he yelled over the noise of the guns already blazing. "It's going to be a bumpy ride!"

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