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Author's Notes: Here's my fanfiction about Captain. Sorry it so long Charon. I'll tell you why later. Also, this story will be done in first person perspective but I will not tell you who is talking. So enjoy the story and review.


"(Yawn), sounds like Nana's awake."


"I'd better g-"

"Nah I'll take care of it dear."

"You sure?"

"Yeah... don't worry about Keiko." Well, I better go get Nana. Before I left though, I gave my wife a good night kiss. Hey, I gotta show her that I love her-


Damn! What lungs! Oh well, at least I know she's healthy in that respect. Huh? What's that sound? Footsteps?

"Keiko don't worry I said I'll-"


Oh, it's Shute...my son, always trying to help. He's such a good boy.

"Go to sleep kiddo. I'll take care of Nana tonight"

"Oh, okay. Goo'night." And with that, Shute walked, somewhat groggily, back to bed. Yep, it's just Nana and me now. Well, I better go out to the balcony, again.

"It's so nice here; isn't it Nana?" Yeah, it is. I've always liked nighttime; it's cooler and the scenery, like the forest behind our house, looks so much better at night. However, this isn't the whole reason behind me going to balcony. You see, the door leading to the patio is soundproof...

"Guess what Nana, it's story time!"


Aww...how cute. I start pacing back and forth, gently rocking Nana...hm, the floor is wet. Did it rain last night? Glad I wore my slippers. I wonder what time it is? Too bad there's no clock around here. Oh well, doesn't matter-hmm? I must have been tired tonight; I had a watch on me and didn't realize 'till now! 12:05? Hey, that's the same as last time. Nana, I think you like my stories. That's good; I someone to talk to or I would probably go crazy. Anyway...

"Hey Nana, did you ever learn something about someone that you really didn't want to? It rather uncomfortable isn't it? The thought you carry; it just stays there..." at this point I stop, think about what I just said, and look at Nana. Hm... seconds later, I continue.

"I thought I knew everything about Captain. I mean; he seems like a pretty simple mecha. But, after watching him and Shute; I am beginning... to doubt that. As Chief Haro, I have to be thorough with every problem with SDG, especially since all of our technicians and engineers, including Kao Lyn, are working on the Gundamusai. So I made our entire Gundam team take a physical. But I noticed a problem. Captain's exams came back today and I still remember the briefing we had earlier in my office...

'Captain, your results came back today-' I had whistled him in a few minutes after I saw his results. My office wouldn't really impress you Nana, it basically looks like a waiting room for a hospital: except smaller with five chairs and my desk. No pictures or other personal stuff. After all, I don't wear that mask because it's cute-but, I'll tell you a secret Nana...I have drawer that contains a locked blue box with many, many photos of you, Shute, and Keiko. Anyway, I've only had this job since Captain was a young teenager...I'm too tired to remember how old he is now but, in all that time, He would always sit in the middle. Not the first, second, forth, or the fifth...but the third chair. The Chief before me said the same thing...hm, different. He looked so happy and cheerful; like this was the happiest day to him. I...sure rained on his parade. Because after saw his results; I-uh...I was surprised! I think he was with Shute, probably showing him around...cute. Anyway-

'Yes Sir, Chief.'

'And, I have noticed something,'


'Your results were much, much lower than your pervious exams. In fact, they are lower than all of the other Gundams' scores. Your results are lowest of all the Gundams of the Gundam Force. What is the meaning of this?! You are usu-Tch, were usually better than this!'

'...I-I don't know, sir.'

'Captain...It seems to me, well... you are becoming complacent.'

'But sir I hav-'

'Silence!' I hate to raise my voice but Captain knows better than to interrupt me! Anyway, after I silenced him; I continued. 'Captain, do you know what will happen because of your complacency?! Shute. Will. Get. Hurt! Or worse, d-' I stopped myself there because, I just couldn't think about... that, happening to Shute. Not now; not ever. And you shouldn't hear about it Nana. Anyway, Captain said something like-

'No Sir! I will protect Shute with my life! I promise you that!!' Now that I think about it Nana, I really must've upset him. Because, when I looked in his eyes, he-I just never saw that look before. But, the key word is now because earlier I was too busy angry with Captain for yelling, not talking, back to me. Underneath this rather, calm-looking father figure; I'm very reactive after all. Also, yelling, not talking, back is something a lower ranking officer shouldn't do.

'Well, how can expect that when you almost fail your physicals! In fact, in your speed exam, your score is so much lower than your original scores it is ridiculous! It only takes one time, Captain. One. Maybe, I should tell Shute to stay away. After all, I seems you-'

'What?! No!!! Please sir, it is not my fault! I activate every day at 5:30am like I am supposed to and, while my scores now are not superior to my original exam, Sir I will get better...please, don't tell Shute to stay away.' More shouting. Why is he so upset?

'Quiet, if you really care for the boy, yo-'"


"Shh. Shh. Hush now, please?" I said while gently rocking her back and forth. Did that help?



"What wrong baby? Shh, shh, shh. Was I too mean to Captain? Is that it?" Please, let that be it! She stopped...yeah that was it. It's always it. "I get nicer to Captain, Nana, I promise. After that, I calmed down and realized Captain voice was a bit deeper and little sluggish. He probably used a lot of his memory and probably was experiencing a bit of slowdown. Same thing happened to Guneagle. So I scheduled an appointment later today at 3:30 in the afternoon, with one of our technicians to give him a full system check and sent him on his way.

Maybe...I am too hard on Captain, Nana. He did look nervous when he left. But I have to be. Shute may be the only one who can bring the Soul Drive to life but he's my son. Any caring parent would be that way." No... Any caring parent would not their child do this in the first place.

"What have I gotten Shute into, Nana?" I stop pacing back and forth to look at Nana. She's asleep. As I walk back to my house from the damp patio, I realize why Captain was so upset. In my zeal of telling my story I realize I had said 'Maybe, I should tell Shute to stay away'. What I had meant to say was 'Maybe, I should tell Shute to stay away for a while.' Captain probably thought I was taking Shute forever. That's why he's so upset. Oh, smooth move Mark.

Also I've realized something else...my keys are inside and the door is locked.


To be continued.