Author's Note: After getting my last story deleted off , I decided to write this one. I'm currently in Yugoslavia, enjoying my holiday, but this plot had been nagging my head for such a long time that I HAD to write it. You know the gist: none of the characters belong to me but to the BCC series directed by Croft and some more. Hope you enjoy reading- it is rated PG-13 for a reason.

Colonel Von Strohm sat in his office, accompanied with none other than his lackeys Lieutenant Gruber and Private Helga. They were occupied by a discussion concerning the famous Fallen Madonna painting by Van Clomp.

'I'm sure Rene has it, Colonel,' Gruber was leaning over the table and speaking in a hushed voice- who knew which bug Herr lick had planted in the room could be listening in on their conversation, 'I'll ask him as soon as possible about it.'

The colonel looked up at the young lieutenant with suspicious piggy eyes, 'I certainly hope so. The war's coming to an end, and we don't want to have no painting. Remember to come golfing so as to discuss er..... "matters" with General Von Klinkerhoffen.'

Gruber nodded in silent understanding, while Helga looked at them confusedly. She didn't know that the General, Colonel and Lieutenant were planning to blow up Hitler, and were going to leave to Berlin today.

'You better go now and ask Rene about them,' Colonel Von Strohm told Gruber.

The Lieutenant just nodded and left the room, leaving the Colonel and Helga alone. The Colonel looked around as if to see anyone is listening, and then signaled Helga to come closer. She obeyed, and leaned over.

'Between you and me, Helga, I must ask you to do me a favor,' the Colonel looked a bit uncomfortable.

'And what favor is that?' Helga asked curiously.

The Colonel drew in a deep breath, 'I've noticed Lieutenant Gruber leaving his room every night for the past week at 9:15 sharp. He comes back an hour later, but I also notice that he is tired.'

Helga frowned at this information. Something was definitely suspicious with this behavior.

'I want you to follow him tonight to see where he's going,' the older man said sternly, 'who knows, maybe he's spying.'

'Colonel!' Helga gasped in amazement, 'We have perfectly known Lieutenant Gruber for the past years of war! He surely wouldn't do something like this!'

The Colonel just raised an eyebrow, 'You remember what happened with Hans, Helga? The British brainwashed him and Poof! He's now working for them. I won't be surprised if they did that to Gruber.'

Helga nodded, 'Alright, tonight I'll follow him. But I thought that you had to go to Berlin or something like that.'

The Colonel looked up at her in suspicion, 'How do you know about that?'

Finding herself in a trap, Helga tried to wriggle her way out, 'Well, the General told me about that.'

Still looking at her suspiciously, he said, 'Fine. But I still don't understand why the General would tell you this......'


Night had finally fallen. Obviously the plan to go to Berlin and to blow up Hitler (as Helga had later found out while spying with Herr Flick) didn't work. It ended up with Herr Flick being blown up by the forgery in the train station's public toilet. Gruber and Von Strohm had tried to escape dressed up in disguises on the café's fishmonger float, but were of course discovered by General Von Klinkerhoffen.

The last thing she found out was that the Allies are approaching the coast on ships.

Indeed, tonight will be a restless night.

Helga looked up at the clock in her bedroom. Nine o'clock. Only fifteen more minutes to wait. Better go out in the hallway and wait. She got up from the bed and grabbing an ordinary soldier's coat (so she wouldn't be recognized) went outside.

She walked down the hallway that was almost empty. Almost.

There was that annoying servant girl, Veronique, that was more or less loyal to serving her main employer who none other than Lieutenant Gruber himself. Her bright brown eyes spotted Helga.

'Do you need any help, Fraulein Gerhardt?' the girl squeaked in respect.

'Nothing that I need at the moment, peasant,' Helga sneered at poor Veronique,' and that's Private to you, not Fraulein.'

'My apologies!' Veronique shaking, turned away, and practically fled down the hall.

Helga rolled her eyes as she saw the servant run away. She was the terror of all servants in the Chateau, one wonders why. Helga checked her watch.

It was now 9:15. Excellent, just in time. Helga rushed over and hid herself behind a pillar that was not far away from the Lieutenant's bedroom. The bedroom door opened and the Lieutenant sneaked out, very quietly. He then went down the stairs.

Helga followed him at a safe distance. He went out in the street, and seemed to be heading towards the barracks. Helga had a sneaking suspicion to what he was doing.

Underneath the lamplight, there was already a soldier waiting, alone. Gruber quickened his steps, and Helga had to keep up with his pace.

Once the soldier spotted Gruber, his expression brightened, 'Lieutenant! I didn't know you would come!'

Gruber slowed his pace, and seemed to be walking.....seductively?

'Oh, how could I miss my favorite soldier?' He asked in his soft, playful voice that Helga knew only too well.

The soldier leaned in to kiss the taller Lieutenant, the two oblivious to their surroundings. Gruber returned the kiss, hugging the soldier back. Helga smirked in the shadows. So that's what our favorite Lieutenant was doing: being a tart with soldiers from the barracks! This opportunity was too good to miss.

'What makes you think that you're alone?' Helga suddenly spoke up from the shadows.

The two sprung away from each other as if they were stung, and stared at Helga in unpleasant surprise. The young soldier looked at the Lieutenant in insecurity, while Gruber signaled him to leave. As the soldier ran off, Gruber turned to Helga, his expression cold.

'So,' he said emotionlessly, but his voice quivered in fear, 'you have discovered us.'

Helga gave an evil smile,'You will be in great trouble.'

'You leave him out of this!' Gruber suddenly snapped in defense,' It was my fault, I lead him into this!'

Helga gave a laugh, 'Oh, the noble Lieutenant Gruber, always protecting the one he loves. You're handsome- it's a shame that it will be wasted in the tortures of the camps of your kind. You should have worn the pink triangle: the punishment would have been lighter on you.'

Gruber paled when she mentioned the camps where many homosexuals are sent. They were awful: he heard that they set dogs on men there to have their privates ripped out. The prisoners slept in very cold cells where most of them got pneumonia and died. Humiliating the prisoners was no exception. At the beginning of Hitler's regime, homosexuals were given pink triangles to wear on their sleeves, just as the Jews were made to wear David's star. Hubert had gotten rid of his pink triangle as soon as possible, but Herr Flick always stood there as a threat.

'The Colonel won't believe you,' Gruber croaked, his throat dry.

'He was the one who sent me,' Helga sated simply.

Gruber looked up at her imploringly,' Helga, I would do anything. Anything!'

An idea struck Helga's mind. She remembered all the times he behaved in a sexist way to her, trying to bring her down and humiliating her. Gruber behaved as if he was disgusted by the way men could sleep with a woman like her. Helga swore revenge- wasn't this the perfect time?

Perhaps she would bring him down a peg or two: after all, she needed to show him how men could sleep with her.......

'Yes, perhaps you could do something for me......' Helga said coyly, the revenge germinating him her head.

Author's Note: I think you guessed what Helga would want Gruber to do. It won't be nice. There's angst and PG-13 in the next chapter. I hope you have enjoyed this rather short chapter. Please review, if you're kind enough!