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Gruber and the Colonel immediately went onto tying the Colonel's long underwear, when General Von Klinkerhoffen suddenly burst in, carrying a machine gun.

'No one is to surrender unless I say so!' He had barked out the order, also adding that he had put a guard in front of the door to prevent the Colonel and Lieutenant from leaving.

When the General left, the Lieuteant just simply helped the Colonel tie the long underwear together, letting them slip out through the balcony, using the material as a rope. They then immediately headed for the café.

It was only to their shock and surprise to find out that Rene himself was working for the Resistance (they eavesdropped on him while he radioed London) but this didn't stop them from surrendering to the British airmen. However, they found the use to grab the airmens' clothes and disguise themselves as Brits, when unfortunately General Von Klinkerhoffen blew their cover. All the Germans were immediately sent to the town jail.

So much for a simple escape plan, isn't it?

(Author's Note: Yes, I generally repeated what was originally in the series, so as for you not to get confused. The rest of this is my version.)


The Germans were all shoved into one cell by the Allies. Even if the cell was large enough to withhold all of them, the densely packed space was enough to make anyone claustrophobic.

'Well, that's it with the war. Seven long years.....finished,' Sighed the General.

'How Uncle Heiney would be furious!' Hissed Herr Flick, referring about his notorious Godfather Heinrich Himmler.

'Himmler is gone or captured by the Allies!' Barked the General, 'The war's finished and we lost.'

'You shall be finished off by the Allies!' Snarled the Senior Gestapo Officer, 'I heard that the British are very keen on hanging people like you!'

'Colonel Von Strohm!' Roared the now furious General, 'Won't you stand up for me?'

Realizing his job, Colonel Von Strohm joined the General's side,' Herr Flick, you too shall be put on trial. You are a Gestapo officer, and the Godson of Himmler at that.'

'Mind your own business!' Jumped into the quarrel Von Smallhousen, defending his senior,' You shall pay too!'

Amidst all this quarrel, Helga groaned silently and leaned her head against the wall as support. She suddenly wasn't feeling very well.....

Gruber was looking around for a way to avoid this attack from getting heavy, but then he spotted Helga. He couldn't stop flinching every time he saw her - especially since what happened last night - but with a pang of curiosity wondered what's going on with her. Usually she would join such a heated argument, but now she just wished for it to stop.

'Keep it down, you dogs!' Barked an English officer that just came in. He said it in very bad German, obviously not having much experience with it,' Keep it down, or you shall face a greater sentence on your trial!'

Everyone went silent. Then the Officer looked to a corner.

'What is the matter with her?' He asked.

Everybody turned to Helga, noticing her for the first time. She had crouched down, and looked as if she was seriously not feeling well. The officer called in a guard and told him to get the local doctor.

'Come on,' the Officer came to Helga and pulled her up,' let's go to check you up.'

She reluctantly got on her feet. Everybody hoped that she was feigning it to try to escape. But she wasn't. Helga just trudged slowly after him, with a slightly lowered head as if she was dizzy.

As she went out, the door shut behind her and locked itself, leaving the men alone. Colonel Von Strohm turned to Lieutenant Gruber.

'What do you think is wrong with her?' He asked in confusion.

Gruber just shrugged, but he was fearing the worst.


Time has passed in this cell. Everybody had gone quiet and were not talking to each other. The General and Colonel sat on the wooden bench, as Herr Flick, Von Smallhousen and Lieutenant Gruber sat on the floor.

Hubert Gruber remembered his last moments of René. How they were painful...... though he never said them.

'Put in a good word for me,' those were the last words Hubert had said, as he held René's hand. Hubert looked up imploring at René, hoping for the bartender to understand how he meant much to Hubert, and that they probably wouldn't see each other again. In a way, Hubert Gruber asked forgiveness to what happened last night. Hubert always had a strange notion to be faithful to René, even if the bartender probably didn't even care for the heartsick Lieutenant.

Tears were about to spring in the Lieutenant's eyes, when he quickly wiped them off. With this movement, Hubert surprised himself: he never hid his tears or true feelings.....until now. It was just too painful to think about the love of his life that he lost now. Nobody would understand that.

Suddenly, the door opened. In was pushed Helga, with the British Officer close behind her. He looked rather grim.

'Well,' he said in a rather grim voice,' it seems that your Private is none other than pregnant for the last few hours.'

'What?!' Gasped the entire room in shock. Everybody started talking.

When the Guard closed the door leaving them, Helga made eye contact with the Lieutenant. Her eyes shone strangely, while his were in shock, a shock that he would never accept.

'No.....' He whispered, 'It can't be....'

It was only for one night! His mind screamed. I only slept with her for one night!

'Who is the father?' Herr Flick hissed coldly, threateningly, 'I haven't slept with you for some time. You have deceived me!'

He grabbed her arm with a steely grip. Helga pulled hers away from him.

'Let me go!' She whimpered in pain.

In a flash, Herr Flick struck her. It caused an uproar. But the one person who was against it and stepped out in front of her was another shock to everyone.

'Leave her alone!' Lieutenant Gruber cried out, guarding Helga.

Everyone was silent. There was a pregnant pause (Author's note: Pun may be intended!).

Herr Flick looked icily at the Lieutenant, face to face, 'Fine.'

With that, he settled down on the floor in his usual brooding manner. Taking a deep breath, Gruber turned to his blackmailer that he just protected.

'Are you alright?' He asked quietly.

Helga nodded, but looked at him in question, 'Why? Why are you on my side?'

Gruber just sighed sadly,' Because it was the way I was brought up.'

After that, no words were said.


'You are free to leave,' the Guard pointed towards the Lieutenant, the Private and the Colonel.

The three breathed out in relief. But the General wasn't satisfied, 'What about the rest of us?'

'The Committee didn't decide for you to be released. You shall face the trial,' answered the Guard coolly.

Just as Gruber was about to go out, a hand grabbed his. He turned around, and once again found himself face to face with Herr Flick.

'Herr Gruber, take care of her,' the former Gestapo officer said, releasing his hand.

Hubert found himself nodding, and being led out of prison. One statement hung around in his mind.

He knows! He mind yelled. Herr Flick figured it out about Helga and me!

It was the first and the last time Herr Flick showed any true concern for anyone.

The trio found themselves outside in the Town Square, with only their suitcases as package to carry with themselves. The Colonel turned to Gruber and Helga.

'Erm...... what is our destination?' He asked.

'I was wondering if we go to Spain, then into South America, but am now not so quite sure,' Hubert Gruber answered thoughtfully.

Helga looked sharply at him,' "We"?'

Gruber nodded, 'I think it is best for us not to get separated.'

There was a silence before Colonel spoke up,' Even if it is in a state of crisis, I think we should return back to Germany. We have, after all, been pardoned.'

The other two agreed quietly, and they all sat down on the bench to wait for the bus to take them to the train station for the transportation to Germany. As they waited, Gruber threw one last glance at Café René. A lump formed in his throat as he remembered the first time they met five years ago. Those were the times he shall never forget.

The bus had come. As the trio went upon it, Gruber still had his eyes fixed upon the Café, wishing to see René at least one more time.

Goodbye Nouvion, Gruber thought sadly. Goodbye France. Goodbye René, my love.

The bus went off into the distance, carrying the occupants to their fate back in their Fatherland.


'Amazing! You have already reached the newspapers!' Ex-Colonel exclaimed, holding the Berlin newspapers.

Two weeks had passed since they left France, and the three were now living in a modest three-bedroom apartment (Author's Note: Yes, they did have apartments in those times. It's the 20th century!).

Von Strohm and Hubert Gruber had employed themselves as art dealers (Helga does help in their job, only aside) and in only two weeks, Herr Gruber had become a rather successful businessman - quite a record in those times. He was know in all of Berlin as the only man who could strike such deals that no one can deny.

Gruber took the newspapers from the older man, and looked at them in amazement and pride, 'Why, I can't believe it!'

Helga nodded, smiling, 'It's true. Congratulations!'

Then suddenly her expression changed to worry. She looked up at the ex-Lieutenant and whispered, 'Hubert, can I speak to you in private?'

Gruber nodded, since it was quite normal now to call each other in the first name basis. He followed her to her private room. He closed the door behind them, and stood to listen to her.

'Hubert, you know that I'm..... with your child,' she began uneasily.

When he nodded, Helga continued,' Well, you can't expect me now to get rid of it-'

'What?! Helga, what are you saying?' Exclaimed Hubert in shock, 'It's illegal!'

Helga gave a sad laugh,' You can imagine what women do nowadays just to save face.'

Hubert looked at her in worry, 'What are you aiming at?'

Helga took a deep breath,' I want you to marry me,' when Hubert was about to protest, she threatened,' or I shall tell the newspapers that the eminent Herr Gruber will have an illegitimate child in nine months!'

Gruber stared at her in disbelief. 'Of all my deals that I can create, I cannot get out of your blackmailing,' he said bitterly.

'The more reason for us to be together,' Helga smirked,' you met your match.'

But Gruber didn't say anything. He just sunk down in a chair in depression. Helga noticed that, and for the first time, felt sorry for him.

'I really hurt you, didn't I?' She suddenly said in understanding,' I aimed to hurt you morally, but instead scarred you mentally.'

'More than you can imagine,' he whispered,' I still remember your touches, your kisses, your skin......' he trailed off in self-disgust.

Helga kneeled down next to him,' I'm truly sorry. But even now after this.... Mistake was done, we cannot escape from it. This could even harm or improve your career if you make a choice.'

Gruber seemed to think about it for a while. He looked at her,' Somehow, to you I can never say no.'

With that, he got up, and opened the door.

'There is another reason for celebration!' He told Von Strohm,' Helga and I are getting married!'

The ex- Colonel's face burst into amazement, but then extended into a wide grin,' Congratulations once more! When is the date?'

Gruber looked at Helga, a fierce determination glowing in his face for the first time, 'As soon as possible.'

Helga looked up at him and gave a small smile. This marriage will be more of a competition than she thought. She looked down at her now flat stomach. This child will be a witness and a rope that shall bind her and Hubert together..... forever.


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