The Beach House
Chapter Sixteen: Epilogue
By: OhJoy

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Six Years Later...

The reception area was breathtaking. Sesshomaru would only have the best for his daughter's wedding. He rented the beachside terrace of a five star hotel in Santa Monica. "They call this a terrace? It's more like half an acre." To the north you can see the ferris wheel on the pier. To the south, beautiful Palos Verdes peninsula. And to the west, the glorious summer sun beginning its slow descent into the Pacific. His daughter was a vision in the Vera Wang white gown. He shrugged. He had to admit that Shippou looked quite dapper in his Armani tuxedo.

All her friends came for the special occasion. Sango and Miroku were the first to move out of the Beach House. About a year after they became an official couple, Miroku dropped on one knee and proposed to her. They bought a modest three bedroom home in Silver Lake. They were married eight months later. Both are proud parents of two remarkable children. Their son, Sumitomo, just turned three. Their daughter, Midori, is a plump eleven months and just started to walk.

Ayame and Kouga were recently engaged. He proposed to her at her birthday party about a month ago, witnessed by all. Of course, since she said yes, he had to celebrate by taking her on a three-week vacation on Maui. They were bronzed by the sun and glowed with their love.

Eri and Houjo had broken up and made up at least a few dozen times. At the moment, they're broken up but are on friendly terms. Arimi and Hiten only had that one night, neither caring to pursue a relationship. They remain close friends and arrived together.

Kagome sighed and awkwardly plopped down on a chair. Her feet hurt. They were swollen and she hadn't really been standing for very long. InuYasha saw her from the bar. He excused himself from a conversation with his half-brother and maneuvered through the crowd to comfort his wife of over two years.

"Love," he murmured. Their eyes caught in a loving gaze. He bent down and began massaging her ankles. "How're you holding up? Would you like to go?"

She sighed. "Mmm... thanks, that feels good. No, I want to stay. I just need to take it easy." She rubbed her swollen belly. "I'm so ready for this puppy to come out!"

"Me too," he stroked her cheek sweetly. "Soon. The doctor said anytime between now and the first week of next month. You are going to be an outstanding mother."

On the dance floor, Shippou held his new wife in his arms. "This is the perfect day!" He exclaimed as he kissed her cheek.

"Mmm... yeah... I love you, Shippou," she replied, her eyes shone brightly.

"I love you, Sunshine. Today and everyday."

The steel drum band stopped playing, a woman came to a microphone, and announced, "Hey, everyone! The sun is setting!"

All conversations and even laughter subsided as everyone turned towards the sun to watch the last few rays as it sunk into the ocean. Hotel staff, in the background, began lighting candles. Tiki torches were placed at the perimeter of the terrace. Heat lamps were turned on low. Twilight fell on the friends and family. A blanket of love warmed them all.

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