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A/N: This is totally a/u. Mamoru is a gang leader, Usagi is a cop, and her partner's older brother was killed by Mamoru. Jennifer, Usagi's partner, has gotten a number of people shot in her efforts to take down Mamoru and his gang. Any cost to take down the one who killed her big bro, it all means nothing to her. He was also a cop. He was the one that kept her going. She lived for her brother and her job. Thus the grudge (which is a serious understatement) towards Mamoru. Now that you know the background story, on with the fic!

"Mamoru, sir!" Takeo said.

"Didn't I tell you NEVER TO USE MY NAME!?" Mamoru Chiba said to his second in command. Mamoru was the gang leader of the most powerful gang in NYC. They stole, they fought in gang fights, but, so far, Mamoru was the only one who had ever killed.

"sorry, sir," Takeo replied, shaking in fear.

"scaredy-cat wimp. Only reason you're here is because you're useful," Mamoru said. "I'll let you live. This time."

"I wanted to tell you… The cops found us. We're surrounded," Takeo said nervously.

"SHIT! I thought you said they wouldn't find us here!" Mamoru yelled.

"Mamoru Chiba! Come out with your hands up!" a cop named Jennifer said into a megaphone.

"Jen, please, don't get anybody shot this time," Akoto, another cop said.

Mamoru walked out, hands in the air, guns in his hands. The rest of the gang followed, each with one or two guns in their hands, hands in the air. They all brought their weapons to shooting level, and were prepared to fire on his signal. Just as he was about to say 'now!', he saw her. She had long blond hair and light blue eyes, and was prepared to shoot if necessary.

"Sir! Should we fire?" Takeo said.

"No. Not yet."