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Mamoru stared in shock at the sight of the beautiful blond cop saying she quit, and walking over to him. No way a hot girl like her could like me? But I might at least have a chance, he thought.

"Hey. I think you know who I am, but I don't know your name," Mamoru said.

"Usagi Tsukino," she said.

"well, look at dat. Boss is blushin'," one of the gang members said.

"Shut up, you idiot. It's just… uh… sunburn, yeah, uh it's sunburn," another gang member said. "Boss would neva' love a girl for real. Ain't dat right, Boss?"

"Not necessarily. It's actually possible, although he said he'd never love again after he was betrayed by Daitasa," Takeo said.


"Daitasa, you little bitch! You told me you loved me and you betrayed me!" Mamoru screamed, prepared to fire on Daitasa, despite the fact that he was shaking in anger and from the fact that he still loved her a little. "How could you, dammit? How?" He whispered the last part, knowing she could still hear him. He fired a single shot at the woman he once loved, killing her instantly.

(end Flashback)

"I thought I couldn't love or trust anyone after that. I loved her and she betrayed me. But I'm over it, over her, now," Mamoru said. "And I think I can trust you not to do the same, Usagi. If you love me back, that is."

"Of course I do, Mamoru. Why else would I quit being a cop to join you? I love you, Mamoru Chiba. And I always will. All you cops, shoot if you like! I know that I can't be hurt with Mamoru here!" Usagi said.