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A/N: Ever wonder what would have happened if the Negaverse never attacked in the previous life, and Prince Endymion never became Mamoru, and Princess Serenity never became Usagi? I'm sure everyone has, at some point or another. This is my take on it. This is an a/u, of course. Don't expect it to fit your views. Oh, and if you're under 13... You might not want to read this. Or if you don't like to read stuff with slight swearing (and maybe some other stuff (my mom's gonna kill me for writing this)) in it. Ok, on with the fic!

"Endymion! Your girlfriend's here!" Endymion's little cousin, Daeako, said.

"Let her in!" Endymion said. Dad's gonna kill me if he sees her, but it's too late to change everything we've done.

"And who might you be?" Endymion's father said to Princess Serenity.

"Endymion's girlfriend," she replied.

"And where are you from? You look awfully familiar to me," Endymion's father continued.

"Ok, if you're going to be that way… I am Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom, and I wish to see Endymion," Serenity replied.

"What for?"

"as I said, I'm his girlfriend," she restated.

"Not for long, if I can help it."

"There's not much you can do," she said.

"Oh, really? I can forbid him to see you."

"Won't work, we'd just meet in secret."

"I could lock him up until he's ready to take over. By then, he'll have forgotten all about you."

"I doubt that. He loves me too much to just forget me."

"Hm, good point. Alright, you can see him, but don't forget that if your parents find out you were here, you'll be in big trouble."