a/n Misty is 16, Ash is 14, and Brock is 19.

Personal Journal of

Misty (soon to be Ketchum) Williams

Day 1444

Yes, I'm still keeping track of the days since I met Ash Ketchum, the best guy ever. Today we started to travel around Kanto a second time. Ash and I got into a fight, as usual. He is so cute when he's mad! But he has no sense of direction whatsoever. He got us lost! AGAIN! How many times can one person get three people and a Pikachu lost? A lot, at least in Ash's case.

Day 1445

Ash read my diary! (not this new one, the old one) I'm going to have to find a better hiding place for it. He must have found out I like him, because he acted all nervous the rest of the day. Other than that, the day was boring. Same old same old. Oh, and Ash actually didn't get us lost. It's a miracle! Thank God. Maybe he does have a sense of direction after all.

Day 1446

I spoke too soon. He got us lost again today. Must have just been good luck yesterday. But, this time, I just said "Ash, do you know where we are?" and he replied "not really". So I said "are we lost?" and he said "Yep, but at least we're lost together." I think he likes me! I really hope so!