Personal Journal of

Misty (soon to be Ketchum) Williams

Day 1450

Today we went to saffron, but just to cut through to Vermillion. Ash decided he was going to catch a ground-type this time. I think he�s thinking about how hard it was last time. He knows what he�s doing, unlike last time. And we didn�t get lost for a change! I wonder� DOES HE HAVE A SENSE OF DIRECTION OR NOT?!!!

Day 1451

Today we arrived in Vermillion. Ash dragged us to Diglett�s cave so he could catch a Dugtrio. He caught one easily, but he lost to another that challenged him on the way out, so we had to go to the Pokemon center. Brock is CRAZY! Nurse Joy crazy, that is. He�s obsessed over Nurse Joy! I had to drag him away from her FIVE TIMES! Ash decided it was too late in the day to get a badge at that point, so we all stayed at the Pokemon center.

Day 1452

Ash is the best! He not only won the battle easily, he also did several other great things today. After his Dugtrio kicked Lt. Surge�s butt, he went back to the Pokemon center because he�d seen a poster for a carnival. It was THE Pokemon Touring Company Carnival! It comes to each city in Kanto once a year, in a certain order, for two days at a time. And Ash asked me if I wanted to go see it. Of course I did, it�s the best Pokemon carnival ever! So we went to it, Brock reluctantly following (he wanted to stay with Nurse Joy). We went to the game stands, and there was one where you throw a fake Pokeball at Pikachu-like bottles. Ash won a stuffed Corsola, and he gave it to me. He�s so sweet. Then we went on the roller coaster, and I was really, really scared. I didn�t want to get on in the first place, either, but Ash asked me and he really wanted me to go, so I did. When we got off, I was clinging to his arm. He said, and I quote, �uhh, Mist, you okay?�. �huh? Oh, sorry,� I replied. �it�s alright,� he said. Then, later on, when it was getting dark, we went on the Ferris wheel. When we got to the very top, the Ferris wheel got stuck. I sat there, staring at the stars, thinking about Ash, when his voice interrupted my thoughts. �beautiful,� he said. �What is?� I asked. �Oh, n-nothing,� he said, turning away to hide the fact that he was blushing. �Ash, look this way,� I said. He turned toward me, and looked straight into my eyes. �Yeah, Mist?� he said. �What were you talking about earlier?� I asked. �What do you mean?� he asked innocently. �you said something was beautiful. What?� I asked. �You. You�re beautiful, Mist,� he said, leaning toward me. I leaned in a little, too, and we kissed. It was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.