Whatcha' thinking now, Keitaro?

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Summary: Kaolla Su builds a machine to read people's minds and tests it out on Keitaro. It works at first, but then malfunctions. What effect will this have on Keitaro's relationship with Naru?

"..." Denotes speech (or shouting:)

Italics denotes thinking

Chapter 1: The Mind Reading Device


"MORNIN' KEITARO!" Su shouts, knocking into Keitaro as he walks to breakfast. SMACK! Keitaro is smashed to the ground. "How are you today?"

"Owowowowowowow! Su! What the heck?!" Keitaro shouts.

"Wanna see my new invention?" Su asks.

Ugh, who ever wants to see her inventions? Keitaro thinks. But he says, "Uh, not right now, Su." He holds his nose that is bleeding profusely. Suddenly Naru comes into view.

"Aha! Caught you, you vile pervert!" She shouts, grabbing Keitaro by the hair. "What were you just thinking?! Answer!"

"Nothing! I did nothing! Aieeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm sorry!" he shouts as Naru smashes him to the end of the hallway for doing nothing.

"Naru! Want to see my invention?" Su asked.

What? Please no! Naru thinks. "Uh, no thanks, Su," She says.

"Oh well, it's for Keitaro anyways," Su says as Naru sweat-drops.

"Um, Su? Is it dangerous?" Naru asks.

"Not gonna tell ya!" Su shouts. Keitaro finally limps back.

"What the heck was that for?!" he screams.

"Do you have to ask?! For being a pervert all the time!!" She shouts.

"You don't even know what I'm thinking!!" Keitaro retaliates.

"Yeah, well you don't either!" Naru responds.

"Yeah, well–" Suddenly, Keitaro feels a sword around his throat.

"Care to finish that sentence?" Motoko says, menace dripping with each word.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Keitaro shouts bowing again and again.

"Make any more threats and I shall be forced to deal with you. And it will be painful," Motoko says to Keitaro.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it!" He shouts. Motoko starts to leave to eat dinner, along with Naru. A door suddenly opens in the hallway.

"What's with the noise?" Kitsune asks, rubbing her eyes. Keitaro stares at her. "What's up...oops!" She says, as she realizes that her top is a little too low. Keitaro's nose starts to bleed.

"Stop staring, pervert!" Naru shouts, punching him for all she's worth. Kitsune adjusts her top and goes back inside her room to change while Keitaro takes a round trip to the moon. "Kitsune, you should be more careful next time! Who knows when he's around when you come out of your room!" Naru shouts to Kitsune in her room. "Oops! Tee hee!" Kitsune says to herself.

"And hurry up for breakfast!" Kitsune hears footsteps that indicate Motoko, Su, and Naru leaving. Kitsune takes her sweet time dressing, who knows who one may meet in any given day?

Like that day I met that pervert...of course, I wasn't properly dressed that day either! She thinks. She starts to open the door when she hears Su call out, "Keitaro! Keitarrroooo!" What is she calling him for? "Ah, there you are!" Kitsune hears a groan that indicates Keitaro. "Haha! Can't escape now! Come try out my new invention!"

"N-no!" Keitaro manages to mutter weakly, before being dragged away. Kitsune quickly opens the door and follows them, bringing her emergency tape-recorder for black-mailing purposes. This has gotta be good. She creeps along the hall, and up the stairs to Su's room. She opens the door a crack and presses Record on her tape player. She can see Keitaro tied to a post in Su's messy room.

"Su! I already said I don't want to try out your invention!" Keitaro whines.

"Not true, you said ya wanted to know Naru's thoughts!" Su replies.

"Huh?" Keitaro says, confused.

"Well I've created a mind-reader so you can do just that! Don't worry, it goes into your head so people can't see it," Su says. "Uh, why is you're nose bleeding?"

"N-no reason at all!" Keitaro shouts. Pervert! Kitsune thinks. But she's not worried since Su's inventions never work properly.

"Here ya go!" Su says.

"Um, how come it looks like a pin?" Keitaro asks.

"Cause it is!" And with that, she promptly sticks the pin in Keitaro's head.

"Arrrrrrrgggghhhhh!" he cries in pain.

"Can you hear my thoughts now?" Su asks.

"Um...um..." Keitaro says, drooling. Suddenly he snaps up his head in pain.

"Su! Your thoughts are too crazy and loud to hear! Arrgh! Voices in my head! Voices in my head, get them out get them out!"

"Sorry can't. Gonna have you wear this for a while," Su says. Wait a minute, it actually works? Kitsune thinks. Suddenly Keitaro starts looking around the room. Does that mean he can hear my thoughts right now? She decides that she better leave when Keitaro shouts, "Su! Untie me right now! Kitsune's at the door and I have to stop her from telling everyone else!" Crap. She gets up when Su opens the door.

"Hiya! Whatcha doing?" She asks, ever so innocently. Spying.

"Um, I was just passing by..."

"Liar! You were spying on us!" Keitaro shouts, struggling with his ropes. Crap. I forgot about that mind reading thing.

"You were spying? Get anything good?" Su asks.

"Su!" Keitaro shouts.

"Oh yeah, plenty," Kitsune says. Tee hee hee. Enough to keep me financially secure for a while.

"Man, there goes my wallet!" Keitaro says. Crap crap crap crap! Kitsune thinks. How is this possible?

"Su! Get me out!" Keitaro demands. Suddenly his eyes open wide in fear. "What?! You're gonna test more inventions? Noooo! Help me, Kitsune!" Kitsune actually started to feel sorry for the guy. Suddenly, Shinobu appeared.

"Su did you get everyone for breakfa-what did you do to Urashima-sempai?!" She cried, running towards Keitaro and undoing the ropes. Beloved sempai, Shinobu thought as she untied him.

"Eh? Beloved?" Keitaro said, without thinking. Shinobu suddenly froze. What? Did I think out loud? Oh no oh no oh no! She dashed down the hall crying and blushing furiously.

"No wait! Shinobu! Coooome baaack!" he cried, running after her. Kitsune mused for a while.

"You know, Su, this thing is going to create a lot of trouble," she said.

"Oh, I know!" she said, smiling.

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