Whatcha' thinking now, Keitaro?

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"..." Denotes speech (or shouting :)

Italics denotes thinking

Chapter 9: Chosen...Arrrgh!

The Next Morning, Day 3...

Keitaro woke up slowly. His brain seemed to not function properly. Ugh...what happened? What time is it? His last question was answered easily with a glance to his wrist. Wait, I don't own a watch, he thought. It must be morning. He sat up in his futon and stretched. "Errgh..." he moaned. He grabbed his glasses and put them on. "Eh?!" he cried. What he saw he thought would surely lead to a beating, as Naru was asleep on top of the end of his futon. She stirred slightly. Oh no! What should I do? Keitaro thought desperately. His question was answered for him, as Naru woke up and stretched.

"Ah! What a nice rest! For some reason it was really nice!" she said. She fumbled around for her glasses. "Huh? Where are my glasses?" she asked, not seeming to notice Keitaro, who was frozen in fright. Naru started to look all around her, then suddenly saw Keitaro. She froze. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM?!" she suddenly shouted, clenching her fist in rage.

"Ah...actually you're in my room! Don't kill me!" Keitaro cried, backing away into a corner.

"Why you...hey, I actually am in your room!" Naru said, surprised. "Hmm...why am I-?" she asked, but suddenly remembered why she had woken up in Keitaro's room. Oh no! I was chosen last night! I remember it now! Arrrgh! Naru thought. Meanwhile, Keitaro thought, Oh yeah last night I chose Narusegawa...I wonder if she remembers? Will she kill me? I guess by thinking it, she'll remember, cause...grrr...everyone can hear my thoughts! Keitaro suddenly thought angrily.

"Keitaro..." Narusegawa said. "Um...about last night..." Suddenly the door burst open.

"Hey manager! I have..." Kitsune started, but was shocked when she saw Keitaro and Naru both in their pajamas.

"Kitsune! I have a good explanation!" Naru started.

"So! You're chosen and decide not to waste any time, did you! ♥" Kitsune said, giggling with her hand over her mouth.

"No! Nothing like that happened at all!" Naru cried.

"You don't have to say anything! You're both adults, you can do it...perverts! ♥" Kitsune said.

"Kitsune! I would never do anything like that until marriage!" Keitaro protested.

"Oh, so you've already decided to get married! ♥" Kitsune commented.

"Kitsune!" Naru whined.

"I'll leave you two lovebirds alone! ♥" Kitsune giggled once more, and left. Keitaro and Naru was just left inside of the room hunched over.

"Uh..." Keitaro stuttered. "Um...Narusegawa?" Darn it, I have to distract him so I can think about it some more! Naru thought.

"Uh...I have to go change!" Naru said, without any tact and she zipped out of the room. Keitaro just stood there in the after-wake of Naru. Darn it, maybe she doesn't like me even though...but...maybe she's just as confused as I am! Keitaro thought. The door slid open.

"Narusegawa!" Keitaro shouted, turning around. "Oh! Hi, Mutsumi-chan!" He suddenly remembered that she was the one that "forced" him to make a decision by today. "Err...what do you want?"

"I heard all about it, Keitaro-kun!♥" Mutsumi giggled.

"Um...about what?" Keitaro asked nervously.

"About last night!" Mutsumi said.

"Re-really?" Keitaro asked.


"So...um..." Keitaro stuttered.

"I'm so happy for you, Keitaro-kun!" Mutsumi exclaimed.

"Eh?" Keitaro asked.

"Naru-chan finally confessed, right? I'm so glad you two are together!" Mutsumi said.

"B-but didn't you confess? Don't you feel cheated?" Keitaro asked. I feel bad for cheating everyone...

"Nope! A long time ago I've decided to support Naru-chan and Keitaro-kun! Even though I'll always love Keitaro-kun! ♥" Mutsumi said, kissing Keitaro on the cheek.

"EH?!" Keitaro said.

"Heehee, you're so cute when you get embarrassed!" Mutsumi giggled. "I'll check up on you later, Keitaro-kun!"

"Fu fu fu fu fu..." Keitaro breathed. Suddenly a voice called out, "Breakfast everyone!"

"Ahh!" Keitaro cried, quickly changing and going downstairs to the kitchen.


"Good morning, Sempai! ♥" Shinobu welcomed, smiling broadly.

"Ah, good morning Shinobu," Keitaro replied. "Hmm?"

"What's the matter?" Shinobu asked.

"Where's Narusegawa?" Keitaro asked.

"Oh, she said that she had to visit Todai to fill out some forms or something like that," Shinobu answered.

"Ah. Oh well," Keitaro muttered. He sat down and waited while everyone else came to the table.

"Hello Mr. Macho man!" Kitsune said, upon seeing Keitaro. "Where's the girl?"

"I don't know!" Keitaro retorted.

"Tsk tsk tsk...you should keep better track of her," Kitsune said, waggling her finger. "Or I'll steal you away!♥" she added.

"Very funny," Keitaro said sarcastically.

"I'm not joking! Do you think you can resist my womanly charm?" Kitsune asked, smiling coyly.

"Uh..." Keitaro said, sweat-dropping.

"Kitsune, stop joking and sit down and eat," Motoko said, sitting down.

"What? It's not like if she's gone you won't try to seduce him too!" Kitsune exclaimed. Motoko blushed.

"O-of course I wouldn't!" Motoko denied hotly.

"Stop lying! I know you would!"

"I would never seduce anyone!" Motoko denied again.

"That's because you don't need to! But you would still try to get Keitaro! Admit it!" Kitsune said.

"Uh...err..." Motoko stuttered. "Maybe..."

"Ha!" Kitsune gleefully shouted. "I knew it! And how about you, Shinobu?"

"Eh?!" Shinobu exclaimed, panicking.

"Would you try to seduce Keitaro?"

"Would you stop talking about me like I'm not here?!" Keitaro suddenly shouted.

"Oh, you spoil-sport," Kitsune frowned. "Fine. I'll stop talking and eat." And they all ate. And it was good.

"Yummy!" Su said. "Shinobuuuu! You're the best cook ever!"

"Ah, ah...thank you!" Shinobu answered.

"Yeah, I don't know where you learned it or how you do it day after day," Keitaro complimented.

"T-t-thank you, sempai!" Shinobu smiled.

"Ahhh...that was especially good, Shinobu," Kitsune said, smiling.

"T-thank you!" Shinobu smiled again.

"Well, I need to report to Haruka-san, so I'll see you guys later!" Kitsune said.

"Good bye!" everyone called out.

"Erhm," Motoko coughed. "I, um, need to go to my job too." And she left quickly. So only Su, Shinobu, and Keitaro were left in the kitchen. Shinobu started to clean up the dishes.

"Hey, let me help! I'm the manager after all!" Keitaro said, and took the dishes and utensils away from Shinobu, and started to wash up.

"Ah...thank you sempai!" Shinobu said.

"Keitaro!" Su suddenly shouted, kicking Keitaro in the back of the head.

"OWW!" Keitaro screamed, hitting the faucet and causing water to spray everywhere, instantly drenching Keitaro.

"Au!" Shinobu cried, and tried to help Keitaro to stop the water from spraying everywhere. The water just kept on spraying, however, getting all over the kitchen and drenching all three of them.

"Weee! So much fun!" Su shouted, jumping up and down and splashing water everywhere.

"Su! Stop fooling around and help us!" Keitaro shouted. "Waaah!" he cried, slipping on the water and crashing into Shinobu. BAM! Down they went, with Keitaro on top of Shinobu. Suddenly Naru entered.

"Hey idiot! I filled out the...what are you doing?!!!" she roared, hitting Keitaro.

"Soooorrrry!" Keitaro shouted flying out the window into the air. Suddenly the water stopped flowing.

"Hey! I turned off the water!" Su joyfully cried. "Eh? Where did Keitaro go?"

"Au...um..." Shinobu stuttered in the aftermath.

"Are you okay? Did that pervert try to do anything to you?" Naru asked.

"N-narusegawa-sempai! He didn't do anything!" Shinobu said.

"Good," Naru answered, and started to walk out.

"Err...Narusegawa-sempai?" Shinobu asked before Naru had exited the kitchen.

"Hmm?" Naru asked, turning around. "What is it?" Au! I don't know if I should...what if she gets mad? Shinobu thought.

"Um...do you love Sempai?" Shinobu bravely asked.

"EH?!" Naru asked.

"Well...um, h-he did ch-choose you last night..." Shinobu trailed off. "Au! I shouldn't ask such things! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Shinobu said, bowing low many times.

"Calm down, Shinobu! Of course she does!" Su said, hanging from the ceiling like only Su knows how to do. "Don'tcha', Naru?"

"Um, uh, err..." Naru stuttered. "I don't know!"

"Don't be shy! Here, try my newest invention!" Su cried. She whipped out a bottle with liquid in it. "It's a truth telling potion! Drink some!"

"What?! Get away from me!" Naru shouted, starting to run away.

"Haha, the chase is on!" Su shouted, running after Naru.

"Um...." Shinobu sweat-dropped. Naru ran away from Su, but Su was really energetic and was almost as fast as Naru. Man, how come I'm actually the one running away from Su? Naru thought.

"Aieeeeeee!" Keitaro shouted, and he landed smack dab on Naru. CRASH!

"Oww!" Naru shouted.

"Ha! I gotcha!" Su shouted, and forced Keitaro to drink the potion. "Oops..." she said, when she saw that Keitaro had drank it.

"What, what did I drink?" Keitaro asked, standing up angrily.

"It's a truth telling potion," Su said matter-of-factly.

"What?! You can read my mind and I have to tell the truth?!" Keitaro shouted.

"Well, maybe it doesn't work!♥" Su said, smiling broadly.

"Why don't you ever test anything?!!" Keitaro shouted.

"I do! On you!♥" Su laughed.

"Ah..." Keitaro said, shocked. "That's right..." he sweat-dropped.

"Idiot!" Naru scoffed. "UUMPH!" she cried suddenly, as Su stuffed another bottle and forced her to drink it.

"Ha! I'm glad I had an extra one!" Su said.

"WHAT? I DRANK THE POTION ALSO?!?!?!!!!" Naru bellowed.

"Yup!♥" Su said.

"Don't worry, I don't think it'll work anyways," Keitaro said, offhand. "Having my thoughts projected is almost like drinking a truth potion."

"THAT'S OKAY FOR YOU, BUT WHAT ABOUT ME?!" Naru roared again.

"Hey, how about we conduct a test?" Su asked.

"Eh?" Keitaro asked.

"You each get to ask each other a question, then I get to ask one!" Su said.

"That's not fair, you didn't drink any potion!" Naru shouted again.

"Here!♥" Su said, drinking the potion. Naru and Keitaro sweat-dropped.

"Um..." they both said.

"Okay, let's go! You first Naru!" Su said.

"Um...err...heh heh, but I don't know what to ask," Naru said.

"Okay! Then I'll ask!" Su said.

"Wait! I thought of one!" Naru suddenly interrupted. If I let her ask...she'll ask if I like Keitaro and what if it works? I need to test it out first.

"Err-hem. So, Keitaro...What do you think of Shinobu?" Naru asked. Heh, he won't know how to respond.

"Well, err...what do you mean?" Keitaro asked.

"Well...let's say as a girlfriend or future wife," Naru said.

"EH?! I can't answer that!" Keitaro complained. I knew it! The potion doesn't work! Naru thought. Yes!

"Hmm. I guess I didn't put in a chemical to force you to say anything, just the truth...I'll have to fix that," Su noted.

"C'mon, tell me! Then you can ask me a question!" Naru said. Oops! Did I just say he can ask me? Darn it!

"Um...well, she's obviously very nice...and cute...and, um, she would make a good wife, seeing as she can cook so well."

"Go on," Naru said.

"Err...do I have to?" Keitaro asked. "I'm kinda embarrassed saying this out loud..."


"Well, um...she'd be...heh heh...um..."

"GET ON WITH IT!" Naru shouted.

"I'd guess I'd wouldn't mind having her as a girlfriend..." Keitaro trailed off.

"Hi sempai!" Shinobu called out suddenly appearing from nowhere.

"EEEEEHHH?!" Keitaro cried out. "D-did you? Just now?"

"Did I what, sempai?" Shinobu asked, confused.

"Phew!" Keitaro said. Heh heh, I could get this idiot in trouble... Naru thought.

----------------------------Naru's Ideal Get Keitaro in Trouble Scene----------------------------

"Oh he was just telling all of us how good of a girlfriend and wife you would be, Shinobu!" Naru said without care.

"EEEEEEEH?! Sempai?!" Shinobu screamed. "Uh...um..." Shinobu flustered.

"Narusegawa! That's totally true!" Keitaro shouted. (A/N: He was trying to lie, but Naru figures that the truth potion was working and would make him say this.)

"EEEH?! Really, Sempai?!" Shinobu said, eyes shimmering.

"Um...err...well...yeah," Keitaro said, eyes to the floor.

"Auuu!" Shinobu cried, hugging Keitaro.

"Eh?!" Keitaro exclaimed.

"Thank you sempai! Sempai is so kind!" Shinobu cries, tears streaming down her face in joy.

"Uh...wellllll, it's true that you would, because you're so cute and responsible and...um...yeah," Keitaro said, scratching his head.

"Thank you!" Shinobu continued to cry.

"URASHIMA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Motoko shouted, suddenly appearing.

"Eh?!" Keitaro exclaimed.

"Eh?!" Naru asked.

"DIE!" Motoko roared, slicing her sword and sending ki waves that sent Keitaro and Shinobu flying.

"Aiiieeeeee!" Keitaro and Shinobu shouted in unison.

"Uh..." Naru sweat-dropped.

-------------------------------------------End of Daydream-------------------------------------------

Okay, maybe it's not that funny after all, Naru thought.

"Narusegawa-sempai? What are you thinking about?" Shinobu asked, snapping Naru out of her daydream.

"Eh?" Naru asked. "Oh, heh heh... I was just thinking about telling you what Keitaro had just told us." What?! Oh no, the stupid potion!

"Why? What did sempai say about me?" Shinobu asked.

"Oh, he said that he viewed Shinobu-chan as good girlfriend and wife material," Naru said. Oh darn it! Did I just? DARN IT TO HECK!!!

"EEEEEEEEEHH?!" Shinobu shrieked. "Sempai?!??!?!"

"Heh heh heh, well, I can't deny the truth," Keitaro said. "Wait! I meant to say exactly what I said!" Is he an idiot?! Naru thought.

"Auuu!" Shinobu cried. Sempai sees me as good girlfriend and wife material? I'm so happy! Shinobu thought.

"Here Shinobu! Drink some!" Su suddenly shouted, bringing yet another potion of Truth out.

"Eh?! What is that?" Shinobu asked, sputtering.

"Haha! It's a truth potion!" Su replied bouncing around. "So, Shinobu...how do you feel about Keitaro?"

"Eh?! Su, how can you ask that?!" Shinobu complained plaintively.

"C'mon Shinobu! Answer!" Su said again.

"Well, I already told him anyways, and, um, you heard it too, Su..." Shinobu said while blushing.

"But it's fun to say it again! I really like Keitaro too!" Su said. Keitaro just chuckled nervously and blushed. "Ha ha, Keitaro isn't used to so many people saying they like him!" Keitaro just blushed a deeper shade of red.

"But what does Narusegawa-sempai feel?" Shinobu suddenly asked.

"Oh! Um...heh heh, how could I not like Keitaro??!!" Naru said. Ahh! Wait, did I just? "Haha! I actually meant to say I don't feel anything but love towards Keitaro!" Arrgh! Stupid potion,. Naru thought. Shinobu sweat dropped. Narusegawa-sempai is trying to hard... Shinobu thought.

"Arrrgh!" Naru shouted in rage, and ran away.

"A-ah! Narusegawa! Come back!" Keitaro shouted running after her.

"Errr..." Shinobu stuttered.

"Shinobu...are you really okay?" Su asked, surprisingly serious.

"Huh?" Shinobu asked.

"Well, is it actually okay if Keitaro is not yours?"

"SU! Don't phrase it like that!"

"Sorry," Su grinned. "Well?"

"A-ah...yes. But that's because it's when Sempai is with Narusegawa-sempai that he's the happiest, and I want sempai to be happy!" Shinobu said.

"Yes! That's exactly what I want too!" a voice behind them suddenly said.

"Eh??!" Shinobu exclaimed.

"Hi!" Mutsumi said.

"O-oh, hi Mutsumi-san!" Shinobu said.

"Shinobu-chan, I agree with you. Keitaro-kun is the best when he is happy, and he is obviously only happy with Naru-chan," Mutsumi said.

"Y-yes!" Shinobu said.

"Okay! Then we shall make them get together!" Mutsumi declared.

"Yippee! A mission!" Su chanted, dancing.

"Yes, Mutsumi-san," Shinobu said.

"Okay, here's the plan," Mutsumi started whispering, huddling close. "First, we get Naru-chan and Keitaro-kun separate and by themselves."

"What?!!" Shinobu shouted. "Isn't the point to get them together?!!"

"Then," Mutsumi said, completely ignoring or just plain not hearing Shinobu, "we get them to take a bath!"

"Um..." Shinobu sweat-dropped. "Will that work?"

"Of course!♥" Mutsumi replied.


"Keitaro-kun!" Mutsumi cried in joy upon seeing Keitaro.

"Hmm? Oh, hello Mutsumi-chan!" Keitaro replied. He was repairing some more damage, this time the door to Naru's room.

"Can I talk with you?" Mutsumi asked.

"Sure! What's up?" Keitaro answered, putting down the frame and paper.

"Idiot, why are you stopping?" Naru said, poking her head out of her room. "And can't you hurry up? Oh, hi, Mutsumi-chan! Is this guy bothering you?" she asked.

"No, Naru-chan!♥" Mutsumi smiled.

"Idiot, keep on fixing my door!" Naru said, kicking Keitaro.

"Ow! What was that for?!" Keitaro shouted.

"For not working! Now start!" Naru said, continuing to kick him.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!" Keitaro said, quickly picking up the frame and starting to repaper it.

"Uh...uh..." Mutsumi sweat-dropped. "Naru-chan?"

"Hmm?" Naru said absentmindedly, still kicking Keitaro. (Ow! Ow! Ow!)

"I need to talk with Keitaro-kun for a while...uh...privately."

"Eh?!" Naru said, now actually listening. She stopped kicking Keitaro, who was on the ground writhing in pain. "Um...sure. I'll just be in my room. But...you'd better finish after talking!" Naru gave Keitaro one more kick.

"Ow!" Keitaro cried, rubbing his shin where Naru had so viciously kicked him.

"Uh, Keitaro-kun?" Mutsumi asked.

"Oh, yeah, what did you want to talk about?" Keitaro said.

"Can we go to the kitchen?" Mutsumi asked.

"Sure," Keitaro said, rubbing his head.

"Idiot," Naru said. Suddenly Shinobu appeared.

"Ah, Narusegawa-sempai!" Shinobu said.

"Hello Shinobu-chan!" Naru greeted.

"C-can I talk to you?" Shinobu asked. "Um, privately?"

"Sure! How about in my room? Oh wait, the door is not fixed," Naru said.

"That's okay! We can talk in the bath!" Shinobu said, seeing a chance.

"This early in the morning?" Naru asked.

"A bath early in the morning helps to start your day very well," Shinobu said very matter-of-factly, and of course lying. Well, actually this was the principle Mutsumi used, so perhaps there is some truth to the statement. Then again, Mutsumi's days aren't always very good.

"Well...sure! Let's go!" Naru said, and she went in to her room to get a few things. Au! I hope Mutsumi-sempai's plan works. "Ready?" Naru asked.

"Y-yes!" Shinobu said, and they left for the bath.


"So, what do you want to talk to me about? Don't say you want another date?!" Keitaro exclaimed, suddenly thinking of this previously unknown and un-thought of possibility.

"Ara, why do you want one?" Mutsumi said.

"N-no! That's okay!" Keitaro shouted.

"Why are you so excited? Did something happen that was exciting last night?!" Mutsumi asked excitedly. Keitaro sweat-dropped.

"Didn't I tell you already?" Keitaro asked.

"Oh yes!♥ I'm so happy for you!" Mutsumi said. Keitaro sighed.

"Yeah, but, she seems to have forgotten on purpose and it's almost if I hadn't confessed or chosen her," Keitaro complained.

"Keitaro-kun!" Mutsumi suddenly scolded.

"Eh?" Keitaro said, moping.

"What would you say you feel about Naru?" Mutsumi asked.

"Well...I love her, I really like her!" Keitaro said. "And –"

"Hold it!" Mutsumi said, covering Keitaro's mouth. "These types of things you must do in a hot spring!"

"What?!!?!!?!!?!" Keitaro said, shocked. "Mu-mutsumi-chan! What are you talking about?!"

"Let's go!♥" Mutsumi said, dragging Keitaro behind her to the springs.

"W-wait!" Keitaro managed to cry to no avail.

"Here we go!♥" Mutsumi said, stripping Keitaro of everything except his boxers and pushing him into the springs.

"Wait! Mutsumi-chan!" Keitaro shouted, banging on the door.

"Hello!" Mutsumi said, wrapped in only a towel.

"Waaaaaaah!" Keitaro cried, falling backwards and his nose spurting blood. "Mutsumi-chan! Wear something more! Anything! What if Narusegawa is in here?"

"Oh, she already is!♥" Mutsumi smiled.

"EH?!" Keitaro exclaimed, looking around. He didn't see anyone. He sighed in relief. "Phew!" Mutsumi proceeded then to push Keitaro into the springs. "Wo-woah! Falling!" he said, falling into the springs. SPLASH! When Keitaro surfaced Mutsumi was in the springs already.

"Okay, now how do you feel about Narusegawa?"

"Didn't I just tell you?!?!" Keitaro exclaimed.

"Oh yeah! So you love her!" Mutsumi shouted.

"Shh! Not so loud!" Keitaro whispered.

"Why?" Mutsumi asked, confused.

"Well...I don't want everyone to know..." Keitaro said in hushed tones.

"Ara, Keitaro-kun, everyone already knows that!" Mutsumi said, then she giggled. "You're just like a little boy!"

"Am not!"

"And your face still looks like you're in middle school!"

"What?! I'm twenty, almost twenty-one!" Keitaro protested.

"Well, then how 'bout this question? What do you think Naru-chan feels about you?" Mutsumi asked. What is this, interrogation time? Keitaro thought. "Ara, Keitaro-kun, you're thinking out loud again."

"Oh...heh heh..." Keitaro laughed nervously. "Wait, I'm still in the bath! I must get out!" Keitaro started to leave when Mutsumi pushed him back in. "Wo-woah!" SPLASH!

"Keitaro-kun! You must answer my question first!" Mutsumi said.

"Fine, it seems that's the only way for me to get out."

"So what do you think Naru-chan thinks of you?" Mutsumi said.

"Uh...I think...I think...I don't know!" Keitaro complained. Suddenly the door opened. "Ah–" Keitaro started to scream, but Mutsumi put her hand over his mouth.

"Shh! It's Naru-chan!" Mutsumi warned.

"What?!!" Keitaro whispered intensely.

"Hide! Quickly!" Mutsumi said, and Naru and Shinobu walked inside the bath. They slowly dipped themselves in the hot water.

"Ahhh...you're right, Shinobu, a bath in the morning feels really good!" Naru said.

"Y-yes!" Shinobu said. Um...I hope Mutsumi-sempai's plan works...

"So what did you want to ask me?" Naru asked.

"W-well...I know last night sempai said he would choose you..." Shinobu started. Naru stiffened subconsciously. Oh no! I haven't thought about that at all! Suddenly her conscience came to life again.

You know what? I'm sick of this! Her conscience started.

You again?! Didn't you say you'd be quiet if I confessed?

Yes, but you're acting like you haven't confessed! Why don't you use this opportunity to tell your true feelings?

You're really a pain in the butt.

"Narusegawa-sempai?" Shinobu asked.

"Eh?!" Naru responded, shocked out of her discussion with herself. Okay, this is a chance I have been given! I will confess! Naru suddenly decided, just like she had decided she would go to Todai. I must do it!

"Shinobu!" Naru started.

"Eh?!" Shinobu said, startled.

"I...can't do it!" Naru said, suddenly loud. "I can't!" Keitaro who was hiding with Mutsumi began to sneak away quietly. "I just can't! I such a stupid person! Arrrgh!" Naru continued to shout, kicking a rock. "Ow!" Naru cried, but the rock had hit Keitaro on the head to.

"OW!" Keitaro shouted in pain.

"Eh?! Who's there?!" Naru said.

"Aaaah!" Mutsumi cried, suddenly appearing.

"Waaaaaaah! Mutsumi-chan! Don't suddenly appear like that!" Naru said.

"M-mutsumi-sempai?" Shinobu asked. If she's here...where's Sempai? Hiding? I have to ask Narusegawa-sempai now! Shinobu thought. "Err... Narusegawa-sempai, do you like Sempai?" Shinobu said, using a bold approach.

"Heh...who could not like an idiot like him?" Naru laughed nervously.

"Aha!" Mutsumi suddenly cried. Oh no, I am saying the exact same thing as earlier! Is Su's potion still working? Must change the subject! Naru thought. "I knew you liked Keitaro!" Mutsumi suddenly exclaimed.

"Well, you know, everyone likes him too," Naru said.

"Changing the subject!" Mutsumi suddenly cried. "One point!"

"Eh?!" Naru said, confused. Mutsumi took out chalkboard (don't ask from where).

"You see, if we get you to say "I love Keitaro" then we win, but if you manage to change the subject enough, perhaps 10 times, you win and we let you go." Mutsumi explained.

"What kind of game is that?!?!" Naru cried.

"Uh oh, two points, quick Shinobu, turn it around! Turn it around!" Mutsumi said.

"So, um, Narusegawa-sempai, could you tell Sempai that you love him?" Shinobu asked.

"Uh...uh..." Naru stuttered. TWEET! Mutsumi blew a whistle.

"Foul! Stuttering!" Mutsumi said. Keitaro who was watching sweat-dropped. What is she doing? He asked himself. Oh wait, can they still hear me? While Shinobu and Mutsumi feigned ignorance, at this thought Naru heard him.

"K-keitaro?!" Naru said. "Are you here? Come out!"

"Narusegawa-sempai!!!" Shinobu bellowed over Naru's voice. If she finds out Sempai is here, he's dead! Shinobu said.

"Eh?!" Naru exclaimed, because Shinobu was rarely this forceful.

"Do you love Sempai?" Shinobu continued to shout.

"YES! YES! I LOVE KEITARO! NOW WHERE IS HE SO I CAN KILL...err...did I just-?" Naru suddenly said in a quieter tone. Keitaro, who was moved to tears suddenly appeared from the bushes.

"I love you too, Narusegawa!" Keitaro said. "I really do! I don't think I could have chosen anyone but you!"

"R-really? Even if I had not...just now..." Naru said, shocked. Suddenly she realized the lack of clothing she had on.

"IDIOT!" she shouted, punching Keitaro. "I LOVE YOU BUT YOU STILL CAN'T PEEP!"


Naru looked at herself in the mirror.

"Boy, do I look good," Naru told herself, twisting in front of it.

"Dressing up?" Kitsune said, appearing from nowhere.

"Eh? Oh, hello Kitsune," Naru greeted.

"So, is he taking you out?" Kitsune asked.

"Yup!♥" Naru said. "And to a fancy restaurant too!"

"Wow, when did he become mister money-bags?" Kitsune asked.

"Well, ever since we finished repairing the Hinata-sou, it turns out we had money left over. So we gave it to him, as a bonus," Naru explained.

"What?! His bonus is that he gets to live here with all these cute girls! I want that money!" Kitsune whined. "Hey, by the way...how far is the relationship going along? Are you officially a Todai couple?"

"Well...hmm. I don't know. I mean, we've sort of been going out and people know that...sort of."

"I don't know you just seem not yourself."

"You're right!" Naru said.

"What?" Kitsune asked, surprised.

"I'm not myself! See ya!" Naru said, waving goodbye. "I'm meeting him there!" She left.

"Oh well, might as well drink some sake," Kitsune said, going downstairs to watch TV and drink. Shinobu, Motoko, and everyone else was there. "Eh? What are all of you guys doing?"

"Shh!" Su said. "I've made a audio/video tracker, so we can spy on their date!"

"Geez, you guys never learn," Kitsune said, waving her finger. She suddenly squeezed into the couch. "Always invite me if you do these things!"

"Ugh, stop squishing Kitsune!" Motoko said.

"Oh ho!♥" Kitsune giggled. "Before you couldn't wait to kick him out...and now..."

"Shut up!" Motoko shouted. "ROCK SPLITTING TECHNIQUE!" BAM! Kitsune went flying into the wall.

"Owww...man, it seems like you give these to anyone...we're not invincible you know," Kitsune groaned.

"Shhh! They're at the restaurant," Su said. And indeed they were. On the TV screen you could see Naru and Keitaro in a fancy restaurant, the kind you go on on a first date.

"Ohhh, they look so cute together!♥" Mutsumi said.

"Narusegawa..." Keitaro started to say.

"You know, we've been going out for virtually a year, and you still refuse to call me Naru?"

"Well, it's so weird to say it," Keitaro admitted.

"Try it now!" Naru said.

"Na-na-na- I can't do it! It feels really weird!" Keitaro flailed.

"What a totally useless guy!" Naru commented.

"Ouch!" the audience said.

"Naru! It's not my fault I can't...oh...err," Keitaro stuttered.

"See?!" Naru said, punching Keitaro playfully. "Idiot!" The food came, and it looked so good the Su was right in front of the screen drooling.

"I want food like that!" Su whined.

"Su! Out of the front!" Motoko said, and dragged Su away. The couple ate without talking much. Just an occasional "Can you pass me this?" etc.

"Aii, this is boring," Kitsune said, yawning. Suddenly Keitaro stopped eating and searched for something in his pocket. He stiffened upon not finding anything, then felt all his pockets in alarm.

"Err...Narusegawa, I have to go to the bathroom for a sec," Keitaro said, and obviously lying to everyone watching.

"Hmm? Oh, sure," Naru said, continuing to eat.

They saw Keitaro enter the bathroom.

"Err...should we follow?" Shinobu asked, but ignored as Su directed it inside the bathroom. They saw Keitaro take out a phone and dial a number. Suddenly, the phone rang at the Hinata-sou. "I'll get it," Shinobu said. "Hello?"

"Shinobu-chan! Thank goodness someone picked up! I might die if someone didn't!" Keitaro's voice said.

"What is it sempai?" Shinobu asked.

"I forgot to bring the ring! The ring! Arrgh, I'm so stupid!" Keitaro shouted, and on TV beating his head into a wall.

"Calm down sempai! Don't hurt yourself!" Shinobu said earnestly, but Keitaro still banged his head into the wall.

"Anyways," he continued after finishing with his self-punishment, "Can you please bring it to me?"

"I don't see any ring anywhere!" Shinobu said.

"Oh, that's because I last put it...hmm...oh darn it all!" Keitaro suddenly cried. "I left it on the table! Ah, goodbye, Shinobu-chan!" Keitaro shouted suddenly hanging up and running for all his life back.

"Let's switch to Naru's camera!" Su said. They did, and saw Naru done eating, waiting patiently for Keitaro to come back.

"I hope that idiot remembers today is our one year anniversary," She mused. She tapped her fingers on the table. She noticed a small black velvet ring box. "Hmm? What's this?" she said, taking it and opening it. "A ring?!" she cried out in joy. "But maybe he forgot he left it here...I'll just put it back," She said, as Keitaro rushed up to the table.

"EH?!" Naru said, dropping the ring box.

"Oh no!" Keitaro yelled, and dived to catch it, crashing into Naru's chair and causing her to fall on top of him. All the other patrons of the restaurant sweat-dropped.

"Look what you've made me do!" Naru whispered hoarsely.

"Sorry!" Keitaro said. "But I had to get this!" And he held up the ring box. "Um...Narusegawa...would you sit down on the chair?" he asked.


"Please?" Keitaro begged.

"Okay okay...whatever," Naru said, sitting down. "Aren't you going to get up? You're drawing lots of stares." Indeed he was, as most people were staring at the odd couple. "Why are you kneeling?"

"Well...you know today is the one-year anniversary of our first date...I can't believe I've been so lucky to date you for an entire year..." Keitaro started.

"Stop it! You're making me embarrassed!" Naru said, blushing.

"And not only that, but you're a smart pretty and beautiful girl..." Keitaro continued. Naru blushed more.

"Will you just get to the point?!" Naru whispered. "I can't take it anymore!"

"Will you marry me?" Keitaro asked, holding out the ring.

"EEEEEEEEEH?!" The audience shouted. "Keitaro is asking her to marry him? He's got some guts after all?!" Naru had the same reaction. She thought that perhaps he was just being formal and giving her a very nice ring for their anniversary.

"EEEEEEEEEHH?!" Naru shrieked.

"Ooooooo," the restaurant patrons said. "How cute!"

"Ah!" Naru exclaimed, noticing all the attention. She didn't know what to say. But then again, where else could all this dating lead up too? "Keitaro..."

"Yes?" Keitaro said expectantly, hoping that she would be the same.

"I will!" Naru cried, hugging Keitaro.

"Ahhh!" the audience of the TV and the patrons of the restaurant said. "So beautiful!"

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