Summary: Brooke and Lucas have dated for a few months. The Peyton/Lucas thing happened but they all got past it. A new teen comes to Tree Hill and upsets a lot of relationships!

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Chapter One

"The New Girl In Town"

Brooke Davis walked in the gym, looking for two specific people. Both were in her eyesight, but one was closer than the other.

"Peyton!" Brooke jogged towards her friend, who was talking to Jake. Jake and Peyton were "not dating" but spent a lot of time together. If a stranger didn't know the details, he would think they were a couple.

Peyton said good bye to Jake and joined her best friend. "What's up?"

"Cheer tryouts are in an hour, don't forget."

Peyton rolled her eyes. "How could I? You remind every few hours."

Brooke grinned. "See you."

Brooke left and walked up behind Lucas Scott. "Hey you."

He turned around, and wrapped her in a hug. "Hey babe."

She sniffed. "You stink."

He pretended to be insulted. "Thanks."

"Sorry. What are you doing tonight?"

He shrugged. "Don't know. Why?"

"We're meeting at your mom's café around seven."

Lucas nodded. "Yeah, I'll be there. You need a ride?"

"Nope got it covered," she said, winking. "I gotta go, cheer tryouts are soon."

Lucas groaned. "Are they almost over? That is all you have been talking about lately!"

"Shut up. And yes they are almost over."

He kissed her on the lips. "I'll catch you later."

Peyton walked up as Lucas walked away. "Wow you know he is really sexy."

"Shut up. He's mine. You had your chance."

Peyton giggled. "Whatever. When are the girls getting here?"

"Soon. Come on, we have to clear the gym."

It was offseason for all basketball players, so no one had a good reason to be there.

"EVERYBODY OUT!!!" She screamed, adding emphasis to out. Everybody turned their heads, and when they saw Brooke Davis standing there, glare on face, hands on hip, they immediately left. Nobody wanted to get in her way.

Peyton nodded. "Yeah, I think you did it."

For the next half hour, Brooke, Peyton, and Teresa put out two tables, and the sign up sheets. The reason they were having cheer tryouts was because they lost two seniors.

One by one candidates trickled in. Brooke inspected each of them closely, all the way down to what shoes they were wearing.

Peyton whispered, "You know, this isn't like the presidential elections."

Brooke glared at her. "It's important to have a good, solid person."

Peyton held up her hands. "I suggested Haley."

"Haley doesn't care to be a cheerleader. Once for her was enough." Brooke took out her compact mirror and examined her already perfect face. "Besides, she has enough going on with this whole Nathan break up thing." Haley had caught Nathan looking at porn, and immediately told him it was over. It crushed her, because she had let herself fall for him in the first place.

"Still." Peyton looked at one particular girl. "See that blonde?" Brooke squinted at the straight haired blonde girl that had just walked in.

"Yeah? So?"

"She's new. Moved from New York City."

"Looks fake."

"I heard she is rich."

"So am I."

"She would make for a good cheerleader."

"I don't know, she looks snobby," Brooke said, as the girl checked her face and reapplied make up.

Peyton couldn't believe what she was hearing. "She is an exact replica of you!"

Brooke grinned. "Exactly. Why bring in another Brooke Davis when the original one is still going strong?" She turned towards the bleachers which held at least twenty girls. "Attention! We are going to begin. You know the cheer to do, so when it is your turn just... cheer it."

Brooke and Peyton joined the other cheerleaders behind the tables and called out each girl one by one. Most were average, none stood out. They were halfway through when the next on the list was...

"Carson Lane," Peyton announced.

The blonde got up and walked in front. Brooke stared at her gray Softies and Abercrombie t-shirt. She started the cheer, and nailed it. She had a lot of energy, and smiled a genuine smile the whole time.

Brooke immediately hated her.

"Thank you," Peyton told her. She eyed the other cheerleaders. They silently nodded, excited to find someone decent.

After all the girls had tried out, the cheerleaders were left with the decision. Peyton tapped her pencil. "Okay, I liked Carson and Heather."

Brooke agreed, "Heather was really good. Definitely go with her."

Teresa said, "Okay, so we keep Heather?"

They all nodded and Peyton wrote her name down.

Peyton said, "What about Carson?"

"No," Brooke said at once.

They all looked at her like she was crazy. "What? She was the best one out there!"

Brooke rolled her eyes. "Fine. But what the hell kind of name is Carson anyways?"

Teresa shrugged. "I think its cute."

Brooke glowered at her squad member. "You would."

Peyton stood up. "Okay, so Heather Rhen and Carson Lane?"

Everyone but Brooke nodded. She got up, grabbed her bag, and stalked out of the room. Peyton ran after her. "Brooke! What's your problem?"

"Her! I mean, come on."

"Come on what? I don't see what you are upset about."

"She just seems so stuck up."

Peyton grinned knowingly. "You're jealous.... I never thought I would see the day. Brooke Davis, jealous!"

"Shut up, I am not." She opened the door to her car.

"Look just give her a chance."


"Because we were once new cheerleaders too."

"Fine. One chance. She better not blow it."

"Oh, I am sure she is worrying about making you happy right now," Peyton said sarcastically.

"You coming to the café tonight?" Karen's café had quickly become the place to hang out on week nights for basketball players and cheerleaders.

"Yeah, I'll be there."

"See you," Brooke said before driving off.

Peyton laughed inside. Brooke was too much. No new cheerleader would make her happy. She remembered when Lucas joined the basketball team, and Nathan was jealous and worried he would take his place. It was de ja vu, flashback to the past September.

Later that night, Brooke met Lucas outside the café. "Hey sexy."

"Hey yourself. How did tryouts go?"

"Okay I guess. We brought on this one girl, she's new from New York."

"Oh yeah Carson something."

Brooke turned her head sharply. "You know her?"

"Don't get so defensive. She's in my Algebra 2 class."

"Is she nice?"

"I guess. I mean, its not like we talked or something. She's hot though," he teased.

Brooke said, "Okay that is so not funny."

Lucas draped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her close. "Its fun watching you sweat babe."

The joined Nathan, Tim, Teresa, and Peyton inside. "Hi guys."

Brooke slid into the booth and Lucas slid next to her.


Tim grinned, "I heard the newest Raven cheerleader is hot."

"Heather? Yeah she is pretty," Brooke smiled, knowing what he meant.

"No, um, what was her name... Carson?"

"Tim, take her if you want her," Brooke said.

Nathan asked Lucas, "Your mom runs this place, so do you think you could speed up the pace around here? We've waited ten minutes."

Lucas said, "Uh, go up there and order."

Haley walked up just then. "Hey guys can I take your order?"

Nathan looked up. Every now and then he forgot she worked there. Lucas smiled. "Yeah we want a couple of cokes," referring to him and Brooke.

"Diet for me," Brooke added.

After taking everyone else's drink orders, Haley went into the back to fill the order. Tim joked with Nathan.

"How things going man?"

"What?" Nathan asked.

"Isn't it awkward?"

Nathan shrugged. "Whatever."

Jake walked in the door holding his daughter Jenny. Peyton jumped up. "Hey Jenny! Come here," she cooed to the baby, taking her from her daddy. "Hello Jake."

"Hey. Wow full house tonight," he noted, referring to the three tables pushed together.

Teresa said, "Yeah I guess so. Have a seat."

Jake pulled up a chair and Peyton sat next to him with Jenny in her arms. "I can only stay a few minutes, Jenny has to go to bed soon."

Haley brought their drink orders and Lucas invited her to sit down. She did so, next to Peyton.

Haley asked, "Have you guys met Carson?"

They all nodded. Teresa said, "She is Tree Hill High's newest cheerleader."

"She is in some of my classes, she is pretty cool."

"Did you talk to her much?" Peyton asked. "Like, do you know her background?"

"Not really, except her parents are divorced and she lives with her mother in this mansion. Actually Brooke, I think she lives around you."

Lucas tried not to laugh. He wasn't sure why this girl got on her nerves so much, but to him it was amusing. "Brooke maybe you guys could become buddies."

Brooke sighed, agitated. "Why the hell are we making such a big deal about new girl?"

Nathan gave her a stare. "Uh, because she is hot, a cheerleader, and could easily fit in here. What's the big deal anyways? She is probably into shopping, guys, all the stuff you are into."

'That's exactly my point,' Brooke thought silently to herself. "I don't have a problem with her, but we have new kids all the time. What's so special about this one?"

Teresa answered, "She is cool! We could use a new friend to hang out with. People see us as snobby, we want to put out the image we are open to new friends."

The door to the café opened and in walked Carson. Everyone stared at her as she walked up to the counter. Karen came out and took her order.

"Is that all for you?"

"Yes, I think so," she said, quickly scanning the menu.

Karen told her the total and then, "Do you know my son Lucas?"

"No, I don't think so."

Karen pointed him out. "He's over there, you should go over."

"Yeah, I know all those girls."

Karen got her cup of coffee. "Here you go."

Peyton raised her arm, calling, "Carson! Over here!" Brooke kicked Peyton under the table. "Ow!"

Carson walked up, and Nathan pulled over another chair. Karen called from behind the counter, "You guys better count on putting my chairs back!"

"Yes maam!" Tim called back. To Carson, he introduced himself, "Tim."

"Carson. Nice to meet you."

"Trust me. The pleasure is all mine."

Carson was introduced to everyone at the table, and when she got to Brooke she said, "You are the captain, right?"


"You have a great squad."

"Thanks, we worked hard."

Peyton said, "Did you see the list of new cheerleaders?" Peyton and Teresa had posted it on the gym door.

"No, I was going to go look after a cup of coffee."

Teresa grinned. "We will save you a trip. You made it."

Carson said, "Really? Thanks! Wow that is so cool."

Brooke said, "Even though its off season, we have an annual basketball charity game each year. Its in two weeks, can you be prepared to cheer by then?"

"Sure, no problem. All I have to do is learn the cheers."

"Yeah, that's all you have to do," Brooke said sarcastically.

Carson said to Lucas, "I don't believe we have met. I recognize you though."

Lucas held out his hand. "Lucas Scott, we have Algebra 2 together."

"Right," she smiled, shaking his hand.

Brooke, of course, didn't like the interaction, so she wrapped her arm around Lucas and kissed his cheek. "Lucas and I are dating."

Carson smiled. "That's cool. Anyone else here dating?"

Nathan looked at Haley, Peyton looked at Jake, and Teresa chirped, "Nope! They are the only happy couple around. But, Peyton and Jake have a thing going."

Jake cleared his throat. "Uh Teresa..."

"What?" She asked innocently.

Carson took hold of Jenny's little hand. "Who does this cutie belong to?"

Jake spoke up, "Me. She's mine."

"She's adorable," she smiled genuinely at Jake.

Jenny started to fuss and Peyton stood up, holding tightly onto the little girl. "Lets go in the back, she is probably hungry."

Jake followed Peyton to the back and Brooke and Lucas shared a look. A look that said Peyton and Jake were quickly becoming closer than friends.

Carson stood up. "I better get going. I have to tell my mom about me being the new cheerleader."

"See you," Brooke said. She had agreed to give her a chance and was going to follow through with her claim. So far Carson had done nothing wrong, therefore Brooke had no reason to be upset with her. The thing was she rubbed Brooke the wrong way. Something was different about her. She wasn't your run of the mill blonde cheerleader.

"Brooke? Earth to Brooke," Lucas said, waving his hand in front of her.

She snapped back to reality. "What? Sorry."

"You ready to get out of here?"

"Yeah, definitely."

Lucas put some money on the table and helped Brooke up. "Catch you guys later." He walked with Brooke behind the counter to say good bye to his mom.

Haley stood up and went back to work, and Nathan stood up as well. After paying for his drink, he asked Teresa if she could use a ride home, and she said she could. They both left, leaving Tim sitting at the table alone.

"Hello? You left me to put all the chairs back!" He groaned. Typical Nathan.

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