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Chapter 1

Joey sat on his bed, thinking about Battle City, the tournament he'd just been in, and the fact that there was something else he'd wanted to say to Mai that he probably wouldn't have been able to say anyway. She seemed to want to say the same to him, but was just as afraid as he was. Meanwhile, about three cities away, Mai was driving around town, thinking about Joey, and what she'd meant to say to him, but not had the nerve to. He seemed to have something to tell her, too. Maybe I should go back? Mai thought, heading out of town, and towards Domino City, where she was sure to find Joey, and she could tell him what she'd been waiting to say since Duelist Kingdom. She stopped at a phone booth in Domino City, and called the number listed under Wheeler.

"Hi, is Joey Wheeler there?" Mai said.

"Mai! What's up? How'd you get this number?" Joey asked.

"Joey, your number is the only Wheeler in the phone book. I need your address, I have to tell you something in person," Mai said.

"Mai, believe me, you don't want to come here. This is a bad place to hang out. My dad's a real mess, drunk and all. Can we meet up somewhere else?" Joey said.

"How about at Yugi's?" Mai said.

"Works for me. But why can't you tell me over the phone?" Joey said.

"Joey, I'm in a phone booth. I'm not telling you anything from a phone booth, especially not this," Mai replied.

"ok, see you at Yugi's," Joey said, and hung up.