Disclaimer: I do not own GG, Small Country Campground, Mike, Catherine, Samantha, The Smalls, or anyone else I forgot because it is a lot.

Info: Starts right before Tristan asks Rory out on the first season finale. Her and Dean don't get back together.

Rory was sitting in Mr. Medina's classroom trying to pay attention since it was the last day of school when one word stuck out field trip. 'How are we supposed to take a field trip if it is the last day of school?' Rory thought.

"Ummmm Mr. Medina how are we suppose to take a field trip on the last day of school," Tristan asked from the back.

"We aren't taking a field trip on the last day of school. We are taking a field trip the first 2 weeks of summer."

A set of 'aghhhhhhhs' were sent around the room

"Why are we doing that?" a girl asked from the back.

"Because we are. Ok, any questions?"