Title: On Impulse - Part 1: A Guy, A Girl, A Psycho, and Monkeys on the Side
Author: Alicia Blade

Summary: Darien has trained himself to never give into his tiny impulses. But when Andrew takes him to see a hypnotist, his attitude does a complete 180 and no one, especially Serena, knows quite what to do with him. 5 Parts total.


August 2004 ANs

This story was written three to six years ago. I've retained the original author's notes for novelty purposes, though some may no longer apply. This story has been recently edited for its most recent posting, but nothing else has changed. I hope you will enjoy it, whether reading it for the first time or the fiftieth!

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Also, my apologies for any horrendous stereotypes in this story, and a bad accent.


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"I praise you forever, Lord! You are the God our ancestor Jacob worshiped. Your power is great, and your glory is seen everywhere in heaven and on earth. You are king of the entire world, and you rule with strength and power."
1 Chronicles 29:10-12

On Impulse
Part 1 - A Guy, A Girl, A Psycho, and Monkeys on the Side

I quickly shoved the last paper between the covers of the book, walking as quickly as I could out of the classroom. The teacher's lecture had run 20 minutes past the bell. Now if I don't get to the arcade soon, I'll miss my chance of running into her for the day, plus I didn't get to see her this morning because of my stupid alarm clock not going off, and if I don't see her I'll…

Freezing in the middle of the crowded university hallway, I closed my eyes and abolished every last thought. Silently, I asked:

Why are you going to the arcade?

And answered:

To see Andrew.

And why didn't you get up this morning?

Because I was tired and sleep is more important than running into a girl.

And what do you think about Serena?

She is a ditz and a crybaby… and 14 years old. (Even if she is beautiful and vivacious and sweet and loving and…)

"Ugh! You are impossible!" I scream at myself before stomping hurriedly down the hallway, ignoring the strange glances thrown my way.

Gotta go! Gotta go! I looked at my watch. 3:30! Oh, please still be there, Se… Andrew! I want ANDREW to be there. That's right, Andre…

Ah! There she is!!

She was strolling sadly down the sidewalk having just left the arcade. Unconsciously, I stopped to assert myself, straightening my blazer and running a hand through my hair. She walked toward me at a normal, for most people, speed. Of course, it was way too slow for her. I frowned, curious as to why she wasn't bouncing and squealing and frolicking about happily.

Taking a deep breath, I began walking toward the unsuspecting girl. As I neared her, my eyes took longing glances at her almost pouting lips, her soft golden hair, her long dark eyelashes, the glimmering stars shining in her aqua eyes… Only 10 feet away from her, my arms took on the painful urges to wrap around her frail waist. My lips began to ache and hunger for hers. My now shaky hands almost lifted themselves, unwilling to my mind, to stroke through the silky locks.

I shake my head. Must stop thinking like that! She's so close now. I could almost reach out and touch her, and she still hasn't noticed me.

Like a firework, something explodes in my thoughts…

Clenching my teeth fiercely, I throw caution to the wind and decide to take action. Stepping forward, I wrap my arm around the unsuspecting girl. She squeals in shock and looks up to me. Her eyes only widen more when she sees who has taken hold of her. She is so beautiful… And she's right here…

Bringing a shaky hand up to her, I run two fingers slowly across her lower lip. She gasps, her mouth opening just slightly at the touch. My eyes go blurry and I find myself lowering my head to hers. Her small hands reach forward, landing on my shoulders, and for a moment I fear she will push me away. But the second my lips catch onto hers, she's frozen.

First I tease her gently, before ever so tantalizingly slow, sliding my tongue into her welcoming kisses. Everything is spinning so fast as I find my dreams coming true. I can feel her holding onto me as I do her, and she sighs beneath me.


My eyes snap open as I feel something soft collide into my body. Looking down, I see that Serena is sitting directly below me on the cold pavement. Not in my arms. She never was.

Gulping, I debate for a moment of whether to help her up, tease her, or simply leave while I can.

She looks somewhat helpless down there. I could bend down right now and sweep her into my arms and kiss away every owie and pain…

As quickly as possible, I turn and jog away, ducking immediately around the corner of a nearby store. These stupid dreams and fantasies are ruining my life! Not to mention my conscience, my willpower, and my sanity!

Attempting to find composure, I nervously glance around the corner.

Serena is on her feet, bowing and apologizing to the thin air before her. Suddenly, she stops, opens her eyes, and looks up. Seeing the empty sidewalk, her back straightens and she begins looking around incredulously. Eventually, she furrows her brow, dusts off her skirt, picks up her books, and begins walking suspiciously home.

Leaning against the brick wall, I close my eyes.

I know, I KNOW that if I hadn't gotten away from her when I did, I would have done something I would've regretted. These… these ILLUSIONS of mine are starting to get worse. I can't even be around her anymore without the overwhelming desire to kiss her or hold her… or do something drastic! What is wrong with me?! You'd almost think I had feelings for the girl…


My heart laughing and my mind groaning, I leave my sanctuary and proceed onto the arcade. To see Andrew, this time.

I hear the familiar jingling of the arcade bells and enter tiredly, my mind still whirling. Andrew looks up at me and smiles. I grin back, making my way to the counter before slumping onto a stool and ordering some coffee from the waitress. Soon, Andrew has joined me on the stool to my right.

"Hey, dude," he greets as I begin to sip at my coffee.

"Hi," I respond, forcing my thoughts clean. If anyone could look into my mind, they would think I was crazy for all the thoughts I have of Serena. The girl I feel nothing for. At all. Got that?!

My heart only chuckles ironically in response.

"You look… out of it…"

"Huh?" Turning back to my best friend, I stare at him silently.

He looks at me suspiciously, before rolling his eyes. "Anyway, how was your day?"

"Not too bad. Class ran late, again."

"Ah, so that's why you weren't here at your usual 3:05," he laughs. I simply raise an eyebrow at him.

"You've got me down to a science, haven't you?"

"You're not TOO hard to figure out… after I've known you for a good 6 years!"

I only shake my head. There are many things he doesn't know about me. My thoughts on a certain girl, for example… No! Gotta stop thinking of that!

Andrew continues, "Oh yeah, before I forget, we got this new dessert on the menu. You gotta try it! Chocolate ribbon cheesecake… I know how you love cheesecake, AND that you have a fetish for chocolate, don't try to deny it."

I laugh. "Wow, that sounds great, Andrew, but… well, I can't."

Actually, right now I'm ready to buy 6 pieces of the stuff. Andrew is an excellent salesman, after all. I can already taste it on my tongue… Rich and soft and sweet…

"Aw, why not?"

"I'm trying to build a little more self-control."

After a few seconds of silence, I look up at an uproar of laughter. By the time Andrew has finally come down from his short high, tears are already glistening at the corners of his brown eyes. "You have GOT to be kidding! Darien, if you had any more self-control, you'd be a statue!"

You don't know that I almost frenched a 14-year-old girl out on the sidewalk a few moments ago, now do you?

"Yeah, well, whatever. Maybe I'll try some later, okay?"

He sighs. "Sure, whatever you say. Oh, and one other thing."

"What's that?" I ask, once again sipping at my forgotten coffee.

"I bought tickets to this night club type thing for Rita and I the other day, but it turns out she can't make it. The main act tonight is some hypnotist chick and it might be kinda fun, so… I was wondering if you wanted to come."

My eyes dull and I look at him with a 'yeah right' attitude. He knows the answer before I speak a word. Nodding, he stands from the stool and walks back to the other side of the counter.

"Alright, I gotcha. I knew it was a long shot, saying you hate things like that and all, I just thought that maybe for once you'd loosen up and enjoy yourself. But, that's okay, I know of someone else who would love to go with me."

Smiling, I watch as he reaches for the phone. Good, at least I don't feel guilty now.

"Besides, I remember Serena saying something about having an interest in psychics and hypnotists, so I'm sure she'll be thrilled to…"


Andrew looks at me shocked, the receiver held in one hand, the other clamped between mine and the dial. "Huh?"

"S… Serena? You… you're gonna ask Serena?"

One eyebrow shoots up curiously. Ooh, what have I gotten myself into now?

"Yes. And you have a problem with that… BECAUSE…?"

Because she has a huge crush on you and if you take her out, not only will it break her heart when she finds out you don't think of her as anything more than a younger sister, but it will also ruin any chances that I have with her!

"Because, well, um… I change my mind. I would LOVE to go with you! You're right, I definitely need to loosen up, get out some more, meet new people… What time does it start?"

Slowly, shakily, I remove my hand from the phone and he just as warily places the receiver down again. "Um… it starts at… 7…"

Nodding, I chug down the rest of my drink, before standing off my stool. "Alright, I'll be at your place by 6:30. See ya!"

Without looking back, I got out of that place as fast as I could. Again, how DO I get myself into these things?!

Trudging up Andrew's stairs, I knocked briefly on his door, before letting myself in. "Hey Andrew, you ready to go?"

"Yeah, just a minute!" he called back from somewhere in the roomy apartment. I closed the door just as he came out of a hallway, putting his sleeves through a jacket. "Alright, let's go!" he said, already rushing me out the door. Rolling my eyes, I followed willingly, hopping into the passenger side of his car and we were on our way.

The next hour and a half was one of the duller of my life. First was a couple singing a duet. They had nice voices and all, but… it just wasn't my thing. Afterwards was a short comedy routine, which Andrew found hilarious. Then came the hypnotist. If I didn't know better, I might have thought it was actually real. But the 'hypnotees' or whatever you call them were obviously paid actors. Though, even I must admit, they did put on a good show! For a moment I even found myself believing that that guy actually thought he was Robin Hood!

Finally, the show was over. Andrew and I sat there for a minute, finishing our drinks as the performers came down to shake hands with the audience members.

"So what did you think?" asked Andrew.

Shrugging, I reply, "Aw, wasn't bad."

He shot me a surprised look. "Don't tell me the ever skeptical Darien actually BELIEVES in hypnotism!"

I laugh loudly. "Yeah right! It was SO obvious those people were paid! Come on Andrew, get a grip!"

As I take another sip at my non-alcoholic margarita, I saw a young woman heading in our direction, chatting with people as she passed by.

"Hey look, the hypnotist is coming over here," said Andrew grinning, taking note of where my eyes had darted. "Hm… I wonder what she would do if she knew you were so unbelieving…"

I roll my eyes, but can't help but smile at Andrew's almost mischievous side. "Why don't we find out?" I add good-naturedly.

The hypnotist was a lady of about 25 years with dark, shining tendrils of hair showing beneath a tye-dyed scarf. She wore black slacks and no shoes. Her shirt was pale blue with large pastel flowers painted on it, her sleeves dangling well to her knees, with large gold charms hanging from them. Gaudy jewelry and wooden beads adorned every piece of jewelry. But the most amusing aspect of her were two small monkeys—one perched on each shoulder and with a colored scarf tied neatly about their necks. With a look of knowledge and wisdom (on the woman, not the monkeys) they strolled up to Andrew and I.

"Buenas noches, gentleman. I am Señorita Leilani, mastah of hypnotism and psychic extraordinair. And dis is Pulguitas," she said gesturing to the monkey with a red scarf, "y Frijolito." The other monkey had a bright blue scarf tied around his neck. At the mention of their names, the monkeys stood up straight and performed an interesting tap dance simultaneously, before chattering and bowing in rhythm. Andrew and I exchanged glances, before returning our attention to the woman. She continued, "I have sensed some evotions ov skepticism at your table."

Andrew snickered, as I looked away a tad unsettled. Still smiling, Andrew answered, "Yeah, well, my friend here is having a hard time believing in your… abilities."

Rolling my eyes, I looked up at the curious woman apologetically. "Look, I'm glad you're making a living, and your show WAS very entertaining, I'm just… not interested in all this, ahem, hypnotic mumbo-jumbo. No offense."

Suddenly, her dark brown eyes grew alive with a spark of fire. Clenching her teeth, she slammed her hands down on the table, spilling my drink across the wooden surface. I raised an eyebrow, looking up at her with more than a touch of fear.

"Vhat?! What I do is NOT vumbo-jumbo! You insolent small-vinded pansy! AY puta!" In response, Pulguitas and Frijolito tittered angrily, shaking their small hairy fists at me and hopping about excitedly.

My jaw hung open silently as I stared at the burning coals glaring back at me. Can you say 'psycho?' From the corner of my eye, I could see Andrew backing away slowly. Oh no, if he dares try to leave me with this lady!

"I vill show you!" And the next thing I knew, a large glass bead was dangling inches from my eyes.


"You are getting sleepy…" she said in a… somewhat enchanting tone… "Huh?" My eyes were glued to the ornament as it began to swing from side to side, rainbows dancing around it, covering the room in blotchy colors of pastels and neon lights. So… beautiful…

"Sleepy… sleepy… yes, your eyelids are becoving heavier… everything is getting very slow… and still… You are in a peaceful vorld… all alone…"

So… tired… My head was suddenly light and the world began to fade away so that only the jewel was left. Sleepy… sleepy… need… sleep…

I was covered in a comforting darkness, warm humming sounds echoing around me. Dull colors flew about my head. My body was tingling slightly, and all I could think of was how peaceful it is here.

In the distance, I hear an unfamiliar voice.

"Vhen I snap my fingers, you will believe dat you are un pollo loco! A crazy chicken!"

Chicken? What's a…


Gotta find seed! Where's the seed! What's that? On the ground… It's… lint! Lint is bad, not healthy… Maybe farmer Andrew has some seed! Andrew, Andrew…

Hey, what's that? It's a… a… monkey! Oh no, back evil hairy creature, back I say! Andrew, protect me! Where is that blasted lazy farmer, anyway? Oh, wait, is that him? Come to save me from the funny little beast and give me seed?

I look up to see a blonde-haired man with brown eyes staring back at me. He is unsurprisingly dressed in denim overalls and a red checkered shirt, complete with a straw hat. And he's holding… a pale?! Ooh, seed! Flap the wings, you'll get there faster!

Flap, flap, why won't they move faster?! I want seed! So hungry!

"Cluck! Cluck!"

Farmer Andrew stares at me oddly as my head dives for the pale held in his hand. He yelps and the pale falls from his hand onto the dirt, spilling delicious looking seed over the dirty ground. Aw… clean enough to eat off of…



It really is quite peaceful here. So dark, and yet so calm… Those colors… where do they come from? I almost seem to remember a sapphire crystal gem…

The faraway voice begins speaking again.

"Dat was very good. Now! When I snap my fingers you vill…"

"Hey," speaks another, deeper voice. "Can you make him do anything?"

"Si, ov course I can! I am Señorita Leilani, hypnotism extraor…"

"Really?! Great, could you do me a huge favor?"

"Dat depends…"

"Well, do you think you could make the guy loosen up a bit? He really needs to have a bit of fun more often…"

"Hm… I believe I can do vhat you have asked ov me." She begins to speak louder. "After I snap my fingers, you will awake and remember noting of dis dream you have been in. Vut, beginning at twelve midnight, you vill become entirely spontaneous! For the following twenty-four hours you vill not tink twice before acting. You vill do what you vish, and you vill act completely, utterly, and totally ON IMPULSE!"


My eyes dart away from the gem to look over at Andrew. He is staring at me oddly, and I only furrow my brow. What is HE looking at?! Sighing, I turn back to the hypnotist.

"Um… are you quite finished?"

She wears a wry smile. Standing, she performs an elaborate bow, her monkeys nodding and bowing in exact unison with their master. "Si, I am vinished. Que tenga una muy buena noche, caballero. Y...que se divierta mañana." And with that, she walked away.

Raising an eyebrow at Andrew, I shake my head. "Now SHE was a loony if I ever saw one. You ready to go?"

He looks about to burst out laughing, for what reason I have no idea. Standing, he carefully steps over a spilled drink on the carpet that I hadn't noticed before. I wonder when that happened…

We walked out of the nightclub silently. I never did understand the sly grin he wore on his face. Maybe I never will.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 - He's Not Really Crazy, Just a Little Hypnotized

Have a very good night, gentleman. And… have fun tomorrow.

And now kids, it's biography time!! Where we learn about the wonderful characters imagined up by Ariishia-chan and Edeet-chan!

SENORITA LEILANI was born in Mexico. She was the middle child with an older sister, Manzana (apple) and a younger brother Reloj (clock). After being neglected and ignored, she turned to an occupation in hypnotism and… psychic…ism… in order to get attention. At the age of 18, she moved to Tokyo due to… um… an outbreak in malaria, bringing her two pets and only friends Pulguitas (Flea) and Frijolito (Bean) with her.

Luv and God bless!
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