Title: My Best Friend's Sister

Summary: Michael Vaughn has a problem...he's in love with his best friend's sister. But does she like him back? And what about what his friend has to say about all this?

Ship: Sydney and Vaughn...of course.

A/N: Okay, so this is AU. For many reasons. One: Vaughn, Sydney, Eric, and Francie are teens. Two: Sydney is Eric's little sister. Three: well...there is no number three. lol. So yeah.

I can imagine all the looks of confusion on your faces when you read that Sydney is Eric's little sister. So, I shall give some background into the issue. Jack and Irina divorced around a year after Sydney was born. About a year after that, Irina remarried to Eric's also divorced dad, Robert or Bob for short. Jack and Irina are on friendly terms. And Irina is nice Irina, not the evil Irina who killed Vaughn's daddy, but the Irina who makes cookies. Eric is about two years older than Sydney and even though they are just stepsiblings, they love(and annoy) each other like actual siblings. Got it?

Disclaimer: I don't own Vaughn or Alias or anything you recognize. But I do, however, own Michael Vartan. ::grins:: Ah, I love that picture.

Rating: PG...for now. Could be upped later.

"Vaughn, hello, are you trying to lose?"

"Huh?" Vaughn answered, still caught in whatever daze he was caught in.

"I take that as a 'yes'," Eric answered, shaking his head. "What are you staring at anyway?"

Vaughn tore his eyes away from the object of his affection and back towards his friend and the big screen TV in front of them. The video game controller lay forgotten in his hand and Eric was kicking his ass in their two player video game, a rare thing, usually Vaughn was the one to kick Eric's ass, "Um, nothing."

"Are my sister and her stupid friend annoying you? Cause they're annoying me." Eric said, getting off the couch and crossing across the room towards the glass double doors that led from the family room to the backyard and pool. He opened the door and yelled out, "Hey squid, stop being so annoying!"

"I'm not doing anything, and stop calling me squid!" Sydney yelled back, moving a little bit to settle into another position on the lawn chair.

"I'll call you squid if I want and you're bugging Vaughn!" Eric called out, turning slightly back to Vaughn and added, "Isn't that right, dude?" Vaughn nodded along, weakly, trying to see around Eric and get a glimpse of Sydney. Bugging wasn't the word he would use, it was more like driving him insane. Oh God, He thought, finally getting the glimpse of her.

Sydney sighed in frustration while Francie laughed. She glared at Francie for a second before sitting up and raising her sunglasses to the top of her head, "I am not bugging Vaughn, I'm bugging you and sorry but we're working on our tans.Isn't that right Francie?"

"Yep," Francie laughed.

"See!" Sydney yelled, triumphantly.

"Yeah, I don't see." Eric answered, causing another giggle from Francie. "And squid, you're crazy. Working on your tan? It's like wearing a sign that says, 'Hey skin cancer, over here, I want to die ten years early!'"

"I said to stop calling me squid! It was cute in like the third grade, not so much any more. And we're wearing suntan lotion. Helps cut five out of those ten years off." Sydney yelled back.

Eric rolled his eyes, "Whatever squid, when you die five years early, I'm going to laugh."

"And I'm going to haunt you if I do." Sydney replied. She tilted her head slightly, seeing Vaughn watching the whole conversation with a confused look on his face and smiled, "And hi Vaughn, how's it going?"

Vaughn gulped, "Fine. You?" He yelled.

"Great, except for my stupid brother," Sydney answered.

Eric rolled his eyes again, "Yeah, whatever, go work on your death." With that said he wisely chose to close the door and pull the curtains across the windows, ending the conversation that neither was going to win. But unfortunately completely blocking Vaughn's view of Sydney. Damn you Eric, Vaughn thought angrily. Wait, what am I saying? I cannot be mad that Eric took away my view of Sydney. I cannot be attracted to Sydney. I mean she's like fifteen but then again I'm seventeen. Two years isn't that far apart, is it? Oh God, what is wrong with me?

"Mike, dude, are we going to play or what?" Eric asked, impatiently, sitting down next to Vaughn on the couch again.

Vaughn nodded, and turned his gaze to the TV screen in front of him. "I'm gonna kick your ass this time."

Eric laughed, "Yeah right." He pressed a button on his controller and the game started over. They waited the few seconds until it restarted and commenced to beat the crap out of each other's video game character.

After three rounds, with Vaughn winning each of them, Eric resigned and offered to get them some food from the kitchen before they played a different game. Vaughn nodded, and leaned back into the couch, just as Sydney and Francie came back into the house with their towels flung over their shoulders and definitely not covering their bikini clad bodies. Kill me, kill me now. Don't look at Sydney, look at your hands. Vaughn swallowed hard and forced himself to look at his hands and not Sydney.

"Ah! Hey, what's with the bikini show?!" Eric yelled, coming back into the room, a couple sodas and a bag of chips in his hands. "Nobody wants to see that!"

Sydney glared at Eric, "Shut up, Eric, we're going upstairs right now." With that said, she and Francie flounced up the stairs.

Vaughn couldn't help himself and glanced over to Sydney walking up the stairs and had to put a hand to his head to calm his nerves. Damn, that girl is driving me insane. I can't be attracted to Sydney. I've know her since she was in diapers. Besides she's Eric's sister. That's off limits territory. But she's so sweet and nice and funny and beautiful and smart and she has an amazing body, for a fifteen year old that is.

"Okay, so this time I'm going to kick your ass," Eric said, handing Vaughn a soda then going to put a different game in the PlayStation2.

Vaughn took the soda and laughed, "Dude, when are you going to realize that I'm always going to kick your ass at video games?" He cracked open the soda and took a sip. Good, cold beverage, that's what I need.

"Never," Eric answered, sitting down again and cracking open his own soda.

Vaughn laughed, "Okay, I guess I'm just going to have to prove it to you." He picked up his abandoned controller and started the game.

"Dude, no wonder you win all the time, you cheat," Eric said, scrambling to pick up his controller before Vaughn beat him.

"Only sometimes," Vaughn said as his racing character did a jump, putting him even more in the lead.

"Oh, yeah, you're a cheater," Eric said, trying to catch up and failing miserably.

Vaughn ended up beating Eric six times before Eric gave up and demanded they try a different game. Vaughn just laughed glanced down at his watch. He mentally groaned at the time and clicked off his controller. "I gotta get home, late enough as it is. You know how my mom gets when I'm late." He stood up.

Eric nodded, "Yeah, that's not a pretty sight, almost as bad as Sydney and that friend of hers, wandering around in barely anything." Inwardly, Vaughn wanted to smack some sense into Eric. Couldn't he see that Sydney was an amazing girl? But before he did that, he realized that Eric would probably always think of the Sydney as his annoying little sister. He supposed that's how siblings were. He kind of lacked in that department, being an only child. "So, see ya tomorrow back at the hell hole we are forced to go to that they call school."

"Okay," Vaughn said over his shoulder as he disappeared out the front door. After he closed the door, he let out a long overdue sigh. He wasn't late and wouldn't be for another two hours. He just couldn't stand the thought of being in the same house as Sydney any more. I need to see a shrink or something because I can't even sit in my best friend's house anymore without thinking about his little sister. Jeez, when did this little crush start anyway? Two weeks ago, I was just as annoyed with her as Eric and then...bam. Something hit me upside the head and was like, "Look at her, she is hot!" I wonder if I did hit my head. There would be a mark, right? So I if I did find a mark, that would mean I did hit my head and that I finally have something to blame this whole thing on.

"You just gotta calm down, Mike. Take a deep breath and calm down," He said to himself, out loud. He managed to get in three deep breaths before he heard high pitched laughter coming from Sydney's open window on the second floor. Instantly he felt a little flutter in his heart and he started to with that he could spend the rest of forever just listening to her laugh. Then came the realization that his little "crush" could be more serious than he thought.

"Oh, crap, I'm in love with my best friend's sister."

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