Catherine was sitting on her couch with Lindsey beside her. Lindsey was watching Spongebob and she was thinking. Thinking about how much she missed Eddie. Even though they had had a bad marriage, she still loved him very much. The day she found out he was dead she wanted to fall to pieces, but she to stay strong for Lindsey. The very second she came home she balled and Lindsey comforted her. She wished she had someone for her and a father figure for Lindsey, someone that would love Lindsey and take care of Lindsey. However, she also wanted someone to love her, sure Eddie loved Lindsey and took some care of Lindsey, but he was not good to her all the time. She wanted just that, someone to love Lindsey and her, just that and nothing else.


Later that night, Catherine took Lindsey to a friend's house. She would be alone. She hated to be alone. After she dropped Lindsey off, she went to the grocery store. She was off tonight, and needed to pick up some stuff. She picked up a couple of things, and went down another aisle. From behind her, she heard a familiar voice. It was Warrick.

"Hey Cath" he said.

"Hi" she said back, "What are you doing here?"

"Picking up some food for Grissom's bugs," he said back.

"Oh" She said. There was an awkward silence between them.

"Well" she said finally, "I better go".

"Ok" he said, "See you later".

"Bye" she said. Warrick walked off. As he left, she gave his backside a look, and cursed her self for it. 'Warrick and I' she thought, 'Right, keep dreaming Catherine'. She checked out and left.


When she got home she unloaded the things from her car, she went into the house. After she was done, she took a shower. She got out of the shower and got dressed. She was so alone. She hated that so much. She missed Lindsey, usually she and Lindsey talked and watched TV, and when Lindsey fell asleep, she took her to bed and watched her sleep. Then she went to bed. But, tonight she would be alone. She would be okay tonight, though she would be lonely. She sat down to watch TV, but there was nothing on. She turned it off and started to think back to earlier when she saw Warrick. He had acted so strangely. She liked Warrick more than a friend. He was everything she ever wanted in a man, smart, good-looking, loved Lindsey to death, and knows how to treat women right. He was perfect. But she did not think he liked her back. She was so tired; she went to bed and fell into a very good sleep.


When she woke up it was 7:30. She knew Lindsey would not be up by then so she went back to sleep. When she woke up again it was 11:00. She rushed to get up. She got into her car and drove as fast as she could with out being pulled over. When she got there, it was 11:15. She got out of the car rang the doorbell. Victoria, Lindsey's friend mom, answered the door.

"Hi Catherine" Victoria said.

"Sorry I'm late" she said.

"It's okay," Victoria said.

"Did you say thank you to Mrs. Victoria, and Katelin?" Catherine asked Lindsey.

"Yes, mommy" Lindsey said.

"She was great Cath," Victoria said.

"Okay, well see you later" She said. She and Lindsey when to get in the car, on the way home Lindsey talked about what she did, and what they played. Catherine knew then that she loved Lindsey more that anything in her life. She always knew if it came down to it she would die for Lindsey, but she knew then Lindsey really loved her.


It was time for work. Lindsey was at her sister's house and she was on her way to work. When she got there, everyone was waiting for Grissom.

"Hey Cath" Nick said.

"Hi" she said, "Where is Grissom?"

"Don't know" Nick said.

"Okay" she said back. Finally Grissom came.

"Where have you been?" she asked.

"Don't think that is any of your business" Grissom spat.

"Well you don't have to be ugly about it," she said.

"Anyway" he said, "Sara you and I have a DB on Elm Street, Nick you have a DB of you own, on Perry Road, and Warrick and Catherine you have a DB at the Monaco".

'Great' Catherine thought, 'I'll act like a fool'. Everyone left, but Catherine.

"Are you coming?" Warrick asked.

"Yeah" she said. They left and went to the Monaco. It was a girl in her room; she had been stabbed. After they got all the evidence, they left.

"Hey Cath" Warrick asked.

"Yes" she said.

"How's Linds?" he said.

"She's fine, why do you ask?" she said.

"Just wondering," he said, "I haven't seen her in a long time".

"Well you should visit more often."

"Yeah, well I don't really have time."

"Well make time" she said, "Why don't you come by tonight?"

"That sounds like a good idea" he said, "I will do that".

"Tonight then, Lindsey will be thrilled." They went back to the lab. They put the evidence in and went to the autopsy. Then shift was over. Warrick said he would stay and see if anything came up and Catherine went to pick up Lindsey. To her surprise, Lindsey and her sister were still up.

"Mommy" Lindsey came running to her.

"Hey baby," she said, "Did you have fun?"

"Yeah" Lindsey said.

"Hi sis" Catherine said to her sister Marie.

"Hey" Marie said.

"Well we better go," she said.

"Okay" Marie said, "Bye".

"Bye" Lindsey and Catherine both said. When they got back, Lindsey went to her room and got into her bed. Catherine tucked her in and Lindsey went right to sleep. Catherine took a shower, and sat down on her couch. She didn't want to watch TV so she started to think again. Then she heard her doorbell. Right then she knew who it was and she was right. It was Warrick.

"Hey" he said.

"Hi" she said.

"Where is Lindsey?" he asked.

"She just went to bed, come in," she said and stepped aside.


"Yeah you just missed her" she said, "She was so sleepy", "I told her you might stop by, but she just could not keep her eyes open".

"Well." He sat down and she sat down next to him. He smelled so good.

"Did you find anything out at the lab?"


"Oh." There was silence for a full two minutes. Warrick looked at her.

"What?" she said. Then Warrick leaned in and kissed her. Catherine was surprised and did not know what to do so he stopped.

"Catherine I…" he started.

"No, I like it" she said. Then she kissed him. They kissed for several long minutes.

"Warrick" she finally stopped to catch her breath. "Warrick I, I love you," she said.

"I love you to" he said. They continued to kiss and they went to her room. The next morning Catherine was the first one to get up. She woke up Warrick.

"Hey" she said.

"Hi" he said, "Catherine I really do love you, I don't think that this was just a fling".

"I love you to Warrick, with all my heart, and have for a long time now," she said.

"Then let's be together," he said.

"Okay" she said, "You are everything I have ever wanted".

"I know you are too," he said. They went back to sleep.


"Warrick" Catherine called to her soon-to-be husband. It has been four months and they were having a baby.

"Yes" he said.

"You better get moving we have to pick up Lindsey," she said.

"I know honey," he said. Everyone at work was so happy for them. After everyone found out Grissom and Sara got together and are getting married.

"You know," she said, "After we got together everyone started to", "I mean Grissom and Sara, and I even think Nick might have someone special".

"I know," he said, "But Nick won't say it". They laughed. Then they left and got Lindsey. They were going to the park, Lindsey's favorite one. On the way there, Catherine thought how lucky she is. She was so happy. She was going to have a baby, she is marring the man of her dreams, and Lindsey was so happy. Lindsey loved Warrick and was excited about having a half sister or brother. Life was good, and Catherine knew it.