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Deliverance of redemption and salvation

Chapter 1 Meeting in air

After being punched into the air by the girls, Keitaro meets a pig-tail martial artist from Nermia. Now he must learn how to fight with his mind and body to unlock the truth of his past. Crossover with Ranma ½

It was before summer time in which Keitaro manage successfully to pass the prestigious Tokyo University exam. Well after taking the test for the fifth time. Even though the favor was at against him since he started with negative points, he had done it! The reason of negative points was to keep students from being too familiar with the test so they don't learn how to take the test and pass by virtue of having practice taking the real test instead of actually learning the material. But it didn't matter to Keitaro, he had done the impossible. But he had with such bad luck just had to have his leg broken. He was so pissed consider he was a Toudai student. He couldn't do anything for god sake!
Sure staying in Hinata-sou was alright. He was able to have some adventures such as more beating and smacking but he had risked once again his leg cast which caused his leg to heal another 3 months. Sure he had helped people such as Motoko Aoyama by giving his sword which was the Urashima heirloom which was a sealed demon blade Hina. Even though it has its own will, the spirit within the blade has been sealed where it can do no harm to others. Motoko was able win her honor back from the defeat of her sister. Dating Shinobu Maehara was in a way fun because she was so happy and she did look cute with her dress on and so. But even she was happy, Naru Narusegawa still beat him because she thought he did something perverted to Shinobu. Even though Shinobu cried at the sight of sempei, she didn't do anything to stop the intense beating. Christ all he did was going to the supermarket with Shinobu.
Keitaro didn't anything to stop the assault because it was consider normal to him since the day he came. For all the time he stayed at the dorm, he just studied and did the homework in which Naru gave to him from the teachers so he didn't have to miss classes.
He pretty much missed the first year

The extra study time and exam caused his a backlog of chores around the Hinata Dormitory, leaving him with a 16-20 hour workday. It wouldn't have been so bad had it not been for a sudden assault of fruits and mecha toys. His weeks were a blur of stopped-up toilets, scraps of wood and brick that was once a part of the Hinata, soap suds from scrubbing the women's bathhouse, and an occasional pummeling from Naru and Motoko when Keitaro didn't do the work fast enough. Well this mean back to fixing up the walls and patching up all the holes he went through. But now, everything is back in order.

It was so peaceful, so quite, as if the Hinata was abandoned...

{ Peace. Yes finally nobody beating me up or so. I wonder where everyone ran off to.}thought Keitaro. "Naru, Shinobu, Motoko, anybody here?" he called out.

At first, there was no reply except for the hum of the central cooling system.

"Yes, Keitaro, you'd need anything?" It was Haruka calling across the hall, from her room. Keitaro strolled inside. Haruka was lounging on her couch smoking.

"So, where did the rest of the girls go?"

"Motoko, Kisume, Shinobu, and Naru are gone out shopping."

"What!" Keitaro shouted. "Naru and Shinobu both told me they were having financial problems and couldn't make rent."

Haruka let out whiff of smoke from her mouth as she sighed.
"Don't tell me you let them con you out of rent."

Keitaro held his head down in shame. "The third month in a row."

"If you keep this up, you'll be in the poor house," Haruka shook her head. "You'll never amount to anything being this spineless especially that Mitsune keeps swindling you by her acts."

{Great, now even my aunt starting to think more like Naru,} thought Keitaro. {I swear, she would just beat me like Naru anyways for calling her aunt. But she may be right about Naru,}

"I'll go back and do some more chores."

"Whatever see you later," she said as she puffed some more smoke.


{Nothing to do. Can't believe that the girls would do something like that. Shinobu how could she do that? Scamming? That is so wrong.}


{AH they are here! Hum I wonder if Naru is in her room. I could ask her why she would lied to me this time…}

He goes into her room but with his clumsiness trips into her room. By getting up he sees something he should not have seen.
Well he had seen it before but it was an accident like this time…

Keitaro's eyes practically flew out of his head at the sight of Naru clad in white bra and panties standing right in the middle of the room, stunned.

"I.... uh... I didn't mean... uh..." Keitaro began to back away towards the door in a weird manner, his arms already up to protect himself, a look of horror on his face.

But, it was too late. As quickly as Naru had look startled, she now looked enraged,

"You pervert!"


Keitaro flew through the ceiling with a powerful uppercut - the Naru Atomic Punch!


As Keitaro's limp body broke through the roof and into the sky, the rest of the girls of the Hinata soon ran into Naru's room.

"Are you okay?" Motoko asked immediately after stepping into the room.

"Yeah, it sounded like a pretty hard punch," Kitsune added with a giggle.

"Nah don't worry, he's invincible remember?" said Naru.

"Oh yeah, we'll just wait for him to come back. Then I can play with him," said Su

[Mean while in air]

{Damn it! Why couldn't you just listen to me just once! I didn't even mean to see you in that attire. I have that damn almost like curse of clumsiness. Just wait till I land…}



"Ow!" said Keitaro

He looks from the ground in which he laid. He saw lots of trees everywhere.

{Ah damn I landed in some forest. Now I can't find my way out of here…}

He looks around and sees another person. This person had a Chinese with a red shirt and black pants

{ Whoa! I hit another person? He might be hurt!}

"Hey mister!" Keitaro yelled at the guy shaking him up.

"Nergggggg!" moaned Ranma.

"Are you ok? Where did you come from?"

Ranma woke up instantly realizing that he crash landed and was hearing voices.

"Hey hey!" yelled Keitaro. "Know what just happened?"

Ranma instantly knew what just happen. The reason had to be logical.

"I was hit by a girl and was shot into air."

"Wow!" said Keitaro. "That happened to me too!"

Ranma had his eyes bulged out and he thought.
{ No way! I thought I had only had this problem… So there are others that do have this similar type of troubles just like me. I need to help him since he is in danger of losing his will at anytime.}

"The name is Keitaro. What about yours?"

"The name is Ranma. Nice to meet you." Ranma extended his hand to Keitaro

They both shook for a beginning of a new sign of hope.

Author notes:

So how do you like it so far? I know it is kinda slow and Ranma being different but you will see in the second chapter. Please give me your thoughts!

The story is repost because it was taken off because of complaints.