This my first english fanfic, so I'm pretty afraid with the result. I've tryed my best to have it written without any kind of damage to the English language, but please don't sue me if something offends your eyes. Well, you can sue me, becuse it will be my fault, but don't send me any kind of cursed mails or so.

Telling the truth, I'm also happy with the creature (I wouldn't be posting it if that wasn't the case) so please, read and review even if it's to say that I should be banned to write in english ever again.

The history turns aound Chris and how his true identity is revealed... which isn't a very original thing, I know. Sorry, if you like it I swear to do something more original the next time... What about Leo wearing a can-can outfit as a way to fight Barbas with his worse fears?... Ok, stop with the babling and on with the fic.

'Home sweet home...' whispered Chris entering the small room that was his place to laid in this time.

It was late and he was soacked with water due to the rain that had been falling the whole night. Rain that he hadn't been able to avoid because of an absolutly pointless meeting with a muud demon who hadn't been able to tell him nothing about the damn whatever that had/was going to turn his brother into the dark side.

Tired and cold, Chris sat in the bed wondering if some dry clothes and a little sleep would cheer him up.The obvious answer was a big NO, but he could try anyway and...

Leo!! Piper voice called Leo in his head. Sure the call was not for him (after that unfotunate event with the 'Oh so Charming Prince Charmed' she had made it clear that he was not welcomed anymore) but one of the handy things he had learned from Wyatt was how to bug the whitelighters calls. Handy for him now, handy for Wyatt in the future.

Leo!! Wonderful, and now the son of a bitch was so busy with his elder duties that he wasn't even answering to his former wife. There were things that would never change.

Leo, get your damn and so blessed ass down here!!

Chris sweared deeply before orbing out without even change into some dry clothes.


Phoebe ducked a demon claw and rolled to her side before the critter, quite thick but pretty scary with the big fangs and all that pointy stuff coming from it's head, could attack again. She wasn't fast enough so it slashed her leg.

-Ow! Leo! Hey! Come here? The manor!! In the attick?...Damn it!

From behind her, Paige throwed tkally grams old potions table to the demon, off balancing him enough for Phobe to take a little advantage.

-Piper, it may be a good time for you to vanquish this thing!

-I'm trying, I'm trying! - but the more she hitted the demon with his powers the less those seemed to affect him.

-Not working!

-I see... - Piper kneeled down to avoid a pointy thing that wasn't a horn but had come from the demon head. - What the...? oh, crap! Leo, get your damn and so blessed ass down here!!

The critter got up, sending Phoebe to the ground and turning around to the Book of shadows, ignoring Pipers intends to hit him.The voulme lifted from under it's fingers before the demon could grab it.

-Book! - Paige comjured the book and hidded behind the sofa, hastly looking though it's pages. - Let's see... pointy nasty demon, pointy nasty...

-Pointy nasty demon? Is that a joke? - Yelled her older sister ducking again.

-C'mon, how I'm supposed to call him? Freddie? And why the hell isn't there an Index in the book?

Piper turned to her with a scowl but was interrupted by Phoebe.

-Er... girls, Freddie is getting angry, I can sense it...


-Sorry, did I said angry? - Phoebe went down to avoid another demon claw and rolled over herself. - I meaned hungry!!

Before any of the charmed could found something to say about it, a couple of blue balls appeared in a corner of the attic. Not so sure of what it was, the demon decided for the wisest way to go and attacked the new thread with an old one. It grabbed Phoebe and threw her across the room, to the corner where, fortunatly for her, she landed in soft by, unfortuantly for Chris, landing on the whitelighter.

-Great timing L... Chris? What are you doing here?

-Playing 'Twister'.

The youg man sighed, trying to disentangle himself from the witch, which was pretty hard to do, in fact.

-I don't remember calling for...

-Phoebs!! - the sister turned around only to see the demon trampling towards them. Out of instincts, the woman took Chris and started to levitate, but the whitelighter had his own plans for he waved furiously his arm, throwing Freddie to the ceiling from where it fell with a loud THUD into the floor.

For a loooong second neither the sisters nor Chris said a word, wondering if Freddie was up for more. Finally Phoebe got up, followed by Chrs, and both approached the critter cautiously.

-Is he... dead? - asked Paige from behind the sofa, still looking through the book.

-I don't think so... but he seems knock out for a while.

-You sure? - now it was Piper, holding what little reminded from grams old table like if it was a baseball bat.

-Pretty sure.

Not reassured at all, Piper smashed repeatedly the demons head with her self improvised new weapon.

-Better now? - asked Phoebe once her sister stoped.

-Yeah... a little – she answered panting before turning at Chris.- And why the hell are you here? Are you neurotizing about some new evil plan? Or are you planning one by your self?

The young man rolled his eyes Paige.

-I kind of heard you calling Leo.

Phoebe snickered, she was a little lightheaded from all the punches and flying through the attic.

-Lucky you that she've stopped calling for him half nude and ready for a long hot...

-Stop that! - exclaimed both, Chris and Piper, at the same time.

The whitelighter turned to the third sister while trying to block lots of scary images out of his brain.

-Have you found something useful?

-Not yet... but I guess you can tell me something... seeing as you seem to be memorising it.

-I'm not memorising the book... - Paige's eyebrow raised nearly into the ceiling, what made him chuckle. - But maybe I should...

-No, you shouldn't. - Piper interrupted him.- What you should do right now is leave.


-No What..? to me. I told you and I meaned it, get the hell out of here and don't come back.

Chris looked at her with desbilief. Sure, he had fast forgotten her ban... but because they were in danger!

-Oh great... no 'Thanks for save our ass, Chris', then?

-We didn't asked you to come.

-Well, unfortunatly I'm your whitelighter and that's my...

-That's your nothing... Leo's talking with the other elders, you're gonna get fired into your time pretty soon.

-Right... Leo... so he can be again your whitelighter and what? Keep not coming when you call him?

Phoebe walked towards Paige and the book just to get away from the fight. First because she didn't wanted to get caught in the middle of the discussion, and second because Piper quickly rising anger at Chris was giving her a huge headache.

-He shouldn't be messing with Leo and Piper's affaires. - whispered Paige.

-Yeah... he'll better keep in check what he says.

Back in the middle of the room, Piper glared at Chris a few seconds and then took a deep breath.

-Look, I'm not going to discuss Leo's duties, but he's and elder now and...

-And what? He's allowed to forget his family?

-He's not forgeting his family!!

The empath witch cringed at Pipers outburst, the whitelighter had hit a nerve there...

-Why? You say that for what happened last saturday? If I were you I wouldn't count on it as a token of his love...

Piper slapped Chris, which took him in such surprise that allowed Phoebe to sense something from the whitelighter, something deep and strong. But whatever it was, disappeared even before she could understand it.

-Get OUT of here... NOW.

The young man looked at the oldest Charmed with a blank expression and orbed out.