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A/N: This is my first Sailor Moon/dbz crossover fanfic.

Chapter 1

Mamoru's Parents:

A Wish on the Dragonballs

Mamoru Chiba sat on his couch, his arm around Usagi, three-year-old Chibiusa in his lap. They were all watching tv.

"Daddy, I was just thinking, what happened to your parents?" Chibiusa said.

"They were killed in a car crash when I was six. That's why I asked my friend Bulma to help me find the Dragonballs," Mamoru replied.

"Oh, ok," Chibiusa said.

"Mamoru, I found it! The seventh Dragonball!" Bulma said, barging into the room. "Where are the other ones?"

"in my room," Mamoru replied.

"Ok, c'mon!" Bulma said, rushing towards his room. They used the Dragonballs to revive Mamoru's parents, Disoru and Maikia Chiba.

"Hello, Mamoru, son," Disoru Chiba said.

"Hi, sweetie," Maikia Chiba said.

"Mom! I'm not a kid anymore! Don't call me that!" Mamoru said, laughing a little.

"Oh, alright," Maikia said.