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Make it of Break it

This is not happening

By SkyFairy77

Karoru glanced up at the high windows where the clock in the library was located. She saw it said seven o' clock. She shut her book and hurriedly got all of her stuff together. "Oh, crap! I'm late see you tomorrow Misao at school."

"See you tomorrow, Kaoru." called backed Misao but Kaoru was too far away to hear her.

I seriously should join the cross-country team with all the running I do from the library to work. Thought Kaoru as she ran through the streets dodging people as she went. The bright lights making her look different colors. God when will these stinking exams be over. Teachers must think that we have nothing better to do than study. She continued to run and slid around the corner and was standing in front of a large building with a giant sign saying Akebeko.

"Few Mr. Hideki isn't here yet. He would kill me if he knew I was late." she muttered as entered into the restaurant.

"Think again Ms. Kamiya!" said a voice from behind a nearby plant.

"Oh , hello Mr. Hideki. How are you feeling today?" she said as her boss step out from behind the plant.

"Don't start that the how are you feeling crap today Kamiya. So you are late again. Now let me see that's been how many times this month Kamiya?"

"Only 3 or 4 times." guessed Kaoru knowing it was more.

"Guess again!" he shouted back angrily.

"I don't know, sir."

"Oh let's see. Try 15 times is month alone. Is that a new record for being late for you? If you truly value your job than I hope you will try to take it a little more seriously and be on time. Or you're be looking for new work. Do you understand me Kamiya?"

"Yes, Mr. Hideki, sir.

"Now get to work." he barked. Kaoru jumped and made her way to theemployees'lounge.

"Late again?" asked Kaoru's friend, Megumi, from her place on the sofa once Kaoru had entered the room.

"Yeah, these extra study sessions I'm having with Misao are killing me. I keep considering joining the track cross country team with all the running I do."

"That would be funny." she laughed. "I can't just picture you tripping over yourself."

Megumi was a tall girl of 16. She had long flowing black hair that looked like it had dark violet highlights when it was in the sunlight. She had brilliant raspberry eyes and a slim figure, she was very pretty. And to top it all off she was the top of her class with a nearly perfect GPA. Almost every single guy in freshman year wanted to go out with her but she turned all of them down for some reason. Kaoru and Misao sometimes wished they had her luck when it came to guys. Kaoru really admired her, like Kaoru she was an orphan too. Her parents had died in a fire at the hospital that they worked in. She had learned to be tough and could be cruel and sarcastic at times but she was a really good person deep down.

"Hey, this might cheer you up." Megumi said pulling out her bag towards her and lifting out of it a small square object. Megumi also pulled out and handed over it over to Kaoru. Her CD player was dark red with a star for the LCD screen. Kaoru had always wished to have her CD player except for in blue. It was really cool. It always reminded of her of a rock star's CD player. Kaoru's dream was to become a rock star like her father had been.

Kaoru looked at the CD case and nearly screamed in delight as she saw what CD it was. "Oh my gosh! Megumi you got K.A.S.E.'s new CD. No fair!"

"Oooh I know I have all the luck. But you can borrow it, Kaoru." she said as she stood up from the couch and adjusted her uniform.

"What! This came out yesterday don't you won't to listen to it?" Kaoru asked bewilder at her friend.

"I have it on my computer so I'll be fine." she replied making her way to the door.

Kaoru laugh Megumi and Misao spent too much time listening to music while on the computer. She still preferred her CD player.

"See you in a few minutes then." Megumi said as she walked out. Kaoru put the CD in and then she put the headphones over her ears and hit the round play button on it.

"Beep... Beep..."

Come with me in the twilight

Of a summer night for a while

Tell me of a story never meant

To be told in the past...

Take me back to the past

Let my...

"Beep... Beep..."

Background guitar music

Shine bright moving light

Now in the end the spring is coming

Sweet blowing wind

Singing down the hills and valleys

Keep your eyes on me

Now that we're on the edge of hell

Dear my love

Sweet moving light

Wait for me

You've gone much farther

Too far...

I didn't know that K.A.S.E. had a female singer. She thought she picked up the CD case.

Kaoru took the CD and read the back cover.

This CD contains some of K.A.S.E.'s earliest hits,

when they were just starting as a garage band.

The woman on this CD was a close friend, who died in a tragic accident.

She will always be loved and remebered.

This CD was made in memory of her.

Kaoru felt tears forming at the corners of her eyes. She thought that was so sad but it also brought back memories from when her parents died. And the small story on the back reminded her of her parents death.

Kaoru's parents had been two of Japan's best musicians. Kaoru's father had been the lead guitarist of a famous rock band. He was on tour a lot of the time so Kaoru never got to see him much as a kid. When he was home though he would teach Kaoru about music and impart her with a love of music. Kaoru's mother on the other hand was a classic musician. She always had encouraged Kaoru to sing and take lessons. She rarely went on tours with her husband's band. She would look after Kaoru and give concerts in Tokyo. On his last tour before he retired he took Karou's mother with him. She went on his last tour. It had been snowing viciously and there was a patch of black ice on the road; the tour bus spun off the road and crashed, no one had survived. Since then Kaoru had been living on her own.

"Kaoru get out here now!" someone called.

Kaoru's thoughts were interrupted. She quickly wiped her tears from her eyes and left the lounge.

"Oh gosh I'm in for it and I haven't done anything yet."

"Kaoru what are you doing? You are supposed to be changed!" shouted Mr. Hideki.

Oh shit, I forgot. I can't believe I forgot. This is Megumi's fault for letting me see that blasted CD.

"I'm really sorry, Mr. Hideki ." she apologized.

"Whatever," he said grumpily, "See those gentlemen over there."

"Oh my god!"

"Yes, oh my god." said Mr. Hideki in a mocking tone. "Even if you are never on time you are a damn fine waitress. That's why I'd like my best on it. You and Megumi will be covering the table. You will have a few tables to do in addition to theirs. Understand? No screw ups Kamiya!"

"Yes, sir."

"Oh also", Mr. Hideki said as if it were an after thought, "tell the chefs to make their best food in their whole entire careers or they are fired."

Kaoru walked back to the lounge. She quickly changed into her uniform. She dashed off to the kitchens to tell the chefs the news. She knew they would not be happy.

Megumi was having some trouble with a drunk. Megumi unfortunately she knew the guy from school. His name was Kanryu Kadea. Everyone knew him or about him. There were rumors thatKanryu had been getting into trouble with the law from an early age. Megumi could believe it considering she had seen him selling drugs before on a street corner. Kanryu had what some would call a crush. No a crush wasn't the words to describe it, more like obsessed about her. Kanryu gave her the chills andshe sohated it when he came to the restaurant. Today was one of her lucky days.

"Come on Megumi just go out with me. The night is young we can have lots of fun." said a drunk Kanryu suggestively.

"I'm sorry, but I am going out with someone tonight."

"No you're not! You lying bitch! Who do you think you are to turn me down?"shouted Kanryu.

Before things escalatedthe manger Tae came rushed out with Mr. Hideki. They dragged Kanryu out, but not before screaming more at Megumi and throwing his wine all over her. Luckily for Tae the disturbance didn't get to out of hand, because Kanryu was thrown out the back door. Megumi walked back towards the employees' lounge dripping with wine.

"Megumi..." said Kaoru as Megumi walked through the door but she stopped in mid-sentence when she saw Megumi. "Megumi what happened? Here first let me clean you up a bit."

Kaoru went looking for a new uniform and she quickly did Megumi's make-up, while Megumi told her the whole story.

"So that's what happened." sighed Megumi. "I wish he would leave me alone."

"Someone should throw him in jail." replied Kaoru

"So what were you going to tell me, Kaoru?" asked Megumi remembering Kaoru had been on the edge of telling her something.

"Oh, damn it." swore Kaoru. "K.A.S.E. is here and we were supposed to be their waitresses. Hideki's orders. We're supposed to be there now!"

"What?" said Megumi following Kaoru who had rushed out like a hurricane to the stars excited looks on their faces.

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Preview :


"Kenshin, why on earth did you want to come here again? It's been twenty minutes already." complained Sanosuke.

"The reason why I came here was because I like the food a lot."

K.A.S.E.'s arrival starts to heat up somethings between a certain waitress and rock star.Will Kanryu ever stopharrassing Megumi? What will our heroes do? Find out in the next chapter of Make it or Break it