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Karou glanced up at the far wall of the library passed rows upon rows of books where the clock was located. It took her a moment to register that the clock red 7 O'clock. Then there was another long pause trying to remember what that meant. It hit her like a ton of bricks. "Oh shit! I'm late!" she cried out loud enough for the majority of the occupants of building to hear. She earned many dirty looks and shh's. Lowering voice to whisper again, "I got to go, Misao. I'm late for work again. See you later."

Her friend looked up from the book that she was causally leafing through, "'Kay bye." She raised her hand slightly to give a brief wave, but it looked more like a flick of her wrist.

Kaoru calmly walked as fast as she could out of the library and as soon as she was outside and her bag was slung securely around her shoulder, she broke into a fast sprint. 'I can't believe I'm late again.' she moaned 'And after Mr. Hideki warned me last week too…. I'm in so much trouble.' Kaoru thought as she ran through the busy and bustling streets of Tokyo Dodging people here and there, the signs and the lights becoming blurs of color. After a few more block, Kaoru rounded a bend and came face to face with a rather large tradition looking restaurant. There was a large sign across the top of the building advertising it as the Akebeko. Kaoru tried to stop her erratic breathing as she pushed opened the door to the restaurant and entered.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she didn't' see Mr. Hideki, the night shift manager anywhere. "Phew... Mr. Hideki doesn't seem to be here. Maybe I can sneak by." She was about to make her way to the employee's lounge when a deep gruff voice cut her off.

"Think again Ms. Kamiya!" A voice cried behind on of the potted trees in the restaurant. To her horror she turned around to come face to face with Mr. Hideki her boss. Gulping deeply Kaoru managed a weak good evening. Mr. Hideki was a rather tall man in his late 50's. He had pepper gray black hair and thin eyes that always made you fell like you were in trouble. "So Ms. Kamiya trying to add to the 17 times you've been late for work this month?" he asked glaring down at her.

"No…" she squeaked, "You see there was a lot of traffic and…"

"A lot of traffic my ass. There's hardly a car on the road."

"I wasn't referring to the road sir. I meant the sidewalks."

"You ran here?"

"Yes sir from the library."

"My god Kamiya, you're hopeless." Shaking his head he dismissed her, "Get going Kamiya, you do have to work here."

"Sir, yes sir." She said and turned and made her way to the employee's lounge.

"Late again?" asked a voice from the couch.

"Yeah," Kaoru laughed, "I was in the middle of another study session with Misao and I forgot about work. Misao keeps telling me that I should either, 1 Join the cross-country team, or 2 move the study sessions to here but I am here way too much as it is! So there's no way in hell that's happening now is there.

The girl resumed laughing her head off, "You? Cross-Country? Hahaha, now there is a funny sight. The takuni tripping over her own feet. That would be priceless.


"Fine I'll stop. But Kaoru, you are way too much fun to tease!" Megumi cried as she scouted out of the room before Kaoru could throw anything at her. Sighing Kaoru took Megumi's formerly occupied seat on the couch. 'Why can't I be more like Megumi.' thought Kaoru bitterly. 'She's smart, popular, cool, and actually is more feminine than me.' Sighing again she closed her eyes trying to think of something else.

"I'm back," called Megumi shutting the door behind her. The tall girl entered the room again, Her white and navy uniform clinging to her body highlighting all of the right places, making her look extremely pretty. Her midnight black hair was done up into an elegant bun and one or two strands of hair framed her face. Raspberry eyes were glittering in a devilish manner and Kaoru had a sneaking suspicion that Megumi had some plot in the works.

Kaoru groaned sitting up on the couch making room for her friend to sit down beside her. "So where did you go?"

"To my car I drove to work today. Here you go." Megumi tossed over the CD case that was in her hands.

Kaoru's eyes widened as she read the cover, The Wanderers- Don't Ask Me. The Wanders were only one of the biggest bands in Japan. They dabbled in every sort of genre of music, except classical. Between their good looks, their killer sound and lyrics, and their lust for music, it wasn't any wonder how they had become so popular.

"Oh my gosh! No fair Megumi. This just came out today!" Kaoru cried out hugging the CD.

"Ohahaha…" laughed Megumi "I just have all the luck, don't I? Don't worry Kaoru I burned you a copy." Megumi handed over the once blank CD and took her back stuffing it inside of her bag. "I got to go out and get Table 9's order but I'll be back in a minute."

"Alright." Kaoru said sinking down into the couch again. She pulled out her blue and silver CD player and inserted the Wanderer's CD. She put her headphones over her ears blocking out all the other noise. Once she had her headphones in place, Kaoru hit the play button letting the sounds rush into her ears.

Let me know that I've done wrong
When I've known this all along
I go around a time or two
Just to waste my time with you

Tell me all that you've thrown away
Find out games you don't wanna play
You are the only one that needs to know

'That song… That song…' Kaoru's mind was racing a mile a minute. She tore the headphones from her ears. She knew that song very well. She'd grown up listening to it. Hell she even knew the man who had written it on a very personal level, her father, Koshijirou Kamiya.

"No…" Kaoru moaned. Images flashed through her mind, her grandfather's house, her parents graves, the articels, the interviews, and everything else Kaoryu had been trying to block out of her head for years on end after their deaths.

If anyone had music in their blood then it surely was Kaoru Kamiya. Both of her parents had been gifted musicinas. Her father was a member of the rock band the Defenders and her mother was a member of the Tokyo Orchestra. Her parents had met though a mutal friend who had forced them to each other's concerts. At the time they were far from willing to go but they were introduced to each other and that was the beginning of their relationship. It was a rocky road after their first meeting, but eventually they fell in love and got married. Both of Kaoru's parents had taught their daughter about having a strong love of music. It was supposed to be her father's last concert that night, then he was going to retire and live a peaceful life with his wife and daughter. The road and the weather was terrible that night and the bus ended up flying off the road. There were no survoirs. Kaoru Kamiya had become an orphan.

Kaoru heard someone calling her from outside and it gave her a break from her troubled throught. 'Thank you who ever you are.' She thought walking outside and leaving the comfy couch behind.

"Kaoru Kamiya what are you doing!" Mr. Hideki cried throwing his arms into the air out of sheer exasperation.

'Shit… I totally forgot.' "I'm sorry Mr. Hideki I'll get to work right now!"

"Alright whatever… You have tables 10-16 tonight, understand?"

"Yes sir." She gave him a mock salute and watched as he stalked off mumbling about deliquents teens.

Kaoru had already stipped down to her underwear and was quickly changing into the navy uniform of the Akebeko in the small bathroom. "Damn it… I can't believe I forgot" cursed Kaoru struggling with the buttons on the blouse. "Its gonna be a long night." She sighed.

"Oh come on babe, you know you want to" the younger man said latching a hold of her hand.

She cringed under his touch as she tried to pull away from the man. "Kanryuu please stop it! Just stop coming here and leave me alone." She cried.

"Not until you say yes." his voice no longer held any gentleness or patience, his anger was clear. "You will be mind Megumi, you will! And I'll be able to do whatever I want to you." he said pulling her body closer to her.

"Just stop!" she said still struggling tears slipping from her eyes.

"You will be mine." He whispered in a dangerous hushed tone before his lips came crashing down upon her own. She continued to struggle against him; managing to grab a hold of the fork on the table and will all of her might, she plunged it hard into his side.

"Agh!" screamed Kanryuu, drawing the attention of many of the other patrons of the restaurant. "You little bitch!" he panted "How dare you do that to me." He roughly grabbed her flinging her onto the table covering her in food and wine. He raised his now balled fists with the intension of beating her into a pulp. His fisted started to move towards her face and Megumi shut her eyes out of fear, waiting for the blow to come, but it never did.

"I don't' think that's a nice thing to do to a lady." Said a tall spiky haired man holding Kanryuu's fist within his own.

"Who the hell are you? And why not just leave us the hell alone! This is a private matter." Shouted Kanryuu his face growing beet red.

"Sorry can't do that, you made it my business when you decided to pick on those weaker than you and cause such a disturbance. Now as to your second question, who am I? I'm your worst nightmare." He said slamming his elbow up into Kanryuu's head.

Kanryuu's body fell forwards and hit the ground with a loud thump.

"Which was to the back" he asked Megumi.

"Though the employee's lounge?" she pointed in the direction her eyes still wide in shock.

"Thanks" he raised his finder to his forward and did a slight salute. Then grabbing the unconscious Kanryuu by the collar dragged him to the employee's lounge.

Megumi just sat there, eyes wide and mouth slightly agape. Everything was happening so fast, too fast! People for the most part had gone back to their meals not waiting to get involved, thought they still shot the occasion glance at her and the three other men standing near by.

"Are you alright?" asked one of the men smiling at her in a consoling manner.

"Yeah…" she nodded her head and tried to stand up but lost her balance and found herself in the man's arms pressed up against his chest. She blushed deeply as he put her upright.

"We can't have you falling over again. Here I'll take you to the lounge." He offered her his arm.

Kaoru had just finished getting her uniform on and was walking out of the bathroom when she ran into somebody. "Sorry" she mumbled into his chest.

"S'okay." The man said making his way by her. She caught sight of the unconscious Kanryuu.

"What are you doing?" Kaoru asked in shock.

The man stopped and turned his head around to face her. "Why taking out the garbage of course." He motioned down towards Kanryuu with his free hand. He gave her a wide grin, "Now if you excuse me I have to finish this job." And he left Kaoru standing there mouth wide open, gaping after him in shocked silence.

"What is going on today!" she cried out throwing her arms into the arm. Kaoru turned when she heard the sound of the door to the lounge opening. Seeing it was only Megumi she was going to ask what the hell was going on but stopped when she realized Megumi was covered in food and accompanied by a man. "Oh my gosh Megumi, what happened?" she said rushing over to her. "And who the hell is he?" she said pointing a finger at the brunette who had helped Megumi in.

"A friend." The man said helping Megumi onto the couch.

Kaoru was about to finally get a chance to ask what was going on but she was interrupted by the spiky hair man from before who returned into the room. "Ladies." He said nodding to them. "Hey Sou, come on I'm starving."

"Alright Sano, I'll be there in a minute. Miss I hope you feel better."

"Thank you… Both of you thank you so much."

"Anytime." He said before walking out into the restaurant.

"Hey guys! What's going on?" the spiky hair man asked the two companions who had remained in the restaurant.

"We were just talking to the owner and the manger about what happened."

"Yes we are very grateful to you." Said the owner Tae.

"Yes, Mr. Himura said you were taking the culprit out back." Mr. Hideki said.

"Oh yeah! It's not hard to miss him. He's stuffed in one of the garbage bins." The young grinned brightly and he swore he saw a smile flick across the old man's face too.

"Young man that was a thoughtless thing to do…" Mr. Hideki began.

"Now… Now… Let's not be too harsh on them after all they did help out Megumi. I'll show these gentle to a table now. I'm sure they are quite hungry." Said Tae motioning for the group of men to follow her.

"Alright." Mr. Hideki said, "I'll go do something about the garbage then."

"Oh my gosh Megumi, are you okay? I can't believe that slime tried to do that to you!"

"It's fine Kaoru. Those guys…"

Kaoru cut Megumi off "Megumi are you kidding! What happened is far from fine!"

"I know that, but I'm fine and that's all that is important."

"Guess so…"

"Kaoru!" someone called from outside the lounge.

"Coming!" She called back, at the door Kaoru turned around, "Will you be okay?"

"Yes I will be. I'm just going to rest here."

"Okay. I'll see you soon then."

Kaoru walker out of the room and saw Tae waiting for her. "Okay since you know by now what has happened to Megumi. You know we are currently under staffed. So I'll be talking tables 1-18 and you have 18-32. Start with table 21 where the four gentleman are sitting."

"Okay, will do Tae." Said Kaoru grabbing four menus and heading over to the table.

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