Silent Tears

By: Jaivy Zabini

September 2, 2004

There was a light breeze rushing in Hermione's bedroom window. The curtains were billowing slightly making an odd creaking sound. It was a late friday night as Hermione made her way to her four post bed. She was tired and horney, But she couldn't understand why and when it had happened. She pushed aside the soft fluffy comforters to clear a spot for her sexy slim body to lay. Soon after she placed her body on the bed and fell fast asleep.

Little did she no there was a shadowed figure in the corner of her room. Being that she didn't get the Prefect's position this year and She didn't get Headgirl either, She had to share a room with two other females. Lila Cormings and Silly Handrals. They were the oddest type but Hermione didn't care, she never payed much attention to them either way.

The figure made it's way closer to Hermione with it's wand held up and once the figure got close enough to Hermione, a cold drawling voice mumbled "Silenico" and quickly afterward it mumbled "Implisitius Portus". After a while he used 'Mobilarbus' and took her to that same dark corner. Lucius put the portkey on her hands and touched it and immediately tapped his wand to it.Hermione jumped up to a wand in her face. She looked menacingly up to see none other than Lucius Malfoy. She felt the fear rising in her stomache. And questions were popping in her mind not giving her a chance to think.

It wasn't as if it were anyone. It was Lucius Malfoy. A deatheater. And a very evil man who would give no mercy to Hermione. She was a Mudblood. Filth to his Pure world. She needed to get away. But maybe she shouldn't. Maybe she should just listen to whathe says. And do what he says. Than atleast she would spare her life. As she thought this she heard lowly and coldly,

"Miss Granger, How nice it is to see you again." Giving Hermione a chance to scramble to her feet.

"W-What do y-you want M-Mr. M-Malfoy?" she managed to squeal out and continued "W-why are y-you in m-my room?"

Lucius' gaze never left her face. He stared at her daringly directly into her eyes. He couldn't help but to notice how incredibly sexy she was. Her Fluffly hair had long been gone, she had Straightend it and plucked her eyebrows making her face more dreamy. Her body was slim and she had amazing curves. He darted his eyes back up to her face and said

"You are very intoxicating Hermione." as he said this she darted toward the door and Lucius just laughed menacingly. She had just realized that this wasn't in her room. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her close to him. She was so close to him that she felt his body heat all over her back. Her hands were trembling so badly that she couldn't feel them. Lucius pulled her to a bed and pinned her down on it.

"I am not a daft prat Miss Granger. I prepared this night very well. You have no idea how long i have waited to feel your body against mine." he spoke so close to her ear that his breath was tickling her.

"Lucius, please. Please don't do this. I swear. I won't tell a soul. Just ple-"

"SHUT UP YOU FILTHY MUDBLOOD" Snapped Lucius into her face. Tiny speckles of spit had dripped onto her lip and cheek. Lucius thrust his pelvis against hers and said in a very lustful voice "Oh yeah... we surely will have a fun time won't we."

She couldn't deny the slight pleasure to it but she didn't want this. Not from a Malfoy. Lucius Malfoy at that. She cried out ans he continued thrusting his now hard cock into her. Still dressed but still he continued. Hermione kicked and screamed out she managed to get a fist free as Lucius was having an orgasm. She punched him dead in the face. Giving him an instant bruise on his cheek. She wasted no time, immediately ran out the door and turned down an unfamiliar corridor. " all this is unfamiliar Hermione, you just gotta find the way out understand. No time to waste or he'll get what he wants." she said to herself.

As she ran she couldn't help but to think of how useless those damn roommates were. Asleep when she, Hermione, had been confronted by Lucius, Lucius Malfoy. Kidnapped. And Merlin knew what else was going to happen. She turned down a corridor and came to a dead halt as she saw Lucius coming toward her. A sneer on his face. 'How could he be so damn confident in himself?' she thought to herself. She turned abruptly and ran back the other way. She heard "Sitrisico" but she dropped to the floor and as it flew above her she got up and ran faster than she had ever ran in her life.

Laughter was surrounding her and she didn't no what she was going to do if she got caught. Running she came to another halt when she saw someone else coming toward her. She had no idead who it was but she knew by the sight of him that she couldn't trust him so she ran into a room and shut the door and locked it.

The room was a big white room with Mirrors and Chains all over the walls. She immediately knew she made a huge mistake coming into this room... No other doors... no way out. She dropped to the floor and began to cry. 'Was this it... am i gonna die? All because i am a muggle-born?' then she saw him. Sitting right beside her.

"What are you crying for?" he sneered smugly at her "The pain has yet to even come. I assure you Kitten, I won't be to ...."

She jumped up and kicked Lucius in his groin and ran back out the door. But was immediately shoved to the ground with much force. Her body was throbbing in pain. And the next thing she knew she was pinned down by Lucius Malfoy.

She screamed as loudly as she could "HELLLLLLLLLPPP!!!!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME...." but was cut off by a sharp pain across her face. He had hit her.

"SHUT UP MUDBLOOD" he spat at her. He got up and pulled her up with himself. He rammed her into the mirror wall by shoving his body into hers. She was crying firecly by now. Lucius saw how afraid she was. He couldn't help but to laugh at her. He slid his arms down her body and began to groap roughly on her thighs. She winced in pain but tried her best to hide it. Not wanting him to be pleased by her cries.

He looked at her and pressed his lips roughly against hers. She felt the pressure and felt the softness from his lips but didn't dare to accept that as a upside to the situation. He was going to do something horrible and she knew it. He began carressing her hips and sides. "Kitten, it would be better if you just enjoyed this. I guarentee that the pain will atleast exceed with participation and less struggle." he purred into her ear.

Harry and Ron were in the common room late that night. They could swear they heard something out ther but didn't find anything. Harry was having a hot dream about someone special. And Ron, well lets just say him and Harry are spending a lot more time together.

"Harry mate, Do you think 'Mione is asleep already?" Said ron in a hushed voice.

"Yeah" replied harry as he stared at ron with lust in his eyes.

Ron looked at him funny and said "what ? Are you feeling ok?"

"I'm fine ron, just admiring you is that such a problem?"

They sat in the common room for thirty minuets more. And then went up to there room. Jumped into bed and began snogging. Ron strattled Harry, then began grinding him. Harry put up a silencing charm and began to grind back. Putting his hands in Ron's hair a slightly pulling it. Ron was moaning. Harry pushed Ron onto his knees and prepared himself behind him.

Hermione made up her decision. She had no choice. Pain or pleasure for her first time? She chose pleasure. Even if it was a Malfoy.

Hermione's lips pressed timidly against his. His shock showed for a brief second. He didn't expect her to want to participate. But she did. And she was. He pressed his body more harder on hers and took off her pants . He went down to kiss each spot the pants left naked. Licking her and nibbling her skin. She was gasping in pleasure already. Hand scrambling not having a place for support finally reasting in his hair she pulled but not to hard.

Once he got her pants off. He kissed and carressed his way back to her belly button. Hermione moaned lightly but still it was loud enough to be heard she felt his warm tongue in her belly button. She rose her stomache giving him more access but he just ignored it. He licked, nibbled, bit up as he took off her shirt. She didn't no what to do so she just stayed still until she heard in her ear. "undress me." She looked at him alittle scared but then she lifted his robes over his head and took them off of him. He was wear green boxers under the robes. She noticed his muscular body and immediately noticed his erection and closed her eyes.

She reached over and pulled his boxers down but Lucius told her to kiss his sensitive spot right above his cock. As she pulled them off she kissed him were he told her to. He moaned and pulled her up to him and kissed her passionately. She was fuming with pleasure and she couldn't understand why she was on fire because of Lucius Malfoy. His hands traced over her silky body and rested on the small of her back. She felt his manhood pushing against her moist underwear and he slid them off. His touch was amazing. Soft, smooth and delicate.

She took off her bra as he carressed every part of her. Suddenly she felt a finger between her thighs. She jerked and moaned loudly. He pushed her against the mirror again and kissed her deeply. He slipped a finger into her and began to move gently and her reaction only made him want her more.

"ohh, Yes, More, Luciussss Yes"

He heard her moan out his name and he couldn't take it anymore.he removed his finger and spread her legs. Holding them in place he put his head to the entrance of her hole. She felt it and new. She just ne it was going to hurt. Lucius rubbed her hips and kissed her tenderly. She kiss back but knew it was coming. Then he thrust upward and thrust her onto him. Hermione screamed in pain and he screamed in pleasure.

He continued to thrust while she tried to get away. His lips pressed against her neck and began to kiss and she soon stopped struggling and began to move to his speed. He went deeper into her and faster. She moaned feeling his skin rubbing against her inner skin. It felt good now. He was coming to his climax and she was having an orgasm. Her body jerking but staying slightly still.

"YESSSSSSSSSSS....LUCIUSSSSSSSSS YESSSSS MORE MORE YESSS" she screamed out. And he thrusted harder and faster. Moaning and she felt him come inside of her. The warm liquid rushing into her.

"My kitten, you were amazing." He said to her between catching his breath.

"No it was you that was amazing." She said weakly

"Let me show you to your chambers." said Lucius rather smugly. "You'll need it for the night. Tomorrow is going to be a full day."

As he took her to her bed chambers she couldn't help but to think why she was staying here and not going back to Hogwarts.

"Why couldn't i go back to School?" she asked him

"Because" he chuckled and finished "You won't need it anymore."

as they got to a door her opend it and led her in. he slinked his arms around her and kissed her deeply and roughly. Took her to the bed and place her naked body on her hands and knees.placed his head to the hole of her anus and thrusts in before giving hermione a chance to say anything. She screamed in pain but thrust herself backward onto his cock. Making him moan loudly.

"Oh Yessssss... Your so tight... AHHH yesss Hermione thrust harder."

he moaned out and hermione obeyed and thrust harder even though it hurt herself. She began to moan and yell out his name and he thrust harder and faster. Deeper and faster. Then Harder and Harder. She was screaming in pleasure mixed with pain. Until he exploded into her and fell limp onto her bed.

She moved closer to him and held him tight. As she was falling asleep she heard him mumble 'Pleatus Virginio' and he got up and left.

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