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"NOOOOO" screamed Draco. All this time he had been working out how exactly he was going to tell Hermione how he truly felt but suddenly all he was hoping for had slumped to the floor with Lucius the one man Draco despised the most standing above her motionless body. Lucius held a triumphant smile on his face as Draco raised his wand and shouted "NEXTIUM IMPOSIA!" Lucius flew back hitting other bodies on the floor with force. As he stood up with his wand raised to Draco he snarled out "What the hell are you doing boy." Draco stood firm in his place and looked at The Father, who had open wounds covering his body with blood gushing out of them, but what caught Draco's eye the most was the look of pure malice on his face.

"You didn't really think that I would want to be like you, a coward who looks down on filth yet bows down to filth" spat Draco. This only made Lucius even angrier. Lucius shouted out "LAPIDATIO!" Draco flung himself out the way as stones whizzed past him nearly hitting him. Lucius shouted "OFFENSUS!" causing Draco to violently shake as jolts of lightning coursed through his body. Getting up Draco shouted "PRENSORIUM!" But Lucius laughed as he moved out of the way "Is that all you have my son?" Lucius said. Draco looked at The Father and said calmly "No, I'm just warming up CRUDUS PLORATUS!" Lucius fell to his knees coughing up blood as Draco was surrounded by four deatheaters.

"Well what do we have here" came a female voice Draco knew immediately as his mother. Shock flew over Draco's face as he turned to face the one woman he thought he could trust.

"Mother, What are you doing here?" asked Draco

"Don't be so surprised. You didn't think I was just going to stand around as my Love did what he had to right. Face it Draco it was you or Lucius, as I am sure you are aware of who I chose, what is your choice?" before Draco could say anything Narcissa spat out with a disgusted look on her face but quickly changed as she completed this statement "Dumbledore's army, or The Dark Lord and your family?" (A/N: Mmmuuuhhhuaahahahaha) Draco didn't give his mother the answer she had wanted. "Well its definitely Not Voldemort even if it means loosing you." Before Narcissa could process what Draco had said he whispered "Transenna!" Causing Narcissa slump to the floor unconscious. The remaining three deatheaters closed in on him. One of them said, "How dare you" another said, "Just kill him and get it over with." "AVADA KEDAVRA" shouted Professor Snape from behind Dolohov, killing him instantly.

Draco immediately aimed his wand and said "DECIPULA!" Causing a deatheater to turn ghostly white as he fell to the floor hurling rapidly. The other deatheater turned to Snape with his wand at the ready and said "INANIS SEPULCRUM" causing Snape to fall to the floor unconscious. "AVADA KEDAVRA" shouted Draco as he ran beside Snape holding his shaking body.

"Severus… wake up, hold on. It's ok." Cried out Draco. Just then Aurors swarmed in and Both Draco and Snape were lifted up and taken to the Hufflepuff entrance. Draco saw some sixth and seventh years standing guard with empty stretchers behind them. One of them ran up to Draco and Snape. She looked down at Snape while asking, " Do you know what happened to him?" She didn't look surprised to see Draco on their side like some of the others did.

"A deatheater cursed him now stop making chit-chat and help me get him to safety!" stated Draco forcefully. The seventh year hufflepuff just nodded as she levitated Snape onto a stretcher and hurried him into the hufflepuff common room.

Everything was chaotic in there. Aurors and healers were flooing in while some injured student's witches and wizards were being transported to the top St. Mungo's that was located in France. A healer hurried over to Snape as the hufflepuff girl went back out. Draco watched as the Healers worked on Snape. They kept mumbling healing spells of all kinds trying to stop his convulsing and bleeding. Suddenly Snape sat up screaming. Draco rushed to his side trying to calm him. Snape grabbed Draco's hand while laying back. " Dra…aco. Don't… waste ti…me gasp here… go… cough fight.." Even as Snape said this he started to go deathly pale while nodding off.

"Severus! Please hold on. Don't go! I need you. You're the only one who was ever a Father to me. Please survive… for me. I love you. Do you hear me! I LOVE YOU!" Draco said alternating between whispering and shouting while crying. The Healers made Draco move aside so they can have better access. There was a loud creaking sound and a crashing sound could be heard from somewhere outside.

Making up his mind Draco ran out determined to make every deatheater pay for what they caused him. First his mother's innocence then Hermione and now the only Father he ever really had. Draco ran past all the Aurors and all the Healers. He shoved past the DA members without apologizing. He felt he didn't need to. As he ran out the front door he looked at all that he saw. Deatheaters were still torturing and killing students and others who came to help. Dementor's were flying above sucking the soul out of the injured withes and wizards who fell. Draco looked in shock; Giants were crushing anyone they could reach that was on the light side. They were blocking the curses, spells and hexes thrown at the deatheaters. Trolls were scattered around swinging their hammers or weapon of choice. This was a lot for Draco to take in but what could he do? The war had begun… Draco ran out onto the grounds of Hogwarts and began throwing curses and spells at His Opponents. Deatheaters, Trolls, Giants and Dementor's were falling to Draco's wand. But suddenly Draco spotted him, Lucius Malfoy. Standing over Hermione's Wilted body, so motionless, so fragile.

"CRUCIO!" But Lucius was to quick and wicked for Draco. Five deatheaters and two dementor's circled around him, Lucius laughed and said, "You should have chose our side, maybe then you would be the victor. But you had to bring shame to the family. Destroying the Malfoy honor! I will not have the Malfoys go further into shame. So now you will have to pay for your dishonor and shameful acts."

"I am not the one who has brought shame and dishonor to this family." Stated Draco giving The Father a look of pity and hate but finished "You're the one who did that the day you were born. As far as I'm aware, I am the only Malfoy in along time to start bringing Honor, Pride and all that such to this family.

Lucius' face started to turn red and his nostrils were flaring, "No Son, It is—" Before Lucius could finish the other four deatheaters fell to the ground. When Draco looked he saw Harry and Ron shouting curses and Spells near him. Draco took up the opportunity and turned toward the last spot he saw Hermione. Draco saw Lucius put something in Hermione's hand and tap his wand to it then she was gone.

As Harry turned he saw Hermione Shout out a curse. But suddenly he saw a Deatheater behind her. The deatheater shouted out "PULENCE!" as the red light hit Hermione in the back she locked eyes with her best friends. She hit the floor not moving. Shock had covered both Harry and Ron. They ran toward her but dementor's and deatheaters surrounded them. Harry didn't hesitate, He immediately shouted out his Patronus and Ron cursed the deatheaters to their very own death. Then something knocked into them with so much force that they both flew a great deal of distance landing with a loud thud. "Harry mate, you ok?" asked Ron who was already getting up.

"Yeah… I'll survive don't worr—" Started Harry but then he saw a Troll running towards them. "RON MOVE!" Harry shouted as he levitated the huge boulder attached to a chain above the Trolls head. He then let it drop causing the troll to let out a loud scream as blood started to spill out of the cracks in it's head. But the troll didn't stop. It kept running towards them staggering a little. Harry already knew that trolls were really hard to take down because of how they fought until they were on the floor dead. So he shouted out "Vurgebius Kirlowa" The troll stumbled to it's knees then sank to the floor while smoke started to escape from any hole the troll had in it's body. But Harry knew better then to think that it was over pointing his wand at the trolls head he shouted "Abarkapveum " The troll started to turn to ash. Harry then looked around for Ron and anyone else he could take down or help.

He spotted Ron not to far away trying to fight off a deatheater. Behind him a Deatheater had his wand raised to the back of Ron's head. Harry didn't hesitate, he aimed and shouted "Delcipotat" The deatheaters head flew off landing a few feet away from Ron's feet leaving the body to slump to the floor.

"SACIVILQUIUM!" shouted Ron but he deatheater dodged it. Ron then shouted " GORTHUS! " and the deatheater staggered back turning a sickly green before falling to the floor unconscious. Ron hovered over him and recognized him as Paul Shovehur the deatheater that tried to kill Ginny late last year. He then pointed his wand at him and hissed out "Avada Kadavra ". The deatheater went pale as his life was ended.

"Ron come on!" stated Harry as he started to look around for where Hermione was. "Over there" said Ron as he started to run toward Hermione again. He saw Lucius and Draco arguing. 'How in the hell can they argue at a time like this' Harry Thought. Deatheaters and two dementor's swarmed around Malfoy but Harry and Ron Cursed them before they could do anything more then blink. The deatheaters fell to the floor as Harry and Ron made their Patronus's causing the dementor's to flee. Harry Ron and Draco turned to where Hermione was but saw Lucius put something in Her hand. Lucius then tapped his wand to it and Hermione was gone. Then Lucius disappeared into the fight. They didn't have time to think of what just happened because the outer walls of the school started to crumble as the Giants were bashing into it. They ran into the school, straight to Hufflepuff and started to warn those inside. Just then the portrait to the hufflepuff common room flung open and out came Professor Lupin. He said "Harry, Ron, Draco" They looked at the old Professor and he said "We need to retreat. We can't stay here, the others are gone already, and I need you three to follow me. NOW!