Magical Apocalypse

A Ranma½/Sailor Moon/Others crossover

By Ovis Musimon First posted Q3 2004

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters from Ranma½ or the characters from Sailor Moon.

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Authors Note: This is an AU/Continuation which in my case means that I will mess around with the characters a little and they will not be true to the canon characterization. I will try as much as I can to hold them to canon, but as the story progress those characters will grow. Which they never did in the canon, IMHO.

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Chapter 1

"Ranma" the voice was pensive and distraught. It also almost made Ranma jump out of his clothes. His senses had been going high wire the last couple of days and told him that there was danger coming. This feeling was often coupled with someone shouting a challenge or a mallet so he was a little jumpy. Right now he for once sat in front of the TV and relaxed after escaping from various people after school.

He lifted his head from the pillow and look over to the door where Nabiki stood with a tired and a somewhat unguarded look "Yes Nabiki, what is it?" he asked with a little annoyance creeping into his voice.

"Come to my room. I need to talk with you. Now" she said and walked of. Ranma sighed and turned of the TV. She had been better after the wedding disaster but she still scammed and blackmailed him. Now it mostly seemed like a game to her and she only did it when he did something incredible stupid that she just couldn't let go. He reluctantly followed to her room feeling that there would happen something that he really didn't like. That he couldn't rely on his senses to begin with was something he didn't like, he felt exposed and vulnerable. This made him wary when it came to doing things. He wouldn't know if there was danger coming before it struck.

He took another look at Nabiki as he came into her room and almost frowned. She looked worn out and slightly ruffled. Even her Ice Queen mask was not holding up as it used to.

"I need your help" she asked with almost a whisper.

"You what?" Ranma asked dumbly.

"I need your help" she stated again. Ranma was a little confused about this first. She normally didn't ask for his help, she just made him pay of a debt or something for his services. "I think you can help me at least" she said after a few minutes of him staring at her with open mouth.

"Err with what?"

"Someone has cast a spell on me" she said with a sigh.

"A what? Who? Why?" Ranma´s questions stuttered over each other.

"I believe it is a lust spell. I don't know. I can figure out a couple of reasons" she answered the last couple of questions with a deadpan voice.

"A Lust spell?" he squeaked and blushed. "How do you know that?" Nabiki gave him a stare before she answered.

"You don't think I have looked into this? I have asked people that have a little expertise in the area and had them examine me. Most of them said it was some kind of lust spell but they didn't know how to break it" she said and ended with a sigh.

"So why do you want my help?" he asked confused.

"Listed will you. I said MOST. One of them said that someone with enough Ki control could help me out with this"

"Ki control? Why haven't you asked Cologne or someone then?"

"You think she will give me a cure just by asking? That old crone will have me running in circles for months to pay of something like that"

"Err yeah your right about that" he said with an embarrassed smile.

"And you already know something about this right?" Nabiki said and gave him a piercing look.

"Wa... W... What do you mean?" he stuttered and looked down on the floor.

"Come on now Ranma. You are not dumb and if your father has not done something incredible stupid you're not impotent either. So you must have something to keep you hormones under control around your fiancées" the color drained from Ranma´s face as she said this.

"I... I... I don't know what you are talking about" he stuttered out.

"Ranma you know that you are a terrible liar and I would see through it if you even tried to do that to me anyway. One priest told me about a technique that was pretty low level that could slow this down or at least flush it out temporary. Whatever that means. But that would explain a few things about you and why someone haven't had you in bed a long time ago"

"Err... What are you talking about?" Ranma asked with a blush that gave him away.

"Either you have a libido that's completely dead or Shampoo would have had you in bed a long time ago. This means that you have something that blocks you hormones somehow and explains how utterly stupid you are around girls" she said with a sigh.

"What?" Ranma really wanted to know what she talked about.

"Come on Ranma. If you knew how your body worked around women you wouldn't stand there trembling like a deer would you? Its obvious that you have missed something in your social education but that can be blamed on your father"

"Like most of my life" Ranma muttered under his breath which made Nabiki smile.

"You have a technique that stops your hormones to reach certain lover parts Right?" When Ranma nodded with a defeated sigh she almost whooped in relief "Could you teach me that?" she asked and got a big eyed look from Ranma.

"You want to learn how to control chi?"

"No, I want to learn that technique"

"Well that may take some time" Ranma said and got a glare from Nabiki.

"What do you mean by that?"

"It may be a low level technique Nabiki. But you don't know how to control chi at all right?"

"Yeah, so what?"

"You need some rudimentary knowledge about chi control and a really good knowledge about your own body to pull something like this of" he said and looked at her with expectant eyes.

"What do you mean?" she asked with a frown.

"Pops thought me this technique when I was twelve. He said that it would help me from being distracted from the art. I figured out why he thought me this a couple of years ago and found that he was right when I didn't use it" this made Nabiki smile. The great Ranma Saotome had problems with the Art, there was something almost wrong with that thought. "Anyway that was the tenth technique that he thought me. That was the third year that I was using chi techniques during training" he said with a sigh.

"So? You were a kid and I have pretty good knowledge about my body" She said and stretched her arms over her head. Ranma looked over to her and saw her stretch. He might have his hormones locked away but that didn't mean that he wasn't affected by the look of a beautiful girl. Blushing he looked away from Nabiki, he didn't want to have a mallet hit him again.

"Do you have any knowledge about chi then?" he asked instead to get his mind away from the image that was on it.

"How about you do it on me then? I can't think straight anymore Ranma. I really need this spell to be gone" she said with a defeated tone. Ranma looked at her with concern as she sunk back at her bed with a heavy sigh.

"Ah I... I really don't think that would be a good idea" he stammered with a blush that took most of his blood.

"What makes you say that? I really need this Ranma. If its not fixed soon the economics are going to crumble" she said with a sad voice.

"I ah that is. I need to have my hand on the affected area" he said with a whisper.

"You need what?" she demanded.

"I need to have my hand on the affected area to feel the Ki flows" Ranma said and looked her in her eyes. Nabiki looked deep in the two blue grey orbs and slowly nodded to him.

"Ok, just get this blasted spell from me" she said and began to open her short shorts which made Ranma blanche.

"Err what are you doing?" he asked as she took of her shorts.

"You wanted to have you hand on the affected area didn't you? Well this is the affected area" She said and pulled of her panties. By now Ranma had his back to her and was staring at the door with a huge blush.

"Ranma? You must help me" she said with a pleading voice. Ranma almost turned around as he heard her voice. "I can't go with this much longer. I can't even get of when I masturbate" Ranma felt his nose begin to ache as she said this. "I have tried the whole week and the feeling only grows worse when I try. The damn spell is blocking my release and messing with my brain." a trickle of blood began to run out. "I can't concentrate and I even screwed up the odds on one of the bets today. You got to help me" she pleaded. She stood up and pulled at one of Ranma´s arms to drag him towards the bed. Ranma let himself be led and held his eyes closed with all the might he had.

"Err... Just lie on the bed and guide my hand to the area ok?" he said as he felt her lay down in the bed. Nabiki blushed as she took Ranma´s hands and guided them between her legs. She almost jumped out of the bed as she felt an almost electrical feeling as his hands made contact with her hips.

Ranma on the other hand felt the feeling as soon she took hold of his hands. As he made contact with the smooth flesh of her hips he had to use all of his will power to keep his nose from gushing blood all over the bed. He sent out his senses and felt the build up in her flows almost immediately. Moving his hand along her flows he felt her coarse pubic hair and almost opened his eyes as the unfamiliar feeling wanted a visual confirmation.

Nabiki sucked in her breath as she felt Ranma´s hands begin to travel along her hips. She didn't know that he followed her Ki flows so it felt like he caressed her most private parts. She felt the feelings begin to build in her again and tried to steel herself from them. His hands traveled around stroking sensitive spots and stirring her arousal in ways she herself had not thought was possible. She often took of stress with a little play with her nether parts but it never felt this good.

Ranma pushed his chi into his hands and began to smooth out her flows as good as he could. He followed her flows with his fingers and felt his eyelids tick as they wanted to get a visual of what his hands did. Nabiki gasped at the feeling this made her feel, his finger combined with his chi was a unique feeling that made her body hot as hell.

As he felt the last block loosened up he felt her feelings well out and go through her body like a tsunami. All the build up feelings washed over her in one giant wave.

Ranma´s eyes shot open as she screamed and her body began to contract in orgasmic bliss. And he got an eyeful of a woman in one of her most joyful moments in life.

It took a few minutes before her contractions began to subside and Ranma looked her over to see if she was alright. He found that she had passed out from the huge surge that had gone through her body and relaxed a little. A knock on the door almost sent him into panic.

"You ok in there Nabiki?" he heard Kasumi ask before the door began to open. Using amaguriken he put a blanket on Nabiki and clung to the roof while using umi-senken. Kasumi came into the room and looked Nabiki over before she sniffed the air.

"Well at least you waited until almost everybody was out of the house" she said with a smile and kissed her sister on the forehead before she left the room again.

Ranma took a last long look at Nabiki before he left her room. His blush came back in full force as he thought how beautiful she looked with that blissful happy smile on her face. Wary of mallets, spatulas and bon bories he left for the Furo. After seeing Kasumis knowing smile as she sniffed the air he had no illusions that other females wouldn't know what that smell was.


Nabiki felt absolutely marvelous when she awoke later. Her mind was clearer than it had been in a week and she felt more rested than in months. A lingering afterglow was still felt in her stomach area as she stretched catlike in bliss. Now that she could think again it was time to find who had cast the damned spell on her. She also had to thank Ranma in some way for this. She frowned a little at this thought. She had to have him teach her Ki control, or was that chi control? She had to have a talk with him about that. Her musing was interrupted with a "BAKA HENTAI!" from the Furo. Well she had to talk with him after he woke up from that one, she thought as it sounded especially nasty this time.


"Ite!" Ranma muttered as he picked himself of the street. He had managed to snatch a towel before Akane had hit him with that damned mallet and sent him through the wall. He just couldn't figure out how she could think that it was his fault that she walked into the Furo as he was in it. Looking around he saw a lot of shocked people staring at him for a few seconds before they shook their shoulders and walk on their way again. This was Nerima after all. He had landed in front of the main Library which made him think about the paper he should write for one of his classes. Ranma ran into an alley and used Umi-senken to hide himself before he set of to the Tendo Dojo.


After going back to the Tendos and snatching some spare clothes he was soon back at the library.

"Excuse me" he asked one of the girls behind the reception disk.

"Yes?" she asked and looked up at him with a smile.

"Err I'm looking for books by Martial Arts sensei's. Do you have any of those?" he almost smacked himself as he thought about this was Nerima, of course they would have those kinds of books.

"Of course, do you want anything special? Some kind of special school or branch thereof? Some special sensei? Or just about an era?" she asked still smiling friendly at him. Thinking over his options and what he really wanted to write about he hoped they would have a book he wanted.

"Yes actually. Do you have a book of chine's schools? The oldest ones?" she frowned a little and began to tap away at a computer he didn't notice before.

"That would be in the mystic section" she said as she looked over the screen.

"Mystic section?" he asked confused. Ok so he had not spend too much time in a library before, he didn't know how they were set up.

"Yes we have an area we call the mystic section. It's tucked away in back and is seldom used. We usually put books we don't know how to categorize there"

"Oh, Ok. Were does it lie then?"

"You take the third stair to the left, and then you go four aisles down and take left. Continue straight ahead and then take right as you come to the end then take right again and follow the arrows on the floor" she said with a happy smile while Ranma sweat dropped. "As I said it's tucked away a little but you should find it.

"Right, thanks" Ranma said and walked of in search of the section.


Ranma just stared as he made it to the Mystic section after almost half an hour. He almost thought he had got a little of Ryougas directions curse first, but he had followed the directions and found himself looking at a sign that hanged at an angle that said "Mystic section" someone had scribbled a another line under the bold text reading "caution books might bite." Shaking his head he went inside and looked over the area. It didn't look any different than what he had walked through to get here, but he knew looks could be deceiving. Shrugging his shoulders he picked a book from a shelve and began to read.


Ranma left the library with a great deal of reluctance. He had felt a peace there that had not been in his life in a long long time.

"Where have you been?" came the friendly question from his fiancée as fast as he entered the door to the Tendo home.

"Well we have this school paper we have to do, so I was doing a little research." There was a stunned silence before the old gears kicked in again.

"Don't lie to me!" she shouted with a snarl. "You were with those other floozies' right?" Ranma almost sighed as she worked herself up in her tantrum mode again. "RANMA NO BAKA!" Ranma pushed out his chi and braced himself for the mallet he knew would come. He was not disappointed. He idly thought she could have opened the back door as he went through it, as he was sure that Nabiki would add its cost to his debt. Well he needed a bath after being in that musty library most of the afternoon and this gave him another excuse to do it. He just hoped the damned Tomboy would get a clue someday and stop hitting him.

Nabiki sighed up in her room. If Ranma wanted to lie he had to come up with better things than that. Everybody knew that Ranma didn't do school work. Maybe she could help him with that in exchange of her Ki training. Yeah that would do nicely. She could still get money from him while they exchanged services. Or how was that? Did she need to learn the Ki technique now that she no longer was under the spells control? It was probably best to do so. She didn't know who had cast the spell on her in the first time and whoever had done it could do it again.

Yes better safe than sorry, she decided and stretched in her bed. She still felt that warm after glow and just felt damn good. She decided to talk to Ranma after dinner, he would not be free from the two idiot fathers until then anyway.


"You sure about this Nabiki?" Ranma asked as the two of them stood facing each other in the dojo.

Nabiki frowned at him. "Yes Ranma. It may have been some time since I had any training but I assure you that I was quite good when I did."

"Yeah, I have heard your father moan about that sometimes. How someone with so much potential could throw away their chance or something like that." Ranma frowned again and looked her over. He blushed a little as she stretched to show of her body. She smirked at how easy it was to get Ranma uncomfortable.

"You better do this right Ranma." He raised an eyebrow in question. "I know that you have been training my little sister, but with me you better do it right. And don't give me that bull with not hitting girls. We both know what gives the best result when training as we both had it when we were kids."

This time Ranma´s frown became deeper. It wasn't like he had something against hitting females. Not in training and in a fight that is. It just felt wrong to hit someone that couldn't defend herself against his punches. "Ok I will try. But don't come crying to me if it's to hard on you later." Nabiki just smiled and began her warm up exercises.


Nabiki sank groaning into the Furo after a couple of hours in the Dojo. She would like to complain a lot, but she was the one who asked for the training and Ranma was good. Not just in his martial arts but in teaching them to. He knew just what her limits were and how much he could push her over them.

She had surprised both Ranma and herself with how much her body remembered her earlier training. Sure she was light years away from Ranma but he thought that she would catch up with Akane in a couple of months. If every session would be like this one she knew that it would be years before she would do so. She had not felt this sore in years.

Every muscle in her body ached and the warm bath had never felt so good. Now she just had to come up with a good excuse to continue the training without getting the fathers and her little sister interested in her ulterior motive. But that could wait until she was finished in the bath she thought with a sigh and sank deeper into the water.


The next week was kind of strange to some people. Ranma´s danger senses were still going high wire which got him blindsided more than once. Ryoga almost hit with a crushing blow as he attack without his usual war cry. He was dealt with extreme caution and was left in a crater thanks to a Moko Takibisha. Mousse ripped his shirt apart with throwing knives and almost scevered him with a sword on two different occasions. It was not hard to slip away from the almost blind Chine's boy even if it left a bitter taste in Ranma´s mouth. Kuno even managed to get a hit in during a fight before school. Nabiki had some not so flattered words that night to tell him. Obviously she had lost a lot of yen when the kendoist finally managed to land a hit on him.

Akane, Shampoo, Ukyou and Kodashi were on him as usual. This week they managed to pull of more than their usual amount of stunts. Being slammed around, kissed and groped, poisoned and generally chased didn't improve his mood.

After a few days he suddenly became hard to find and Nabikis income increased quite dramatically. Having her people keeping an eye out for Ranma was a good income as the fiancée squad came to her for information where he was. Even if they were a little put of when even she didn't know where he was hiding sometimes. Nabiki was relieved that she didn't catch any trouble back at the Dojo. Sure everyone was suspicious about her taking Martial Arts up again, but she kept them away with saying that she needed the training exercises. You never knew when you needed your self defense skills. Her little sister usually just looked into the Dojo when Nabiki and Ranma trained and walked of with a huff to sulk in her room.

Ranma at least tried to get away from all the people that chased him. Most often than not he had to use the umi-senken. Not that he wanted to but because that was his only choice. In a way it was dishonorable to use the technique but he felt that he needed to get away from all the crazy people that dogged him. And it wasn't like his family name had that much of honor left. He had made a promise to not use the technique but again he felt his need was greater than the promise.

More often than not he retreated into the back of the library. Somehow he was left alone in there. First he just looked for the solitude he got but soon he began to read the assorted books that lined the shelves.

Martial Arts, Moxibustion, Acupuncture and, Shiatsu Pressure Points were some of the topics the books spread over. He soon understood why they were in the mystic section as the books were hard to understand. Those were not the low level books you could find in stores, but books written by masters as they were too old to practice their art.

He had a hard time with the books but they contained information that stunned him occasionally. The Martial Arts books had a few tricks he didn't know. But what blew his mind the most where the philosophies behind the arts the masters wrote about. This was something that his father had forgotten to instill into him. The most he learned about a real Martial Artist from his father was "It's a Martial artist duty to protect the weak." and similar words. Now whole new worlds opened up to Ranma as there were more and less to what he learned.

He marveled over the Shiatsu pressure points, Moxibustion and Acupuncture books. There was more than a little information about how to increase your Ki flows in you body to a level where you could get a battle aura. Well he had a battle aura already, even a chi attack. Chi attacks were mentioned in some books and were spoken of with revered words. Ki was mentioned in other books. Life energy which was not controlled by emotions and therefore less harmful to the body. Ranma already knew about this as well but the books gave him more information about how to reach this new alluring power.

And he found the books about magic. He was first ecstatic as this was something that he had yearned a long time to learn about. It could possible mean a way to cure his curse. He had come to accept it shortly after the fight with Saffron. Destroying Jusenkyo was something that stopped him short from getting a cure from there. It wasn't a big deal anymore anyway. He had some disadvantages and some advantages but he had that in his male form to. The thing that was bad would be that most people were disgusted with the curse. He just had to look Akanes way and know that he probably never would find someone who loved him for him. Oh he knew the other fiancées wasn't that bothered with his curse. But that was only because they didn't se him as a man. No, to them he was a price that was there to be won.

But as he read the books he found his mood crumbled. To learn magic you had to be smart, well he wouldn't have any problems with that. He knew that he wasn't dumb; he just didn't know how to use his brain in non combat situations. To his horror you didn't just have to be smart, a magic user's power was somehow measured by how much knowledge he had. The more you had the stronger you were as magic user. After feeling down for a couple of days he threw another of his father's sayings to the wind. "It's Manly to be a smart-mouth but not smart." Obviously that was wrong, he had a few lumps on the head that spoke volumes against that. "It's not important if it's not martial art." Now that even he found stupid as he thought about it. This and much more his father had instilled into him as the two traveled on the road. And he could never begin to understand how much this had stunted him in his intellectual growth.

He decided to kick the panda's ass to kingdom come and began to devour books. Instead as before he found them boring and not important, he now put everything he read to memory. This helped him with other small things as well. Information in the other books in the section began to make sense and some of what he had read in the martial arts books finally clicked in place. "Knowledge is power." It was a saying that he didn't understand at first but suddenly made sense. Sure he had followed it without thinking about it as he catalogued his opponents for further use. But to actually study before an actual battle was something he wasn't used to be fond of.

Making his brain bend almost in two to study in the library made him more attentive in school. Not that anyone noticed, he was asleep on is desk as the teachers was used to seeing him. Looking like he was asleep was something he had learned long ago and using it in class was a good way to brush up on the skill. The teachers were as usual boring in their preaching's about their particular subject. But Ranma listen diligently with his head on his arms. Even if it was boring the knowledge he gained was a little bit of power when he managed to gain control of magic. It was a bad thing that he had to be alert and listen in class. At least that was what he thought, it cut into his sleep time. School was one of the few places he could get some good sleep undisturbed and he always cherished the time there. Now while he didn't cherished the time he at least began to like it. The school wasn't that bad if you had a little knowledge about what the teacher talked about and filled in the gaps they left.

Now if he just could figure out what set of his senses he could actually begin to enjoy himself a little.


Authors Notes2: As you might have noted by the style used this was first meant to be a lemon. I'm sorry to say that it went out of control and grew quite a bit. I hope that I have edited this in a way that people doesn't find it disturbing and still have a little of the magic in it. I hope that I don't scare too many people away when I say that it will be first in chapter that the big hook comes in. Hopefully I will have some people still interested left as it will pick up more from there.

The crossover chapters with Sailor Moon is not in sight to be posted anytime soon (or it might depends on the review bit I think) as they comes in some later chapters that I still have to look over before posting. I will tell you now that there will be no Ranma in a magical fuku in this fic or any strange memories from the silver millennium popping up in his head or anyone else associating with the Tendo dojo. I don't really know why I put in Sailor Moon in the first place but I think that I can work something out. We just have to wait and see.

As I never have had any sort of feedback on this before. I will put out the chapters slowly, so that I might have a chance to change some parts in the later chapters already written.

I am not an Akane hater, its just that I like Nabiki better and might play upon Akane´s implied rage disorder a little bit. But at least I'm not going to put her in the raving lunatic slot, not in this fic at least.

I tweak the characters as I want them or in some places as I already see them. I know that I'm taking the easy way out in some corners and is rewriting later chapters to have as much in them as I can think of.

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