Magical Apocalypse Ch4

A Ranma½/Sailor Moon/Others crossover

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Chapter 4

They were a ragged looking sight as they came, leaning heavy on each other, into the Tendo home.

"What happened to you?" Akane demanded to know as soon as she saw them "And what have you done to my sister?" her battle aura came forth bathing everyone that was around with a ghostly red light.

"Hush child, don't you see that they have been in a fight? And a big one at that it seems like. I have not seen such depleted chi reserves in a long time. Even Nabiki´s is dangerous low." Cologne said from a corner where she sat on her staff. Akane gave her a dangerous glare before she sat down again and continued to glare at the pair.

"I see you have found your way here Elder and you are right. But we are glad to say that the cemetery is now cleaned of the Undead" Nabiki said in a tight tired voice as she and Ranma collapsed at the table in a heap of arms and legs.

"Are you alright Nabiki?" asked a worried Kasumi as she came out from the kitchen.

"Just some scraps and energy loss, nothing a little food and some sleep won't cure. Ranma is a little worse of but I'm not that worried about him." the two continued to lean heavy on each other as they sat up "You got some leftovers from dinner sis?"

"In a couple of minutes Nabiki." Kasumi said and hurried into the kitchen.

"Tell me of this fight Nabiki, I get some strange reading from your auras I can not really identify." Nabiki looked strangely at her for a moment before she responded.

"That should be magic, I thought you of all people should recognize that?"

"Magic?" snorted Akane from her place "Riiight"

"Of course I recognize magic in an Aura. But this would mean that you two were..." she stopped herself abruptly and gave them a shocked look.

"Yes, we are both users. I just know a few spells but Ranma is fairly good" she gave him a beaming but tired smile that wasn't missed by the old woman, Akane just fumed at how close Ranma sat with her sister "He rescued me a couple of times this afternoon as I took on more than I could handle. So the battle, or rather battles, in short. We kicked bone, helped a lot of people out of some really tight spots and got help home after we collapsed flaming the pile of skeletons that was collected" Nabiki´s voice wavered a little as she said the last sentence.

"Flamed a pile of collected skeletons?" Cologne asked for clarification.

"Ranma has jumped around like a kangaroo all day shooting chi blasts. I really don't know where he got all that power to keep putting shi out during the whole afternoon. They only stun the skeletons though, so I set people up to collect them and when we couldn't find more we flamed them. Thanks Kasumi." she said to her sister as she set down the reheated meals. She put a pair of chopsticks in Ranma´s dead tired hand and saw the food disappear from the table. Had she had the training she would eat like him to, they were both famished.

"And you son-in-law how would you describe this afternoon?" Cologne asked interested, she had never seen Ranma this tired after a fight.

"Horrible" he muttered between bites not looking up from his meal.

"Horrible? How so?" he looked up from his meal and deep into her eyes with a gaze that was so filled with pain and sorrow that it shocked her.

"Just look at him. Of course it was horrible his clothes have been damaged." this earned Akane a smack from Colognes staff.

"You be quiet child, if you don't have anything important to say." Akane glared angry at her and rubbed the spot Cologne had hit. Ranma was too tired to even look in Akane´s direction.

"We couldn't save everyone" he said with a sigh "and for each and everyone that we didn't reach the horde become one more and a little stronger. That horrible" he returned to shovel down food. Cologne swallowed hard, she knew how it was to loose people in battle. She had lost more than her share of friend in battles in China. But to have them come back to attack you were something even she didn't think would ever happen.

"It was not fun to hear someone call for help one moment and be forced to blast them the next" Nabiki said with a catch in her tight voice. Ranma pulled a supporting arm around her shoulders as she tried to calm down from the memories. A muttered "Pervert" could be heard from Akane but it was to low for Cologne to act upon.

"No, I can understand that. It must have been a long and trying afternoon for you both" she said with a concerned voice and had to control her hands from giving Akane a knock on her head.

"Yeah you could say that and more. Go and take a bath Nabiki and go to bed" a little strength had returned to Ranma´s voice after he had eaten. "It will be hard to go to school tomorrow as it is" she gave him a nod and went for a relaxing soak. He yawned as he leaned against the wall and looked at Cologne.

"So what are you doin here?" he asked with a tired voice.

"I came to check on how it was going here after Akane called and gave us Nabiki´s "orders". They make a lot of sense if you believe in the doomsday stories they tell in the news now."

"Doomsday stories? Yea I can understand that and they are gonna be worse after a few days" Ranma sighed heavy and massaged some tired muscles.

"What makes you say that?"

"Those undead are Ki, life energy, vampires and become stronger after each kill. They gain about half a mans Ki and grows stronger and stronger. After a while they become sentient enough to form more than the need for more life energy. After about twenty or thirty kills they are pretty formidable and can begin to lead the others in attacks. I don't know what happens when they have more kills under their belt" Cologne had a horrified look on her face as she heard his story.

"How do you know all this son-in-law?"

"Well me and Nabiki have been studying magic for little over a month now" in the corner of the eye he saw Akane flex her hands.

"You have? And just how did you learn about how to study magic?"

"I found some interesting books in the library in some of their more obscure sections. There were those strange books which just had a lot of runes and glyphs in them. After looking through some of them I found I could read a page here and a page there. I was actually shocked that it was about magic at first. I think it's the only time I was grateful to be smacked out of the house by you."

"RANMA NO BAKA!" was heard before he sailed out trough the backdoor and landed in the koi pond.

"Now why did you do that child?" Cologne asked tiredly.

"He never told me how to learn about the magic in those books. And he probably read them to get close to Nabiki the Pervert" she angrily bristled. Cologne sighed again and hopped out to fish out her son-in-law, it didn't look like he had the energy to get out of it by himself this time.


Nabiki sat in the Furo sobbing and shivering slightly despite the warm water.

"You ok in there Nabiki?" Kasumi´s question snapped her out of the day's memories.

"Yes I'm ok." her shaking voice told her sister differently. Kasumi came quietly into the room and looked at her sister.

"Was it really that bad today?" she asked as she kneeled and took one of Nabiki´s hands.

"Worse." she answered with a still shaking whisper.

"You still in there Nabs?" was Onna-Ranma heard asking from outside the door.

"Nabs?" Kasumi looked at Nabiki with big wondering eyes and Nabiki felt her cheeks get colored.

"Yea I'm in here" she said with a little stronger voice "You go out to him and I dry myself of." Kasumi gave her hand a squeeze and left the room.

"How is she?" a dripping wet Onna-Ranma asked when Kasumi got out of the bathroom.

"She seems to go trough some bad memories." Onna-Ranma´s face darkened when she said this.

"Yea I know what you mean."

"You know what they are about?"

"She didn't tell you?" Onna-Ranma asked surprised,

"No she just said that things were worse than you said at the table."

"You can say that again. But if she didn't want to talk about it then it's not my place to say anything either." The door to the bath was slammed open as Nabiki came running out. She threw her arms around Ranma´s neck and buried her face in her shoulder. It was first as Onna-Ranma managed to sit down with Nabiki in her lap that she noticed that she was crying with deep heavy sobs. Ranma began to rock her in her lap and saying soothing words in her ear as she stroked her hair. Kasumi gave them a questioning look and got a deep sad one from Ranma.

"It's alright Nabs we are home we don't need to do more tonight." he whispered in her ear.

"But the others are out there." she sobbed "We got to help them"

"Yes, but not tonight. We fought until we couldn't anymore. If we tried to do more we would be with the others."

"I... I... I didn't want to do it."

"No, I know. But we couldn't save them and if we didn't do it the horde would had become more powerful than we could handle." she felt her own tears began to roll down her cheeks as she remembered one of the more horrifying moments. A group of mothers and their children cornered by a hundred skeletons. There had been other groups that they had tried to save but they had paid heavy for that.

It had hurt to take the snap decision to kill the children and their mothers but the energy that the undead would have got would have switched the fight in their favor. It wasn't the only group of people that they had killed during the fight but it was the most painful group to blast away. At least they got a quick death.

Nabiki´s sobs grew stronger as her emotions got through her body bringing out all the pain in big heavy tears. Ranma´s own trickled down her cheek and mingled with Nabiki´s on her shirt.

"Go to bed Nabs, you feel better in the morning." Nabiki shook her head negative and held a strong grip around Ranma "I come and sleep in your room, will that be better?" This time she got a quick nod. Ranma concentrated a few seconds to collect a little Mana before he released it. "Cleanse." she whispered and felt the magic sweep over her body and remove all the grime and blood that had collected over the day. She took up Nabiki in her arms and began to carry her to her room.

When she saw Akane open her mouth she gave her a stare filled with so much pain that she shut her mouth with a clatter of teeth. Ranma carried Nabiki to her room and tucked her in. She then collected her futon from her room and laid it down beside Nabiki´s bed and fell asleep as soon she lay down.


They were both found asleep on the futon with Nabiki holding onto Onna-Ranma with a death grip. No one managed to wake them up and Akane´s attempt with a bucket of water was stopped by Kasumi before she even was in the room. During breakfast Akane sat fuming and muttered about bakas and perverts. The two finally awoke as Kasumi brought them breakfast in the room. The noise from their stomachs was the probable cause.

"Is it mornin already?" Onna-Ranma asked as she smelled the food.

"Yes Ranma you both overslept breakfast this morning so I thought I would bring you a little now instead"

"Thanks sis, what about school?" Nabiki murmured from Onna-Ranma´s breast she used as a pillow.

"Because of the incident yesterday, they canceled it until further notice. People are just too shocked to do anything productive today. Just bring the tray down when you are finished" Kasumi said as she closed the door. She wasn't too happy about the situation the two were in, but the elders in the house had said that they should give them some leeway until they had seen the news that morning.

"Oooh that smells good" Nabiki said as she reached out for something to put in her mouth.

"Yea it sure does" Onna-Ranma sat up at put Nabiki in her lap and the tray in Nabiki´s. The next second Ranma froze as she finally recognized the position she had Nabiki in. Nabiki giggled as she felt Onna-Ranma go stiff.

"You have been closer to my body than this Ranma. And Kasumi didn't care so that must mean that the rest know something about yesterday."

"Err... you think?"

"You did notice that they weren't here when we came home didn't you? So they had to be called in to one of the district meetings."

"Aaah ok." Ranma said with a sigh and straightened up. He then continued to feed Nabiki between taking food for himself, the speed he was shoveling in food was easy to use to feed two mouths.

"Feeling better today?" Ranma asked between bites.

"Yea it was just that it all hit me at once." she chewed as she thought about how she would explain it to him.

"During the fighting you just pushed it away right?" Nabiki nodded as that was what she had done. "Yeah that's what I did to. Just trying to get as many to survive as possible." Nabiki gave her a grin.

"Changed your motto all of the sudden?" she got a faked hurt expression from Ranma-Chan before a smile broke through.

"Yea but I'm still the best and I never loose. Now I just have to extend it a little." Nabiki giggled and gave Onna-Ranma a peck on the cheek. Ranma was first shocked that Nabiki would kiss her, but then it hit her that she was in her girl form. She just waited for the mallet to hit her and someone screaming "Pervert".

"Thank you for saving me so many times yesterday Ranma." Nabiki said with downcast eyes. "I don't know how to say this really. You have done so much for me the last couple of months. I don't really know how to repay you, I have thought about a lot of things. There is only one thing that I really know that have the value that you have given me, but I don't know if you really want it." Nabiki looked into Onna-Ranma´s eyes that first looked shocked then something seemed to click in them and they soften. Not giving Ranma any chance to answer Nabiki put her lips to Onna-Ranma´s. Ranma was shocked once again at Nabiki´s actions. Nabiki had changed a lot the last months from the money hungry mercenary bitch he had know her as. She had become a good friend and one of the few sources of happy moments he had in his life in Nerima. Her lips were unresponsive for a few moments before she answered with an almost burning fervor.

"Sis? You might want to see the news." Akane´s voice filtered through the door. Somehow Ranma managed to move from beneath Nabiki and to the other side of the room in an eye blink.

"Ok, we will be right down." Nabiki answered a little breathless and with a huge blush. She was really glad that her sister didn't come into the room before she said anything.

A few minutes later both of them sat before the TV with the rest of the household. They were right on time to see the part Akane had mentioned.

"This menace has been growing during the last couple of months and only now has it been raised to a problem to be noticed. Now it may be too late as there seem to be few working means against it.

The Dead have been waking up and is walking around spreading death and panic in their wake. We have reports that they have been waking up again for little over a month now, but those reports have been said to be false and just objects from people's imagination. Now we know that it isn't and crimes that have been reported have been pointed to the Dead. Lost cattle, people gone missing and whole forests gone quiet. Mysteries that now have an explanation and a horrible one. The Dead is now attacking in the open and people are doing their best to beat them back into the ground.

All over the world heroes are coming forth as this undead wave is sweeping over the planet. We have reports that confirms that almost every country have some of those brave few that have managed to fight back the menace.

Our own country even has more than one group that has managed to fight and there is even a pair in our own district. Yesterday a News helicopter managed to take many hours of film of this pair as they fought back the undead as they arose from the cemetery and some other odd places. Not only did they manage to hold the undead of but they actually won"

A clip began to roll showing Ranma and Nabiki throwing blasts around them and shouting at the few people that was still living. There were many surprised questions asked by her sisters as they saw Nabiki launch lightning from her hands but none were answered by the pair.

"The next clip is not for children to see and I object strongly to have it aired at all. So please if you have young ones with you beg them to leave the room for this is not pleasant to look at. A warning to them with weak stomachs to, this is not prime TV time material.

At first the representatives that looked on those tapes didn't know if this pair of heroes was friendly to our fair city as the actions they performed seemed questionable." With this it began to rapidly change between clips' showing them both blasting living humans that were cornered by undead. When those came up a gasp went through the room and Nabiki broke down. She threw herself at Ranma and began to sob in his now male chest.

"I know what more than one of you is thinking in front of the TV right now people. "How can you allow those people on the street?" or "How can a human possible do that to another?" I know what you are thinking, because I thought this myself as I saw the clips. I beg you people to see the rest of what we have to show you and judge them after that.

After reports have come in from other places it has been no questions that those two knew what they were doing" another clip started and showed a huge rotting corpse. It seemed to tell the undead how to move as they assaulted a fortified store somewhere. It looked up at the camera and looked like it gave it a grin before raising a hand sending a huge black blast straight at the camera and ending the clip in static. Another clip where an undead ripped the heart out of a writhing man that missed both and arm and a leg started next. The undead after getting the heart out of the mans chest began to expand a little and then ended up looking a lot like the one in the earlier clip.

"What you just saw is confirmed to happen to the undead that kills a lot of people. Somehow the undead draw upon the life energy of the living and become stronger and smarter and from reports no one has yet to die quickly from those monsters. So despite those damning clips the city council thank you for those poor peoples quick death and the lives of others you spared by killing them before their life energy was taken by the undead and strengthen them. From me a heart felt thank you as this can not be easy on your conscious. Try to keep up the good job for all of us and I hope that you can find some kind of peace of mind." A clip where Ranma and Nabiki blasted the big pile of skeletons to smithereens and then collapsed was shown before the next part of the news began. The only thing that could be heard in the room was Nabiki´s heavy sobbing and Ranma´s soothing word in her ear, as the others looked on them with sympathy.

"It's alright Nabiki." Ranma whisper in her ear with a raspy voice. "We did the right thing. There was nothing we could have done for them this time."

"This time?" she managed to get out between sobs.

"Yea this time. We have lots to study you know. We have much more to learn before we have read all the books." he stroked her soothingly through her hair. "How about you show me yours and I show you mine?" this did manage to draw a smile from her "What do you think about that?"

"Yea I think that would be a good thing." she sat up and dried her cheeks.

"You you killed them!" Akane managed to gasp as her mind snapped out of the fog that had laid over it.

"Yes Akane we did, they even explained why we did it. Didn't you see?" Ranma said in a small strained voice. Akane´s eyes were filled with horror as she looked at the two murderers that sat in front of her.

"Boy you don't know how proud you made me yesterday" Genma said for once trying to get Akane´s attention from the bad things she had seen. This of course got a frown from Nodoka. The clips were one of the things that were discussed at the town meeting the elder three of the families were on last night when the pair had came home. Genma had cried about the dishonor as quick as he saw the pictures of his son blasting innocents. He had changed his tune when the reports about the undead growing stronger by draining the life energy from their victims came in.

"Sure Pops." The sarcasm wasn't lost on many in the room, but some of the strain in his voice had left. "Was this where you were last night?" he got nods from all of the elders "I'm glad that you managed to get them to understand before they wanted to hang us, thank you."

"No thank you." Nodoka said with a face full of pride. "We can't begin to understand how hard the decision must have been to make."

"But I think you have to some time." said Nabiki with a low voice.

"What?" came the collective question.

"We can't fight on our own and when word goes out that there is someone who can fight them here, people are going to come to this city for protection" she tried to explain between sobs.

"She is right you know. Yesterday we just fought what appeared in and around the cemetery. Ok so all in all it was a couple of thousands, but what will happen when all the dead from city's that can't kill them come here?"

"The infrastructure will collapse and food stuff and other important things will become sparse. At the moment nowhere is safe and when they hear about us they will come here to get protection. The undead will be following them here and we are not enough to fight of all of Japans dead." she heaved a tired sigh she still felt tired from the previous day "We don't have food enough here and what we have will soon disappear and there will be hell to get more in the coming time. We are gonna need more help, to take down the Undead" she look at the others in the room and visibly decided something "Ranma I want you to go get the books."

"You sure?" she gave him a firm nod.

"Yes I'm sure about this." He nodded and went to collect the books "You all know what those books are about. We told you the truth the first time you asked us. I want you all to go through them and see if you can find any thing you can actually read. If you don't we have to have a lecture about magic later so you might grasp what it's about." Ranma came back into the room and began pulling books out of a bag. This made his fathers eyebrows tick as he felt a chi technique being used. The eyes of the others became wide as they saw Ranma pick book after book out of the school bag. "Just pick one, it doesn't matter which one you begin with. If you can't read anything in it just pick up another one" with that Nabiki walked up to her room, she had things to look up. The others hesitantly took a book and began to leaf through them, they weren't certain that they could handle the things the pair had done the day before. Ranma sat down in the couch again and pulled out a book, some paper and a pen.

"Err what are you doing boy?" his father asked after he had looked at him for a while.

"I'm writing down a cross reference index. It's damn annoying to look through each book each and every time you have read a page. So I'm doing your boring work for ya."

"Err ok good work boy" he backed of with a slightly confused look, but he was relieved that the boy knew that he should do his fathers work to. Ranma just shook his head and returned to his work.


After an hour Ranma put his things away and pulled out a cd-player and a new book. He had decided to study languages as well to be able to understand the more linguistically parts of the chants in some spells. It was important to know how to form the words right when you chanted and the books didn't tell you exactly how the flow of words would go. By learning more languages he figured he could get a greater understanding of the arcane language that was used to twist magic to your command.

Nabiki had been on the phone and talking to most of her people around the city, hearing how the situation was at the moment. She was first surprised that there were no Undead activities in the area, after last night she thought that there would have been an army around the city just waiting to kill living people. When she was satisfied that nothing needed their immediate intervention she returned to the living room took out a book and unconsciously cuddled up besides Ranma in the sofa. An action that didn't went unnoticed by some of the members of the house. Akane left the room with a huff to study in her own room, less distractions she said. As the hours went by Ranma and Nabiki shifted from one book to the other. They were changing subjects more often than they had done in school and tried to cram as much as they could into their heads.

Time flew and suddenly Kasumi called for lunch. Ranma and Nabiki jumped as her voice rang through the house, they were so submerged in their studies that they didn't notice the time pass. The lunch was a quiet affair and Ranma and Nabiki discussed some of what they had read with the others around the table. As the others still tried to find something that that they could read, the two of them were the center of the conversation. Akane sat beside Ranma and stewed in her anger. Suddenly her well earned Martial Arts weren't the important subject and it seemed like her sister put the move on HER fiancée.

The lunch was put away and the people trickled away to do their own things. Ranma went out to the dojo to try and find the pure Ki or emotionless Chi again. He had been trying to find it now for some time. He had brushed against it in his training in Chi and knew that he was close to finding it. He knew that it existed as it was stated in some scrolls and a few books that it had been reached before. He didn't bother with thinking about that the books looked hundreds of years old. Such old books couldn't survive in a library he figured, even if the stories in them were a little archaic. It was stated something about some kind of mind set and mental discipline but he brushed that aside. He had figured out other techniques with less information about it and thought that it wouldn't be long before he had this one down to.

Nabiki went and called around again, she wasn't going to let people hang if they needed help. If something didn't happen before that evening, she wanted a meeting with most of her people. They set up a time and place so everybody she wanted there could come. After her calls she joined Ranma in the dojo and worked on her Kata´s. With Ranma as her teacher she had progressed with leaps and bounds.

He could maybe take some of the praise as he had begun to use one of the chi techniques he found in the library. It was heavy doing for him but great exercise which was one of the reasons he used it. The techniques primary use was to make the brain like a sponge. It worked admirably good and made Nabiki pick up everything Ranma taught her in just a few sessions for each new move. What he had read from the scroll it should straighten out her learning curve a bit, but nothing like what she showed.

The technique exhausted Ranma quickly and he could not use it more than half an hour before he almost collapsed. During this half hour he instructed Nabiki before he set her on a training regimen that involved a lot of pressure points. Forcing her to get her body stronger and faster through exercises a five year old would have found easy. While she did this he taught her about chi and how to control it. He was determined to get her to his level in its use a good deal faster than he himself had taken. As he had few teachers that knew what they talked about to reach that state, he was optimistic and thought that it wouldn't take that long for Nabiki. He was the teacher after all and she had already manifested an aura on a few occasions.

The rest of the household was in a light state of daze. The shock that the pair had fought the undead and won, had settled a little in their heads. The sight that the two trained so closely and fluidly together was nothing but dumbfounding. They had seen them train together the last couple of months but not with the drive they did now. They asked Akane to join them but she just stomped seething of to her room to read the books she took with her. If her sister could learn magic, then so could she.


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