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Author's Note: This story takes place in the three year gap between the Garlic Jnr saga and the Android saga. This is my first Dragonball Z story and even if it is a little raw in places it has a special place in my heart.

This is the censored version as the orginal was removed from ffnet for violating their TOS, but the story will contain adult situations and humour.

Chapter 1

Yamcha Caught Out

Bulma tapped on Yamcha's door,

"Yamcha I'm coming in."

They had an argument last night about sex as usual. About him having higher needs than her. She had refused him again last night. She just didn't find him sexy anymore. He wasn't the dangerous desert bandit she'd fallen in love with. He was just a good friend that she 'did stuff' with. She couldn't have sex with him on that basis.

She opened the door, holding on to her gift for him. She had made him a robot to help him train. He had complained last night, (before any real arguments), that Vegeta got so many to spar with. So the combat bot was a perfect 'make-up' present. That and an extra girlfriend effort from her and he would be fawning over her all over again.

She slipped in quietly, maybe now was the time to pop that cherry of hers. 'After all I am pretty old to be a virgin. I just though I might have met my prince by now.' It wasn't to say that she hadn't done anything sexual with Yamcha just not actual intercourse. 'Okay Bulma breath you can do this, if you want to keep him you'll have to do it.'

She heard Yamcha's voice he was on the phone. 'It could be his mother.' Thought Bulma. She slowly peered past the door. Yamcha was on his bed; the phone pressed against his ear.

"Uh-huh, tell me what you'd like to do."

Bulma froze in shock unable to believe what she was hearing.

"That's so nasty, oh I'd do that, for sure." Bulma glanced into his bedroom. She could see what his hand was doing under the covers. He was stroking himself in a very intimate place!

"You would let me do that! I like your style, so easy. You're the sexiest chatline girl I've ever heard."

Bulma had seen enough. The fury burned inside, lifting up the robot she planned her attack. Cranking the power level on the machine to its max; she started it up. She did have it set at a lower level for Yamcha but not now.

"Hey Yamcha!" She threw the bot at the stunned guy. "Screw this!"

Yamcha dropped the phone but his hand was still down his pants. "...Bulma!"

She turned and ran away from him disgusted. "We are over Yamcha, I never want to see your face again!" She added letting the anger drive her. Before Bulma knew it she was out of his small flat. She heard Yamcha's yelps as the bot got down and dirty. She didn't feel sorry for him she just left. If he had to find sexual entertainment from a chatline girl then maybe he didn't love her. Flying away the apartment exploded behind her; she didn't look back.

'Imagine calling a chatline just because I never talked dirty to him. Well, some girls have more class and maybe it's better this way.'

Vegeta stopped his training as he heard the explosion. Stepping out of the chamber he saw Bulma coming in for a landing. She looked mad, fuming in fact, but the devil in Vegeta made him want to say something.

"Had a little tantrum with your loser boyfriend?" He taunted.

"Not now Vegeta." She stormed past him; there was a further explosion in town.

Curious Vegeta rose himself up, just to see. Right where Yamcha's apartment was; (Bulma forced him to go there once); smoke was hurling out of the building. Fire-fighters sprawled everywhere it was pure chaos. Vegeta smirked, it had to be Bulma. For some reason the idiot had managed to make her explode literally. He would put training off for five minutes; get a snack; tease Bulma some more. He went into the kitchen grabbing some ingredients for a large sandwich. Bulma was sobbing on the kitchen table. Vegeta quietly sat down beside her. Bulma bleary eye saw him looking at her while eating.

"What are you looking at." She sniffed.

"You look even uglier when you cry." He said coldly.

"Gee, I'm so sorry." Said Bulma sarcastically. "Next time I break up with my boyfriend I'll put a paperbag over my head."

"You should do it all the time." He sneered. Bulma gave him a hard stare. One that usually killed Yamcha. Vegeta stared back just as hard.

"I don't know why you're wasting your tears on such a loser anyway." Huffed Vegeta.

Bulma wiped the tears away from her eyes. "It's human to cry over things like this." 'Vegeta is such a jerk; wait; was that a compliment?' She thought bemused over his last comment.

"I don't find humans anything special." Said Vegeta. "They are a weak and unattractive race." He almost spat it out as he said it.

"Y-y-you really believe that." Sniffed Bulma. "About me as well?" 'Looks like it wasn't a compliment.'

Vegeta looked straight into her blue eyes. She seemed hurt by his last statement but he didn't want to say anything else. He knew he would say something just as cruel. His pride stopped him from being nice so he just stayed silent.

"Well?" Bulma was getting mad now unsure whether his lack of answering meant it was true or not. "Answer me you bastard; your race isn't much different than ours. We're both monkeys; just look at Goku and Chi-chi they had a kid."

Vegeta looked even grumpier with the mention of Goku but Bulma decided to go even lower. "Maybe humans are distant relatives of Saiyains, how many compatible monkey races are their?"

"My ancestors and yours are not related." 'How dare she? Stupid woman.'

"It is a scientific fact that hybrids cannot be created unless there is some ancestral relation and genetic similarity." Biology wasn't Bulma's strong point but she knew her main principles.

"Is that true or are you just making it up." Said Vegeta his face was red with rage.

Bulma had never seen him so angry; but she had to defend the human race. "Oh it's true, I'm sure if you like I can try and find out the facts." 'Okay good one Bulma, now you're gonna have to do research about Saiyains. Well, it'll give me a chance to forget Yamcha.'

"You go do whatever you like." Said Vegeta standing up. "I have training to do; you and your race are none of my concern."

Bulma stuck out her tongue as he left. At least she'd stopped crying. It wasn't the loss of Yamcha that really had made her cry she just starting thinking about how now she was all alone; again. Arguing with Vegeta made her think how lucky she was alone. 'I could end up with that guy if I'm not too careful.'

She started thinking instead. Her brain clicking, trying to piece together how she could get the information she needed. What she needed was a project. Something like tracing the Saiyan genetic code. It would take her mind off her lack of relationship problems at least. Goku was of no use, he had completely forgotten his Saiyan past. Vegeta was too proud and stubborn to help her with anything.

'Just looks like me on my own again.; She thought as she began packing up some essential capsules. Bulma headed for her small plane. She knew if she had knowledge on Saiyains to tease Vegeta about. There was only one place she could go, Freiza's ship.

He should have a whole encyclopaedia on the Saiyains. After all Freiza must have learned about the power they had to hold so much interest. 'So I'll just take his information as research; it's not like he'll be using it anytime soon'. She had meant to investigate it a while back. The amount of untapped alien resources, it made her scientific mind whirl in the possibilities. So determined with her new project Bulma left, blasting off to Freiza's crash site. None of the possible dangers dawning on her.

Vegeta watched her go, not knowing where she was going. He was finding himself drawn to arguing with the woman everyday. It was the only thing that stopped him feeling so lonely. Maybe she and her race were weak outcasts from the saiyain race. They had been expelling third class citizens like Kakarrot for thousands of years. Thinking of Kakarrot Vegeta returned to the gravity chamber, to become stronger; to become Super Saiyain.

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