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Warning: Bulma's not a happy bunny, lots of strong though censored language!!!!


Bulma lay in bed shifting uncomfortably. Her waters had broken only an hour ago. She knew giving birth wasn't going to be easy; but fuck it really did hurt. She swore again as another convulsion hit her. She saw Vegeta wince at her scream. He had agreed to come but he looked like he was in torture. Standing near her but not close enough to be considered comforting.

His presence was noted though. He was the focus of Bulma's anger.


The nurses and midwife tried calming her down. Bulma just spat and hissed at the saiyan.

"Arggghh!!! Mother f-cking son of a bitch I'll kill you wh-re monkey spanking dick weed!!"

"Really Miss Briefs that's no way for a lady to speak." Scolded her midwife. Bulma's attention was guided to the orange haired nurse.

"I can f-cking talk anyway I like skank." Bulma snarled. "You try pushing a water melon through a hole the size of an apple."

The nurse backed away and whispered to Vegeta. "Sir, is she always like this?"

"No, she must be in a good mood." Vegeta said sarcastically.

"VEGETA!" Bulma shouted as another spasm hit. "I'LL CUT OFF YOUR SCROTUM AND MAKE IT INTO A PURSE."

After 6 long hours of labour and abusive language, their son was finally born. Exhausted and swearing off sex for life Bulma slept. Vegeta stood watching, leaning against the wall. A nurse came in late in the night and asked if he wanted a bed. He refused, he didn't feel the need for it. He knew Bulma should have had an operation. A cesarean would have been less painful for her but the woman had pointed out more risks.

'I could always say told you so when she wakes.' He smirked as he knew exactly what her reaction would be.

A nurse entered holding something in her arms. "Is she awake yet?" The young nurse asked. "Her child is needing fed." There was a small cry from the bundle she held. Vegeta looked at his son. They had cleaned him up and he looked less like a prune. When he had been born he was covered in after birth and screaming like a banshee.

He hadn't reacted that well. Saying it was a hideous monstrosity.. The young nurse was moving to wake up his woman. Vegeta stopped her by standing in her way.

"What do you think you're doing she's sleeping off a 7 hour labour." Whispered Vegeta. The woman gasped at his sudden appearance in front of her. "You are going to find alternative means to feed the brat." He hissed.

His son was starting to whimper now. The strange man was scaring him. Vegeta growled as he looked at his son. He looked more like the woman than himself. "That's a cue for you to leave." He said in a threatening voice.

The blonde nurse backed away. "Y..y...yess...sir, I'll do that." Vegeta returned to his post. Confident that he'd done the right thing. Bulma shifted in her sleep mumble a curse. All night the nurses stayed clear of the room.

The rumours quickly spread about the strange man with the flame hair. Faces peered in the small window in the door, but nobody dared entered. In the late morning Bulma stirred awake.

"V..Vegeta you're still here?" She said hoarsely. Her throat had been strained by her screaming.

"No, you're delusional with the pain killers." Smirked Vegeta.

"So you're just a figment of my drugged up imagination." Said Bulma playing along.

"Of course. I think the real Vegeta would have better things to do than babysit." Vegeta said smugly.

"Oh baby!" Squeaked Bulma. She grabbed the nurse call button. "My baby, my baby I must see my baby." A very nervous sister answered her call.

She stayed in the doorway. "Yes Ms. Briefs?"

"I want to see my baby." Bulma said sweetly. Taken back by the sudden niceness of Bulma the nurse left. She had been told by the night watch that there was two monsters in this room.

"Hey Vegeta." Bulma said sitting up. "I honestly thought you'd leave. All the insults I gave you."

"I've heard worse." Vegeta lied.

"What even the chainsaw vasectomy?" Asked Bulma amazed.

Vegeta didn't answer her as the nurse kindly gave Bulma a distraction. "Oh my little Trunks." Bulma cooed. She swept him up into her arms. "What where you trying to do, kill your mommy?" The half siayan was crying boldly.

"He's been like that all night." Said the nurse.

"Why wasn't I woken up?" Bulma said slightly irritated.

The nurse began sweat dropping. "Well you see... geez...we were under orders by your husband not to disturb you."

Bulma gave a glare to her 'husband'. "We're not married.... yet." Bulma said. She fumbled with her nighty. Pulling it down she began breast feeding.

The nurse slunk away, glad to leave the happy family. "He looks like you." Bulma mused staring at those strong glaring eyes. Vegeta grunted.

"So when are we going to get married?" Bulma asked.

"After the androids." Vegeta said simply.

"Why after the androids?" Bulma hissed. Trying to keep her voice down for the new born not to be too upset. "The boy from the future said you'd die." In her emotion state Bulma felt the tears falling.

"If we formed a bond it would be too soon." Vegeta said mysteriously.

"?" Bulma gave him a questioning look.

Vegeta sighed, he didn't want to explain. "The bond would be too new. If I get defeated you'll know about it. It will probably give you more pain than the 7 hours of labour."

"So how long till it isn't so new?" Bulma calmly patted Trunk's small tail.

"At least two years. Then if something happens it will only be a deep sadness. You'll just know that I'm no more." Vegeta turned his back to her. She was visibly upset about his talking of his death. He didn't want to look into her sad blue eyes.

"Okay I agree then." Bulma said quietly. "When the androids are defeated we'll be bonded or married."

"I must keep my distance." Vegeta growled lowly. "I can only guarantee that I won't let anything happen to you or our brat. What the hell did you call it?"

Bulma cheered up a little. "I want to name him Trunks. It's an old family name."

Vegeta remained tight lipped as the name mulled over in his head. "It suits this planet." He said eventually. "I will see you when you get back." He said standing by the window.

"Vegeta at least give me one last kiss." Bulma pleaded. The saiyan grumbled but turned back to her. Vegeta quickly pecked her cheek.

"There satisfied." He tried to pull away but something was holding him close. Bulma's tail had slipped out from under the bed and was holding his leg tight.

"Don't think so buster." Bulma giggled. She yanked him down for a deeper on the lips kiss. Trunks chose to spoil the moment by objecting, loudly.

"Argghh it's got your lungs. My ears were almost healed by those noises you made during his birth." Vegeta dove back covering his almost bleeding ears.

"Your ugly face frightening him Vegeta!" Bulma shouted back at him.

"Take a look in the mirror woman." Vegeta fumed.

"If you're like this now I'd hate to see the honeymoon." A giggling voice interupted.

"Hi mom." Bulma smiled cheerfully. "Take a look at the new heir to the Capsule corporation."

The older woman squealed and she picked him up. Trunks looked bemused at this new smiling face.

"Oh what a little darling. So like his parents." Bulma and Vegeta both grunted. Bulma made her tail unwrap from his leg.

"I'm planning on keeping his tail. It's not like there's a moon now." Bulma said happily letting Trunk's tail wrap round her finger.

"So Vegeta's going to be the only one without a tail?" Mrs. Briefs asked.

"Maybe it's a project for our honeymoon. Give us something to fight about." Bulma said. "Hey Vegeta what do you think?" She turned around to see the open window. "I guess I'll have to get use to that." Bulma said more to herself.

"Oh honey." Mrs. Briefs joyfully said. "This is just the beginning of your life together." She handed back her grandson.

"For now it's just you and me kiddo." She said to Trunks. He stared back at her blankly. She cuddled him close while trying to devised how Vegeta could get his tail back. She didn't make any definite plans because long term plans were not an option. Especially with homicidal androids arriving soon. 'I'll just wait and see. Then we'll have a honeymoon to go down in history.'

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